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I recently had the great pleasure of interviewing most of the people in the world who study #nautiluses, here are some of the amazing things I learned about these beautiful creatures. A 🧵 1/11 #WorldOceansDay
They haven't changed all that much in half a BILLION years. Their ancestors, the nautiloids, appeared 500 million years ago, and they evolved their distinctive coiled shape perhaps 100-200 million years ago. 2/
Most proto-nautiluses died 65 million years ago with the dinosaurs, but the deepwater ones survived -- scavengers sustained by the carnage above. As 'Professor Nautilus' Peter Ward from @UW told me, “What was left after the Cretaceous was over? Dead bodies.” 3/
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True to form as a late lateef, as there are still few mins to go before #WorldOceansDay ends on this earth let me share my pet peeves by replugging old unresolved but doable issues! Bear with me @sherryrehman @hnaqikhan @HqPmsa @IndusEarthTrust @dgprPaknavy @aminattock @dpr_gob
#Pakistan is signatory of #CBD. #Aichi targets mandate declaring 10% of coast as #MarineProtectedArea. Under @mangrovesforfuture a #NationalCoordinatingBody of stakeholders was formed & finally in 2017 #Astola isl. was decl. as the 1st. #MPA… @sherryrehman
In 2018 a workshop was held by @IUCN to develop a management plan for #Astola. Since then..ZILCH! It is 2022. Status in limbo. Is it to be 'low take' or 'no take'? If former, which level of 'take' or activity is permitted. If latter, what alternatives for beneficiaries @dpr_gob ?
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Each year, this day asks everyone to stop and learn about the vast stretch of blue that is home to more than a million species, and an essential part of human survival.…
The ocean regulates climate, generates oxygen, provides medicine, food and water, as well as supplying endless opportunities for travel and the exploration of our planet.
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🌊 Today is #WorldOceansDay 🌊

Revitalisation is the theme of this year’s World Oceans Day so, to celebrate, we’re looking at how our Marine Aggregate Industry Protocol work is raising awareness of how to record archaeological finds preserved in the ocean. 🔭
This telescope was discovered at Kendall’s wharf amongst aggregate from the South Coast region. It dates from 1944 and is an admiralty style telescope.
#WessexArchaeology #wessexarch #marinearchaeology #WorldOceansDay #WorldOceansDay2022 #UNWorldOceansDay
It almost certainly came from a vessel – though as no vessel remains have been found in the same area, it may have been lost overboard rather than lost with a ship. 🛳️
#WessexArchaeology #wessexarch #marinearchaeology #WorldOceansDay #WorldOceansDay2022 #UNWorldOceansDay
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Hi everyone, I’m Dr. Boisvert! Today I want to talk to you about the parts of the #ocean that freeze over, like this sea ice just outside of Thule, Greenland in the Arctic taken during an Operation #IceBridge campaign in 2016. 🧊🧊🧊🧊#WorldOceansDay
The seas in the mid-Atlantic and the Arctic are very different, but they’re part of the same global ocean! Here’s me ‘floating’ on sea ice off the coast of Greenland in 2016 and me again floating on Ocean City Beach in Maryland last weekend. 🧊🧊🧊🌊🌊🌊#WorldOceansDay
In the Arctic the ocean is cold enough (-1.8ºC🥶) to freeze saltwater and create sea ice. But here in the mid-Atlantic, the ocean is much warmer thanks to a massive current known as the Gulf Stream, which transports heat from the tropics.🌴🌎🌴 #WorldOceansDay
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Four oceans or five? It's #WorldOceansDay🌊 and National Geographic is making a change to recognize the Southern Ocean as a fifth official ocean in our atlases and maps!
I'm Alex Tait (@taitmaps), the Nat Geo Geographer! I work on @InsideNatGeo's mapping projects (including mapping Mount Everest), and I keep our Map Policy up to date
There is of course just one interconnected world ocean, but it has traditionally been divided into four regions: the Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, and Indian oceans
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Heute ist #WorldOceansDay. Hier sind 10 Fakten über die Meere, die die Dimension und die Bedeutung des Ozeans deutlich zu machen. (1/11)

#UnsereWeltistderOzean #SaveourOcean #Meeresforschung #MeerundGesellschaft #Ozeanforschung ##MeerWissen
@UNOceanDecade Startfolie Thread 10 Ocean Facts
@UNOceanDecade Wusstet Ihr, dass der gesamte Ozean 70 Prozent, alleine die Tiefsee 50 Prozent der Oberfläche unseres Planeten ausmacht? (2/11)

