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MEGA THREAD: Emergencies Act Legal Challenge DAY 3

Today is the third and final day of hearings in the CCF legal challenge to the Trudeau government's use of the Emergencies Act. Follow this thread for live updates.
If you want to stream the hearings LIVE you can register with the court to watch them here:…
Up first this morning will be the Attorney General of Canada defending the case. We expect the AGC to speak until around noon, and then we will turn to replies.
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Coming up, the original purpose of today's meeting: A workshop to continue discussions around the Strategic Plan refresh. Stay tuned.…
Mayor Guthrie has called the meeting to order.
Regrets from Cllrs Klassen, Allt, and Downer (maybe).

Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest and General Nature Thereof? Nope.
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Coming up at 4:45, a special meeting of council about "CN Rail Operations in the City of Guelph". This will be discussed in closed session, but there may be motions or discussion coming out of those deliberations.… Image
Both this meeting, and the workshop meeting starting at 6 pm, are entirely virtual affairs due to #ONStorm.
Mayor Guthrie calls the meeting to order.
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The snow is weird. It’s now 0 degrees C and the snow isn’t melting. It’s subliming. It’s not unusual for snow to sublime (evaporate) but it usually does it when it’s sunny and it doesn’t smell like plasticky gasoline when it does. 5 mins outside and I’m super dizzy and nauseous.
Sublimation means when a solid like snow turns into a gas without going through a liquid state. So is this snow off-gassing? Sure smells like it. Even my partner had to go lie down.
I left a jar out to collect a sample the other day but I just put the lid on. If this has vinyl chloride in it, can I assume it won’t leak out of a mason gar? @CuzzinSnooter thoughts?
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Considering oxidation reactions are exothermic, and there’s HCl in the air from Ohio, is anyone asking about the photocycle of HCl in the presence of Ni+? I wonder how much Nickel is in the atmosphere from all the electric vehicle production in Ontario #ONStorm #ScienceIsCool
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It's Budget Day in #Guelph! Council will race to finish before the #ONStorm hits (Welcome Mayor Guthrie followers 😁), will we all get the work done before getting snowed in? Stay tuned! The meeting technically starts at 9 am, but the open session starts at 9:30.
So it looks like the closed meeting was brief. We're all just sitting here in the chambers counting down to 9:30.
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You cannot help but notice the latest developments in online gambling and the exciting new options available for players. The emergence of new online casino platforms that have recently entered the market is notable. #ONStorm #Ronaldo𓃵 #RohitSharma𓃵… Online gambling has become more popular in recent years, resulting in more demand for new and innovative casino sites. Additionally, technological advancements have made it easier for new casino sites to enter the market and offer high-quality gaming… experiences to players.Many new casino sites offer unique features and bonus funds to attract players and stand out from more established competitors. The increasing use of mobile devices for gambling has made it easier for people to play casino games
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Dear Westjetters, I join you in the frustration of being sidelined by @WestJet led by the failed leadership of @AHoensbroech and will proactively use my cancelled time not to grieve missing Christmas, but to analyze data on their failures to deliver while other airlines could. 🧵
2/ Today is a good day to analyze incoming data about flights because @WestJet "proactively cancelled" them due to #ONStorm.…
3/ I'm more convinced it was because of resource management failure & I'll track flights coming out of #YYC (their hub) to these destinations to see it in comparison to other airlines like @AirCanada @FlairAirlines @Lynx_Air and @SunwingVacay. Something you should do too @CTA_gc
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The storm heading to the area Friday is continually trending more severe.
As of now, models suggest over 40 CONTINUOUS HOURS of wind gusts in excess of 100kmh.
While SSW winds will reduce maximum potential effect, a seiche of 10ft or more is possible. 1/
Flooding and shoreline erosion is likely. Icing in flooded areas likely.
Blizzard conditions will make escape difficult.
Make plans now if you are in low lying or shoreline areas.
If the 2019-2021 seiches impacted you, this one will too.
Times: Fri 10am to Mon 10am.
All areas east of Long Point, ON and Dunkirk, NY
will be most severely effected with @TownOfFortErie and #BuffaloNY seeing the worst of it.
As the seiche rolls back and forth, all areas will see significant water level changes.
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These are often featured on kids websites like CBBC and Nickelodeon
MiniClip and Krongergate are just a few examples of the most popular online gaming portals.
They are often aimed at pre-schoolers and pre-teens. #Phyna𓃵 #orages #onstorm #OMITB… Multiplayer role-playing games (RPG)
These are the most common forms of online games. They can range from simple, virtual environments like Minecraft, to complicated alternative realities like World of Warcraft. A RPG allows players to create… a character and develop them.These also tend to be endless and immersive, unlike other games that can be completed over a certain period of time. These are often targeted at teens over the age of 13 as they allow players to interact with each
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If you trigger the Pegasus Bonus feature while you are already in one of the #iavesummerfest other bonus rounds, it will be the cherry on top. A 2x or 5x multiplier #onstorm on the Pegasus Bonus will net you a sizable.…

