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We have had a busy 2021 and we look forward to 2022 which is brightened further with the spirit of Indovation and ideation. Cheers to each of you and your families. Image
2/n 2021 was a challenging year personally for many with #Covid 2nd wave but it presented professional opportunities for #startup ecosystem too. @SucSEED_IN built its maiden #AngelFund #IndovationFund, amongst overwhelming response & kept growing its strength as #AngelNetwork too ImageImage
3/n At #IndovationFund, we believe that early-stage discovery is best handled with the help of Experienced folks. We have great #SectoralCommittee structure helping us to discover, screen, curate, invest and mentor these startups, in 6 sectors of our #Fundfocus #SucSEEDfamily Image
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It's a bubble brewing in quick commerce groceries w swiggy vs zepto vs blinkit vs dunzo and ola & big basket to follow. #grocery #startup

Things that aren't making sense
I understand that quick comm will largely be a metro play. In tier 1 and further, these platforms will adopt an express or same day delivery method. The concept of 10 or 30 min delivery in let's say a Lucknow would never give you a positive unit eco.
My reasoning stems from not having enough density in a Tier 1, build a dark store and do single order deliveries to these cities. So unless proved wrong, this model would be a metro play.
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🏗 Real estate boom will continue, capitalization of developers will grow, according to RDV sources.

Need for families in #Russia for real estate is so much higher than supply of #developers that prices for square meters will inexorably rise.

Thread 🧵👇
The volume of the #RealEstate market in 2020 amounted to more than 17 trillion rubles - this is the second consumer market in #Russia.
Growth potential of share of top 5 #developers is 250% - up to level of consolidation of #grocery retail market comparable in size. Along with growth of share of large players, their revenue is growing. Top 5 public developers include #Samolet, #PIK and #LSR.
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i manifested a whole farm... sorry not sorry, still not over it. wow
food has always been an important part of my life. my southern grandma taught me how to navigate in a kitchen and my mom has always been on her #plantbased+ herbal medicine wave. i knew my journey wouldn't be complete without space to grow my own food 🌱👩🏾‍🌾
i comitted to #vegetarian in high school, veganism around 24 and now at 31 i've been red meat, poultry and raw dairy free for 15 years.

after experiencing the worst anxiety and depression while working in music business, i left the industry to focus on me -
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I've spent this morning on a number of calls and webinars discussing the #global #restaurant market and the outlook for 2020 and beyond. I thought I'd collect some thoughts on where we @Technomic see the business going.
First, in North America: our midpoint scenario analysis for US #restaurants is a decline in consumer spending of 22% in 2020. Canada's outlook is a bit worse, with our midpoint expectations at -26% decline. #Delivery and #takeout has been key for operators in these markets.
Latin America will be harder hit than N America; lockdowns have been significant and economies are generally weaker to begin with. We forecast the midpoint decline for #restaurants in Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Chile and Mexico will be down ~40% in spending in 2020.
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CRED insights on category wise credit card spending trend in three major cities - Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi - during lockdown.
#essentialservices #medical #grocery
#subscription #spending Image
Credit card spending dropped by 10% when the lockdown was announced in March and went down even further by 51% April-onwards. Subscription spends in Delhi saw a rise of 18%, Bangalore by 11% and Mumbai by 8%.
💳 Credit card spending [March]
🛵Online grocery ⬆️
▪️Bengaluru 44% ▪️Delhi 38%
▪️Mumbai 29%

