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🛑 À l’occasion de la polémique sur l’#abaya à l’école, plusieurs figures de #LFI ont tenu un discours très proche de la rhétorique #islamiste.
➡️ Décryptage dans ce thread. ⤵️ Image
Mathilde #Panot s’en est ainsi violemment prise au journal Le Parisien en utilisant le même argument que les #islamistes : qualifier d’#islamophobe toute critique des pratiques islamistes pour les rendre illégitimes et transformer en racisme la remise en cause de l’intégrisme. Image
#Panot fait même de l’#abaya la tenue « réglementaire » de la femme musulmane. Elle normalise ainsi un vêtement symbole de rigorisme, telle une prescriptrice religieuse, pour un vêtement très peu porté par les musulmanes de France.…
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One of the key commanders during the initial 🇷🇺 invasion of 🇺🇦 in 2014, Igor Girkin, previously served as a 🇷🇺“volunteer” during the Bosnian War (center below) and participated in the Visegrad Massacre, one of the worst episodes of the #BosnianGenocide. Image
In Višegrad, Bosniaks made up 64% of the population in 1991. Today they make up 9%. The extremist Serb Chetnik movement is responsible for mass rape and genocide in #Visegrad in 1940s and 90s. Now, they are emboldened by Dodik and the West’s appeasement of Vucic. ImageImage
Today in #Visegrad, Eastern Bosnia, where Russian volunteers helped Serbs in the genocidal campaign against Bosniaks in 1992. Image
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American Jewish Congress President @JackRosen's statement on President #Erdogan of #Turkey’s condolence call on terror attacks in #Israel, issued on 11 April 2023 as Jews and Muslims observed #Passover and #Ramadan2023 amid attempts to create tensions in #Jerusalem. Full text: /1 Image
Amid a clamor to condemn #Israel for taking firm action to keep #Muslim #Christian, and #Jewish holy sites safe and open to worshippers, and in the fog of disinformation that seeks to incite hate leading to terrorism, President Recep Tayyip #Erdoğan of #Turkey has reached out /2
to the Government and people of #Israel and offered condolences on the murder of two British-Israeli sisters and a young Italian lawyer who fell victim to senseless violence and hate. /3
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A: It’s likely that Eid will be celebrated on two different dates in the UK, as follows:

Link in this thread*

#ramadan #eid #ukiskamiccalendar #Eid2023 #EidAlFitr #eid1444 #moonsighting Image
🌙 For those who follow local UK moonsighting.
🇲🇦 Also, for those who follow the Eid date of Morocco and other African countries. *

🇸🇦 For those who follow Saudi Arabia*
Please note, although a Friday Eid in Saudi Arabia is scientifically impossible according to moon visibility, we still predict Saudi will celerate Eid on this earlier date, based on their behaviour in previous Eid declarations. Some mosques in the UK will follow this*
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During the last 10 nights of Ramadan, many Muslims spend more time in Mosques in contemplation & prayer.

Mosque ceilings are designed to reflect the magnificence of the universe.

For Ramadan, here are spectacular details of 24 Mosque ceilings from around the world…

A thread… Image
1/ The ceiling of Shah Mosque in Tehran, Iran

Built to the order of Fath-Ali Shah Qajar of Persia during the Qajar period, as one of several such symbols of legitimacy for the new dynasty. Construction started in 1810 & completed in 1825 #Ramadan Image
2/ The ceiling of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Naqsh-i Jahan Square, Esfahan, Iran

Construction of the mosque started in 1603 & finished in 1619. Built by the chief architect Mohammadreza Isfahani, during the reign of Shah Abbas I of Persia. Beautiful interior dome details #Ramadan Image
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Martyrdom of Ameer al-Mukhtar ibn Abi 'Ubayd al-Thaqafi (ra):🧵
Martyrdom of Ameer al-Mukhtar ibn Abi 'Ubayd al-Thaqafi
the leader of one of the uprisings to take revenge of Imam al-Husayn's (a) blood,
one of tabi'un and from Ta'if. He hosted Muslim b. 'Aqil in Kufa and was imprisoned by 'Ubayd Allah b. Ziyad.1/11
When the Battle of Karbala was taking place. During his uprising many of those people who took part in killing Imam al-Husayn (a) were killed. al-Mukhtar was killed by Mus'ab b. al-Zubayr

Mus'ab formed a big army and headed for Kufa. He took Mukhtar by surprise.
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C’est beau, très « spirituel » le #Ramadan
à la mosquée #Bobigny du prédicateur radical #NaderAbouAnas. Pas de prière tant que l’argent (100000 euros!) n’est pas récolté! Heureusement , « ça ne dépasse pas 20 minutes » …👌
2- Pendant le #Ramadan , prise d’otage des fidèles à la mosquée : «  On ne commence pas la salât tant qu’on n’a pas récolté l’argent … »
3- #Ramadan : les fidèles sont piégés à l’entrée des mosquées pour remplir les caisses des imams . L’argent d’abord , ensuite la prière …
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MEGA 🧵‼️

#Ramadan and #IBD: Should folks with IBD fast?

