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How to Have Sex in the 600s: A very NSFW #MedievalTwitter Thread.

Archbishop Theodore gave many judgments on what sexual acts were appropriate (and not) in the late 600s in England. *was* it appropriate to have sex?

(Lyon, BM, MS 5128, f. 100r)
First of all, you *must* be married. Don't even bother having sex outside of marriage.

(BL, MS Royal 10 E IV, f. 237v)
You can't be two men or two women.

(Avignon, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 136, f. 322r)
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Some people have said that academics advocating for using a different term are claiming that "Anglo-Saxon" was never used in the Middle Ages. No one is saying that. We're saying it was not the common term.

A thread on the term "Anglo-Saxon" in Latin: #MedievalTwitter
The term appears only three (3) times in Old English, mostly in Latinate contexts. It's used almost only in Latin, not the vernacular. So evidence suggests it wasn't the term most early English used in everyday speech to refer to themselves.

It also is not the primary term used for the early English in Latin either. It's clear that it's a minority term compared to "Anglorum" [English], just as it is was in the vernacular. These are comparisons of the Latin terms' frequency from the Patrologia Latina database.
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Look at this terrible anachronistic reading, this ideologue is a smirch on his discipline and flim flam like this might be why he is yet to be awarded a phd #MedievalTwitter
Where are the academic standards? He has ignored all context to impose his politicised view on the past. One can't just make shite up #MedievalTwitter
He doesn't even explore the contemporary religious beliefs about being married to Christ and why she would thus wish to reject suitors. Nor has he explored how religion gave women an outlet of expression or how these stories are heavily troped. #MedievalTwitter #Ninny
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This is exactly right, #MedievalTwitter. "The main problem with 21st-century fascists pretending to be medieval Anglo-Saxons or Vikings is not that they have misread Bede or Gildas: it is that they are fascists."…
A historian's take, #MedievalTwitter. Our performatively woke colleagues don't seem to grasp either ethics or method. Meanwhile, those of us serious about fighting racism, fascism, and bad history will continue doing the actual work of stymieing and fighting these things.
Lest you think this is a minority view, #MedievalTwitter, this is exactly how scholars of the Holocaust and Nazi Germany (of which I also count myself one) approach the problem. Our performative colleagues would do well to read and learn.
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Vous êtes vous rasés ce matin ? Ou arborez-vous une #barbe - négligée ou soigneusement entretenue 🧔 ? Au Moyen Âge, ces poils peuvent avoir une importance politique majeure... La preuve avec Richard Cœur de Lion. Un thread ⬇️ ! #histoire #medievaltwitter
En 1191, Richard, roi d'Angleterre, conquiert l'île de Chypre pendant qu'il est en croisade. Pour soumettre les barons chypriotes, des grecs, le roi ordonne alors... qu'on leur rase la barbe
Pourquoi un tel geste ? Le roi Richard a très bien compris que la barbe était un marqueur identitaire. A cette époque, les Latins sont souvent glabres, alors que la barbe est associée à l'Orient – Byzantins, juifs, chrétiens d'Orient, musulmans sont barbus...
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#MedievalTwitter @KristenCarella So I am going to do this thread to directly address issues that have come up in the last several days. So bear w/ me folks, it is going to be long. 1/
#MedievalTwitter It has been announced that ISXX has appointed a new director. However, a number of us who have asked for the org to address its racism, its toxic masculinity, its sexual predator problem, are not seeing this appointment as anything but tokenism. 2/
#MedievalTwitter @KristenCarella was involved in a set of exchanges on Twitter in relation to several medievalists, a few who were non-binary and BIWOC, asking about why the issue of antiracism will not be addressed in relation to ISXX. A screenshot has been shared & you can 3/
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THREAD: Hoping that #antiracist education is coming along ok. Glad some of you're reading or bookmarking antiracist threads for later. Keep it up. Being antiracist is a journey, something we do for life. More resources below. #medievaltwitter #academicracism #shakerace 1/19
There are many ways & things to do to be antiracist. This thread may balance out @erik_kaars thread of horror Today’s list of resources includes shorter readings that won’t take up loads of time. #medievaltwitter #academicchatter #shakerace 2/19
Everyone’s busy, so these shorter readings can supplement your antiracist education & work as you grow. These are also good resources for classes if you want secondary readings. You don’t have to read these all at once. These readings are for everyone. 3/19
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[TW: racism, homophobia, antisemitism.] #MedievalTwitter thread: White supremacists are very invested in academic conversations. One major UK white supremacist account put out a long livestream video about the academic debate on the term "Anglo-Saxon" on Monday.
This dude claims to be an academic "Anglo-Saxonist" himself, with an MA in history from UCL. I've posted before about his obsession with "Anglo-Saxon DNA," his followers' attacks on people who threaten their view of the Middle Ages, and their obsession with a "Jewish conspiracy"
He goes by Survive the Jive (STJ) online and describes this video as putting people "on trial." He's steeped in scientific racism and cites academic studies about "Anglo-Saxon DNA" to dismiss academic arguments that he doesn't agree with.
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THREAD: #AcademicTwitter in case you're interested, the #ISXX listserv is still 🗑️🔥. #Racism is everywhere in #academia. A key point w/ systemic racism is there's always pushback/resistance. Listen, learn, change. We're witnessing resistance in real time #medievaltwitter 1/16
Here are some of the greatest (and I mean terrible) 1-liners from the listserv so far:

