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@ArmitageJim @retheauditors @premnsikka 1/ @TheFCA auth. #Emoney op (neobank) #Revolut reportedly frustrates its own board & raises eyebrows in the accounting industry after spinning a critical #BDO
#audit report as a clean bill of health (…). Image
2/ #Revolut published it’s 2021 audited accounts 5 months after they were originally required to be filed & 2 months after an extension to the deadline had expired. Revolut’s lawyers Schillings said there were "a range of views on the meaning of the qualified opinion". Image
3/ ‘Under the hood’, #Revolut has gone ‘full tonto’ on crypto, allegedly building on it’s alleged long term ‘association’ with crypto exchange #Bitstamp (which coincidentally withdrew its UK FCA crypto authorisation application - the UK is the largest crypto market in Europe). Image
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In 2017 the IMF Managing Director Welcomes Establishment of High-Level Advisory Group on FinTech

Look who is on that board...👀…

--Quick IMF Connections Thread--
@Ripple @chrislarsensf #IMF #DLT #Blockchain #fintech $XRP #XRP #XRPCommunity #Connections ImageImage
1. In 2018 The Bali Fintech Agenda was created:

A Blueprint for Successfully Harnessing Fintech’s Opportunities…

#Blockchain #DLT #XRP $XRP #fintech #IMF #standards #crypto #finance #banking #openbanking #BFA #topoftheworld
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New CBDC Paper "New Era for Money"


"End is near for unregulated stable coins and
lists @Tether_to fraud as an example"

Regulations incoming soon?

#CBDCs #stablecoins #money #fintech #DLT #regulated #research #banking
Does this connect with #ripple #Quant?👀

1. Project "New Era"

Awesome name to describe exactly the revolution we are going through!

My question since this is talking about CBDC is the UK does this connect with @Ripple & @digitalpoundfdn

#CBDC #ripple #h
2. Lists problems with UNREGULATED stable coins:
• Digital Runs
• Dollarization
• Concentration Risk
• Disintermediation risk
• Consumer & Investor Fraud
#stablecoins @Bitfinexed
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CBDC's in Cross Border Payments - World Bank

So I read this 46-page document

I found some interesting pieces of information so this thread will dive into some of my thoughts

I also found some errors the @WorldBank needs to fix in regards to $XRP

#XRP $XLM #XRPCommunity #XRPL
First of all, thank you to the writers that created this

There was a lot of great information on CBDC's and possible structures that the infrastructure could be built on.

But I am not going to cover the CBDC stuff in this thread.

#Project #Ubin #Stella #Jasper #R3
Great description for beginners of what Distributed Ledger Technology is.

World bank mentions lack of interoperability but there are two great solutions for that:
1. @quant_network - #Overledger Solution
2. @Interledger - Interledger Protocol ILP

#DLT #Blockchain
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A thread for awareness of Play to Earn (PoE) with

@Ripple + @FortePlatform #ILP #XRP $XRP

Video game ecosystems in which you can exchange items for real money $

The new era of gaming is being built:

--A look into my perspective & Info Thread--
#gaming #IoV #utility #fintech Image
@Ripple @FortePlatform The last thing to innovate in the gaming industry is real money economies where players can trade real in-game items (NFTs) for real $ value with other players

Yes, this will give anyone a chance to make money from a video game!💰

#XRP $XRP #DLT #Micropayments @FortePlatform Image
@Ripple @FortePlatform The History of Videogames:

1. Arcades
2. At home consoles
3. The computer
4. Mobile phones & in-app purchases (like skins, items attached to a user account not tradable)
5. Now tokenized items as NFTs that are tradable with players and $ value interoperable between games!
#DLT ImageImageImage
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Why is blockchain one of the fastest innovative technologies and what benefits does it provide?🤔👇

#blockchain #DLT #fintech #innovation #financial #cryptocurrency #utilitytokens #education ImageImage
Industries Blockchain can & will innovate!
Healthcare and medical records
Decentralized voting
Cross border remittances
Digitalized securities and derivatives (no fee swaps)
Supply Chain shipping and tracking
Digital identities
Real estate and land titles

#blockchain #DLT #IoV ImageImageImage
Did you know Blockchain & DLT is listed in the World Economic Forums Sustainable Development Goals?

Under Industry Innovation & Infrastructure!

In my network, I like to talk about Utility Tokens doing something for this world!

