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Hoy es el #WorldKobaneDay
Hoy no solo se celebra la liberación de #Kobane, sino también la victoria d las mujeres contra el fanatismo religioso
El lema #JinJiyanAzadi q hoy gritan las iraníes se hizo famoso en #Kobane, cuando las milicianas kurdas #YPJ luchaban contra el EI
⬇️🧵 Image
Kobane, una pequeña ciudad del Kurdistán sirio #Rojava, resistió y venció al Estado Islámico tras 135 días de épica resistencia. Bajo el recuerdo del #NoPasaran, las milicias populares kurdas consiguieron lo que no habían conseguido los estados de la zona. Image
La resistencia de #kobane no fue improvisada, se basaba en décadas de lucha del movimiento de liberación kurdo, cuya ideología se basa en el Confederalismo Democrático, la ecología y la liberación de la mujer.
#WorldKobaneDay #womendefendRojava Image
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#YPJ on August 3 during the operation Humanity & Security, freed from the #ISIS hands, Wafaa Ali Abbas, 18 years old Yazidi woman who was captured by #ISIS in her village Kocho in the Shengal region, she was only 9 years old at that time... 1/6
She and her sister were among the thousands of Yazidi girls kidnapped. “ISIS members took us first to Mosul, then we were transferred to Raqqa where we had been repeatedly raped, enslaved, and sold out in slave markets,” Waffa said. 2/6
“The first terrorist had enslaved me for 15 days before he sold me to another one. After a series of marriages, I got married to the seventh one when I arrived at the camp.” She said. 3/6
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10 days - 10 Years: A brief history of the Rojava Revolution - its achievements & the importance to defend it! Image
The history of the Kurdish people is rooted in oppression, resistance and organization. On March 12th 2004, 30 Kurds are killed during a riot at a soccer match in Qamişlo. This event gave rise to the first self-defense groups, structured in 2011 as The Peopleʼs Protection Units. Image
June 1979, less than a year after PKK’s creation (24-11-78), Serok Apo crosses the Turkish-Syrian border to Kobane. Since then, education played an essential role in the construction of Kurdish autonomy which will become 25 yrs later the democratic confederalism in Rojava! Image
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Dopo la denuncia della #Digos contro Maria Edgarda Marcucci, #Eddi, per aver osato prendere pubblicamente la parola a #Pordenone, oggi la notizia del rigetto della Cassazione del suo ricorso contro il provvedimento del Tribunale che le ha inflitto la #SorveglianzaSpeciale. (1)
Così, dopo la sconfitta in appello nel 2020, anche l'ultimo tassello della giustizia italiana si chiude decretando la "pericolosità sociale" di una delle persone che più hanno ispirato approvazione e ammirazione in Italia negli ultimi anni. (2)
La Cassazione ha affermato che Eddi è pericolosa xké dedita ad attività illecite in Italia, riferendosi a episodi come apericene per chiedere il pagamento dei salari ai lavoratori della ristorazione o verbali di Trenitalia su biglietti non pagati, proteste verso i controllori (3)
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#Eddi Maria Edgarda Marcucci era stata proposta per la #SorveglianzaSpeciale per aver fatto parte delle Unità di protezione delle donne #Ypj, un esercito femminile che combatte #Isis, altri #jihadisti e quando serve #Erdogan e #Assad assieme agli uomini delle #Ypg in #Siria (1)
Mi sono sempre chiesto con quale coraggio uno stato che ha preso parte alle guerre in #Afghanistan e #Iraq, totalmente fallimentari se non nel produrre più fanatismo e islamismo, potessero eccepire sulla scelta di persone che per idee, non x soldi hanno invece ottenuto risultati
#Eddi ha di fatto partecipato a una rivolta reale, popolare, armata e di massa di curde, arabe, assire e altre contro il jihadismo e l'islamismo nelle sue varie forme; una rivolta che mentre avanzava creava organi politici, economici e giudiziari femminili (3)
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1. We lost our greatest treasure. Brave Americans killed by Daesh's twisted hateful ideology. I'm not going to call them ISIS-K. They're Daesh-K. They're not Islamic nor are they a state. They're murders and thieves. I won't insult Muslims by associating their faith with Daesh.
2. Daesh is not defeated. It's in Iraq, Syria, Africa including Egypt and in Afghanistan. And Daesh receives financial support. The people doing that need to face US retribution fast and certain. We know who they are. No more excuses. No more fake allies.
3. And if we can't take them via arrest or stop them and they remain an imminent threat, our @TheJusticeDept rules authorize the use of lethal force via UAV. Don't go charging into the Pak-Afgh border area. Just neutralize the money men regardless of station in life or locale.
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1. Here is clip from @POTUS nominee @JeffFlake on the decision to partner with who, at the time, were the #Kurdish #YPG #YPJ to stop the spread of #Daesh (aka #ISIS) in #Syria. This was after disastrous attempt to arm a #jihadist forces who simply gave their weapons to al-Qaeda.
2. I did some searches on Twitter timeline for that period of 2014. America was just waking up to the fact that the #Kurds were our best option to defeat #Daesh. There were risks but the decision has proven to be the correct one. Now under #AANES civilian authority backed by the
3. #SDF that includes Kurds, #Arabs and #Christians, Jeff Flake is a good choice and I applaud @joeBiden's @WhiteHouse and @JakeSullivan46 for thinking outside the box. I sincerely hope @SenatorMenendez
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Ich wurde gerade vom Amtsgericht München zu 3150€ Strafe verurteilt (70 Tagessätze x 45€). Das ist viel Geld. Es ist das (vorläufige) Ende der ganzen politisch motivierten YPG-Verfahren gegen mich.