"I am English and have no problem with the use of the term Anglo-Saxon. I therefore cancel my membership."

You're also racist. 2/16
"I suggested no. 7 'International Society for Anglo-saxon Studies' has some continuity with the old name & the acronym, while removing the problematic term "Anglo-Saxon." The society would thus remain recognisably the same org."

The society will remain exclusionary/racist.
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[TW: racism, Antisemitism, Jewish expulsion]

The ISXX board just released a list of potential new names, including several versions of the racist name the membership discarded & some obvious trolling names. The org clearly isn’t taking this seriously. 1/4 #MedievalTwitter
That's a problem, because UK white supremacists are taking the ISXX name change VERY seriously. They’re blaming a Jewish conspiracy for the name change & talking about how they hope Brexit will restore their culture (which is apparently represented by the name “Anglo Saxon”). 2/4
But some of them think Brexit isn’t going far enough and that they’re going to have to get rid of the Jews in the UK in order to restore the White society they imagine they had.

[TW: racism, Antisemitism, genocide, Jewish expulsion] 3/4
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#medievaltwitter we still need to talk about Nazis and other assorted fascists because, like the enormous spider that used to live in my car, pretending they’re not there or closing your eyes won’t make them go away 1/?
Here’s something to read for people claiming they’re being ‘bullied’ by folk doing anti-racist work and anyone feeling sorry for them - scholarship showing that claiming victim hood is a long standing recruitment strategy of white supremacists…
Then there are the folk saying ‘we can’t help who retweets us.’ Seriously?! You have no business on Twitter if you don’t know that you can block someone. And sure, you can’t preemptively block *every* racist and fascist, but you can stop them retweeting you twice! And really ..
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Had a great time today working with students to understand the materiality & textuality of #medieval Japanese documents! 📜Often we only see flat, scanned images, so I made replicas of some different doc types for them to physically hold, unfold, even flip over! #medievaltwitter
It was a fun exercise- first in pairs with a single document, then coming back together to compare & contrast what they saw. I can't recreate all the different types of paper, but I tried to more deeply weather those that would have been thinner, lower quality, more fabric-like.
Where is there text? How much of it? Is it large? Dark ink? When they opened it did they have to unfold it? Once? Twice? Vertically? What directions did the text go in? Are some bigger than others? What might that mean? 🤔
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THREAD: Time for another tasty thread with resources. No matter if you're a scholar, student, or general public, if you're #antiracist & #antifascist, here's a thread abt misappropriation of medieval symbols. Enjoy/ be disgusted. 1/19 #medievaltwitter #academictwitter #shakerace
The runic symbol (called the 'Odal'/'Othala') represented the "O" sound in Germanic languages before adoption of the Latin alphabet. It's reconstructed proto-Germanic name means "heritage." The far-right adopted this symbol (early 20th cent) to construct a mythic Aryan past. 2/19
