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What do delays to EU Family Permit visas mean for families? Anna*, a Belarusian citizen with #SettledStatus, cannot return home to the UK with her 1 year old British baby and husband. They are stuck in Latvia, waiting for a family travel permit, with their lives on hold.
Over Christmas, Anna went home to Belarus, for her family to meet her child for the first time. After the holidays, her British husband returned. Anna's mother applied for a Schengen visa to travel through Lithuania to the UK, to help Anna with childcare here.
When they got to the border, Anna's mother was refused. Most Belarusian travellers are temporarily banned from leaving.…
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We agree that UK citizenship should be made more accessible.

However, we have several objections to @TheEconomist's article which paints a grossly unrealistic picture of the diverse EU citizen population in 🇬🇧

Let's look at a few misrepresentations...1/5…
Firstly, the #SettledStatus Scheme has most certainly not been 'a resounding vote of confidence in Britain’s future'!
We were forced to apply.
Not applying meant becoming illegal in our own homes.
The only other option would be to leave, which 10s of 1000s actual did.
Secondly, the article paints an unrepresentative picture of young, net-contributors who still need to put down roots and helped by citizenship would start playing a fuller part in Britain's society.
Millions of us, young AND old, already do so for many years, often decades!
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This is my mum, she’s 83 and has got dementia. She met my dad in 1962 when she worked for the British Army as a translator. My dad was in the Royal Artillery. They moved back to England in late 1962 and got married. My sister was born in 1963 and I was born in 1966. She worked Image
from the moment she arrived. She had always wanted to be a teacher so she got her teaching qualification whilst working and bringing up my sister and I. She established herself as a well known teacher in adult education teaching German and German literature across schools
colleges and the University of Liverpool. She took multiple groups of students to Germany on exchange visits, sharing her love of the German language and culture to as many people as possible. She is a published poet, having 2 anthologies under the pseudonym Alfa. She has written
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My mom got a UK driving licence a few years after she moved to the UK in the late 1970s. She’s now trying to renew it. @DVLAgovuk wants her to send her passport and proof of her immigration status but will not guarantee safe return of original documents. #hostileenvironment 1/ 🧵
She needs to swap old licence for a photo licence but it’s unclear why immigration status is relevant to licence renewal.@DVLAgovuk ‘s website makes the process sound simple for GB residents but in fact this is not true if you don’t have a British passport. #hostileenvironment 2/
One major issue is that many non-British citizens are invisible in UK systems because they’re not on the electoral roll. Every year when she tries to renew her car tax @DVLAgovuk refuses to believe that she has lived in her house for 30 years. #hostileenvironment 3/
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*Reminder*: Important deadline at the end of this month for EU citizens resident in the UK.

Irish citizens do *not* need to apply to the EU #SettlementScheme but please share the information below with your friends, family, workmates. Thread👇
1/4 Ask your EU friends and family living in the UK if they have their #SettledStatus? The deadline for applications is 30 June 2021. @EUdelegationUK

2/4 Due to the #CTA #CommonTravelArea, Irish citizens do not need to apply for #SettledStatus but citizens from elsewhere in the EU do.
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So the #nhsxCOVID19app currently cannot handle a positive test result from 32.2% of labs, i.e. the whole of pillar 1:…

Oh, and the app cannot currently handle a #negative test result (e.g. to shut off the #SelfIsolation countdown) from any lab at all!…

Good that @DHSCgovuk will "update" this, but when? And why didn't it do so when we pointed this out before launch?
The sooner all parts of government (and Government too) recognise that some of us aren't *just* "#privacy advocates" - and that we understand many aspects of #digital / #technosocial #systems as well as (if not better than) they do, the better things might be.
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Please read this thread with an example of how EU citizens can be affected by the absence of physical proof of their #SettledStatus.

Many more testimonies regarding issues with Settled Status are in the NEW EDITION of In Limbo.
A link to order will soon follow

I'm a Lithuanian citizen, with #SettledStatus in the UK.
My mother currently lives in Russia, I haven't seen her for a very long time. The planes started flying again 2 weeks ago and Russia has resumed its air corridors with just 3 countries, the UK, Turkey and Tanzania.
In order to go and see her, I have to apply for the free electronic visa. Unfortunately, in order to do so, the Russian Embassy wants me to provide the physical proof of my UK residency, verified by a notary.

Sadly, the Home Office doesn't issue such documents.
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Fascinating piece by @rowlsmanthorpe on the beleaguered #nhsxCovid19app:…

Insiders pretty much nail the two core problems: firstly, lack of clarity on what the app was supposed to be & do, and secondly 👇 Image
To those attuned to internal cultures, there are some amusing echoes of @ukhomeoffice: @MattHancock's "4%" tirade, reminiscent of @sajidjavid's insistence that @Apple should change iOS to suit HO's #SettledStatus scheme, and some wicked interorganisational chess 👇 Image
The only bit that spoils the piece for me is this 👇

If you've been following its development and read the contracts & DPIA, you'll know @NHSEngland (not @NHSX) is controller of the #COVID19 #DataStore, which sits on @Microsoft @Azure.

