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1. Working in a #B2C space teaches you that, no-matter which top tier B-school you came from, customers will treat you like just another salesman. That's what breaks your ego, and shows you the real world, where you status is secondary. Primary is getting the work done.
2. Infact every MBA grad should get a field assignment which can make them realise how different it is to implement a strategy vis-a-vis designing a strategy. The taste of ground realities in the initial phase will help them define their stint in the strategy making roles.
3. Unless you know what is going around in the ground, you'll be framing strategies which will look good only on the paper, and would help no-one, neither the customers nor the field agents.
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Most of the #MBA Finance students who attended my masterclass in Investments and Portfolio Management did not know how to use the #VLOOKUP or #VLOOKDOWN XLS Functions
Most of them completed graded courses in CS.
And then students complain about the standard of business education?
Not only that!
Most of the MBAs specializing in Finance that apply for Industrial Placement Programs or internships, struggle to read and understand financial statements.
Does that surprise you?
Not me!
Because Finance Majors are not necessarily good at using #Accounting or #IFRS
I am dead against an MBA Finance Degree.
its neither fish nor fowl
You cannot become a Financial Planner only by reading business case studies or solving a few exercises or writing project reports using standard formats
Better opt for an MS or MSc in Finance with a focus on Maths
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Top-Down Vs. Bottom-Up Style of Investment Analysis: Risk Versus Research Desk Perspectives
@GARP_Risk @CFAinstitute @CQFInstitute
In the field of Investment Risk and Research Analyses, the research/risk analyst has to make a choice between two asset selection and/or allocation approaches.
The first approach is referred to as the “Top-Down Analysis” and the second is its opposite, the “Bottom-Up Analysis”.
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I received a few questions about studying in Canada as an international student. On this thread, I'll share some info. I hope you find it useful. Also, I'll give away Ksh. 1,000 to four people via mpesa. Just say why you want it for a chance to win. Njaanuary ishindwe🙏🇰🇪
1. How much does it cost to study in Canada as an international student? The simple answer is: it depends. Fees & Financial Aid (scholarship, bursary, fellowship) depend on the program of study, university, & location of the university:… via @timeshighered Image
2. How much does it cost to study in Canada as an international student?
You can find out by using an online tool provided by the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada/ Le Conseil des ministres de l'Éducation (@CCMEC):…
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How is the London Business School MBA degree valued in the United States?
Let me answer this question based on what I have heard from my friends and acquaintances.

British Universities don't go far in creating an impression in Business and Management Science subjects in the USA in particular! that is a fact.
There is this general impression in the USA and abroad that the best business schools are American Business Schools.

Why? Historical Perspective….
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What are new graduates doing to be attractive to banks entry-level analyst programs?
@ABABankers @TheBanker @CIOonline @RiskDotNet @FT
Interesting question.
Banking sector MTO - Management Trainee Officers Program vary from country to country.
In my country Bank Staff Colleges train young graduates to become bankers.
The hired graduates have to undergo an intensive training course by attending several In-house boot camps or lecture hall workshops before they are moved into the formal workplace.
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What are the advantages when we compare Quantitative Finance and Quantitative Economics? How likely can a quantitative economics student find a job in the industry compared to quantitative finance?
@ecmaEditors @economics @CQFInstitute @LSEeconomics
Both are different Pathways leading to different roles in the economy!

•QF - Quantitative Finance will make you more employable in the financial services industry and across (Financial Risk, ERM, Insurance, Actuarial Finance and Derivative Modelling) consulting sectors.
•QE - Quantitative Economics will enhance your chances of getting hired across the research arms of the financial services industry or the (Civil services) bureaucracy, & /or it further enables you to do a PhD in Mathematical Economics / Econometrics, etc.
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How can I start a career in #risk management in the financial services industry?
@GARP_Risk @PRMIA @RIMSorg @actuarynews @SOActuaries @CQFInstitute @CFAinstitute
I believe they are many degrees that can be a good value for money, provided you know where you would like to work in the long run.
In the developing world markets, employers still don't appreciate highly technical education in risk, actuarial sciences, financial engineering, quantitative economics, machine learning, etc.

For them, an #MBA is a be-all and an end-all troubleshooter.
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Lumber Prices Are Soaring. Why Are Tree Growers Miserable?
Sawmill operators harvest gains while Southern landowners struggle with tree surplus; ‘I’m not making anything’…
Mortgage Companies Want In on the IPO Boom. Investors Aren’t Convinced. 

Initial public offerings for mortgage lenders haven’t worked out the way all the companies were hoping… #realestate #rates #home #housing #credit
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My ongoing career dilemma is as follows:

Many people tell me to be less perfectionist or aim lower.

However, a plethora of data reveal there are different standards for different people for gatekeeping/recognition of merit.

I don’t feel comfortable fudging. Others do, tho.
First, I wonder if everybody is given this advice that they should aim lower & have lower standards?

Seeking to do something different than the status quo or “realistic” is generally considered #leadership and #innovation.

Why not push boundaries?…
For many populations

our pushing the boundaries is the only way they get out of “the margins” or are no longer outside the walls

physical walls
policy walls
payment walls

Those of us w/ identities not mainstream or of marginalized populations see it
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Thinking back to my #MBA class on #Leadership, discussing how #cultural #context shapes #decisions.

The #professor presented a scenario:

‘A 50-year old man and his son are driving down the Mass. Pike when they meet with an accident.

They are rushed to the hospital. The chief surgeon, who was the only one on duty at the time, looked at the bodies and exclaimed – “I can’t operate; he is my son.” A hospital convention prevented doctors to operate on immediate relatives.’

