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Picked up brand new @Tesla #M3P on 12/19. Noticed d/s rear wheel making noise and reported to Tesla on 12/20. First available service appointment was 3 weeks out. 😩 Asked to submit video of problem: Image
Response from Tesla was that the “noise was normal.” Obviously, nothing is normal about the noise. At this point, I thought there must be a rock or pebble stuck between rotor and dust shield. So, I drove the car to an independent shop to have the wheel inspected. Image
Watched as wheel was removed and learned there was NO INSIDE BRAKE PAD installed on the wheel. 😳 Called Tesla roadside and had car towed directly to Tesla Service Center.
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#CarMarketSwitzerland 2021:

Compared to pre-pandemic year 2019, entire market down by -14%. Only a few manufacturers could increase sales, #Tesla's the strongest with +37%. Ø hit of the players in the red was a whopping -29%, #Ssangyong the biggest victim with -95%.

1/15 Image
#CarMarketSwitzerland 2021:

Comparison of Q4 shows that market decelerated towards end of year: Q4/21 down -31% compared to Q4/19. Ø hit the manufacturers in the red had to suffer was -39%, e.g.
- Audi/BMW -30%
- Ford -50%
- Mazda/Subaru -63%
- Mercedes -35%
- VW -38%

2/15 Image
#CarMarketSwitzerland 2021:

In the 'battle' of the propulsion types, we could see 3 historic events in 2021:
- after May, #BEV's startet to leave #PHEV's behind for good
- in August, BEVs overtook the Diesels
- in December, BEVs overtook the plugless hybrids (#HEV)

3/15 Image
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Today, a friend & fellow Tesla owner and I enjoyed a 2 hours test-drive with a #Polestar 2. Great fun 🤩

Our verdict: It doesn’t come close to a #Tesla for a number of reasons, but it’s by far the best non-Tesla #EV we’ve experienced. Image
What we liked about the #Polestar 2:
- build quality
- hatchback
- good acceleration
- great recuperation on drive pedal incl. #OnePedalDriving capability
- good responsiveness of touch screen

However, our #Tesla's are or feel better in nearly every aspect, from slightly better till massively better. Here a few examples what we didn't like so much about the #Polestar 2:
- good recup, but weaker than a Tesla
- middle console is huge and takes a lot of room,…

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#Tesla #Model3 #squeak
Why does the wishbone start to squeak?
The transverse control arm consists of several plates, from above water partially penetrates through a gap and washes the grease out of the ball joint, which then starts to squeak.
Sealing area red lined.
There is a service bulletin for sealing this gap,this also applies after the warranty. The gap is simply sealed from above with a body adhesive. Tesla does not re-grease the joint or remove the water from it.
As long as you are under warranty, Tesla will replace squeaky control arms, out of warranty you have to pay yourself.
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Urlaub, endlich Zeit um mir mal die 12V Batterie vorzunehmen, da soll schon seit Februar ein Balancer rein 😇
die Bauteile liegen schon seit Ende Februar hier 🤷‍♂️ aber eingebaut habe ich sie noch immer nicht 😇
So kann ich aber mal die Zellspannungen messen und schauen ob es Zelldrift gibt 😂…
Und so sieht die Winston von innen aus 😇
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New in #Tesla 2021.24.12 Owners Manual for #Model3 #ModelY

"If Model3/ModelY detects lights from an emergency vehicle when using Autosteer at night on a high speed road, the driving speed is automatically reduced and the touchscreen displays a message informing you... (1/3)
...of the slowdown. You will also hear a chime and see a reminder to keep your hands on the steering wheel. When the light detections pass by or cease to appear, Autopilot resumes your cruising speed. Alternatively, you may tap the accelerator to resume your cruising speed. (2/3)
Never depend on Autopilot features to determine the presence of emergency vehicles. Model3/ModelY may not detect lights from emergency vehicles in all situations. Keep your eyes on your driving path and always be prepared to take immediate action." (3/3)
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There is a lot of nuance people are missing in this.

One - @Tesla and Elon still believe heavily in #bitcoin - why? They are Hodling.

Two - this signals they didn’t have a high take up on #tesla purchases with #btc - why ? 1/
Because like @elonmusk and @Tesla most people who have enough to buy a Tesla is #hodling.

Most ppl are actually selling their cars to acquire more #sats.

