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Do you work in or around design? Read my @fastcompany article on the toxic overuse and abuse of HMW, a popular #designthinking technique that I think needs to be retired…
Below are some links to the people and articles I mentioned in the article.

I’m grateful that @fastcompany continues to be a space for critical reflections such as my long form piece. Suzanne Lebarre is a great editor!
It was a multi-year process for me to turn my years of fieldnotes on HMW into this article. The HMW is used so ubiquitously as part of workshops globally that many unnamed senior leaders in our space warned me of career suicide if I ever spoke publicly about it
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As a small business owner, have you always wondered what it takes to make beautiful designs? 🤔

Our designer Anshul Patria (@Razorpay_Design) has the answer for you! ✨🚀

#DesignTwitter #designthinking Image
Canva @canva remains a favourite with its endless template options! 😌 Image
Humaaans by @pablostanley offers a library of mix-&-match illustrations of people! 🖌️ Image
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💡 #designthinking

It's important to surround yourself with good design. Ask yourself the hard questions: What works? What could be improved?

I came across this design on @dribbble:… Let's talk about it.

🧵👇🏻 1/16
Dashboards are hard:
- Summarizing *a lot* of info in one place
- Info needs to be easily digestible
- Different people prioritize info differently depending on their use case

This dashboard does a *great* job of taking all those things into consideration

🧵 2/16
The Typography looks great. There's a good mix of thicks and thins that create contrast and help communicate visual hierarchy.

🧵 3/16
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💡 #designthinking

Found this on @dribbble…

Things I like:
- Subtle texture in the background
- Mix of line illustrations w/ photography. I do this a lot in my work to give the design a more "organic" feel and help lead the eye

🧵👇🏻 1/5 Image
Where this design ultimately fails (and it's BIG): It took me **way too long** to realize this site is promoting paying through your watch. It didn't occur to me until I saw the caption: "The fastest way to pay without-touch."

🧵 2/5
My train of thought: "If it's related to touch, shouldn't you see a fingerprint or the palm? ... oh, there are "waves" coming out of the watch ... I get it now."

🧵 3/5
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1/ Recently finished @RogerLMartin's The Design of Business. Here are some of my top takeaways 🧵 #startups #innovation #DesignThinking #StrategicDesign Image
2/ Innovation is about seeing the world not as it is, but as it could be. It's about exploring really "wicked problems" whose solutions can't be found in past experience or proven by data.
3/ "Design thinking" focuses on accelerating the pace at which knowledge advances from mystery (an unexplainable problem) to
heuristic (a rule of thumb that guides us toward a solution) to algorithm (a replicable success formula).
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Design Thinking 💡💬

#DesignThinking? Nah!!
We call it ‘Outside the Box’ Thinking 😉 But Why?

A Thread 🧵
It is usually mentioned as ‘outside the box’ thinking, as designers try to develop new ways of thinking that don’t abide by the dominant or additional common problem-solving ways.
Instead of getting stuck into the square process of thinking, studying & working, try out your new venture by implementing #Designthinking today itself.
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#DesignResearch - 𝑷𝒂𝒓𝒕 1

Welcome! ✨
I present: A quite interesting thread! 👀

So, we had this course called [ Metodologi Riset Desain ] and tbh it's such a unique concept for us who still have the mindset that the most important thing of design is 'only' the visual -- Image
--as we often forget the research behind a design.

✨"A research driven design has proven to significantly contributed to sharpen designers' assessment to identify design problems articulate users' need, as well as finding the best media and technology for design development."✨
[ Desainer + klien ➡️ untuk Audiens ]
👉 Dibutuhkan RISET!

Desain sebagai sebuah "solusi" tentu butuh riset mendalam guna mengidentifikasi & memecahkan permasalahan.