The Tyr/Tir rune: another symbol misappropriated by the far-right in their attempt to idealize Nordic &/or Aryan heritage. It represents the letter "T" in the runic alphabet & the symbol also represented the Norse god Tyr, originally steming from proto-indo/euro god Dyeus. 3/19
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THREAD. So, surprise surprise, the senior white scholars who've been punching down publicly at scholars of color have attracted the attention--and praise--of white supremacist trolls. Who are hailing them as sane, reasonable authorities on their side. #MedievalTwitter
They're also all talking to each other. The above screenshot shows one white supremacist's comments on a post by this vlogger who claims his medieval history background and genetics knowledge allow him to make claims about the "Anglo-Saxon" race in the UK. #MedievalTwitter
These white supremacists are looking for signs that they're backed by academics, and have latched onto posts by senior white medievalists as academic authorization of their views. They receive little or no pushback from these scholars. #MedievalTwitter
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Thread on the "Dark Ages":

"Modern" people: The Middle Ages had no science, just theology and doctrine!

Someone in the late 1000s/early 1100s: I have been observing the yearly movement of the planets. Here are my observations

(BL, MS Royal 13 A XI, f. 143v) #MedievalTwitter
"Modern" people: Medieval ppl thought the earth was flat and that you could sail off the edge of it.

Medieval illustrator in 1464: The earth is a globe and which way is up depends on where you're standing. Ofc you can't fall off it.

(Royal 19 A IX, f. 42) #MedievalTwitter
"Modern" people: They were so superstitious! They thought eclipses were warnings sent by God!

Author in 1464: This is how the shadow of the earth and the moon creates both lunar and solar eclipses.

(BL, MS Royal 19 A IX f. 104, 106) #MedievalTwitter
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THREAD: In case you are sitting in the back: NOT BEING RACIST DOESN'T MEAN YOU ARE ANTIRACIST. HERE'S A HANDY READING LIST PRESENTED IN SHOUTY ALL CAPS FOR ALL YOU MATURE READERS. #medievaltwitter #shakerace #AcademicChatter #twitterstorians #iloveoldenglish
2/22 Start with this book by @DrIbram on how to be antiracist. It is a fantastic guide. If you read nothing else, read: 'How to be Anti-Racist':…
3/22 Racism and its relationship with capitalism is something we need to think more deeply about. Start here with: Race, Nation, Class by Etienne Balibar and Immanuel Wallerstein…
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Thread: Snr academic says he called grad students (incl. POC) “twats” to let them know that ppl will end their careers bc they (::checks notes::) ...tweeted support for antiracism. This is apparently good bc other snr academics would just quietly deny them jobs. #MedievalTwitter
No word yet on what pedagogical purpose calling a woman of color receiving death threats an “imperialist” served.
Or calling another woman of color “stupid.”
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Thread: did you know that smiling had different connotations in the European Middle Ages? I discovered this in Kim Philips' amazing article "The Grins of Others" for @postmedieval : grinning with your teeth was a sign of animality and racialized aggression. #MedievalTwitter
Philips and other scholars argued that, in the Middle Ages, Europeans saw open-mouthed smiles with visible teeth as signs of the "irrational and brutish" (87). Demons, wild animals, and racialized others often have toothy grins in medieval art.

