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In five years, #JoeBiden will likely get the #NobelPeacePrize. But not because he did anything proactively for peace.

It is because a #Multipolar World will be more peaceful than a unipolar one, and Biden has done more than anyone else (albeit unwittingly) to further that. (1/n)
The US-led #sanctions against #Russia in response to the #UkraineRussiaWar have forced countries around the world to abandon the US dollar as a medium of trade. This is forcing the rest of the world (non-West) together. Banning Russia from #swift was most important in this. (2/n)
#India and #China desperately need oil. Because of sanctions, Russia is providing oil at cheap rates to both. Russia has now become India's largest source of oil, displacing Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Chinese imports of Russian oil have also zoomed upwards. (3/n)
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1/20 Sovereign Africa Ratings @saratings is a most important development to pay attention to in Africa NOW. Africa is fast becoming the most important continent. And South African President Ramaphosa is mum on this vital African investment development.
Crude oil and copper prices have gone separate ways in recent months. Copper has risen 36% since last July while oil has fallen 22%. The divergence between the two markets is very rare in history. Image
But what happened in November to create this divergence? What would the impact of the middle East throwing themselves into the #ClimateEmergency Is it Relevant?… #ClimateScam
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Let’s talk Property and Business

• Residential Zoning
• Business Zoning
• Industrial Zoning

(Thread) 👇🏽
• Introduction

Understanding the business you want to start before buying your property is crucial.

You will need to adhere to regulations and zoning categories.

Let’s take a look at what I mean 👇🏽
Residential Zoning

It consists of 4 categories,

and restrictions on buildings or buildings to be constructed are determined by 3 things.

• Coverage (40% coverage)

• F.A.R ( floor, area, ratio)

• Density
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"The @KyivIndependent recently did a spotlight on many different charities across #Ukraine."

▪Charities that help the war effort, children, elderly, animals... for blood donation and more.

All are linked in post. Please RT.

#UkraineWar #UkraineInvasion…
This list was published by Forbes Magazine

10 Ways To Help The People Of Ukraine Right Now via @Forbes…
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This project exists to help drive the adoption of #Bitcoin and the #LightningNetwork in #SouthAfrica and #Africa.

And our effort is supported by several others.

This morning I used @Azteco_ for the first time.

To buy as little as R3 ($0.20) worth of Bitcoin. Which is nuts🤯👇
I went to @CheckersSA but could've gone to any of the #SouthAfrican stores listed below.

I requested from the cashier a 1ForYou voucher (she knew exactly what it was) and I bought 4 vouchers (R3 - R5 each) with small change from my back pocket.

Moments later I walked out.
Back at home, I opened my web browser, and navigated to:

And then entered the 16-digit voucher pin number into the four boxes on the @Azteco_ website.
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This piece by @SohaleMortazavi makes me very sad.

"Given that #cryptocurrencies don’t produce anything of material value..."

Since our launch we've received many small donations in #Bitcoin via the #LightningNetwork. Most worth less than a $5 a piece.
In doing so, we've transformed the funding mechanism available to @the_surfer_kids by enabling small, direct and permission-less donations from outside #SouthAfrican borders.
This was entirely impossible before with traditional payment networks, for a variety of reasons.

More knowledgeable authors (like @gladstein) have written about this at great length.…
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"What tech stack are you using to build a #Bitcoin economy in a #SouthAfrican #township?"

Well, to be perfectly honest, it's not very technical. Not at all.

We risk embarrassing ourselves by describing it, but fortunately we're all here to learn.

So let's dive in!
🧵 👇
First off, as the co-founder of both this project and it's parent organization, @the_surfer_kids, my #Bitcoin education is pretty much comprised of reading @BitcoinMagazine since mid 2013. But I've never been super technical.

My personal interest has always been human-nature. Image
I run my own full node on an old laptop with @ubuntu and @bitcoincoreorg. I've also played around with a @COLDCARDwallet and setting up full nodes using @getumbrel and @mynodebtc.

