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Our topic of today is a "PRINT FUNCTION" in python.

#SSOT #PYTHON #pythonlearning #Python #pythonprogramming #CyberSecurity #softwaredevelopment
In Python, the command print tells the program to display words or numbers on the screen. Here's a line of code that tells Python to display the words “Hello, World!”

print("Hello, World!")
print is a keyword—that is, a word that has special meaning for Python. It means, "Display what’s inside the parentheses." Note that print isn't capitalized. If you capitalize it, the program won’t run.
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Am I looking at the wrong documentation or something?
This says to determine published state, I should look for publishedRevision.…

2/ But when I look at this, publishedRevision is not a property listed here. Just revision.
3/ I ask, because I have an app that's fetching an "Entry" entity from @contentful that I know is in "Draft" state. And another that is "Published". But the draft one as well as the published both have the revision property...
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The shift-left approach in the software testing world is when testing is performed early on in the lifecycle of the product. But given the growing complexities of products in the market today, we must customize solutions that work for your organization.
In this article, we will discuss a few applied scenarios in shifting left/right, and share how customized approaches for your teams are critical in the success of your test automation efforts.
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The State of Software Development 2021 report is out!

We partnered up with @codingsans to bring you fresh insight from the software industry. We're working on delivering a discussion about the findings.

Check out the data:…

Here's a taste of the findings:

1. About half of the tech companies didn't suffer badly from the pandemic, and almost as many experienced positive changes as negative changes. Only about 1 in 3 companies was forced to downsize at all.

#SoftwareDevelopment #softwareindustry
2. Hiring is still the biggest challenge

Most engineering managers are still concerned about hiring, with capacity being second among the most important challenges.

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The State of Software Development 2021 is finally out!

Check out the research data on the latest trends in #SoftwareDevelopment. The report covers the effect of COVID, tech trends, tools, hiring, performance, and more!

Take a deep dive here:…

Check out some cool data from the report:

1. COVID didn’t kill the industry

Over half of the tech companies were only minimally affected by the pandemic, and almost as many experienced positive effects as negative effects.

About one in three of them was forced to downsize.
2. Remote work blew up

We’ve seen remote work become more accepted over the past few years, but now it’s literally everywhere in the software industry. Almost every tech company allows (or expects) employees to work remotely.
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A thread on how I managed to encrypt and store a video using #Flutter

Scroll for links, code snippets, and my general thought process...
Recording and saving videos locally isn't too difficult.

- camera
- path_provider

#flutter #android #s21 #video #coding

Below is the code for getting a file reference:

Created with @carbon_app   /// One call to get a file reference, set temp = false to
Encryption on the other hand is a foreign language to me. From my research, I learned that each user needs an #AsymmetricKeyPair that can be used to #encrypt and #decrypt data.

To generate these, I used the rsa_encrypt package.…
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Thread 🧵

Current Fully Funded Scholarships ⬇️

1.) Hanken School in Finland via @YouTube
2.) Wellington Doctoral Scholarships for International Students in New Zealand (Fully Funded)
Eni Scholarships 2021/2022 for Master’s study at St Antony’s College, University of Oxford, UK (Fully Funded) – Opportunities For Africa… Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/06/2020…
Pennsylvania legalizes autonomous delivery robots, classifies them as pedestrians…

#robotics #distribution #JobDisplacement
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/02/2020…
Preserving a Sense of Wonder in DNA - Issue 92: Frontiers - Nautilus…

The ocean in humanity’s future…

#future #humanity #ocean
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some dev work (e.g. enhancements, modernization) is

"tweak/refactor + copy-paste + tweak/refactor"

w/ varying amounts of "tweak" depending on the work

i.e. there's this thing that "works" already; they want a slight enhancement, or new look n feel

like a transplant

most attention/energy expectation is paid to the level of effort it takes just to do the "copy-paste" part

and dev teams have a hard time justifying that it takes more than just ctrl+c, ctrl+v

we all want to believe that the work is just two key strokes and a mouse drag

but in reality, that's not even really a third of the work involved

most of the effort is in the tweaks and refactorings

be aware (and beware) of these steps

mention each step, communicate these to the stakeholders

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tell me about the concepts and the contexts before you try to sell me on the tech

#softwareDevelopment #softwareDesign
when describing a system, we devs and archs, usually focus on the tech stack; sometimes we'll touch on the short term technical milestones; we'll rave and ramble on about kafka, graphql, kubernetes, react, django or whatever;

and that stuff's all cool, but i care more about ...
the one liners you'd give non tech stakeholders that answer?:

a) what does the system do?
b) what/who is the core downstream sub/system, user?
c) upstream

unpopular pov? but, it's just more fun to conceptualize those things first

#domainDriven #ooDesign #ddDesign
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Software Developer mindset over time.

Many of us get stuck in the middle for far too long.

A Thread. 👇 #100daysofcode #softwaredevelopment

Graduate Dev: I don't know anything, I hope no one asks me anything. I feel like such a fraud.
Junior Dev: I still don't know anything. I hope no one asks me anything. Although I am getting better at googling things.
Mid Level Dev: I know all the things! Why does my Tech Lead say no to my ideas, what an idiot. I should be Tech Lead. I should be promoted!!!
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Was going to tweet about this but @afilina beat me to it 😅

It's often just what we would call "fundamentals" that make the difference.

When I think about programmers I've worked with that I consider "good" and "bad"...(keep reading)

#SoftwareEngineer #softwaredevelopment
The "good" ones aren't super-geniuses. They simply have the basics down:

- Small objects
- Small methods
- Change together... stay together
- Test it!!!
- Different logical concepts should be different pieces of code (even if named the same...)
- Immutable objects + funcs
The "bad" ones I've noticed fail at most of those and often struggle to even understand the underlying principles.

I wonder what effect that should have on hiring?

(I've known devs. who can talk the talk, but then the code they write is nothing like what they say...🤷‍♂️)
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Don't do too much #software design upfront. But, you also want to be intelligent about laying a foundation for the needs of the business.

Some of the questions you might want to consider at the beginning of a new product or project:

#SoftwareEngineer #SoftwareDeveloper
- Should the system be structured in a way that reflects the business divisions in the current organizational structure?

- Should your software system be structured in a new way?
- Will that affect how your organization ought to be structured (via Conway's law, cross-functional teams, etc.?)

- What are the expected performance, security and usability concerns?
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Developers say "We don't have time to write unit tests because management rushes us." Regardless of whether they're rushed or not, no developer who understands how unit testing makes us go faster is going to say that. 1/n #softwaredevelopment
But if the developers don't understand how unit tests make developing working software faster, not slower, are they going to tell their managers that they need to adopt a practice of writing tests? Of course not. 2/n
Will developers who don't understand a practice tell their managers that the reason they go slower and create more defects is that they don't follow a practice they don't understand? Of course not. 3/n
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There are many ways to inspire a “sense of urgency” that have nothing to do with estimates/deadlines.

#agile #lean #softwaredevelopment
1. First ... giving enough context so people give a fuck. That’s a start. Otherwise, you can’t expect people to “go the extra mile”...

#agile #softwaredevelopment #ux #devops
2. Let them STOP doing things that are less valuable. Nothing says “you’re free to focus and care” more than freeing people from context switching and multi-tasking.

“What would you like to stop doing, to leave time for this?”

#agile #softwaredevelopment #ux #DevOps
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