sum of money from Medusa's lair.
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and enticing enough in-game prize of 5,000 coins.
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slots lineup and looks stunning on tablet and phone.
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🚨 EMERGENCY PLS RT: My dear friend and sister Aasiya @Ecohesian is w/o power needed to live. Without a generator every disabled person who requires power for life sustaining equipment in #ONStorm is at risk. It’s not hyperbole—legislated disability poverty in canada kills. #LNOB
Though to be clear poverty and disability poverty is deadly in a myriad of ways. It’s not always such an acute situation. Poverty is traumatic. #Poverty is violence. #Ableism is deadly. Ableism is traumatic. Ableism is violence. The same can be said of the #ClimateCrisis. #NAUWU
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Ontario, Canada's most populated province, was just hit with their worst snowstorm in years.

It led to school closures, traffic jams, and police warning people to stay home.

It also led to the most amazing acts of kindness you’ll ever see.

A Canadian Thread.

When this woman found her car buried underneath a massive pile of snow, how did she remove it?

With a curling broom.

Name something more Canadian, we’ll wait…

(🎥: IG/deee.t_____)
This is Clayton.

He’s 8.

During the blizzard, he noticed a man who had fallen into the snow, and was nearly buried underneath all of it.

He immediately alerted his parents who called 911 and saved the man’s life.

(📸: @OttawaParamedic ) Clayton, wearing a yellow jacket, stands in the snow
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Ontario students are supposed to be back in school today, but Mother Nature had different plans.

As schools close, social media lights up with kids (and dogs) playing in the snow.

Share yours with us here:…
While some school boards have cancelled classes all together for #ONStorm, the TDSB is continuing online learning, leading to many to ask for a break.… Image
Others are sharing videos and photos of their doggos frolicking in the snow.… Image
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#ONStorm #ONwx 11:10PM - Sun, Jan 16, 2022:

The snow has started to make its way into our region late this evening. We are also seeing this very sharp gradient setting up on the northwestern edge of the system.
This is why we had so much uncertainty with the expected accumulation in this area. You can see that London is currently under a very intense band of snow but just a few kilometers to the northwest and there’s barely a flake.
At this point, it looks like our forecast is lining up fairly good based on the current radar. The snow has started a little earlier than expected but that shouldn’t affect the actual totals.
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#ONStorm #ONwx After reviewing the latest high-resolution data this evening, we're becoming quite concerned about the GTA around Lake Ontario into Eastern Ontario.

Models are showing intense snowfall rates of 5-10cm PER HOUR (yes, that's in one hour).
Combined with wind gusts approaching 50-80km/h will lead to potentially dangerous blizzard conditions along the Lake Ontario shoreline and parts of Eastern Ontario. The worst conditions will start around 3 am and continue until noon.
If possible, you should avoid any non-essential travel through the affected area until at least the late afternoon. Highway and road closures are likely even for some major highways in the GTA, Niagara region and Eastern Ontario.
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#ONStorm #ONwx Snow Day (Bus Cancellation) Outlook for Monday, January 17, 2022