But that's it. I'm not a developer. Not at all. And for now, I'm the 'expert-lead' on our team. 🤣
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في محاولةٍ لحمايتها من #الانقراض، نُقل 30 #وحيد_قرنٍ من #جنوب_إفريقيا إلى حديقة أكاغيرا الوطنية في #رواندا، الأحد الفائت، على متن طائرة بوينغ- 747 تلتها عمليّة نقل برّي في الأدغال، في رحلةٍ مجموعها 3,400 كم واستمرّت 40 ساعة.
الخطوة التي تُعتَبَر أضخم عملية في التاريخ لنقل حيوانات بغية إعادة تأهيلها في مسكنٍ جديد، شملت 19 أنثى و11 ذكراً من حيوان #وحيد_القرن_الأبيَض المعرّض لخطر #الانقراض. ومن المُرتَقَب أنّ يصل عددها إلى ما بين 500 و1,000 في المستقبل.
وقد تأسّف القيّمون على المشروع على ما اعتبروه «أهوَن الشرَّين»، أي اضطرارهم إلى قطع قرون الحيوانات الثلاثين قبل نقلها، لحمايتها من الصيّادين الذين يطاردونها طمعاً ببيع قرونها، وهو ما يعرّضها لخطر #الانقراض في المقام الأوّل.
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Lets talk about #Global #CentralBanks and their #MonetaryPolicy stances given #COVID19. Specifically, lets ask ourselves: "Can Central Banks Help Fight COVID-19?"
The best place to start is to note that #Global #Growth was already facing considerable downside risks before the #COVID19 outbreak December 2019. The slow down in global growth came on the back of trade (china vs. us) and geopolitical (Brexit etc.) tensions...
To this end, institutions such as the #IMF & #WorldBank revised down their 2020 #Economic #Growth outlook & emphasised the need for a more coordinated #policy approach between #monetary & #fiscal policy around the globe to "rescue" growth from the doldrums...
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Lets talk about #Gold #Mining in #SouthAfrica. Specifically, lets talk about #AngloGold's exit from South Africa & its impact on say, #Lesotho #Migrant #Mine workers...
The latest #news in the #SouthAfrican #Mining #Industry is that #AngloGold Ashanti, the world’s third-largest gold miner, has sealed a deal to sell its last remaining SA asset as it exits the country after 22 years on the #JSE...
I will not be talking about the "WHY" aspect of #AngloGold's exit from the #SouthAfrican #Mining #Industry. Rather, my focus will be on the consequences of such a move for #Labour, #Migrant labour to be precise. Labour from #Lesotho, specifically...
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3. Further Proof. The Truth may be long, but it always prevails.
Who fights against #Syria, against the Govt of #Syria & #Syrian Army?
As you can see, they are #Not Syrians!
Any question?
#ForeignTerrorists #RegimeChange #Imperialism #WarCriminal #Lies #Conspiracy
1. Further Proof. The Truth may be long, but it always prevails.
Who fights against #Syria, against the Govt of #Syria & #Syrian Army?
As you can see, they are #Not Syrians!
Any question?
2. Further Proof. The Truth may be long, but it always prevails.
Who fights against #Syria, against the Govt of #Syria & #Syrian Army?
As you can see, they are #Not Syrians!
Any question?…
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"To call #Israel's democracy'#Apartheid' is an insult to all those who really experienced it."👈TYPICAL CRUEL & DISINGENUOUS LIE‼️
DEBUNKED BY #NelsonMandela & #SouthAfrican Freedom Fighters ON POSTS THAT WILL FOLLOW NEXT BELOW⏬
(Israel's Apartheid Laws:…)
#NelsonMandela Speaking on #Palestine, #YasserArafat [Extracts]
"We identify with the PLO, because just like ourselves, they are fighting for the right of self-determination."
1990 Town Hall Meeting with Nelson Mandela on #Palestine, #Cuba and other issues
👉#SouthAfrica compares #Israel to Nazis,cites Rabbi in #UNHRC #Gaza debate
"Mr President, S.Africans under #apartheid have experienced what we're witnessing happening in Gaza,we had a govt at war with its children & bend in dehumanizing African ppl ..."👏
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On the evening of 7/9/18, fighters loyal to ISWAP raised their flag over #Gudumbali, HQ of Guzamala LGA, #Borno.

Soldiers and policemen in town abandoned their positions, and in some instances discarded their uniforms as they sought to escape the advancing terrorists.
What was striking was the speed with which @HQNigerianArmy lost control of Gudumbali, a strategic town that lies on the road between Damasak and Monguno.

This attack was less than a week after 145 Battalion was attacked in Zari, 51km away, leading to the loss of 48 soldiers.
Belatedly, @HQNigerianArmy launched a counter-attack to retake #Gudumbali on the evening of 8/9/18.

As of the time of writing this report, the operation is still ongoing with fighting having spread as far as Kukawa, 43km away.
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