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Debido a la importancia del tema, abro hilo 🧵 sobre REFUERZOS 💉💉💉

Espero cubrir las dudas según la Info q tenemos a hoy… pero manden sus preguntas…y entre todos en @WeTweetScienceM trataremos de cubrirlas

@biomolecules101 1/15 👏🏻

#ThisIsOurShot #VacunateYa
Primero entender q dosis de refuerzo es distinto a dosis adicional

💉DOSIS ADICIONAL se da a personas q con esquema inicial no alcanzaron la protección deseada debido a una condición particular del sistema inmune deprimido por terapias de cáncer, transplante de órgano, etc
Dosis de REFUERZO se da a personas q con las dosis iniciales crearon la inmunidad deseada pero q AL PASO DEL TIEMPO la inmunidad va decayendo…

En este contexto es q debemos dar refuerzo para hacer un RECORDATORIO al sistema inmune y ponerlo de nuevo alerta para protegernos
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Last week I took care of 3 covid patients ages 34, 29, & 26. All three required a ventilator to breathe and had covid kidney, blood clot, and lung complications. All three were unvaccinated.  

I asked each of the three young men what held them back from getting the vaccine. 1/n
This is what each said to me:  

34 year old: "I wish I did if I knew this was going to happen to me."  

29 year old: "My sister had covid and then I got covid. I didn't really think to get the vaccine before that."  

26 year old: "I thought it wasn't real, that it was exaggerated, no one I really knew got sick from covid."  

The one thing they all had in common was a lack of access to trusted & accurate information.

 Your trusted voice matters.


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I did a @fox32news w @SylviaFOX32 on the new @US_FDA approval of Pfizer today. Interview link to follow. I made an analogy that I want to mention here.

People say it’s their personal choice to get vaccinated. Which I understand. I want to make a comparison here. A brief 🧵
In the US, it is legal to drink alcohol if you are over 21. You can drink as much as you want. It is your choice. But you cannot get into a car and drive if you are inebriated. Why is that? Because we are members of a society.
If your car were to hit someone else or damage property, you would be responsible. Also, you would be arrested because it is against the law to drive when intoxicated, even if you never hurt anyone else. Why is that a law when it’s your personal choice to drink alcohol?
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I haven’t been posting much original content lately bc, tbh, I’ve been a bit burned out. And school is about to start. But I’ve been seeing some wacky posts and theories lately, some from “respected” HCW who, I personally feel, have become more contrarian for personal gain.
1. Regarding whether masks work…I can’t believe we are still having this discussion. Surgeons have used masks for years for infection control. And re:#COVID19 the data is there. For those calling for placebo controlled trials, those would be unethical.…
2. About kids and masks. Ppl r worried kids development will be stunted. I argue not being able to attend in person school when #covid19 spreads bc kids aren’t masking is a bigger developmental issue. We know #masksWork to keep kids in school.…
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As a Chicagoan who has been to #Lollapalooza and a health professional, many looking at out city and some reaching out asking me how we got here.

🧵how this happened & why we must recognize “war” has changed but not just l #DeltaVariant on the ground in hearts & minds of people
Well, in May, recall CDC said vaxxed people can they can do whatever they want! And those unvaxxed should just wear a mask or #getvaccinated.

That set the conditions for #Lollapalooza to occur politically and socially. Chicago also had been on a very good trajectory.
Initially rules were proof of vaccine OR (-) test in 24h. Quietly at some point that was changed to a (-) test in 72h …

although the Dutch observed a 40h test (-) pre-interval was too long for their music festival which became super spreader so….…
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We didn't vaccinate enough people.

Unfortunately, that means that everyone will suffer the consequences of that problem.

"But I'm vaccinated." You think. "Why should I suffer?"

Let me explain. This is gonna be a long journey. Let's go.
First, I want to make explicitly clear that vaccines are safe and effective, and are our best hope of getting to the finish line.

Currently available vaccines stand up against all the current variants, including Delta.
Remember when this started and we leaned into the idea of preventative measures such as masks and social distancing to "flatten the curve" because we didn't have any other options and we needed to prevent the health care system from becoming overwhelmed?
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Lots of fears about delta variant right now. Some of it is right. Some is overblown. A thread 🧵
1. Why is it bad?

Based on the best data we have to date, it seems that it’s ~60% more transmissible than alpha (B117).

In other words: it takes less virus or less time to infect you. Conversely, 1 person can get more people sick….…
…. Another way to understand it: the **time** needed for the # of new infections to double gets shorter, as transmissibility goes up.

(A primer 👇…
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By now you've heard reports of myocarditis & pericarditis in recipients of mRNA or Pfizer & Moderna vaccines.

There’s a headline floating around about a *CDC emergency meeting*

I KNOW Y’ALL ARE GONNA BUY INTO CLICKBAIT HEADLINES so let’s just get right into this shall we 🧵1/n
The @CDC confirmed 221 cases of myocarditis after COVID-19 vaccination in people 30 and under of 141.5 M fully vaccinated people in the US.