@PalantirTech doesn't "run" anything... Image
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Oh, @ukhomeoffice has been working on it for quite some time!

Alan will no doubt remember the #UKBordersAct2007:… which at the time we (@NO2ID) said was the thin end of the wedge...
For years, @ukhomeoffice has resisted a proper #statutory framework, independent #oversight & #safeguards for its use of #biometrics. And its risible 2018 'Biometrics Strategy':… paved the way for it to spend hundreds of millions on its "#HOB"...
...(#HomeOfficeBiometrics programme) which is clearly not intending to stop at just #faces and #fingerprints 👇 Image
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#EUcitizens were concerned the implementation of #settledstatus would result in de facto limitation of existing rights in the UK during #EULaw application – New guidance on applications for naturalisation as British citizen now seems to confirm these fears. How so? A thread 1/11
It marks the return of the nightmare that is comprehensive sickness insurance (#CSI). 2016 referendum led to an increase in applications for residency documents by #EUcitizens @the3million confirming leave to remain in UK:… 2/11
Not ‘qualified’ EUcitizens (simply not working/studying) expected to hold health insurance despite having lawful & legal access to NHS through residency. Rule not appropriately communicated at any point & result of improper implementation of EUDirect… 3/11
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Thank you @CarolineLucas for speaking up for #FreedomOfMovement.

As EU citizens & UK citizens who have benefited from this beautiful right, we were pleased to hear several politicians speak out in defence of it.

We don't want to lose it.

#Immigration is indeed a brilliant thing.

Thank you @joswinson for injecting much needed positivity into the debate around #immigrants. We should indeed be celebrating immigration and #FreedomOfMovement!


'Imagine if British citizens living in other countries were talked about and treated in the way that immigrants here are sometimes talked about. It's shameful, it's wrong and we need to change it.'

Thank you @NicolaSturgeon for speaking up for us!

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The @FT is reporting security vulnerabilities with the Android version of the EU Exit: ID Document Check app used for the #settledstatus process. Image
The report says, ‘researchers at Promon, a Norwegian cyber security company, found loopholes that allowed them to access data on the app, including facial scans and images of passports, and even alter information such as usernames and passwords.’
‘Tom Lysemose Hansen, Promon chief technology officer, said the group used tools that “require very little technical skill to use” to hack the Android version of the app, which is also available for iPhone. “Any type of bad actor could perform this attack,” he said.’
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I shall be live tweeting this debate - hoping to see some constructive policy suggestions from @scotgov here. #NewScots #Scotland #UnitedInDiversity #SettledStatus
@scotgov Shockingly few attending the debate. @BenMacpherson points out that @scotgov is working with @the3million and other to provide support in applying for (pre)SS.
@scotgov @BenMacpherson @the3million Thompkin reprimands @BenMacpherson for using the phrase "hostile environment", stating that UKgov is welcoming skilled labour and that this is not 'hostile'. MacPherson responds that going by migrant's experiences the Hostile Environment has spread fear.
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Thread: New @ukhomeoffice curtailment guidance.

This guidance includes a new section on curtailing leave obtained under the EU #SettledStatus scheme on pages 24-25. Image
@ukhomeoffice It confirms pre- or settled status might be curtailed (reduced or cancelled) where there are instances of fraud or deception and those acts were material to the grant of status. Image
@ukhomeoffice Curtailment might also occur where the requirements of Appendix EU are no longer met, for example, where a family relationship breaks down. Image
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Reports of discrimination towards #eucitizens increasing.

Though there should be no changes in the way third parties (e.g. employers) act towards European residents, there are increasing reports of differing treatments... Image
There could be a number of explanations for this, including a failure to properly understand the law in a time of extreme uncertainty.

All instances of discrimination should be reported, because if the #settledstatus scheme is not working as intended we need it fixed...
Report it to us (, your European Embassy/Consulate or groups/organisations including @the3million, @publiclawprojct, @JCWI_UK and @InLimboBrexit about those instances, so that we can try fixing them at a Home Office and European level.
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1/4 🚨🚙Info Sessions Roadshow Week 2🚙🚨

We want to make sure as many EEA/Swiss citizens and families have access to free and accurate info about #SettledStatus and #Brexit - if you know any community groups / organisations in the areas below please help us spread the word!
2/4 Week 2 Dates and Locations:

📌Sa 12/10 - Liverpool (L1 3BT)

📌Su 13/10 - Newcastle (NE1 3SA)

📌Tu 15/10 - Craigavon (BT67 9BJ)

📌We 16/10 - Birmingham (B1 2NP)
3/4 Week 2 Dates and Locations (cont.)

📌Fr 18/10 - Cambridge (CB1 2FB)

📌Sa 19/10 - Aberdeen (AB11 6EQ)
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🚨🚙Info Sessions Roadshow Announcement🚙🚨

We will be travelling to 14 cities across the UK over 2 weeks for the 🇪🇺@EUlondonrep's Info Session Roadshow!

