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.@ARKInvest would like to compare notes with Adam Jonas and his team at Morgan Stanley on their concern about EV demand. The concern should be about gas-powered cars. EVs are growing nicely.
Based on original research (which seems rare on the Street these days), the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a $TSLA’s Model 3 is lower than that of the average gas powered vehicle, as shown in ARK’s Sunday newsletter above.
As the average price of an EV moves toward and drops below that of gas powered cars in the next few years, EV demand growth should transition from strong to explosive.
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Part 1: The days of being rewarded for being a @Tesla returning customer/owner are sadly long gone. I didn't want to admit it, but today I was hit in the gut with the hard truth. My wife and I purchased our first #ModelX back in 2016. It was a splurge to be sure, but we (contd)
Part 2: ... Believed in the company and the long term value of the product. We were amazed by the level of service and it felt magical every time they picked up the car from our house and left a loaner in it's place. In 2017, I set the cross country record in my friends (contd)
Part 3: #ModelS from LA to NYC and made a YouTube video about it, which was picked up by all major tech outlets and local news stations, then tweeted by @Tesla and @elonmusk . That year we also bought our second #ModelX after our 1st one saved my wife's life in an accident (contd
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The results of my exploration of possibly leasing a @Tesla #Model3. Thread.
1.#Model3 is a nice car. My family liked it. Accelerates well. Quiet, Seems well built. Some oddities--the lack of a dashboard display, always having to look to the center touchscreen even for small things like the directional indicator.../1
...the push-to-Park steering wheel stalk with PRND "shifter" very Benz-like. The touchscreen is used for everything including adjusting side mirrors, steering wheel position/telescope, and OPENING THE FREAKING GLOVEBOX. If that one display fails, no zoom, no drive. /2
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Thanks to @turo I'm renting a #TeslaModel3 during my visit to Silicon Valley - certainly a different experience than traditional #carrental agencies #future #zeroemission #electriccars
Gone to Tesla's HQ in Fremont, California to try the supercharging there. It's supposed to be much faster than before.
I had hoped the Model 3 would charge at the new rate but it didn't happen
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Tesla has an inventory problem. There is a massive amount of 2018 Model 3 vehicles available for immediate delivery in the US. Here is a list of nearly 11,000 model 3s we've found.
First, I'd like to dedicate this thread to our boy @gwestr who has inspired and motivated so many of us along the way.
Background: head over to the Model 3 Config page Click through a config until you get to "Step 5 Payment". Once here, right click to view page source. Towards bottom of the page within the JSON object you will see "inventory_match_enabled" set to false.
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$tslaq $tsla @tesla Many of us are betting against Tesla. We need to be sure what we are betting against! remember this is not against EV or customer loyalty. There are way too many people to support the mission if They also have big advantage via the super charger networks 1/
$tslaq $tsla @tesla This is a bet against the leadership (not vision) and their inability to execute on the service and customer support . This is a bet against potential accounting fraud, undercapitalized resources, inadequate reserves and cashflow issues. 2/
$tslaq $tsla @tesla This is a bet against @elonmusk promising more than he can deliver and not against whether Tesla has competition up its aisle. It does not. This is a bet on customer fatigue and frustration rather than loyalty and affordability!
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I have no idea who are the people behind @cleantechnica . They do have lousy reporting. They published a story on @tesla customer loyalty. Their source was a $tslaq accessories peddler:… 1/
$tsla @tesla @cleantechnica Who was their source? Experian. An no point Experian cites any study. They just state that Tesla owners have higher loyalty and EV customers tend to be brand loyal . For this one random statement, what were the corresponding headlines? LOUSY LOUSY
It was just a statement quoted by Experian and published on their blog early Nov. Even if true, this was before #model3 sales and the corresponding #deliverhell #servicehell #buildquality and all $tslaq issues were public. After you shell out $100k, what answer do you expect?
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UBS / #Tesla Smoking Gun

1. Paid Munro & Assoc. for #Model3 study
2. Munro recants and says Model 3 is profitable
3. UBS short ~$300M on $TSLA
4. UBS is publicly denying (with information campaign) results of Munro study
5. Munro is sued and gagged (by unknown party)
/3 A sharper view of Munro's logo on UBS footage.

And UBS previously threatening @ElectrekCo with lawyers over a similar Chevy Bolt breakdown. See video.

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