This one is a 5-part tweetorial because it deserves due diligence

A data desert 🌵 so I’ll do my best & apologies in advance for what I forget or omit

Let’s dive in! @southasianIBD @ibdtweets @ibddoctor

One way to try and understand the relationship between Ramadan fasting & IBD is by subgroups:

1️⃣ patients with IBD in remission
2️⃣ hospitalized with active disease
3️⃣ undifferentiated IBD patients
4️⃣ animal models of fasting & IBD
5️⃣ extrapolations from rheumatology



Available data from 🇮🇷 suggests

this group is NOT at risk of ⬆️ symptom burden while fasting ‼️🤷🏽

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The colour blue (al-azraq) in Islamic tradition often signifies the impenetrable depths of the universe, and turquoise blue is thought to have mystical qualities.

For Ramadan, here are 24 beautiful Islamic buildings & Mosques, designed using the colour blue…

A thread…
1/ Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Oman

Inaugurated in 2018 & influenced by Persian & central Asian blue Islamic architectural styles with touches of traditional Omani architectural elements that make it unique #Ramadan
2/ Kalta Minor Minaret, Khiva, Uzbekistan

One of the last great blue buildings in the Khanate of Khiva was Kalta Minor. This had to be the tallest structure in Khiva & in the whole of Central Asia. Works ended abruptly in 1855, leaving this beautiful minaret unfinished #Ramadan
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Cats are much loved animals in Islam & considered the quintessential pet. Admired for their cleanliness, they're allowed to enter homes & mosques

To celebrate Caturday in Ramadan, here are the adorable cats of Masjid Al-Aqsa, the third-holiest site in Islam

A thread…
1/ A cat sleeping outside Masjid Al-Aqsa
#Ramadan #Caturday Image credit @masjid_al_aqsa on IG
2/ A cat outside Masjid Al-Aqsa
#Ramadan #Caturday Image credit @masjid_al_aqsa on IG
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@Aminbchy @McrMuseum @OfficialUoM @nazirafzal @WakkasKhan @ManchesterSAHM @RahmanCllr @k4shf @M_R_ULLAH @GMLO_UK @QaisraShahraz @ManchesterISOC @NusratAhmedMM @mcr_msf @ward_esme @TasteRamadan @mmuisoc The #Iftar at @McrMuseum was a great opportunity to share with all what #Islam is about and what #Muslims do too. @TasteRamadan made a number of posters for people attending with some simple facts that may be of interest for those wanting to know more @MuslimCouncil @bmhcentre
@Aminbchy @McrMuseum @OfficialUoM @nazirafzal @WakkasKhan @ManchesterSAHM @RahmanCllr @k4shf @M_R_ULLAH @GMLO_UK @QaisraShahraz @ManchesterISOC @NusratAhmedMM @mcr_msf @ward_esme @TasteRamadan @mmuisoc @MuslimCouncil @bmhcentre There are considered 5 pillars in Islam
1. Shahada (to testify/witness)
2. Salah (to supplicate / pray)
3. Zakat (to purify, grow, increase - compulsory alms for certain groups of people)
4. Sawm (to abstain from / fast)
5. Hajj (pilgrimage made to the ka’ba)
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☪️ #4 and #5!
One of my personal favorite intersections: #Ramadan and #NAFLD

Things that are established: Ramadan fasting does not make fatty liver disease worse

But does it make it better?
The empiric answer would be YES, but how? let’s dive into the nuance
Observational data suggest that in patients with #fattyliverdisease, Ramadan tends to ⬇️ LFTs and ⬆️glycemic function

Retrospective data seems to agree with this:

These changes involve ⬇️ in A1c, BMI, and FIB4 scores❗️

So the available data (though limited) establishes that Ramadan fasting seems to improve LFTs and leads to valuable reductions in disease-related indices like fibrosis scores

The more interesting question though, is


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Ramadan is the holy month of fasting & is centered around prayer, reflection & community.