Register for free(links below) to learn about #SettledStatus and how to protect your rights whatever type of #Brexit occurs
🚨🚙Week 1 Dates and Locations (1/2)🚙🚨

📌Sa 05/10 - Canterbury
📌Su 06/10 - Exeter
📌Mo 07/10 - Cardiff
📌Tu 08/10 - Aberystwyth
🚨🚙Week 1 Dates and Locations (2/2)🚙🚨

📌We 09/10 - Leicester
📌Th 10/10 - Hull
📌Fr 11/10 - Leeds
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1/8 ICYMI - Webcast of @cldesira's presentation to the @Edinburgh_CC Culture and Communities Committee about #SettledStatus:

Please watch the presentation, and illuminating discussion with Councillors below are just some key points:
2/8 Inadequate communications strategy by the @ukhomeoffice:

- To date - *only in English*

- Only geared towards EU citizens leaving out: EEA/Swiss citizens, non-EEA family members, family members of Irish citizens, family members of British-European Citizens
3/8 @ukhomeoffice Grants for organisations assisting vulnerable people to apply are vastly inadequate

- @ukhomeoffice estimates that 5-10% of the <4 million who need to apply are vulnerable - £9 million of funding is pennies per-head
- Funding contracts only run until 04/2020
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@the3million Something that I have not seen mentioned anywhere & that I think is *extremely* important on *why* people should NOT SETTLE for #PreSettledStatus, if they believe they're entitled to #SettledStatus instead, is that, apart from the principle of it, NO ONE knows whether or how /1
@the3million the requirements/criteria to "convert" it to #SettledStatus in the future, might change. Again, apart from the fact that people will have to *apply* AGAIN, there's NO GUARANTEE *anywhere* that in a few years or even a few months, the process won't become more strict/demanding! /2
@the3million When it comes to the #Tories & @ukhomeoffice in general, rules/laws change *all the time* &, esp because of the secondary legislation's ease to amend them without Parliamentary scrutiny, chances are that, as the new general #immigration policy is developed & re-structured, /3
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1/3: We have partnered with @lambeth_council, @IRMOLondon, the Portuguese Consulate and @Respeito_UK, to provide two Free EU Citizens' Rights & #Brexit Events on:

- 07 September at the Protuguese Centre, Kennington, SE11 4RE
- 12 October at Stockwell Community Centre, SW11 4RE Image
@lambeth_council @IRMOLondon @Respeito_UK 2/3 Please join us at these free events if you're:

- an EEA or Swiss national
- the family member, of any nationality, of an EEA/Swiss national

and you intend to apply for #settledstatus.
@lambeth_council @IRMOLondon @Respeito_UK 3/3: Our goal is to give clear, accurate and reassuring advice on how to secure your future residence and rights in the UK during this very turbulent time.

Please share amongst your networks, thanks!
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Hoping this cuts through the #NextPrimeMinister noise!

@cldesira’s article on #SettledStatus published on @freemovementlaw this morning

Any community group can book him to attend your event on #EUSS for free at

5 key points:
1/ On advice blackspots:

"We want to know the locations of people applying so that we know where the blackspots are where people are not engaged"

2/ On the need to engage with non-European communities who have EU family members:
"There is no nationality breakdown of the non-European citizens are applying (as family members of a European sponsor) ... We do not know who they are and where they are.”
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@CitzRights Scotland published a paper titled ‘Lessons from Scotland’ detailing key insights into how the #settledstatus scheme is working on the ground. Some highlights include:

- The simplicity of the online form did not survive contact with individual cases. Image
@CitzRights - Concerns about how the scheme interacted with the existing immigration system, which is highly complex.

- Remains ongoing uncertainty as to the #Brexit date, if #serttledstatus will be valid in a no-deal, and the possibility of Brexit not happening putting people off applying.
@CitzRights - Language barriers (including British Sign Language) were proving a significant obstacle.

A significant concern was how those who are vulnerable will interact with the scheme, in almost all engagement with council officials severe concerns were raised.
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Vamos explicar un poco el registro del 'Settlement Scheme' y aclarar algunos términos y plazos #DentroHilo
Es obligatorio registrarse en el 'Settlement Scheme'. Para ello las autoridades británicas han sacado una app llamada: 'EU Exit: ID Document Check'.

Será necesario realizarlo con un dispositivo Android 6.0 o superior y que disponga de NFC (lo que permite paga con contactless)
La aplicación solicitará pruebas de identidad, de residencia (normalmente con el NIN es suficiente) y habrá que responder un par de preguntas sobre antecedentes penales. Además solicitará el escaneo del pasaporte, del chip, del rostro y la realización de una foto.
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Excellent stuff from the @ukhomeoffice. My dad just tried to apply for #SettledStatus and this was the result. Scheme open from today.
@ukhomeoffice Tried to apply through the app. Needed some help on some stages (good luck to older people on their own).
@ukhomeoffice Then taken through to HO website. First it said it was in a 'beta' and 'trial' stage. Then said there was a problem and to call the helpline
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