Three- Uninformed- #GreenTerrorists have been on a massive anti-Tesla campaign since @Tesla purchased #bitcoin 2/
This would have had a negative effect on traditional #model3 and #modelx car sales - as this green army was the backbone of positive pr for Tesla.

With #btc sales not making up the difference in sales - they need to do something to #greenwash their image. 3/
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1/ What is going on in the 🇩🇪 auto industry - wrap up for the year 2020.

The golden years of 500k produced cars per month seems to be over, the production has declined to 300k, according to @VDA_online. Image
2/ Long term trend shows that disruption started at the same time when mass market #Tesla #Model3 was launched in 2019. Rapid decline was accelerated 2020 due to Covid-19, when the all time low of 11k cars was produced in Apr 2020. ImageImage
3/ Positive sign is the last minute #BEV production investments that started volume production of @VWGroup. that has helped to multiply #electroauto volumes in 🇩🇪. Monthly volume has grown to 15k/month. PKW Electroanteil @VDA_online Image
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#CarMarketSwitzerland 2020:
After the great news that #Tesla achieved 500k global deliveries, I dug a bit into the 2020 car market data of🇨🇭and could discover really amazing facts.

- BEV market share Dec 20: 16%
- Tesla with huge push in Q4 & Dec


#CarMarketSwitzerland 2020:
Compared to Q4/2019, the market is down by 14.6% in Q4/2020, with declines of up to 64% (Lexus). #Tesla increased its sales by nearly 30%.

#CarMarketSwitzerland 2020:
Compared to 2019, the entire #COVID19 year is down by 24%, with declines of up to 55% (Opel). With 6’042 deliveries, #Tesla could keep the 2019 level.
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🚢Tesla-Ship News🚢
🚢Triton Ace, 2nd Q4'20 Tesla-Ship taking on a Harbour Pilot on approach to Zeebrugge ⚓️ with 2021 #Model3 🚗 onboard for Europe 🇪🇺
Triton Ace about to enter Port of Zeebrugge 📷 w. 2021 #Model3 onboard
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@snowbullcapital In China, MIC SR+ Model 3s are already rolling off the line with CATL’s LFP batteries. Interestingly, the new batteries weigh the same as LG Chem’s batteries in MIC LR RWD Model 3s.
@snowbullcapital In terms of MIC Model Y, the Fremont Model Y assembly engineering team has been at GF3 during the factory ‘shut down’ last week building NEW Model Y lines (not retooling existing Model 3 lines, as many thought).
@snowbullcapital The Model Y lines are going to be nearly identical to the most recent Model Y line at Fremont, at first. That won't take long.
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This is the $TSLA shareholder meeting at #BatteryDay.

Hey @elonmusk can the cameraman shake the camera more?

Love that dramatic effect.
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Documentário #SuperFactories do Science Channel mostrou imagens inéditas da #gigaNevada (link no Tweet abaixo).

Mas deixou muitíssimo a desejar:

-Disse que a Tesla produz “mais de 500.000 carros por ano” -incorreto.

-Chamou o #Model3 de “M3” durante todo o documentário.😒
-Mostrou imagens do #ModelS enquanto falando sobre o Model 3

-Mostrou linhas de produção de motores enquanto falando de produção de baterias.

-E agora a Panasonic disse que a informação no documentário referente a capacidade produção de baterias tbm está incorreta.

Documentário (primeiros 10 minutos):…
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Tubulação de metal, encapada em laranja ligando o carregador à bateria.

Tubulação (em preto na foto) para sistema de ar HVAC para assentos traseiros.

#ModelY Image

Os assentos da frente do #ModelY são idênticos aos do #Model3.

Como o Y é mais alto, a base tbm é elevada.

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Embora 75% dos componentes do #ModelY sejam os mesmos dos do #Model3, existem grandes diferenças entre ambos.

Segue lista de algumas das coisas que o Y tem e que o 3 não tem:

-Carregador de celular sem fio

-Plugs USB-C para passageiros

-Mais legroom para passageiros

-Porta malas traseiro automático

-Maçaneta de emergência nas portas traseiras

-1,5 metros cúbicos a mais de armazenamento (3: 0,4 / Y: 1,92)

-Gancho de reboque na parte traseira

-Bomba de aquecimento para aumentar alcance

Várias dessas diferenças logo deixarão de existir.