Of the 221 cases:
81% fully recovered
41 still have symptoms
15 are still hospitalized
3 are in the ICU (2 have prexisting conditions) 2/n
Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle. Pericarditis is inflammation of the outer lining of the heart. They occur when the immune system reacts to an infection or another trigger but often, no cause is found. Symptoms are: shortness of breath, chest pain & fatigue. 3/n
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Inspired by @PeterHotez #grandrounds, we started a pilot elective to teach #scicomm & debunking #misinformation to @uchipritzker medstudents

Each student selected a myth to debunk & created an infographic with science/#visualart guidance
#medtwitter #scienceupfirst 🧵
Inspired by @tropical_toxic cover art @TIME assignments, @sara_serritella and I are sharing their work here w/permission.
Students could choose any misinformation to debunk. While some chose COVID19, not all did! They also specified their audience.
For those skeptical of government creating vaccines by Zachary Newman MS1:

We have risen to the challenge before and accomplished amazing things through working together. The mRNA vaccines show us at our very best. #Getvaccinated #amazingthings #COVID19vaccine #thisisourshot 3/x
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This article is worth reading & thinking about, for 2 reasons.

1. Alzheimer’s is a horrible & increasingly common disease. Like many chronic diseases, there are no easy fixes. Today’s debate about @US_FDA authorization of a new med is not unusual.…
“The drug—likely to earn its maker billions of dollars—is the latest example of a controversial treatment that is passionately supported by patients and advocacy groups but has been rejected by the FDA’s outside advisers and is viewed skeptically in some quarters of the agency.”
... when the science is ambiguous, we get caught in impossible Gordian knots of ethical debates about approval of expensive new meds.

Who pays?
Will it stop progress on other drugs?
Who decides who get it?
What price is hope?

It’s complicated.
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Again, a cable news host has used an anti-vaccine trope that discourages vaccination. This time "If you are #vaccinated, why do you care if others aren't." This thread explains herd immunity & why high #vaccine uptake matters. #tuckercarlsonmustgo 1/7
The MOST important thing your #vaccine will do is protect you. In this same way, the MOST important thing your car's brakes do is stop your car. 2/7 #ThisIsOurShot #WeCanDoThis #CarGuysImmunize #VaccinesWork
If you are less likely to get sick because you are #vaccinated , you are also less likely to get others sick. You could break the chain of transmission, and your #vaccine protects those around you! (And if your car brakes work, you won't plow into other cars!) 3/7
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But look at all these terrible deaths on #VAERS, #TuckerCarlson says? Not so fast! Look at the disclaimer, first. Just because it was reported does not mean #vaccines were the cause!
First of all, let's emphasize that #VAERS is a useful tool, but not for folks looking to confirm their worst fears about #vaccines. It's mostly for the nerds in public health to detect super, super, super rare side effects as early as possible.
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Getting❓about how #COVID #vaccines were tested & granted EUAs so quickly? I sure am, esp from folks "on the fence" or taking the "wait & see" approach.

👇Here's an infographic you can use to explain the #clinicaltrials process.

#epitwitter #MedTwitter #vaccinehesitancy Clinical trials process: pre-clinical research through Phase
2/Pre-clinical research:
Decades of groundwork prepared the scientific community for this moment:
🦠6 other human coronaviruses
💉mRNA & viral vector vaccine technologies
3/Clinical trials:
No #clinicaltrials phases were skipped. The scientific community was 'all hands on deck' w/many layers of red tape removed.

🐌In 'normal' times @NIH may require 1yr PLANNING grant b4 eligible to submit Phase 3 trial grant (>2yrs b4 full grant MIGHT get funded)
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As of today, we have delivered 10 million #COVID19 vaccines across Canada! Here’s how we’re working with provinces and territories to protect communities:
In Newfoundland, 129,060 vaccines have been delivered and 69,851 doses have been administered across the province. More info on Getting the Shot:…
In PEI, we’ve delivered 39,585 vaccines and they have administered 25,153 doses. Islanders can learn more here:…
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An important survey about Vaccine Hesitancy in Healthcare Workers, which appears to mirror the general population.

Hesitancy revolves around three core ideas: Safety, Efficacy and Trust. @washingtonpost @KFF

Lots of work to do. #ThisIsOurShot
Only 52% of HCWs have gotten at least 1st Dose.

And perhaps even more striking is that 30% don’t plan on being vaccinated or are yet to decide!
Health Inequity continues to be prevalent with only 39% of Black HCWs compared to 57% of White HCWs having received 1st dose. @DanielEDawes @EbonyJHilton_MD
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We had just admitted our first #covid19 patient in RI - to the ICU. No one knew yet. I watched the housekeeping staff clean the room after the patient left the ER. The fear was palpable. @lourdesgnavarro
I couldn’t say what had happened. The state wasn’t able to confirm the case until days later. But all of us who had been there - we knew it was here.