#regulatedcompanies #makingadifference #SDGs ImageImage
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MX's Chief Advocacy Officer, @Jane_Barratt, joined a panel today at @FintechGen, speaking on Data & Consumer Privacy Legislation. Sharing highlights below. people, panel, webinar, con...
"We truly believe at MX that people do own their data and there should be some sort of consumer data right in place." - @Jane_Barratt @FintechGen
I would hope that 5-10 years from now we’d look back on this question of: “Is it our role to help protect consumer’s financial data?” as anachronistic. - @Jane_Barratt
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Join us in an hour for an enthralling webinar on Open Banking- A game changer for the Financial Ecosystem with @Spire__Tech, @AionDigital Company.

To register for the Webinar click on-…
Today at 2:30pm IST.
Meet the Speakers for the Webinar who will take you on an insightful journey into the World of Open Banking.
Sanjeev Kumar, @whitesight_
Aamir Janjua, @aiondigital
Tanja Imamovic, @RBI_Presse
Richard Koch, @UKOpenBanking
Jennifer Lau, @spire_tech
Richard Koch from OBIE @ukopenbanking speaking about the emergence of Open Banking in the UK. Emphasising on consistency and performance of APIs by the OBIE.
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1/ What about government? #OpenBanking #CBDC? Final of 7 essays w/ @NateSoffio is here
@QEDInvestors @whartonfintech today, the evolving API-mediated marketplace, look forward to no-code/low-code movement and SCOTUS giving legal certainty.
2/ APIs are everywhere, every SaaS company must turn into an API-first company to survive. For the last 6 weeks we’ve laid out a guide for the next generation of SaaS built on the foundations of API-first development.
3/ What does it mean for the next generation of fintechs to be powered by API-first companies?

First it means that the barriers to entry are going to go down for consumer facing and small business companies.
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According to the German Consumer Federation, the EU's #psd2 directive turned bank transaction data into a commodity and created a 'pipeline' for data flows to fintechs and other parties without much oversight.

Statement and report:……
While banking regulators are pushing for competition, oversight about data protection and consumer privacy is missing.

The VZBV is thus calling for stricter rules, better enforcement, the #psd2 evaluation should focus on data protection.

Position paper:…
Specifically, the sphere of licensed #psd2 intermediaries and API providers who may share data with non-licensed parties raises many questions.

They also warn that 'consent' may become an illusion when sharing bank transaction data with e.g. landlords or telcos becomes the norm.
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1/ #OpenBanking has been jumping from continent to continent for the last decade with various levels of success. But it’s on the brink of breakthrough in the US and elsewhere for technological and regulatory reasons. This THREAD attempts to show how and why.
2/ Open banking means open (and secure) access to bank APIs for customers to view account data, make transfers or do other things via applications, which usually were done by the banks themselves. This is a good primer from @NicoBenady
3/ Banks unsurprisingly only see risks from open banking -- and therefore resist it usually. It means consumers can easily go beyond banks’ walled gardens to do all sorts of things -- including to move accounts (a thing that many neobanks capitalize on).…
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Today we're holding our virtual conference looking at how #FinancialServices services can help to reduce #Gambling harms.

The event kicks off at 9.30am. We'll be tweeting all the highlights here, but you can join the event by registering here:… Image
@katie_alpin gets us underway. She talks about the links between problem #gambling & #MentalHealth issues being a long term area of focus for @mmhpi - and that these issues have only become more acute during the pandemic
@katie_alpin Our first key note speaker of the day is Neil McArthur, Chief Executive of @GamRegGB. Neil talks about the complexity of tackling #gambling harms & the need for a wide range of agencies to collaborate in doing so - including #FinancialServices
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Open Banking Thread 1/15

CBPII, The Bastard Stepchild of Open Banking

#openbanking #fintech #cbpii #unicorn
So everyone knows about Account Information Service Providers (AISPs), like @getyolt and @emma_finance

And may be aware of Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs), firms that can make payments.

But there's another permission:
Card Based Payment Instrument Issuers (CBPII)
CBPIIs are a rare beast. I've actually never met one. According to @UKOpenBanking there aren't any in the UK, but recently i heard from @TheFCA that they do exist (But they couldn't give any details to protect the confidentiality) of the firm involved.
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Good day Tweeps its good to have you here and a priviledge to share this amazing topic with you all.... #OpenBanking #AskDeloitte
Please feel free to ask questions and make contributions using #OpenBanking and #AskDeloitte
1. Retail banking has faced a number of disruptive threats in the past, but each time the traditional banks have adapted and grown stronger. #OpenBanking #AskDeloitte
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