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1/ #Bitcoin has been praised for its decentralized nature, which allows for greater freedom and autonomy for users. One group that can particularly benefit from the use of Bitcoin is refugees. #bitcoin #refugees
2/Refugees often find themselves in a difficult situation when it comes to accessing financial services. Bitcoin, as a decentralized digital currency, does not require identification documents or bank accounts to use. #decentralized #financialservices
3/ Bitcoin allows for greater financial privacy and security. Transactions on the blockchain are recorded, but the identities of the parties involved are not. This can be especially important for refugees, who may be concerned about persecution. #privacy #security
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(1/11) Is #Blockchain an enabler for sustainable future? Fasten your seatbelts as we’re all set to embark on a deep topic voyage. 🧵 Read more at:… Image
(2/11) 💻 #Blockchain is a shared #ledger or repository that computer #subnets may access. It is similar to a #database, but it is secure and #decentralized. #Cryptocurrency systems like #Bitcoin use blockchains to keep a secure and decentralized database of transactions. 🔐
(3/11) 💡Blockchain eliminates a #centralized command structure, allowing #data sharing among parties without needing a centralized system or administrator. It is #secure and #data can't be corrupted or destroyed by anyone with access to the main database. #FinancialTechnology
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#binance congratulations on being #registered in #nz as providers of #financialservices
hopefully people will read the disclaimer/fine print and understand that you are NOT #licensed to provided financial services. just registered.
best of all.
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When issued, The Turnbull Report was deliberately concealed by both @LBGplc, and @TheFCA, for over 3 years. The police were under pressure not to release it. The author, Sally Masterton, who was a forensic accountant...
... in Lloyds Banking Group was asked to write it by their Head of Audit and Risk.

Sally Masterton was sacked for writing it, and without proper compensation. Anthony Stansfeld (former Police Crime Commissioner at Thames Valley Police, and now an anti-corruption...
...campaigner) worked for some three years, with some outside assistance, notably from Lord Hollick, to get Sally Masterton proper compensation. Anthony Stansfeld and Lord Hollick had a meeting with the Lloyds Banking Group Chairman, Lord Blackwell, and forced him to move...
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It's easy to find company specific infringements through violation tracker UK

All you need to do is go to the website here
and enter the company name in the Company/Parent box and then click Search at the bottom right of the page - ...
it couldn’t be any easier.
Here’s an example
(… )
of the information that you can get to in a few seconds; it’s the violations history of Lloyds Banking Group, which includes infringements relating to: ...
Insurance violations
Interest rate benchmark violations
Mortgage abuses
Banking violations
Investor protection violations
Interest rate benchmark manipulations violations
Consumer protection violations
Privacy violations
Labour standards violations
Pension plan violations ...
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Join us in our push back against HM Treasury's dangerous proposals.

TTF is very concerned about the “race to the bottom” that is likely to occur if the Government pushes ahead with its “Competitiveness and Growth” agenda for financial services. Whilst that phrase may look..
... like there is no reason for concern (just like the way the term “Global Warming” sounds like a good thing) we believe the measures proposed will lead to the UK weakening its regulatory protections for consumers, i.e. making an already bad situation even worse...
...Many other civil society and pro-consumer advocacy groups feel the same way, including Finance Innovation Lab, which is doing a first class job of organising a multi-organisation response to the problem. TTF is proud to be part of that initiative - we are engaging with...
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A #finance professional must sell products which have strong foundation not because of high returns. Though on high return & risk basis #crypto can be considered may be 2% to 5% money of #portfolio which one is fine to take the chance or gamble. (1/n) #cryptocurrency #CryptoNews
#Crypto is, was & will always be 'A Zero Foundation Product'

One should not speak or #invest blindly in crypto already 3 crypto scams have happened, wherein people lost 'Real #Money' at the 'Cost of Virtual Money'
(2/n) @OutlookMoney @ETNOWlive @monikahalan @livemint @ActusDei
If one is so bullish on #Crypto, one can recommend his or her clients to a greater extent instead of preaching a lot on crypto. Too much of crypto debate is not right as in our country its neither legal or illegal as on today. (3/n) @cafemutual @kaul_vivek @latha_venkatesh
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Came across an interview of @sidd1307 conducted by @varinder_bansal.