#WorldOceansDay #UnsereWeltistderOzean #SaveourOcean #Meeresforschung #MeerundGesellschaft #Ozeanforschung #MeerWissen
@UNOceanDecade Wusstet Ihr, dass der Ozean im Durchschnitt 3800 Meter tief ist? Der tiefste Punkt ist das Challengertief im Marianengraben mit ungefähr 11000 Metern. (3/11)

#WorldOceansDay #UnsereWeltistderOzean #SaveourOcean #MeerundGesellschaft #Ozeanforschung #MeerWissen
@UNOceanDecade Wusstet Ihr, dass der Ozean im Durchschnitt 3800 Meter tief
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#WorldOceansDay | A small boat loaded with seaweed reaches the shore, as a harvester guides the anchor in the fishing hamlet of Bharathinagar in Tamil Nadu’s Ramanathapuram.
Manoeuvring the boat into the sea to dive for seaweed: without the favour of the winds, all sea-related work is challenging. With changes in larger climatic conditions, too many days are unpredictable. #WorldOceansDay
Seaweed harvesting is a traditional occupation passed on from mother to daughter through the generations in this region. For some single and destitute women, it is the only source of income. #WorldOceansDay
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Today we're celebrating the arrival of the long fought-for sea sanctuaries where all damaging activities will be banned - Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs) - the first of their kind in English seas! #WorldOceansDay 🌊 🐬 🦀 👇…
We have called for #HPMAs for the last 3 years and our petition urging their speedy implementation was signed by over 10,000 people. HPMAs will give our degraded seas the best chance of recovery. 🐟🦞🐬
Our director of policy and public affairs @JoanEdwards1 says: "This new type of marine protection will be the gold standard for rewilding parts of the sea. It’s a fantastic step-forward which we have been waiting for.”
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1/. My heart broke a little this morning

“The northern white rhino - which survived 55 million years & saw ice ages, earthquakes, meteor strikes & bore testament to innumerable historical changes - could not survive humans” @VertigoWarrior

This rhino is now functionally extinct Image
2/. It’s because we love this planet so much, that we weep at its destruction

To be honest, my heart breaks a little every day

But it also fills with joy

Our hearts are designed that way

They're built to break & they're built to fill with joy, each day
3/. In 1944, Churchill described Nazi atrocities as "a crime without a name"

Soon after, the term 'genocide' was coined

Is it time to recognise ‘ecocide’ as an intl crime?

Is it time for all of us to start getting ACTIVE to protect our fragile planet?
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April 1st marks the beginning of #78DaysOfProgress, a thread that will outline seventy-eight different ways the world is getting better. 🌍📈

If you can't wait that long, you can check out all 78 trends in our bestselling book:
💉Humanity is getting better and better at developing vaccines.

Compare the historical pace of progress with our response time to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read more about this trend in our book:

(1/78) Image
💸Global inequality has started to decline–primarily due to faster growth in non-Western countries.

Read more about this trend in our book:

(2/78) Image
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Okay, it’s #WorldOceansDay, so let’s talk about ocean deoxygenation.

To be clear, in no way is the human oxygen supply threatened by ocean deoxygenation.


Our current atmospheric oxygen levels accumulated over the long geologic history of the Earth. This Atlantic article communicates the science behind this beautifully: (1)…
It’s more accurate to say that 80% of the oxygen humans breathe *came* (note use of past tense) from ocean plant life. The overwhelming majority of that oxygen was built up over incredibly long timescales by algae that lived hundreds of millions of years ago. (2) Image
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#WorldOceansDay 🌎🌊
„Innovative Methoden zur Energiegewinnung auf dem #Meer, die gleichzeitig naturverträglich sind, zu fördern, zu entwickeln & umzusetzen, ist ein wichtiger Beitrag zur nachhaltigen Nutzung der Meere“, erklärt BSH-Präsidentin Dr. Kammann-Klippstein. (1/3)
👇 Image
(2/3)ℹ️🚢Das Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt & Hydrographie @BMVI ist die zentrale maritime Behörde in #Deutschland. Rund 850 Menschen in rund 100 Berufen befassen sich mit Aufgaben in der Seeschifffahrt, Ozeanographie, nautischen Hydrographie, Offshore-Windenergie und Verwaltung.
(3/3) Mit Vermessungs-, Wracksuch- und Forschungsschiffen operiert das BSH in #Nordsee und #Ostsee. International arbeitet es in mehr als 12 Organisationen und etwa 200 dort angesiedelten Gremien unter anderem bei der Entwicklung internationaler Übereinkommen mit. ⚓ 🆒
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Happy #WorldOceansDay! Today we’re standing up for our blue planet and in solidarity with coastal communities by pressuring the cruise industry to clean up its act. Are you in?