Metode menyesuaikan kebutuhan, jadi setelah desainer menemukan SATU masalah, dapat dihadirkan BANYAK solusi.
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When your students and teachers need to project their work during Zoom sessions from home. These will go out to all our middle schoolers and their teachers. #remotelearning #documentcamera #laptop #3ddesign #design #designthinking @tinkercad
Hi everyone, wow didn't expect such a response. Just posted the files to Thingiverse, I made three versions to fit different laptops, slight changes really affect view. Happy making!
Hi all, people have asked about purchasing. I’m not in the business of selling these. Maker at heart and encourage others to make too. As many have pointed out, there’s already a similar product on the market by Ipevo.…
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(1) La vuelta al colegio en otoño va a suponer un reto de enrome magnitud. El nivel de incertidumbre respecto al #covid19 es muy elevado. La asimetría de los rebotes, también. La dependencia de los mismos con los usos y costumbres sociales parece evidente
(2) Parece claro también que en España, tanto a nivel de Gobierno Central como de CCAA, existe un elevado nivel de desconcierto y descoordinación respecto a lo que va a suceder.
(3) El problema es un claro problema de innovación: una organización (el Sistema Educativo en su conjunto) se enfrenta a un repentino cambio en las variables de entorno. De hecho, no es “repentino”: hemos tenido seis meses para planificar escenarios y proponer soluciones
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Design Thinking A Funny Take, Coach’s Persona Study.
Life Coaches
They do what they do best! Makes you super motivated on every aspect of the idea. Everything seems.. (#designthinking #leadership #coach #management #business #agile #mentor #humancentered #startup #entrepreneur)
possible. Your heart pumps fast and you feel like an adrenaline rush. Occasionally gives you magic templates to fill. “Do now, Right now!” is the motto. High chances of passing out of extensive exhaustion if you are a normal human being and not on energy drink diet. By the end
of the session, you may silently contemplate to leave your current domain and take up life coaching design thinking as your full-time career.
Corporate Trainer
Take you through the whole syllabus without actual implementable learning. A Very relaxing session, you may topple
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THREAD: This wk, @SickKidsNews published a proposed approach to return to school. It generated a spectrum of opinions on social media & TV/radio.…

I'll discuss how this is a wicked problem and a #design approach should be used, at least in part.
My disclosure: I am certainly no ID physician or expert on COVID disease transmission but as I’ve written about previously I am interested in decision making under stress, #design and behavior nudges during uncertainty
And I have 2 kids who go to school. So this matters to me
I'll discuss how kids returning back to school is essentially a wicked problem. Not a term I made up, but rather “a problem that cannot be fixed, where there is no single solution”.…
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The connection between Minimalism & Data driven decision. The number of variable are fewer in a Minimalist approach. Thus, the combination of variables are manageable in Minimalist approach. Minimalism makes exploration and Discoveries simpler.

#ux #minimalism #design #product Image
Quantitative Analysis. #quantitative
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1/ Hey #innovation #designthinking folks - embarking one of the largest challenges we’ve ever fought as a nation and as a world #COVID19. I know this is disruptive to all of our lives but we need EVERYONE with skills to help pitch in where they can. #TogetherWeCan
2/Here are few unsolicited ideas that we (healthcare system) will need innovation in, in no particular order, some better than others but here’s immediate braindump :
3/ we have many fabulous folks working already on diagnostics, therapeutics, vaccines — if you have those skills and not working on #COVID19, please consider joining forces with others to help them for the next 6-18 mo
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These days most of the applications are developed on top of frameworks. Their Research and Design is the main engagement. Budget planning is required for the Research and Design.

#design #ux #uxdesign #uxresearch #userresearch #budget #designjobs #uxjobs #DataScience #Coach
These days most of the applications are developed on top of frameworks. Their, Research and Design is the main engagement. Budget planning & Team Management is required for the Research Sprint and Design Sprint.

#startup #investor #founder #executive #director #advisory
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Last week, we posted about the opening of our new trauma bay @UnityHealthTO, a space that we “purposely designed, extensively tested, revised with end-user feedback.” – @HumanFact0rz #design #trauma #emergencymedicine

Here's a thread with more details 1/
We received considerable positive feedback and questions about the details of the process. This was a team effort from architects, operational readiness, clinicians, sim team to name a few. Here goes... 2/
Once upon a time…(all good stories start like this) 4 yrs ago we ran a study, called TRUST (Trauma Resus Using in situ Simulation for Team training). Using debriefing feedback & human factors expert video review we identified latent safety threats within our old trauma bay. 3/
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"Abundance" in Design Thinking & Strategy adds a new dimension to UX. Design Thinking has Divergent & Convergent sequences. Including "#Abundance" in the scenario would help to explore a new dimension altogether. Here follow two examples.
A medical device has an alarm. The alarm
beeps in 3 levels of priority. The frequency of the number of beeps increases with the priority of the alarm. Assume it works fine & passes all usability tests with one device. Now Include "Abundance" and think of 20 devices kept in a dormitory room. The difficulty of attention
& call to action multiply in combination.
An email application to read and view the list of emails. Deleting a few 100 emails is fine. Include "Abundance" and think of Deleting a few million emails.
"Abundance" can also be included for processes. Suppose a process is designed
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🧵Thread on some rather obscure quotes from Alex F. Osborn classic. #Brainstorming turns 80 and there are too many misconceptions and plainly inaccuracies about this technique.

