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Hello, after 2 months India has resumed commercial #aviation

My employer has asked me to fly from @DelhiAirport to @BLRAirport and back

I will be tweeting about #NewNormal of flying post during #COVID__19

DEL wears a deserted look with barely 14 flights an hour
Mostly people who have essential needs are taking the flight very cautiously

Suraj, from Noida has an urgent surgery that needs to be done at Bangalore & has covered himself in a hazmet suit

#aviation during #COVID__19
Airlines have placed agents so that you don't get confused about the gate number

Segregation is essential to maintain #SocialDistancing

#aviation during #COVID__19
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As maddening is the crowd at Pune's Laxmi Road, as much as I hate the fact that parking is never available here, this emptiness of the road just didn't seem right.
Some shops have opened today, but for now, the shopkeepers are only waiting...

#pune #Covid_19 #Lockdown4
Have you ever seen #Tulshibaug this empty? For 1st time in10 years that I didn't see a single person inside. It seems to have been converted into some sort of parking lot

Have the markets in your cities/towns opened? What's their condition?
#lockdown #Covid_19 #shopping #market
Now that the non-essential standalone shops have opened, including those of clothes, do you feel safe to go out and buy the things that you might need, while also following proper #Social_Distancing norms?

#covid_19 #pune #shopping #market #lockdown #Maharashtra
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1/ Q: Is it safe to go back to the gym?

A: Sadly, not yet. Gyms are tricky environments for infection control. (Reasons why in this thread). If you can afford to do so, MAINTAIN YOUR GYM MEMBERSHIP FEES while taking a break from visits.
2/ Why is #COVIDー19 a challenge in gyms?

Workout equipment is used by multiple people. So they will need to be cleaned before and after each use with an @EPA approved sanitation spray.

Sweating = face touching. Sweat towels are a must, but need to be kept off other surfaces.
3/ Workouts and classes often occur in close proximity to others. Rearranging equipment, providing visual markers, and limiting the number of patrons at a given time could better preserve #Social_Distancing during your workout.
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Q: What does a #pandemic offensive line look like?

A: The pandemic offensive line has 5 players: #SocialDistancing, #testing, #Isolation, #contact tracing, and #treatment. The goal is to find the virus, trap it, and prevent it from finding other hosts (people) and harming them.
#Social_Distancing makes it harder for the virus to find the next host, but doesn’t tell us where the virus lives. All alone, social distancing is really the defensive line.
#Testing flags the positive cases. With Covid-19, this is very important as many positive cases are asymptomatic allowing this creepy virus to hide and spread.

#Isolation of positive cases, many of whom you would never find without testing, prevents further spread of the virus.
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#MHA issues detailed guidelines on what can be permitted by states/UTs from Apr 20 subject to:

* States must adhere to the Sop, incl #Social_Distancing

* Can't dilute guidelines, can make them stricter though

* Make arrangement first then allow activities
What's allowed:

* MNREGA works, prioritise irrigation & water conservation

* All health services, incl manufacturing units of medicines

* Construction/manufacturing of ambulances

* Farming & farm workers in fields

* Mandis, custom hiring centres

* Manufacturing of fertilisers, seeds

* Movement of agricultural machines

* Fisheries

* Tea, coffee, rubber plantations with 50% workers

* Milk supply, operation of gaushalas

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A question I often get. Why Lupus patients that have taken Hydroxychloroquine for years have no side effects whereas severe adverse cardiac side effects are described #COVID19 patients under hydroxychloroquine treatment? Let's have a closer look
Let's start with #COVID19. Does #COVID19 causes cardiac effects? The answer is yes from 2 published surveys from Wuhan hospitals. First one reports on 416 hospitalized patients -> 19.7% with myocardial injury + ⬆️cardiac troponin & high mortality rate 51%… Image
The second paper shows similar observation on 187 hospitalized patients -> 27% had cardiac injury with again elevation of cardiac troponin and increase mortality rate at 59%. In short #COVID19 leads to significant cardiac injury but these are severe cases… Image
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Dear Lagosians, yesterday I announced the discharge of one more patient from our Infectious Disease Hospital, Yaba.

Today, I am happy to inform you that five more patients comprising two males and three females including a 10 year old girl have tested negative twice to #COVID19
These 5 patients have been discharged to reunite with their families. This brings to a total of 29, the number of patients who have fully recovered and have been discharged from our facility at Yaba.
Although, there is a strong indication that the State is winning the battle against #COVID19, it is imperative that we remain steadfast to curtail the spread.