Ich wurde zwar verurteilt, trotzdem haben wir politisch gewonnen, weil wir im Dezember 2020 auch in Bayern das Zeigen von YPG/YPJ-Fahnen durchsetzen konnten. Die heutige Verurteilung war letzlich nur politisch motivierter Beifang der Staatsanwaltschaft, die sich so rächen wollte.
Sie hatte heute sogar 6500€ gefordert (130 Tagessätze x 50€). Damit wäre ich vorbestraft gewesen. Durchsetzen konnte sie sich zum Glück nicht. Es bleibt abzuwarten, ob sie in Berufung geht.
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So excited to receive my hand-delivered copy of @gaylelemmon’s Daughters of Kobani. Stay tuned! Catch Gayle and I in a special episode of #DefenseOneRadio next week talking about her original on-the-ground reporting in @DefenseOne that helped seed this book. #syria #sdf #ypj
The Mothers Who Fled the Turkish Incursion @gaylelemmon @DefenseBaron…
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1. I missed @maddow today and just watched the interview with @jrpsaki. She made a pronouncement in the @StateDept presser 2014 that changed my life. She announced the #YPG #YPJ were not considered listed within #PKK #FTO designation and the next day, I went to war against #ISIS.
2. I knew they would win. But they needed our help then and they need it now. Too many times we have betrayed the #Kurds and it's more than Kurds in the new #Syria in #NES we will betray. #Sunni #Arabs, #Christians & #Ezidi can create #peace with the #Alawi with strong US support
3. the extortion practiced by #Assad will become meaningless. People are tired of ##war and #Turkey-backed #Islamists have got to go. Assad and the Russians can't do it because Assad represents an existential threat to Sunni #Druze, Kurds, Ezidi and #Christian #Syrians.
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In an inherently conservative and ultimately backward country such as #Italy, the judicial ordeal of #MariaEdgardaEddiMarcucci comes as no surprise.… via @fattoquotidiano
#EddiMarcucci fought Isis with the Women's Protection Units (#Ypj) in #Rojava (2017-2018)
Once back in Italy, she was deemed a "dangerous person" and stripped of her civil rights after being sentenced to two years of "special surveillance" - by a court in Turin.
Why was #MariaEdgardaMarcucci deemed a dangerous person when she had in fact fought for freedom and justice? Aren't freedom and justice the cornerstones of Western Democracies?
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Die Frauen*kampftagsdemo in #Halle zieht mit 600Menschen unter Motto "Feministisch Hand in Hand - #Solidarität = Widerstand durch die Stadt. #breakthecarechain #Ichstreike8M #feministischkaempfen #frauenstreik #frauenstreikhalle #feminismus #smashthepatriarchy Image
Die Demonstration hat den Knast am Roten Ochsen erreicht und sendet von der Zwischenkundgebung solidarische Grüße an alle Gefangenen Image
Der Redebeitrag der #OmasgegenRechts macht auf den Zusammenhang zwischen (neu)rechter Propaganda und Hetze und den 177 Feminziden in Deutschland im vergangenen Jahr aufmerksam. #8M2020 #smashpatriarchy
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1. I know it's not for me to say, but if you ever witnessed the looks on the faces of women & kids being liberated from #ISIS by the female #YPJ you would understand why I think they can save #Idlib. They appear like angels with Ak-47s to protect the innocent civilians.
2. And all but the most radical Sunnis know they'll be safe & need not flee. But this is a pipe-dream with #Turkey on an Ottoman scorched earth campaign to wipe out the remaining Syrian #Kurds #Ezidi and #Christians. @DefenseIntel @SOJTFOIR @WHNSC @EsperDoD @USEmbassySyria
@DefenseIntel @SOJTFOIR @WHNSC @EsperDoD @USEmbassySyria 3. Remember Kobane, Manbij, Raqqa, Tabqa and DeirEzZor. Each time terror turned to joy.
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1. I remember Nasser. As a boy I thought he was cool.