Find your chance of a snow day here:…
NOTE: School boards have already started announcing cancellations tonight. We will keep an updated list of cancellations within the snow day forecast.
If there are any cancellations tomorrow morning, you can be sure we’ll be up bright and early beginning at 6 AM with our bus cancellations live blog to keep you updated.
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Big Weather says there’s a snowstorm coming, but have you gone outside to do your own research?
There is no snow!🚫❄️
Wake up! #ONStorm
Most accidents happen in vehicles with seat belts, brakes, & air bags!!!
Have you ever thought about separating the data into ‘because of’ snow or ‘with’ snow
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#ONStorm #ONwx UPDATE: Monday’s Snowstorm Shifts Further West Bringing the Threat of 20+cm of Snow Into the GTA and Central Ontario; Up to 50cm of Snow Possible for Niagara and Eastern Ontario

Read here:…
Once again, we ask you to please *read* the entire forecast as many of your questions and concerns will be answered there. This is a very complex system and just reading the headline or looking at the map won't be that helpful.
We included lots of details about what could happen along with a detailed timeline graphic for each region. Taking that 5-10 minutes to read the forecast is a worthwhile investment to ensure you're properly informed.
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#ONStorm #ONwx You may have seen a 'storm chip' forecast circulating on social media for the Maritimes.

We've had many requests from the community to bring the storm chip forecast to Ontario. So we've done just that... introducing our first 'Storm Chips & Hot Cocoa' forecast!
Clearly, this isn't meant to be a scientific forecast by any means. Storm chips tend to be more of an Atlantic Canada tradition, however, it appears to be catching on here. We figured why not put out something a little more light-hearted to ease the stress of this snowstorm.
We aim to be a family-friendly page so we used a drink that everyone of all different ages (including children) can legally enjoy. But for those who need something a little stronger to get through this, feel free to convert it to your preferred adult drink. ;)
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#ONStorm #ONwx Gooood morning everyone!

We’ve been continuously going over the latest data for the significant snowstorm affecting Southern Ontario late tonight into Monday.
The models continue to trend with a slightly more western track which means higher snowfall totals are possible. Those in our ‘uncertain’ zone will likely see more snow than shown on our map from last night (included in the tweet).
As we mentioned, this area has a very tight gradient between no snow and very heavy snow so changes are expected.

We’re looking at bumping the Hamilton, Toronto and Kawartha Lakes region up to the 25-40cm range on our map.
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#ONStorm #ONwx Potentially Strongest Snowstorm in Years To Bring Up to 20-40cm of Snow to Parts of Southern Ontario Starting Sunday Night; Localized Blizzard Conditions Possible Monday Morning

Full detailed forecast:…
It's very important to *read* the entire forecast instead of just focusing on the map. There are a lot of variables with this system in particular which makes it very difficult to forecast.
Our goal remains to keep you informed on all the potential outcomes which can't be shown in one single map. We have also included our detailed timeline graphics to help you know when to expect the worst conditions.
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#ONStorm #ONwx Wow... the model data this evening is quite something if you were hoping for a good snowstorm across Southern Ontario on Monday.

All of the major models (NAM, GEM (Canadian) and GFS) have a notable westward trend in the track of the system.
Still waiting on the European model but it had this same western trend in earlier runs so we expect it will agree.

What does this mean for us? Well, confidence is growing for a very impactful snowstorm across Eastern Ontario and around the Golden Horseshoe...
with widespread totals between 20-40cm. Depending on if the more westerly track continues, we may have to start talking about bringing areas as far west as London, Barrie and Muskoka into the significant snowfall accumulation. However, there's lots of time for this to change.
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#ONStorm #ONwx EARLY PREVIEW: Snowstorm Could Bring 15-25+cm of Snow to Eastern Parts of Southern Ontario on Monday

Details:… Image
We believe it’s important to post a forecast this early due to the potentially significant impacts it could have on our region. This is now your chance to plan for a snowstorm and make any alternative arrangements for Monday should it occur.
We can’t emphasize enough that this forecast will likely change. The best that can be done is to prepare for the worst and hope for the best, we don’t want you to be unprepared! There’s no harm in being over-prepared.
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