RSVP for the global rally today at 12pm PDT and help #CleanUpCruising:… Image
We’re LIVE for #WorldOceansDay. Join the first-of-its-kinda virtual rally with port communities from across the world talking about cruise industry pollution:….
BREAKING: Port communities around the globe — including Venice Italy, Southampton UK, Alaska & Maine USA, Gold Coast Australia, Nassau Bahamas, and Bergen Norway — decry cruise industry pollution on #WorldOceansDay…
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યુનાઈટેડ નેશન્સએ તેની ૨૦૦૮ ની જનરલ અસેમ્બલી માં ૮ જૂન ને " વિશ્વ મહાસાગર દિવસ" તરીકે ઉજવવાનું નક્કી કર્યું. પરંતુ ઘણા દેશો એ ૧૯૯૨ માં યુએન ની રીઓ દી જનેરો ખાતે થયેલ પર્યાવરણ લક્ષી પરિષદ માં પ્રથમ વખત જાહેર થયા બાદ થી જ મનાવવાનું શરૂ કરી દીધું હતું.

દર વર્ષે ૮ જૂન,આપણને સમુદ્રના સંશાધનોનો ટકાઉ ઉપયોગ કરવાની આપણી વ્યક્તિગત અને સામૂહિક ફરજ વિશે વૈશ્વિક જાગૃતિ લાવવાની તક આપે છે. ઓકસીજન થી લઇ સુવ્યવસ્થિત આબોહવા,માનવ વારસાના મુખ્ય તત્વો સુધી માનવજાત અને તેના અસ્તિત્વ ની ચાવી,એવા સમુદ્ર નું સંરક્ષણ અને ટકાઉ ઉપયોગ ખૂબ જરૂરી છે.

મહાસાગરો પૃથ્વી ની સપાટી ના બે તૃતીયાંશ કરતાં વધુ ભાગ ને આવરે છે અને કુલ પાણી ના ૯૭% પાણી નો સમાવેશ કરે છે. માછીમારો, જહાંજ બનાવનાર વગેરે જેવા અનેક ધંધા સાથે સંકળાયેલ ૩ અબજ થી વધુ લોકો ને રોજગારી પૂરી પાડી ગરીબી નિવારણ માં પણ મહત્વ નો ભાગ ભજવે છે.

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More than 70% of planet. Untold biodiversity. Food for over a billion. 100s of millions of jobs. It's so important we take care of our ocean.

For #WorldOceansDay2020, our team around the globe has shared hopes for the future: Image
From Fiji: We must come together around a new vision for our ocean, says @smangubhai of @wcsfiji. The old norm does not work. "We see inequity widening all over the world." #WorldOceansDay2020
From New York: May #WorldOceansDay2020 inspire us, inspire our leaders, to take the initiative and really start protecting & rehabilitating the ocean, says Jasmine Crowell of @nyaquarium.
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Reduce Diabetes Technology Waste Campaign 🍃
7️⃣ days worth of waste 🌍🌏🌎

Raising awareness with @Type1EU on the amount of waste type 1 supplies can produce over 3, 7, 14, and 30 days.

#ReduceDiabetesTechnologyWaste #Type1EU #EU #Europe #WorldOceansDay #ForNature #T1D ImageImageImage
These precious supplies save our lives every day but it breaks my 💔 to see the large amount of waste they produce. Proper recycling measures, regulations, and education are desperately needed in Europe and worldwide ⚠️

#type1strong #PwD #WeThePatients #WeHaveAVoice #LowWaste Image
👉 Join the campaign collecting and posting your diabetes waste throughout the whole month - tagging @Type1EU and using the #ReduceDiabetesTechnologyWaste hashtag ♻️

#WorldOceansDay #ForNature #type1diabetes #type1strong #PwD #WeThePatients #WeHaveAVoice Image
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Decomposition time of our garbage

paper towel: 3 weeks
paper bag: 4 weeks
newspaper: 6 weeks

plastic bag: 20 years
styrofoam cup: 50 years
plastic straw: 200 years
plastic bottle: 450 years
coffee pod: 500 years