The one hour was packed with learning both related to #stockmarkets and daily life.

Below is the thread about key learning which i found important.

Like or retweet if you found it worthwhile.
Intro of Siddharth bhaiya

(a) he has completed CA.

(b) Entered into the stock market in early 2000's as analyst covering FINANCIALS

(c) Currently running Aequitas Investment Consultancy.

Importance of stock market

Human like any other animals, performs 4 core activities in his lifetime;

(a) Searching for food
(b) Protecting themselves from enemy
(c) Occupy territory
(d) Sex/mating

In modern world, all these activities are dependent on money.
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STEP 5: Do this for the sectors that are included in the #NIFTY500. There will be around 20 major sectors.
You can modify the stocks and put them into different watchlists according to your preference. For example: All the #Banking stocks are included in #FinancialServices.
There are some things that you need to keep in mind. This is a very tedious process, but if you cannot afford or don't need the resources for the paid version, this is your best available alternative.
Hope I added some value to your trading journey in this thread.
Thank You!
[Note: You have to add the following stocks manually]
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Today we're holding our virtual conference looking at how #FinancialServices services can help to reduce #Gambling harms.

The event kicks off at 9.30am. We'll be tweeting all the highlights here, but you can join the event by registering here:… Image
@katie_alpin gets us underway. She talks about the links between problem #gambling & #MentalHealth issues being a long term area of focus for @mmhpi - and that these issues have only become more acute during the pandemic
@katie_alpin Our first key note speaker of the day is Neil McArthur, Chief Executive of @GamRegGB. Neil talks about the complexity of tackling #gambling harms & the need for a wide range of agencies to collaborate in doing so - including #FinancialServices
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Welcome to our twitter conversation thread, please retweet to enlighten someone, like & Comment

Topic: Significant Economic Presence – Impact on Companies in the Consumer Market and Financial Services Sectors…

#consumermarkets #FinancialServices
1.Prior to the enactment of the Finance Act, 2019 (FA), Section 13 of the Companies Income Tax Act (CITA) as amended, provided the basis for the taxation of the profits of non-resident companies (NRC) in Nigeria.
2.The provisions of the section required a non-resident company to have an identifiable physical presence (“fixed base” or “permanent establishment”) in Nigeria, before the NRC can be deemed to be carrying on a business in Nigeria, for the purpose of taxing its profits.
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NEW: The UK publishes its approach to negotiating the future #UK - #EU relationship… UK already saying that it wants a "Canada", "Korea" or "Japan" style relationship and wants to be seen as a "sovereign equal". None of this likely to fly anywhere...
Here is the document itself with some key bits highlighted (thread)…
Point 5: "relationship between sovereign equals" is - although UK Gov entitled to say this - delusional. #UK much smaller than #EU and more exposed to EU economically than vice-versa. Sovereignty argument coming through strongly here.
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Thread: FinancialServices Access
This has been a persistent subject as a market opportunity since I started at @MasterCard in 2001. Then @Citi & @AmericanExpress. Legacy financial services & #payments #technology were simply insufficient to service those markets economically.
Recently, companies like mPesa (Africa) showed that this can be done. Especially, in countries where you're building a completely new infrastructure, not relying on (or mandated to integrate with) legacy payment systems. Those carry onerous compliance & processing costs.
With almost full smartphone saturation, some #fintech players like Simple, even @Square's Cash & @Paypal's @Venmo apps, are able to get to more people. Others like Green Dot prepaid & payday lenders go deeper into servicing this population, but at controversially high fees.
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Just a reminder: the European Parliament has so far commissioned from experts dozens of impact assessments or studies on #Brexit in 14 broad fields. They don't necessarily constitute the EP's official position but are all free & available here:… Thread 1/6
They include studies on the areas in which the European Parliament has set red lines for its approval of any Article 50 deal, such as #citizensrights… & the effect of #Brexit on the #peaceprocess in Northern Ireland… 2/6
The studies on #Brexit also cover other critical topics such as the internal market and #consumerprotection… and #financialservices… 3/6
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