🍱 Food ordering ⬇️
▪️Delhi 26%,▪️Mum 24%
▪️Bengaluru 22%

🍜 Dining out ⬇️
▪️Delhi 40%▪️ Mum 42%
▪️Bengaluru 48%

📽️ Entertainment ⬇️
▪️ Delhi by 63%▪️ Mum 67%
▪️Bengaluru by 69%
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#grocery #ecommerce भारत में किराना ई-कॉमर्स के कानूनी विवाद आंकलन की भावी स्थिति, सामाजिक पूंजी की एहमियत और ज्ञप्ति स्थानीय न्याय वयवस्था।
किराना इ-कॉमर्स भारत के मध्यवर्ती शहरों में अभी भी नया है। हमे ये जानना जरूरी है की महानगरों के अपेक्षा में मध्यवर्ती नगरों में किराने
खरीदारों के तौर तरीके अलग है। स्तानीय बाजार के किराने की दुकानों में जो भी मतभेद होता है उसे छोटे शहरों में लोग दुकान में जाकर मैं मैं तू तू करके मामले का निपटारा कर लेते है। मामला थोड़ा गंभीर हो तो स्थानीय लीडर के हस्तक्षेप से मामले का निवारण करते है। इसके ही ठीक विपरीत,
ये भी समस्या है की कभी कभी आपूर्ति श्रृंखला में स्थानीय जैक के द्वारा ही मिलावट के दो नम्बरी कामो को अंजाम दिया जाता है। अभी इ-कॉमर्स के वृद्धि चरण का दौर है इसलिए सब कुछ नियमित तरीके से चल राहा है। जब परिपूर्णता के कारन एक इ-कॉमर्स का दूसरे इ-कॉमर्स के
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One more player enters #Grocery delivery service. Any guess?
+ Perpule
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Dude legit dropped the f-bomb on one of my crew who politely pointed out the #SocialDistancing marker where he was SUPPOSED to be standing. (Talking about “hoax” and “fake news” the whole time, naturally.)
He immediately found himself standing a helluva lot farther than six feet away. As in, in the parking lot. WITHOUT his groceries.
Do not eff with #grocery workers right now, people. We walk in the door wondering if we’ll die. You’re not scary.

It’s the wild, wild west every day for us and you do NOT want to find yourself surrounded by a bunch of people who lift fifty pound boxes for a living. #BeNice
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(1/n) To help everyone stay safe, avoid contact and avoid going out of home, StoreSe ( (a service by Perpule) has launched an Apartment Grocery Ordering Platform which is setting up apartment specific storefronts for residents to order groceries.
StoreSe has partnered with Metro, More, Vishal Mega Mart, Spencer's, Big Bazaar and others to help with the grocery delivery to the apartments.
It works as follows:
1) Visit and place your order and make an online payment (Card/UPI, etc.)
2) Get delivery time notification for your order (typically 3pm to 6pm the next day)
3) Pick up your order from the designated location within your community
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Even though #Thailand government has reassured people there's enough food stockpile in nation & urges all not to panic buy as #supermarkets remain open, people forming long lines at #Bangkok #grocery store buying up essentials like #rice #oil #eggs #sugar #COVID19 #coronavirus
March 22 to April 12, #Thailand #Bangkok will shut more venues like #malls #salons #beauty clinics this means thousands more employees now will have no work for some 3 weeks. Not sure how firms/businesses are going to deal with this greater economic impact #Covid_19 #coronavirus
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It’s #Monday, I’m boozing it up at a 4 seat bar, the #barkeep is a long pourer, and I’m all fucking set if I get something stuck between my teeth.👇🙃 #RandomThoughts #drinking #OutAndAbout
Shooting the shit with a friend, she’s proud to be doing well with her plants - unusual for her.

The key was a #video explaining the benefits of pruning.

She needs REASONS. She got them.

Apparently, pruning in a particular manner stimulates growth hormones.
Of course, this led to me initiating a discussion about the #movie I just watched on Hulu, called “The German Doctor.”

The main character was Josef Mengele. #ThisHappened

People, this is why I’m known in my circles as “The Black Hole Of Conversation.” SMTH
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Enforcing selling Food measured by gram will discourage the use of baking soda in it by restaurants because people will eventually know the quantity they consume on an average. Discouraging use of baking soda will require to produce adequate amount of food
availing at reasonable rates to fulfill needs. It will create an initial distress in the supply chain equilibrium but it will also opens up enormous possibilities in food tech investments, innovation and ecosystem at all levels. A goldmine of possibilities.
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1/ #THREAD Ah, teeny tiny demographical instance of something, hastily wound up to a coy, careful kind of un-endorsement of something else, even uses paper in a medical / scientific journal to try substantiate this un-endorsement placement #Beware #BullAtWork How 'well-connected'
2/ and how reminiscent of a certain type of anti-vaccination trolling / disinformation.😬 #Questions such as: A/what percentage of the population actually use the product B/ what percentage of that specific demographic have been injured seriously, in a clinical sense or in the --
3/ particular mode described in the, eh, 'article' ? C/ So even if as seems likely this only verifiably happened to a tiny % of users,& even if the argument that it is all just public knowledge/public info. is applied so it appears to be, lets say for the heck of it, 'authentic',
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