People come together for Iftar - the meal in which Muslims break their fast upon the sun setting.

To celebrate Ramadan, a thread on the spiritual meaning of the Iftar…
#RamadanKareem Image
1. Ramadan is an experience that is shared throughout the entire community. Perhaps one of the largest benefits of fasting is that it’s performed by all Muslims in unity, encouraging a bond that is stimulated by obedience to Allah (SWT) #Ramadan Image credit Muslim Images
2. Iftar is one of the religious observances of Ramadan, & is often done as a community, with Muslim people across the world gathering to break their fast together. The meal is taken just after the call to the Maghrib prayer, which is at sunset #Ramadan Image credit Muslim Images
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This week, many of us started Ramadan with the news of Ahmed, a young man in #Ottawa, being berated by a guard associated with @VIA_Rail, for praying inside a train station.
The right to worship freely is a cornerstone of Canadian society and democracy. The guard's actions amounted to blatant #Islamophobia.
We got involved to help Ahmed. We made it clear to VIA Rail and other authorities that the incident is indicative of systemic #Islamophobia. Real solutions are needed.
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Mosques are at the heart of Islamic life. Muslims spend much time inside mosques during Ramadan as they congregate for communal prayers. Many mosques are renowned for the beauty & artistry of their interiors.

For #Ramadan we look inside 20 mosques across the world…

A thread…
1/ Putra Mosque, Malaysia

The principal mosque of Putrajaya, Malaysia. Construction of the mosque began in 1997 & was completed two years later. It is located next to Perdana Putra, which houses the Malaysian Prime Minister's office & man-made Putrajaya Lake #Ramadan Image credit Reddit
2/ Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi

One of the world’s largest mosques. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the Founding Founder of the UAE, had the mosque built in the capital city Abu Dhabi to create a cultural haven that welcomes & inspires people from all backgrounds #Ramadan Image credit Professor Hines, LLC. © 2023
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1/4. You probably saw what happened to Ahmed, a young man who was berated recently for praying inside Ottawa's VIA Rail station, by a guard associated with the latter.

No one deserves to be treated like that.

We were called in to help.… Image
2/4. Today, after the tireless work of our legal team, journalists, and advocacy team, we are happy to say that @VIA_Rail has committed to real change and to work with NCCM to build a fulsome process to combat Islamophobia in the future. ImageImageImage
3/4. This is one of hundreds of files we work on, just for our legal department.

Our teams are all oversubscribed and beyond capacity.

That’s why this #Ramadan, we need your help.
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وہ ضعیف سی خاتون تھیں۔۔۔۔۔بمشکل چل رہی تھیں۔۔۔کہنے لگیں بیٹا میرے لئے دعا کرنا۔۔۔تھائیرائڈز۔۔۔گھٹیا۔۔۔ اور جانے کتنی بیماریاں گنوا کر انہوں نے نم آنکھوں سے دوبارہ دعا کا کہا۔۔۔میرا دل کٹ گیا۔۔۔۔اپنی کم مائیگی کے باوجود صرف ان کی تسلی کے لئے میں نے کہا جی آپا جی میں آپ کے لئے دعا
کروں گی۔۔
بتانے لگیں کہ میرا سب گھر والے دین پسند کرتے ہیں ۔۔۔۔میں نے کہا آپا جی پھر اپنی بیٹیوں،بہوؤں کو ساتھ لے آئیے گا
کہتیں وہ یہاں نہیں ہوتیں۔۔۔۔
کہنے لگیں ۔۔۔ مجھ سے زیادہ دیر بیٹھا نہیں جاتا میں بڑی مشکل سے بیٹھی ہوں۔۔۔۔ بس آپ میرے لئے دعا کیجئے اور وہ دوبارہ اپنی
بیماریاں بیان کرنے لگیں۔۔۔۔۔پھر دعا کا کہنے لگیں
انسان جب بےبس ہوجاتا ہے تو ایک در کا آسرا رہتا ہے اسے۔۔۔۔۔اس در پر دعا سنی جائے گی وہیں سے شفا ملے گی۔۔۔
اس ہال میں دورہ ترجمہ القرآن و مختصر تفسیر کی تھوڑی سی شرکاء پر نظر دوڑائی تو ان میں درمیانی عمراور ڈھلتی عمر کی خواتین زیادہ
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LIVE: Media briefing on global health issues with @DrTedros…
"On Tuesday, #Tanzania confirmed its first known cases of #Marburg virus disease. So far, 8 cases have been confirmed, including 5 deaths. More than 160 contacts have been identified and are being monitored"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "National responders trained jointly by WHO and the @CDCgov have been deployed to the affected region to carry out further investigations, monitor contacts and provide clinical care"-@DrTedros #Tanzania #Marburg
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The Holy Qur’an was revealed to Prophet Muhammed ﷺ over 23 years, with the first revelations in the month of Ramadan in 610 AD.