“What do you think is going on here?” The professor asked this #culturally #diverse class.

There were various answers in the room.

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Show me a doctor-only staffing model that allows us to care for all Americans, including rural and inner city, those on Medicaid, uninsured, undocumented. The system is broken. We need a range of clinicians.
I am fine being unpopular with doctors. I don’t give any clinician a pass, tho. I don’t give any faculty a pass either.

What I ❤️❤️❤️ @MIT @MITSloan @MITSloanFellows is get to be honest, creative, expressive, fail, try again.

Pushing past boundaries is the goal. Have an impact.
We need fewer silos and turf wars. We need to break down walls and boundaries.

Fail often but fail smartly. Expect to fail. Have a disciplined process by which to learn from failure.

Every time you learn you have pushed a boundary of your mind or skills or effectiveness.
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Wish me luck!!! Taking my financial accounting exam today. Though am taking the class pass/fail, the exam is a large part of my grade. Thing with exec education: you do have to try hard to fail. But having realized that, I cut it closer and closer

Okay, have always been this way
My whole life is game theory. I end up figuring out the rules and the winning strategy and then I put just the right effort needed to "win", unless I just adore the subject cuz once I focus, OMG, it is laser focus and intense and deep. That's the way I've always been.
Which basically is the description of a high functioning woman with ADHD and why I tend to violate expectations of women, be out of box, innovate, strategize, rather than be linear in ticking off boxes in the right order and staying within boxes others draw. Nope. Not me.
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Started a #newsletter called Decks and Diapers.

Join me as I decode the world of #business and #babies, simultaneously. Will talk about creating resilient and thriving organizations and humans.

Please subscribe & share. I promise it will be a fun read.…
Batman has it. Superman has it. Infact even Apple, Airbnb, Nike, Reliance have it....they are #Originstories

This post explains what they are, how I think about them and the tools that you can use to uncover yours! (3 min read)

#substack #newsletter…
Recently a second year #MBA student reached out to me with a question...should she wear her #wedding ring to a job interview? Below is the advice that I gave....…
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Every dream, when it comes true, lays the foundation for newer goals, newer aspirations, and newer dreams. Spending the next year studying at @IIMAhmedabad could perhaps be the biggest adventure I've signed up for yet. @PGPX_IIMA Admit!! #backtoschool #MBA…
When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, others build windmills. - Chinese Proverb

#Day1 #PGPX #MBA #IIMA #DailyQuote #ThoughtForTheDay #MotivationMonday #quoteoftheday
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Risk of copied #BusinessModel. Assume we copy a Business Idea from a Foreign Country to get #VC #funding and launch it in India. Then the original #founder with the original #strategy residing in the foreign Country uses the #business to step up in
the #Value chain. #Profit & Footing may not be his prime motive. His vested interest could be driven by #survival tactics. Now, as we have copied the business, we may not have any foresight and #planning to make the same move.

This is happening with many VC funded
business in India. Every business is not a foundation business. These days the Investor and the Founders, both looks for a different type of exit policy that is in their capability.

#businessdesign #startup #riskmanagement #mba #venturecapital #funding #valueinvesting
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I have stopped providing Wireframes to my clients. This has a shift in the focus and expectations of clients from a #UX Principal Consultant. Now they take a keen interest in Ecosystem Diagrams, Lumascapes, Unmoderated Observational Study, User Journey, improving Operations
before suggesting products to achieve an objective, Macro Economy Behaviour, Individual's Personality, Socio-Political and Demographic Constraints. I learned this by following mature ecosystems like the transaction between Doctor Consultants and Testing Labs.
Similarly, the transaction between Lawyer Consultants and Para Legal Team. So, now I pass all the documentation to the UI designer and achieve the design iteratively, progressing over Kanban or Scrum Agile Framework. Anyway, these days Design Systems have made it easy to follow
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Delivery Managers (accounting) & Technical Managers under selling UX Services like Visual Design Services weaken the Returns & value based Business Model in India. This is the reason we need Chief UX Officers to sell UX Services. #uxjobs #hr #agency #design #manager #services #UX
@jmspool Insights from Indian Software Service Company Market.
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Search "UX" online, the results will show ample of Card Sorting images. Card sorting is the Output. Unfortunately, nowhere the Inputs are displayed like spending long hours Observing Users, in their environment. Submerging self in the context. These card sorting visuals misguide
the perception of Leadership & Management Teams. It later reflect in resource allocation, budget, hiring & overall expectation. Visual Communication of UX as a domain need to made right.
#ux #cardsorting #users #cx #businessdesign #design #userinterface #business #productdesign
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My friend and erstwhile colleague @GovindSankar reminded me of this.
In 1994, I was elated at being accepted by the super-prestigious Tata Administrative Service, #TAS right after my #MBA . I was even more thrilled when I was chosen to be a part of the Tata Singapore Airlines JV start a world class airline in India - perhaps the most exciting thing happening in Indian aviation, if not Indian industry, at that time. Very few people know that the original inspiration for Singapore Airlines was JRD Tata’s @airindiain -
– then amongst the best airlines in the world. The bureaucrats from #Singapore came to learn from him and his company on how to build a world-class airline out of Singapore.
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User Journey Specialist. That is exactly what we require in Software Product Designing and Development than all these confusing Designations. UX Researcher is working more like a Digital Marketing Researcher in most projects. Ranging from Deriving Probability to Philosophy.
That is a very big Range to conclude. So Digital Marketing and Statistics Team + User Journey Progresso + Usability Test Practitioner + Ecosystem Strategist + Team Enabler are much more tangible designations than calling someone Product Owner and giving them the
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