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Let's explore about the business model of the #shippingindustry! Shipping is a vital part of the global economy, with goods being transported around the world by sea, air, and land.
The business model of the shipping industry is centered around the movement of goods from one location to another. Shipping companies charge fees for transporting goods from one port to another, or from one country to another. #maersk
The shipping industry has a number of different business models, depending on the type of goods being transported and the mode of transportation. For example, #container shipping is a popular business model for transporting large volumes of standardized cargo.
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Really proud of what we have built @sectionio over the past few months. An unparalleled distributed computing platform that you can take for a joy ride with industry-standard tooling. Low Bar, High Ceiling is the ethos of our platform. #docker #Kubernetes. Some things I love🧵
Get started with any #container, public or private in less than a minute. I am running my latest side project ( on Section. All hooked up to a #github action. All my containers running in different corners of the world are seamlessly updated in seconds!
Our new Console provides all the requisite tools so that you don't have to deal with the hassle of operating your workload. Just the name of the image is all you need. Focus on building & getting that product market fit #buildinpublic
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How a simple web-app assessment lead to complete #AzureAd tenant takeover 🤯
🧵 👇
#Azure #AzureKubernetesService #aks #Kubernetes #KubernetesSecurity #k8s #bugbounty #bugbountytips #bugbountytip #DevSecOps
1. Poorly-designed file upload functionality lead to RCE
2. Turned out the app was running in a container managed by #AzureKubernetesService (#AKS)
3. #Container was mounting a service account with permissions to deploy #pods in the same namespace
4. I deployed a new pod with hostPath root volume. Deployment was not blocked by any security policy. #Pod got deployed
5. I exec-ed into the pod's #container and escaped it through its hostPath volume. #privesc to the #AKS node succeeded!
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So many are talking about #diesel & #gas shortages. Just a couple of facts from the latest @EIAgov This Week in Petroleum report.

1. US diesel stocks are below the 5 year average. Typically for this time we are between 120 to 140 million barrels of diesel.

We are at 110M... Image
2. In terms of days of supplies, last year we were sitting at 30 days of supplies, today we are at 25 days.... Image
3. In terms of production of #diesel, we are above last year's 4.6 million barrels per day; currently producing 5 million barrels of day.

Okay, if production is up and supplies are down, what is the cause?

Are we driving more?
No, diesel use is down in the US.

Then what? Image
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What the Ship!
July 20, 2022

Updates on Previous Stories
1⃣Supply Chain & Rise in US Container Imports
2⃣Brazil, Bulkers & China's Mineral Resource Group
3⃣US Energy Exports Increase
4⃣Labor Strikes Around the World
5⃣ US Inland & Coastal Waters

1⃣ U.S. Container Imports Rise in June as Congestion Shifts East

H/T @gCaptain @theloadstar


#supplychain #ports #rail #containers…
2⃣ Fertilizer Inflation Forces Overhaul of Brazil Ports, Railways

H/T @gCaptain @business @BloombergNRG


#bulk #fertilizer #sugar #ore #china #australia…
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It seems simple, but putting stuff in a #container - in essence a standardized box - is the biggest #shipping advance of the past century. And #Russia is losing the capacity to play.
Many results:
-(un)loading takes days, not hours
-#ports/#logistics hubs require 10x the land for specialized buildings to house #inventory
-shipping costs at least 3x (7x is probably more accurate)
-backlogs at all shipping hubs
-requires 10x the staff required to handle cargo
-MASSIVE expansion of corruption because everyone can see every bit of the cargo

Big section on this (and its end) in the #Transport chapters of the upcoming book: #TheEndOfTheWorldIsJustTheBeginning.
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What The Ship?
March 8, 2022

1⃣ #UkraineRussiaWar/#BlackSea Update
2⃣ Impact of conflict on Global Shipping
3⃣ @POTUS, @fmc & @TheJusticeDept target the #Container Alliances
4⃣ @UsmmaO Superintendent to Resign
5⃣ A Dinghy versus a Containership