How did the Qur’an reach us today in its final form? Who compiled it & why, & where are the oldest Qur’ans in the world?

A thread #RamadanKareem
1/ The Quran began to be revealed to Prophet Muhammed ﷺ during the month of Ramadan in 610, in its original form to the present day. The companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), played an important role in the compilation of the Quran, leaving an interesting story behind #Ramadan
2/ The ultimate book of universal guidance, the Holy Quran, was revealed to Prophet Muhammed ﷺ over a period of 23 years, in small parts; the holy book was not compiled until after his demise.
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Most people DO NOT hydrate properly during #Ramadan 🌙

End up drinking a ton of water at suhoor, then urinating like a horse for the next few hours 🐎

End up thirsty and lightheaded

We aren’t camels, we are humans 🐫⏩️ 👤

Here’s the Ultimate Ramadan Hydration Guide 👇
In order to improve hydration, we want to increase the amount of water we absorb into our blood and cells

If you just drink 4 cups of water alone, very little of that is going to get absorbed

But there are some tricks we can leverage 👇
Introducing Sodium-Glucose transporter

We have a special transporter in our gut that absorbs sodium and glucose together

As these are absorbed, water follows
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Letzte Nacht überfiel das #israel|ische Militär alle größeren Städte im besetzten Westjordanland: Ramallah, Nablus, Tulkarem, Qalqilya, Bethlehem, Jericho, Hebron, Jerusalem, Jenin.

So etwas gab es seit Jahrzehnten nicht.


1/10 Image
#Israel|ische Truppen marschieren in #Ramallah ein.


Via @ytirawi
Das Krankenhaus in #Ramallah wurde 2 Stunden mit Tränengas angegriffen (lt. 🇵🇸GesMin). In der Nähe befindet sich die Residenz von Präsident Abbas.

Am stärksten betroffen waren die Kinderklinik und die Intensivstation der Herzklinik (lt. @imemcnews).

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1/🌙🕌 #Ramadan is here! As a busy entrepreneur in #Dubai, I'm sharing my daily schedule to balance work, prayer, and well-being. Let's make this a productive and spiritual month together! #RamadanSchedule #EntrepreneurLife
2/🍽️ Suhoor: Wake up 90 mins before Fajr prayer. Enjoy a nutritious meal and hydrate. Prepare spiritually with Tahajjud (optional), Fajr prayer, and Quran recitation. #Suhoor #Fajr
3/🧘‍♂️ Exercise: 30 mins post Fajr, engage in light workouts like stretching or yoga. Keep that body moving during the fast! #RamadanFitness
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Hadiths of the #prophet and his descendants about #Ramadan🧵 Image
▪️Hadith No. 01
Why the name 'Ramadan'?

𝑯𝒐𝒍𝒚 𝑷𝒓𝒐𝒑𝒉𝒆𝒕 (peace be upon him and his progeny) said: "Surely, the month of Ramadan has been named so because it scorches away the sins." Kanz al-Ummal, H: 23688
▪️Hadith No. 2
Hunger and Thirst of the Day of Judgment
𝑰𝒎𝒂𝒎 𝑨𝒍𝒊 (a) said: Bring to mind, by means of your hunger and thirst in it (the month of Ramadan), the hunger and thirst of the Day of Judgment.

* Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 93, pg. 356*
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Just before #Ramadan, married (with many children) Sabir (32), Nasir (30) and Nazir (32) abducted and raped a 16 year old girl in Alwar Rajasthan. Girl committed suicide after 7 hours. I am very worried about #Ramazan. How many women will have to die before we see the obvious?? Image
In Bihar, just before #Ramadan, Akram was forcibly kissing many women and running away. Thankfully he has been caught before #Ramazan so that he didn't get a chance to escalate his crimes. Image
Gang of 4, serious. Used to wear Kalava so that people would blame Hindus and Holi. They are trained since childhood. Image
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