Sharing is caring. #WorldOceansDay
Countries polluting our oceans the most

12. USA
11. Brazil
10. Bangladesh
9. Nigeria
8. Malaysia
7. Thailand
6. Egypt
5. Sri Lanka
4. Vietnam
3. Philippines
2. Indonesia
1. China

(WSJ) #china #ocean
There are only two problems with plastics

1. they are designed to throw away
2. but made to last forever

Worst combination ever. #pollution
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Pia Klemp, a German biologist & boat captain faces 20 yrs in prison for rescuing 1,000+ migrants at risk of drowning whilst crossing the Mediterranean. Seeking asylum is a human right. Only 1 in 100 sea captains are female. This woman is a humanitarian, not a criminal. #FreePia Image
Also, today is #WorldOceansDay! 🌊Please help spread the world to free Captain Pia Klemp, a woman fighting to protect our planet and defend human rights. @WorldOceansDay @EUEnvironment @oceana @theoceanproject @oceanfdn
Thank you all for your support and solidarity! An interview with full time activist #PiaKlemp conducted by @bazonline is an excellent resource for learning more about Pia’s position and the charges she and the crew of the Iuventa are facing in Italy.…
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Ahead of the #WorldOceansDay, we want to share with you a wonderful story 📘✨ we just received from Germany (thread 👇🏼)

A dead sperm whale full of plastic.

A little boy, Lennard, so impressed that he asked how he could help marine animals...

Lennard (3) did not want to wait to go on a beach to pick plastic.

He decided to act now, with his friends from the kindergarten.

He was right: even if you live in Monheim 🇩🇪, at 250 kms from the sea, less trash in Nature means less dead 🐋

or 🐦🐬🦈🐠

2/3 #WorldOceansDay
We dedicate this #WorldOceansDay to Lennard, the Düsseldorf aquarium & the 181 other aquariums from 41 countries working with us to #BeatPlasticPollution

#TogetherWeCan 🐋

Learn more 👉🏼…

Lennard's story 👉🏼…

3/3 #ReadyToChange
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As we count down to 2019, we’re taking a moment to look back and celebrate all we accomplished in 2018. It was a year of moments and momentum. (Thread)
Our #FishForever coastal fisheries program completed a revelatory deep dive into 5 years-worth of data from 41 sites comprising +250 communities in 3 countries. The good news is Fish Forever is working to stem the tide of coastal overfishing...
#FishForever had helped:
Increase fish biomass inside and outside of no-take reserves,
Empower communities and build social resilience;
Establish legal and functioning management bodies;
Fully protect 67,000 acres of coastal ocean waters;
Make progress delivering on UN #SDGs.
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Today is #WorldOceansDay and oceans are important to me. If you’re interested in what @Benioff and I think about the ocean, we wrote this for @WIRED.…
I believe that ocean exploration is much more exciting and much more important than space exploration, so I’m building a research ship and media platform to explore the ocean and bring it back to people through great media as Jacques Cousteau did.
I am doing that with great people, organizations, and philanthropies such as @JimCameron, @WHOI, @BloombergDotOrg, @Benioff, and many others.
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This #WorldOceansDay I'm inspired by all the dedicated people working everywhere to understand and protect the dominant geographic feature of our planet. So today I'm going to be tweeting about just a few of those people to spread the news of their good deeds
1st up @HeatherKoldewey. Heather is at @OfficialZSL & has done incredible work with @projectseahorse, @Nets2Carpet and the Chagos MPA with @Bertarelli_fdn. Any one of those would be huge, but all three is just amazing.…
Nxt @CoralReefFish Luiz Rocha, originally from Brazil, is leading a team of folks @calacademy discovering new fish diversity in the gloom beyond regular SCUBA depths, using rebreathers. Every bit as hard as space walking, maybe harder.…
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Dr. Christian Lambertsen & the Secret Story Behind #SCUBA

#OSS75 Image
Dr. Lambertsen laid groundwork for tech used by:
@USArmy #GreenBerets
& all diving enthusiast
#OSS75 Image
@NASA @us_navyseals @USArmy @uscoastguard Christian grew up near coast & studied medicine @RutgersU & @Penn
During summer break he experimented w underwater breathing devices.
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