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A deeply interesting tutorial by @fchollet @MelMitchell1 @ChrSzegedy at #NeurIPS2020

"#Abstraction & #Reasoning in #AI systems: Modern Perspectives "

or "What are abstraction, generalization and analogic reasoning?"

@fchollet begins by laying some foundations in notation and background.

E.g., Generalization is a spectrum (and we are looking at lower bands in #ML nowadays)

And Abstraction? It is the engine behind generalization!

And of course it comes in different flavors:

- program-centric: that is akin to high-level reasoning (inducing & merging programs)

- value-centric (interpolating examples) 👈 essentially what #DL does and excels at!

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/01/2020…
A New AI Study May Explain Why Deep Learning Works | Psychology Today…

#learning #deep #psychology
Geometry Reveals How the World Is Made of Cubes…

#geometry #world
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The #FallenAngel Watchers & Nephilim Hybrid #GIANTS

of the [END TIMES] of Revelation

#Monsters of the GREAT #DEEP of the #ABYSS

D.U.M.B.S of the [#Nazi][SS][#DeepState]

#SecretSpace [SS] Programs

CLAS 1-99



"Heavenly Father,
We thank you so much for keeping us safe from #evil during these chaotic times & we #pray you & your army of Guardian #Angels will keep watching over us & the best @POTUS ever. Amen"


...when the sons of #God (Elohim / Watcher Fallen #Angels) came into the daughters of men and they bore children (Nephilim) to them. Those were mighty men who were old, men of renown."
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Hi, ich bin epiclout, und ich besitze eine neue EMMA.

Here we go again?

CN Transfeindlichkeit
In der letzten Ausgabe schon angekündigt gibt es einen weiteren Artikel zu trans. „Warum ich nicht trans bin“ sollte der heißen, aber der neue Artikel wird beworben, dass sich nach dem letzten Dossier Personen gemeldet haben 🤔

„Gemeldet“ jajaja 😏
Der Artikel heißt jetzt

Poetisch, oder so. Es geht um Regretters.

This is gonna be fun.
...seriously, it is, just wait.
(Ich konnte mich nicht halten dies zu beginnen, bis ich zuende las)
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Ratet mal wer die neue EMMA hat und ein bisschen über die Texte guckt?


We’re in for a treat.
Die EMMA beschreibt das Dossier über ~Transsexualität~ als eines der „spannendsten und wichtigsten in der Geschichte der EMMA.“

Also denen ist das mit der Transfeindlichkeit so richtig richtig ernst.
Welt Chefredakteur und „Feminist“ Ulf Poschardt ist auch mit bei den Autor_innen. Shit, ich wusste nicht, dass das eine Satirezeitschrift ist. God Damn ich bin drauf reingefallen 😢
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@groth1945 You're very welcome! Awh, HUGS & LOVE. Btw, I deleted my stupid reply about old news, I have perm. brain injuries from SRA/MKUltra, and my own black ice MVA epic fail, lol. So, I always appreciate correction! I was Army in my teens in MKULTRA. Alpha Unit. Sgt 1st Class. Helms and
@groth1945 GHWBush, evil bastards, destroyed all the records of "we the children". So, I don't get the Comraderie of actually being an Army vet, and my accomplishments in the Army. Since it was the 70s, I suffer the same illnesses of soldiers experimented on by our own gov.
Betrayals ran..
@groth1945 So deep in that war and in our gov. then. The #Deep State has been alive and well since the end of WWII. My step-grandfather was OSS-CIA. My bad luck. My heart is with you and Thank God for Mil. Intel et al..for The Plan and Pres. Trump! We MUST win! God Bless You!
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Aku nak share skit kisah aku bawak grab kene tahan polis bersama 3 orang warga asing yang membawa senjata.

Ini thread
Arini aku ade open house kt umah mmber, so aku siap² la berbaju kurung bagai nk ke open house..tpi sblm tu ak bercadang nk buat la grab sementara ada mase kan..then ak pun kluar dri umah, pegi isi minyak then on apps grab..
Then job pertama masuk berdekatan dgn tmpt aku tu.. Ak ambik rider ak ni kt brem mall ke mutiara apatment jalan klang lama.. mse ak smpai tu, ak xnmpk rider..ak call xangkt tp lps tu dy muncul then suruh ak tggu jp lg 2 org kawn dy.. Sorg laki sorg pmpn.. Yg suruh ak tggu ni laki
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If your "developers" need multi-million dollar Ponzi schemes to be incentivized to develop apps that have found exactly zero commercial applications, you just might be a Silicon Valley thought leader.
Hodlers are the opposite of free riders. It was ONLY hodlers buying & hodling Bitcoin that financed the growth of the network, mining security & created a liquid market on which parasites like this have launched thousands of scams with premines, ICOs & zero products or innovation
If it wasn't for hodlers Bitcoin would still be a worthless game token exchanged for fun between geeks, and all the shitcoins & ICO scams that have made Naval m(b?)illions would have never existed.
He is disparaging the ONLY proven usecase of "crypto" to pump his vaporware scams
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