Imagine an integration of Iraq, Syria & Lebanon as members of the United States of the Levant. Oil, gas, hydro and fresh water with motivated educated populations. None of that is possible under Islamist extremism.
2. Absent an integration, the great powers will forever use this region to compete. Clearly an international integration is a dream. But the federalization of the independent states, particularly Iraq & Syria, would result in a decentralized political system that is
3. self-defending. These nations will not survive outside of a secular society. They will continue to erupt on a regular predictable basis.

I have not seen any study on it so I will comment from my own observation based on mostly anecdotal evidence. Regions of Syria that
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1. #Turkey is affiliated with both #ISIS & Al-#Qaeda. Congress should give @RTErdogan days to begin full withdrawal from all of Northern Syria: Afrin to Sere Kaniye. Barring it Turkey's economy & war making power must be sanctioned. @NATO must be anti-imperialist to survive.
2. Turkey's strategic objectives in the invasion were to free #Daesh, seize oil & gas and Syrian territory. The US, Russian and SAA redeployment prevented them from achieving the first two objectives so they were left with just seizing territory, committing mass murder,
3. pillage and genocide.

Since 2014, I have closely observed the #YPG & #YPJ initially and then watched the formation of the #SDF, a combined #Arab, #Christian & #Kurdish force. #SDF is a liberation force. They do no acts consistent with terrorism and only people who need fear
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1. My early Syria post. @BarackObama ordered the JPADS drop shortly after it. Barack was the @POTUS who did the most to defeat ISIS. @RealDonaldTrump just now did everything he could to bring #ISIS back and he turned it lose on Syrian Kurds & Christians who are fighting ISIS.
2. Where Turkey's ISIS is attacking was ethnic and religiously diverse. Many Christians. Trump let Erdogan cleanse them all.
3. Americans demand @senatemajldr hold the Turkey Sanctions vote passed overwhelmingly in the House. Trump takes money from Turkey. That's simply a fact. We know who Trump cares about and it's not #MAGA, It's #MTMM. Make Trump More Money. @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @LindseyGrahamSC
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1. I have observed the evolution of the initially #Kurdish #Syrian opposition force from #YPG #YPJ surrounded by #ISIS in #Kobane in the summer of 2014, to the multi-ethnic #SDF then to creation of an Autonomous Administration (AA). I've watched them rebuild much of the area the
2. AA oversees. At no time did I ever perceive that the SDF or the AA expected to be a separate state. As far as I can recall the international borders were always intended to have federal central government control in their design. This is not that, but it is not so far off
3. to miss the chance that this action may stop an imminent genocide. ✌️
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Sabeu que a #Rojava també hi ha policia?

Són el cos d'Asayish i no es dediquen a reprimir al poble, al contrari, són els i les encarregades de la seva defensa al nord i l'Est de Síria.