1⃣ The Maritime Blockade Of Ukraine Is Working

H/T @gCaptain @johnkonrad…
2⃣ Viewpoint: Don’t be fooled — the supply chain is not getting better

@FreightWaves @loriannlarocco…
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Today's episode of #WhatTheShip on @YouTube:

1️⃣ Update on #UkraineRussiaWar & impact on Global Trade
2️⃣ @FMC_gov @TheJusticeDept & @POTUS on Container Lines
3️⃣ Update #FelicityAce & #EuroferryOlympia
4️⃣ #SuezCanal Rate Hikes
5️⃣ #Mariners caught in a War

2⃣ Supply Chains: Shipping Lines in the Cross Hairs of U.S. Authorities

#SupplyChains #Container #alliances #POTUS @FMC_gov @TheJusticeDept…
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👉 nav > ul > li Image

👉 ul > li * 4 Image
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OK: Ich werde in den nächsten 365 Tagen min. 100 positive Tweets zu #Digitalisierung in der #Verwaltung posten.

Viele kleine Fortschritte und hoffentlich ein paar größere.

Es geht um #eGov #OZG #Automatisierung #Standardisierung #DigitaleSouveränität #Datenaustausch #Sicherheit
Wir vom #BAS haben uns mit @OeffentlicheIT getroffen und intensiv zu #Cloud, #DigitaleSouveränität, #Security, #Automatisierung uvm. ausgetauscht.

Entstanden ist im Anschluss dieser Blog-Artikel.

#Container Plattformen wären wichtig!

#eGov #OZG…
Im 2.Teil des Artikels wird auch die von uns eingesetzte Alternative zu #Kubernetes beleuchtet, nämlich @HashiCorp #Consul, #Nomad, #Vault und #Terraform, um nicht nur Containerisierte Anwendungen in einer gemeinsamen Umgebung betreiben zu können.

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Now that you've taken notice of the ship that has blocked the #Suez, this story from the 1950s about shipping and a man named Malcolm McLean should interest you 👇 [thread]
His actions destroyed old professions, created new industries, contributed to the rise of Asian shipping powers incl. China🇨🇳, and impacted nearly everyone on Earth. Here's how: (1/n)
Shipping is an ancient way to move goods around, but container ships are rather modern, going back only to 1956. So 1 out of 10 people in the world are actually older than container shipping! (2/n)
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Hello tweeps!

In this #Thread, I'll be explaining step-by-step process of designing the below #UI #Mockup (by @frontendmentor) with only #html & #css.

You can follow along by typing out the #codes in the images.

#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie
#WomenWhoCode #freeCodeCamp

1/25 ImageImage

We'll learn how to look at mockups so we can do the following:

1. Deduce #html tags to #code the #webpage
2. Declare #css properties to style the webpage
3. Establish #breakpoints to make the webpage #responsive.

First, let's set up our html page.


As shown below, we started with the following:

1. Create an #html document.
2. Specify the title.
3. Set the width.

The width is set to equal the viewport width. This means that it'll be as wide as the screen viewing the page - first step to #responsive #designs! Image
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vRealize #NetworkInsight 4.1 has officially landed! With new capabilities in: #Container insights with #K8s and Enterprise #PKS, Application Discovery and Load Balancer insight. Also: @vmwarensx -T 2.4 support, #VMware Identity Manager! More in thread. RN:…
Application Discovery in #NetworkInsight 4.1 brings application context discovery direct from the infra. You can pull #CMDB data from @servicenow, using @VMwarevSphere or @awscloud tags or use a regular expression on the VM naming convention. Also; this honeycomb 🤤
#NetworkInsight App Discovery cont.: The honeycomb widget can be used to filter out the right applications to save. For example, you can select all apps that are talking to the internet or apps that are shared services. Stay tuned for a deep dive blog post, soon!
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