I strongly advise that we continue to observe #Social_Distancing. Let us #StayHomeStaySafe to #SaveLives
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Italy, UK, Spain, France took part in poignant clapping tributes. They went to their doorsteps & windows outpouring gratitude. Healthcare workers were applauded worldwide.
As millions of people were in voluntary isolation or lockdown, the clapping was a sign of raised spirits/1
On the other hand, Brazil erupted to the sound of banging pots and pans and shouts of "Bolsonaro out!" with housebound protesters expressing their anger toward the President. This was their way of un-bottling their pent-up frustration./2
In India, after indulging in all important events of kemcho Trump, Delhi riots, MP Govt toppling, (I might have missed out a few) Modi gave a 29 minute speech on #coronaviruspandemic urging people to express gratitude thru #ThaliBajao. Gratitude to whom??? Noone asked/3
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Focus on physical, mental, emotional & spiritual well being. Importance of prayers and mantras. While maintaining #SocialDistance during #Lockdown21 trying to understand, imbibe and share the meaning of different mantras. Here with my parents Brig Chitranjan Sawant & Sudha Sawant
And my mother explains the meaning of the mantra. Over the next 21 days as we follow the latest developments across the world will also try and learn & share as we all look within.Will attempt to focus on some Ved Mantras & some thoughts from the Srimad Bhagwat Gita with parents.
#SwastiPantha: Mantra from #Rigveda. Follow the path of Righteousness like the Sun & moon and be of a giving nature. (Very important in these times. Be kind, be helpful, be giving and be happy) #StayHomeStaySafe #Lockdown21 #LockDownDay2 one mantra a day for happiness 😊 21 days.
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@ScottMorrisonMP @AlboMP @abcnews @andrewprobyn @vanOnselenP @PatsKarvelas While it's clear this Virus is surging globally,3 places on the planet could make what we've seen so far look like a 24hr sniffle. Africa, India & USA!Massive populations,pathetic infrastructure& resourses
In particular, very late to the party, @realDonaldTrump spewing bullshit, not even #Social_Distancing at his #Pressers ffs! Add to that the fact that USA is gripped &/or strangled by their ridiculous & deluded #Religious beliefs. They think #God is protecting them! Scary!
Closer to home,add another massively populated Third World country with extreme #Religious beliefs - #Indonesia! 260+ million people on a bunch of small islands, no way they're gonna control the spread!#Phillipines also,another crazy regime!This #Pandemic is just getting started!
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Step 1. Modi gave a 29 minute speech on #coronavirus pandemic.
Step 2. Modi urged people to express gratitude thru #ThaliBajao.
Step 3. WA messages started making rounds correlating thalibajaoing to spiritual, cosmic, heavenly angles invoking religion, civilization,science/1
Step 4. Godi media started getting orgasms about Modi's 14 hour #JantaCurfew killing all '12 hour old' #coronavirus in India.
Step 5. WA messages of Modi's masterstroke in full swing urging all to make the event a huge success.
Step 6. Strict Curfew took place during the day.
Step 7. Celebrities, industrialists, BJP leaders, police officials took part in #ThaliBajao event which was broadcasted all over.
Step 8. The whole of India went into a frenzy, a celebration, group gatherings on streets as #Social_Distancing went for a toss.
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Reflections on #JantaCurfew and why it was a missed opportunity. It COULD have been an opportunity for people to understand and practice the principle of #Social_Distancing. Instead you had crowds celebrating the defeat of Corona at the hands of Modi ji. Why this fiasco?
Modi didn't use facts, logic, persuasion, empathy combined with a relief package to make it possible for all to actually practice #Social_Distancing. Instead he and the BJP relied on their usual staple - blind faith in the Great Leader, in a ritual, WA fake news.
The result was predictable. People thought Modi ji wanted a grand show of support which would miraculously chase away Corona - and they gave it to him. Not their fault. This fault rests with the leaders who discourage people from understanding principles & thinking for themselves
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కరోనా మహమ్మారి తరిమేసే మహాయజ్ఞంలో భాగంగా జనతా కర్ఫ్యూలో పాల్గొనటంతోపాటు.. నేటి సాయంత్రం 5 గంటలకు ఉపరాష్ట్రపతి నివాసంలో సతీమణి శ్రీమతి ఉషమ్మతో కలిసి చప్పట్లు కొట్టాను. #Covid19India #JanataCurfew #SaluteCoronaFighters
తద్వారా.. కరోనా ప్రభావాన్ని అడ్డుకునేందుకు అవిశ్రాంతంగా సేవలందిస్తున్న వైద్యులు పారామెడికల్ సిబ్బందిని.. అత్యవసర సేవలు అందిస్తున్న వివిధ విభాగాలకు, ప్రజలను చైతన్య పరుస్తున్న మీడియా సేవలకు సంఘీభావం తెలిపాను. #JanataCurfew
జన సమూహాలకు దూరంగా ఉండటం (సోషల్ డిస్టెన్సింగ్), ఇతర నివారణ చర్యల ద్వారా కరోనా వైరస్ పై చేస్తున్న పోరాటంలో భారతదేశం విజయం సాధించగలదని నేను విశ్వసిస్తున్నాను. #Social_Distancing #Covid19India
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