Petit fil sobre policia radicalment democràtica👇
Aquesta policia la conformen des de joves fins a adults que són part de la societat. No són en absolut quelcom separat de la mateixa ni serveixen altres interessos que els de la societat. Vetllen per la protecció de la societat civil a pobles i ciutats.
Una de les seves tasques principals és la lluita contra el terrorisme de l'Estat Islàmic, lluita que es desenvolupa d'una forma absolutament diferent a com ho fan els Estats occidentals.
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GIORNO 7 (15/10/2019) – Ore 10:30

#Serekaniye totalmente sotto contro SDF, scontri ad ovest di #Kobane, vittime civili a #Manbij, la mezzaluna rossa curda lancia un appello: "disastro umanitario".

#Thread #Rojava #Siria
E’ stata una nottata di resistenza quella appena trascorsa nella Siria del Nord. La città di Serekaniye, assediata da giorni da migliaia di forze dell’esercito turco e delle brigate jhiadiste sostenute da Erdogan, è totalmente sotto il controllo delle SDF.
Dopo continui attacchi supportati da raid aerei, diversi report parlano di un attacco da parte delle SDF che ha colto di sorpresa il nemico: alcune brigate jhiadiste si sarebbero addirittura ritirate in Turchia lasciando il posto alle forze speciali turche, che tuttavia ->
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Continua la resistenza di #Serekaniye, nuovo bilancio delle vittime, proteste a Diyarbakir e l’accordo tra SDF e Assad.

(nella foto una combattente #YPJ a Serekaniye)

#Thread #Rojava #Siria #SDF
Oggi entriamo nel sesto giorno dell’offensiva turca contro il Rojava.
Continuano gli scontri nelle due città di confine di Tal Abyad e Serekanye.
Entrambe le città resistono da giorni nonostante l’assedio venga portato da 3 lati.
I villaggi intorno alle 2 città sono occupati ed in queste foto i mercenari jhiadisti sostenuti dalla Turchia, calpestano le foto dei martiri caduti nella guerra di liberazione contro ISIS.

Dalla prima serata di ieri sono ripresi con forza anche i bombardamenti a Serekanye.
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BREAKING — Turkish warplanes are striking residential areas in Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ayn). The village of Mishrefa in western of the city was hit three times by Turkish airstrikes (ANHA) #TwitterKurds #StandWithTheKurds
Update: The village Sefaha in Serêkaniyê was targeted by Turkish jets.

The district of Ain Issa was hit by Turkish warplanes.

The invading Turkish army is also shelling Girê Spî/ Tal Abyad.

(ANHA) #TwitterKurds
The villages Erus, Til Fender and Siweleh of Girê Spî/Tal Abyad are being struck by Turkish jets (@tvronahi) #TwitterKurds
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#Syria #EasternEuphrates
Footage showing #US troops leaving bases near the #Turkish-Syrian border.
#Syria #EasternEuphrates
Pics of the base left by #US soldiers this morning in Tel Abyad.
#Syria #EasternEuphrates
#SDF announces that the 1st consequence of #US withdrawal from NorthEastern Syria is the enter of #SAA in #Manbij.
#Trump decision will then help not ony #Turkey, but also #Russia and #Assad.
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1. I understand that the war in #Afghanistan is long and costly with no easy solutions. I simply want to make sure all @theDemocrats running are clear about what the Taliban will do to women when they take back control. Everyone needs to go on the record on whether they're
2. okay with it. We shouldn't just say later we didn't know. And it's okay if you don't know what to do. I don't know either. But I do know one thing: surrendering to these folks is not a moral option for America. @CENTCOM…
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1. In 2014, when I witnessed the brave men and women of the #YPG #YPJ refuse to yield to ISIS though entirely surrounded at Kobane, no supplies, scrounging for ammo & weapons but refusing to quit, I begged the Obama administration to give them support & they did. With a US
2. commitment of air and artillery support plus needed supplies we helped defeat ISIS. The #SDF bore the burden of the battle. They buried their dead and cared for their wounded. And they brought democracy to North and East Syria. Turkey hates them because they represent the
3. 50 year failed Turkish policy of Kurdish Apartheid but more than that they represent the end of the age of patriarchy that has burdened the people of the Mideast and is the foundation of all its failed systems. Women are equal not just in theory but in reality in the NES.
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