Here we go...
"In any idea finding effort, the first step is to get set, to establish a "working mood". There are ways to pull ourselves up by our bootstrap, and highly #creative people consciously use these ways"

(Idea finding, interesting choice of verb)
To evaluate ideas "we should enlist the judgment of others. The surest method of evaluation is to put our ideas to test. And the task of thinking up the best way to test is a creative challenge in itself"

(Evaluation = creative task)
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Well I’m stuck on the runway and you know what that means!


Time for a #prodmgmt twitter rant.

Today’s rant is about enterprise companies and how they value digital product management. /1
I’ve spent the last 5 years helping very very large organizations go through “product transformations”. You know, that thing after the “agile” transformation.

When they realize “oh crap we have 450 people who don’t know what they’re doing.” /2
And I’m glad that these #agile transformations happened because it helped to show these companies they need real #prodmgmt, not just backlog groomers.

But there’s a problem... /3
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A method to turn a bunch of qualitative interviews into personas.

You’ll need:
✨User interviews
✨2+ designers
✨A physical board & sticky notes

#ux #uxdesign #DesignThinking #uxframeworks
Interview x amount of users. It should be a large enough sampling to see trends and patterns in responses to your interview q’s. One designer leads, the other takes notes. Sometimes rounds of interview are helpful to regroup and rework the questions in between.
In interviews, ask why. A lot. Get to the real *why* behind their behavior. Let them talk freely, but guide the conversation and keep it on track. Avoid leading questions and confirmation bias.
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A framework for organizing user research data:

✨What you saw
✨What you heard
✨What it means (Emerging Insight)
✨Why it matters (Implications)

#ux #uxdesign #userresearch #DesignThinking
I've given 1 example per quadrant here for simplicity, but in reality you'd want to see patterns & trends across x amount of observations (what you saw & heard) for it to become an emerging insight & implication. ✨
Let's do another one!

What's fun is to see the tension between observed and expressed needs. That's where the kernel of a good idea starts.✨
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#CeritaHaji bagian keenam..


#Haji #Haji2019
Saat menyaksikan manusia dr berbagai penjuru bumi mengitari Ka’bah dlm thawaf, memori kt sgr ditarik ke thn2 panjang perjuangan Ibrahim mengemban amanah nubuwwah smp ia mendirikan bangunan ini bersama putranya Ismail..
Ibrahim hidup selama 175 thn atau 200 thn dlm riwayat lain.. Lahir di Babil (skrg Irak), selanjutnya beliau ke Harran atau Carrhae (skrg Turki), lalu Palestina, lalu Mesir, lalu Jazirah (Mekkah) dan wafat di Hebron (Al Khalil) Palestina..
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8 yrs ago today, 4 of my friends built a software product in a department store. A video of it is still today's quintessential example of #LeanStartup, #LeanUX, #DesignThinking, and #Agile in action. @lightsmith @kimhamlet @tzeiler @garybernhardt (1/2)
@lightsmith @kimhamlet @tzeiler @garybernhardt Universities, thought leaders, consultants, and other change makers continue to use that story around the world to improve teams, their products and business results by including customers and reducing decision waste. (2/2)
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Delivery Managers (accounting) & Technical Managers under selling UX Services like Visual Design Services weaken the Returns & value based Business Model in India. This is the reason we need Chief UX Officers to sell UX Services. #uxjobs #hr #agency #design #manager #services #UX
@jmspool Insights from Indian Software Service Company Market.
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1. I’m so grateful to @tristanharris @aza being vulnerable enough to suggest a new field to study human + tech. It just goes to show there’s tons of confusion around the role of research & insights in industry - which is the topic of my upcoming talk at @MindtheProduct.
2. @zeynep is right about the willful blindness of industry tech & @BostonJoan have pointed to entire field of STS - BUT i have sympathy for @tristanharris @aza cuz i see tons of confusion on several fronts between industry & academia that can possibly make even well meaning...
3. ... tech folks feel like a new area of study is needed. One of the big problems is how research is manifested in industry under confusing fields of UX, CX, design research -as @lifewinning noted there is def a trend with throwing an X in industry to make a field sound TOUGH
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