I came home from my shift and asked my hubby to buy us a week or two of nonperishable food, just in case one of us got sick.
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It was an amazing event that got almost 500 shots in the arms of #LatinX people. @LATIN19NC collaborated with La cooperativa Latina Credit Union, La Semilla, @CentroHispanoNC Southeastern healthcare @HumansOfPRN @Curamericas, @DukeHealth and @DukeRaleigh to make this happen.
We collectively made over 3000 phone calls and multiple TV, and Facebook live appearances to fight mistrust, answer questions, share stories and bring #latinx people from never making it into a list or multiple waiting lists to getting a #COVIDVaccine
Most people receiving the vaccine today were older than 65, a few were parents of children with complex needs,  some were health care workers and some were school employees. We followed @ncdhhs guidelines to register people for #VacunasCOVID19
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Basic Vaccine Explainer or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Jab

This one’s going to be a long read with a decent chance of me going off on tangents/rants, so I recommend you grab yourself a cup of coffee/tea and get comfy
I wrote most of this as a series of DMs to someone with some vax anxiety recently. Sharing now (with permission) in case it’s still useful to anyone. Thought it was all fairly well known by now, but I’ve been hearing more “gene therapy” and “not a vaccine” nonsense again lately
Your immune system is great at killing things that shouldn't be in your body, once it's learned to recognise them. This takes time, which is why it takes weeks to get over a flu. Your body needs this time to produce a targeted weapon against the virus. That weapon? Antibodies
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After weeks, I got lucky and got the shot for a high risk 1b senior! NOT easy so sharing long🧵w tips from multiple sources while looking in 2 states (Maryland & Illinois) AND on national drugstore websites. #ThisIsOurShot #vaccinehunters
First, does where you get care have it? If no-this is a big inequity. If yes, make sure your online portal is active. While places prioritize their patients, some do say supply limited so keep looking.
KEY🔑sign up for any and all registrations you can.…
Next, do you live in a place with an aggregator like Chicago @zocdoc which shows where vaccine available? Great if you do. But does it have all sites? Chicago’s missed some so I use @IMPACT4HC links curated by @halleh13 BOOKMARK LINKS! CHECK MANY TIMES/DAY…
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I worked the last 2 evenings in the #COVID19 pods of our ER.

What struck me - more than at any other point during the pandemic - was the resignation that I heard.
Patient after patient had oxygen levels in 60s, 70s, 80s
[Normal is 94%+]. All have long road ahead - if they recover.

Again & again:
"I made it this far, I can't believe my bad luck"

"But I was scheduled for the shot in 2 weeks"

"What do you mean, you can't treat it?"
And meanwhile, for those of us caring for them -- this has become the norm.

It's just another unit full of patients on oxygen.

All too easy to lose sight of the humanity of each life we're touching.
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"I can do things (albeit still masked) that would simply not have been safe a month ago. These are small miracles, for which I am thankful. But like so many things in life, they would be better if shared with others." - on my #covid19 vaccine in @leapsmag…
"My deepest hope is that we all have – and take - the chance to get our shots, soon."

Now, there are honest fears that may lead some folks to decline or delay shots.…
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1/In talking with my patients and people on @Twitter, I have noticed a lot of confusion regarding the term #anaphylaxis. In this 🧵, I will give more insight into this confusing term and what we can do about it because #ThisIsOurShot💉
2/First, words really matter when it comes to describing serious adverse events related to the #CovidVaccine
👉It's common for symptoms to occur after a vaccine. That's your immune system doing its job to help remember a 🦠to protect you in the future
3/There are very rare events shortly after a vaccine that can be a serious, potentially life-threatening #allergic reaction. This is called #anaphylaxis.

@AllergyAsthmaHQ has a great picture describing key features 👇
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I'm getting a series of new Q's from friends & family about the #COVID19 #vaccines in light of (very concerning) news about continuing problems with vaccine distribution.

In this thread, I'll answer them "out loud", in hope of being helpful to others.🧵…

A1: Yes. The data actually shows that the mRNA vaccines are effective in 65+ age group (although #s were smaller, so there's a wide confidence interval- eg Table 10 of the Moderna FDA data:…)
A nice summary of takeaways & concerns for older adults, from @apoorva_nyc, is here:…
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1/Per the request of @drawstickpeople, I have a 🧵here on concerns regarding the safety of the #COVID19 vaccine, with special attention to people with a history of #anaphylaxis

@MDaware @MS_Martinez_MD @londyloo @JoyHenningsenMD @ThisIsOurShot @NicoleB_MD
2/First off, people are concerned that the @pfizer and @moderna_tx #CovidVaccines were rushed. This is not the case. They still went through a rigorous process to make it to the public.

The @US_FDA looked very closely at the safety and effectiveness
3/There are many reasons why the #CovidVaccine could be developed so quickly, examples:
✅ boat loads of 💰 spent
✅ tens of thousands of trial participants were enrolled
✅ mRNA vax technology was studied for decades
✅ a pandemic breeds innovation!…
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