Faz sentido para a Tesla implementa-las em ambos os casos para facilitar produção em massa, como é o caso do carregador wireless para 📱e entradas USB-C.
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Algumas das informações do relatório financeiro liberado pela #Tesla (#2019T3):

Lucro $1,92/share

Receita: $6,3B

22,8% média de margem de lucro (automóveis)

#TeslaNumbers #FinancialResults ImageImageImage

48% mais instalações de sistemas fotovoltaicos (comparados ao 2019T2)

Início produção sem atrasos para #ModelY: jul-set/2020

Produção de #Model3 da #gf3 sem atrasos

Em geral: receita menor e lucro bem maior do que o esperado.

Excelente trimestre!

Postarei vídeo com mais detalhes nos próximos dias.

Relatório completo:…
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Thanks @lorakolodny. This type of criminal behavior needs to be revealed. Wish I could say it's shocking but it fits a pattern, though it's still shocking to me! Image
This is so @elonmusk...

"including making fast fixes to parts with electrical tape"

Off-record imagined Elon quote: "they only paid $50k, we're losing money on every damn car, my stock keeps going down, just tape it up. My worshippers are total morons" Image
Talk about a low goddamn bar...

"Tesla also said that the company’s first-pass yields at Fremont are higher than ever"

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Caminhonete bate em #Model3, e ele nem se desequilibrou.

O Model 3 é o carro mais seguro já testado nos EUA.

Até o momento o/a motorista da caminhonete não foi encontrado.

Correção: esse vídeo foi gravado por um Model X, e não um Model 3.

#ModelX é o terceiro carro mais seguro já testado nos EUA.
Fica atrás somente do #Model3 e #ModelS.

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Resumo das informações relevadas no Shareholder Meeting 2019:

1. #Tesla fará evento para falar sobre baterias e powertain ainda em 2019

2. #ModelY venderá mais que #Model3/S/X juntos

3. #Tesla comprará uma empresa antes de anunciar novo produto de seguros

4. Anúncio do local de construção de fábrica na Europa ainda em 2019

5. #ElonMusk tem planos de fabricar um carro-submarino

6. Tecnologia de #eletrodoSeco, da #Maxwell ajudará na diminuição de custo de produção

7. Breve: Teslas com alcance de 400 milhas (640km)
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.@ARKInvest would like to compare notes with Adam Jonas and his team at Morgan Stanley on their concern about EV demand. The concern should be about gas-powered cars. EVs are growing nicely.
Based on original research (which seems rare on the Street these days), the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a $TSLA’s Model 3 is lower than that of the average gas powered vehicle, as shown in ARK’s Sunday newsletter above.
As the average price of an EV moves toward and drops below that of gas powered cars in the next few years, EV demand growth should transition from strong to explosive.
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Part 1: The days of being rewarded for being a @Tesla returning customer/owner are sadly long gone. I didn't want to admit it, but today I was hit in the gut with the hard truth. My wife and I purchased our first #ModelX back in 2016. It was a splurge to be sure, but we (contd)
Part 2: ... Believed in the company and the long term value of the product. We were amazed by the level of service and it felt magical every time they picked up the car from our house and left a loaner in it's place. In 2017, I set the cross country record in my friends (contd)
Part 3: #ModelS from LA to NYC and made a YouTube video about it, which was picked up by all major tech outlets and local news stations, then tweeted by @Tesla and @elonmusk . That year we also bought our second #ModelX after our 1st one saved my wife's life in an accident (contd
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The results of my exploration of possibly leasing a @Tesla #Model3. Thread.
1.#Model3 is a nice car. My family liked it. Accelerates well. Quiet, Seems well built. Some oddities--the lack of a dashboard display, always having to look to the center touchscreen even for small things like the directional indicator.../1
...the push-to-Park steering wheel stalk with PRND "shifter" very Benz-like. The touchscreen is used for everything including adjusting side mirrors, steering wheel position/telescope, and OPENING THE FREAKING GLOVEBOX. If that one display fails, no zoom, no drive. /2
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Thanks to @turo I'm renting a #TeslaModel3 during my visit to Silicon Valley - certainly a different experience than traditional #carrental agencies #future #zeroemission #electriccars
Gone to Tesla's HQ in Fremont, California to try the supercharging there. It's supposed to be much faster than before.
I had hoped the Model 3 would charge at the new rate but it didn't happen
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