(BL, MS Add. 28162, f. 3v)
Racialized others also bare their teeth frequently. Philips focuses on this trope in European depictions of Muslims, but it's visible as a racist trope everywhere. Look at the diff between the Muslims and Christians in this genealogical chart from BL Egerton MS 1500 (f. 5v).
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so… it’s about time. thread on Charlemagne incoming. 1/(don’t know) #medievaltwitter #twitterstorians
let’s start with some basic stuff (first about me).

hello! i’m a medieval historian but i work across disciplines, in large part because of my specific research. my first book was on the legend of Charlemagne before the “1st Crusade”…
but I also have published some other books on the Charlemagne legend, such as…
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Thread: abortion in the early Middle Ages. I tweeted about this briefly a few months ago. Some anti-choice tweeters got Very Mad and said I had no evidence, etc. SO, here are some sources. #MedievalTwitter
I will focus on the penitentials: books for priests that suggested appropriate penances for various sins. These books profoundly influenced later canon (and secular) laws, and provide insight into how priests dealt with these issues in confession.
The early medieval penitentials (approx. 500-1100 ADE) don't all discuss abortion (whereas they almost all discuss male homosexuality, for instance). Only two of the earliest ones (from Ireland) do. The heavy discussion of gay stuff suggests the Church's priorities, sin-wise.
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THREAD: I know it's Monday but what better day than to give us some more work, right? Many of you have come to me or asked other scholars of color what you can do, where you can start & what you are doing wrong. Come with me, let me be your guide. #medievaltwitter #shakerace 1/25
Lots of you have been working on speaking out, speaking to your students & trying to amplify voices of Scholars of Color in your chosen fields. I say this because I know that there are people listening &learning in fields outside of Medieval Studies. Hi, we support you too. 2/25
Keep doing that.

Today let's talk about what it means to be 'doing the work.' As Dr. Angela Davis says: "in a racist society it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist." In other words, like @DrIbram notes "the opposite of racist is not 'not racist'". 3/25
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Thread for #MedievalTwitter: there's a new attack video about Dr. Rambaran-Olm by a popular racist vlogger. I watched it this morning, and it shows a few things about the connection btwn/white supremacy and medieval studies that white medievalists need to take srsly.
This dude pretty much has an Alex Jones yelling style, and the video is mostly a live reading of the Post article, with sarcastic interjections about the assault of "cultural Marxists" on "traditional" studies. He conflates "Marxists" and PoC repeatedly.
It starts out anti-Semitic right away, with a quote by a "Jewish Marxist" that he thinks shows the whole Marxist conspiracy, blah blah. He also repeats alt-right talking points about soyboys and lefty "attacks" on masculinity. So. Six basic points.
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Two letters have been found in which the Sengoku warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi recognizes the wife of warrior Munakata Ujisada as lord. The letters, addressed to the lord "Munakata Saikaku," include one with Hideyoshi's monogram and a red seal letter. 📜 #medievaltwitter #medieval
Ujisada died just before Hideyoshi's Kyushu campaigns. One letter praises obstruction of the opposing Shimazu family's progress north within Kyushu & confirm lands, so are likely from 1586. The other orders for consultation with Asano Nagamasa when the Munakata dispatch troops.
Ujisada appears as lord in other records, and other evidence also shows the bestowal of land to his wife-- since the letters are in agreement with these other records, it's likely that the wife herself was "Saikaku" and that she ruled after his death.
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THREAD: There are already regret votes. People who voted NO in haste and have changed their minds but can't vote again. Let me just say something about that. I'm sorry you can't vote again, but there is an important point to illustrate about racism here. 1/10 #medievaltwitter
I voted NO and now I want to change my vote = I voted no because who cares about PoC/marginalized voices dignity and safety, but hear hear, I want to switch my vote thanks to all the white people and big names in the field who have convinced me that times have changed. 2/10
Some of us have been saying for years that the field was rampant with racism. We have experienced, as our brothers and sisters in other fields have, blatant racism, as well as micro/macroaggressions for years. Stealth racism we experience would make some of your heads spin. 3/
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