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(THREAD) As far as I know, I'm the only person to point out that—5 days before the election—Don Jr. tweeted a link to illegal NYPD and FBI leaks about the Clinton probe, then deleted them. It suggests consciousness of guilt—and I think I know why. I hope you'll read on and share.
2/ First, understand that *the* key issue in the investigation of Trump Jr. is his willingness—pre-election—to accumulate and distribute illegally gained intelligence about the Clinton investigation. Understand, too, that Trump Jr. does not have a reputation for deleting tweets.
3/ That Trump Jr. tweeted a link to illegal NYPD and FBI leaks before the election—leaks the Inspector General has averred went to the Trump campaign—is certain. It's equally certain that he deleted one tweet in particular that could be critical to the Mueller investigation now.
4/ I first wrote about this tweet in mid-2017, but with the renewed focus on Jr. because of a) the IG's report on leaks to Giuliani—with more info forthcoming, per the IG—and b) disclosure of a second clandestine summer 2016 meeting Jr. was at, the tweet has renewed significance.
5/ Look closely at this picture, as it may well be key evidence in the Mueller investigation:
6/ 5 days before the election, Donald Trump Jr. retweets a tweet from Michael Flynn that directs readers to illegal NYPD and FBI leaks. Those leaks had been published by the fake-news website "True Pundit." Trump Jr. later deletes that tweet. But 11 hours later, it is "replaced."
7/ The replacement tweet, 4 days pre-election, removes any reference to Flynn and True Pundit by linking to the same content from a different provider: WikiLeaks. Now, the relevant citations in the tweet—rather than Flynn and True Pundit—are WikiLeaks, Erik Prince, and Breitbart.
8/ In the new (November 5) tweet, Jr. is retweeting WikiLeaks' tweet of a Breitbart story. That Breitbart story is an interview with Erik Prince—though unbeknownst to Breitbart readers, Prince's "scoop" (a slough of fake Clinton news the result of NYPD leaks) is from True Pundit.
9/ This *isn't* complicated, nor in any sense obscure: five days pre-election, Trump Jr. didn't want the True Pundit/Flynn connection to NYPD and FBI leaks on his Twitter. Likewise, Steve Bannon and Breitbart wanted Prince delivering the True Pundit story, *not* True Pundit. Why?
10/ Why would Bannon need Prince to steal a True Pundit story and put it on Breitbart—without credit to True Pundit? Why did Trump Jr. need WikiLeaks and Breitbart to launder the NYPD/FBI leak he wanted on his Twitter feed, so True Pundit and Flynn wouldn't be associated with it?
11/ When you click on the link to Donald Trump Jr.'s Michael Flynn/True Pundit tweet (the one from November 4, 2016, just four days before the election), this is what you see:
12/ (A clarification on dates and times: Election Day 2016 was November 8, so Trump Jr.'s Michael Flynn/True Pundit tweet was at noon just four days before the election; his WikiLeaks/Prince/Breitbart tweet was three days pre-election, about 22 hours after his November 4 tweet.)
13/ I think I know what's going on here. And I think it will become relevant to the Inspector General's investigation. I'll explain.
14/ True Pundit has conceded that active NYPD and FBI agents were leaking to it about the Clinton probe. McCabe and Comey discussed the leaks to True Pundit just before Comey reopened the Clinton probe (see Judicial Watch's FOIAed emails). The IG says leaks played a role in that.
15/ So if *any* Trump campaign official was connected to True Pundit, it would suggest that the illegal FBI and NYPD leaks to Trump operatives Giuliani and Nunes in late September/early October 2016 were *fed* to True Pundit as part of a larger conspiracy to swing the election.
16/ If you're a reader of this feed, you've seen my threads—and Huffington Post articles—on the leaks to Giuliani, the latter of which I wrote in December 2016. You've probably also seen my threads from months ago about diGenova assisting the leak effort:
17/ We know from diGenova's public statements he wanted to aid FBI agents in leaking info about the Clinton investigation, and given the timing of those statements it seems likely—if not yet proven—diGenova assisted the same rogue agents in illegally leaking to The Daily Caller.
18/ The question is whether men *inside* the Trump campaign—like Mike Flynn—were doing the same work to pipeline illegal FBI leaks to right-wing media so that Trump could benefit from the "October surprise" Giuliani repeatedly touted and recently admitted *was* the Clinton leaks.
19/ Robyn Gritz—a disgruntled former FBI employee who describes herself as a good friend of Flynn—has been cited by True Pundit, co-interviewed with "Thomas Paine" (True Pundit editor-in-chief) and says she's met "Thomas Paine" through a mutual acquaintance, George Webb Sweigert.
20/ Gritz worked alongside a former FBI employee believed to *be* "Thomas Paine." I won't say more on this—it's currently being investigated by multiple major media outlets. But keep in mind "Thome Paine" says he used to work for Jim Kallstrom, one of Giuliani's two FBI sources.
21/ The point here—lest we get lost in the associations between Gritz, Paine, Webb Sweigert, Kallstrom, Giuliani, and Flynn—is that while it's entirely possible Kallstrom was an FBI source for both Giuliani *and* his former employee "Paine," it's also possible Flynn was involved.
22/ Flynn has sufficient ties to True Pundit and True Pundit associates that his immediate retweet of True Pundit's illegal FBI and NYPD leaks isn't surprising—rather, it looks like Flynn amplifying an illegal-leak-peddling fake news source that he had an existing connection to.
23/ If Flynn was the Trump campaign's "other man" on getting illegal FBI and NYPD links to the media pre-election—the first being Prince, who lives outside the U.S. and was publicly falsely claiming (even *under oath*, to Congress) no affiliation to Trump's campaign—this is huge.
24/ It might also explain why Donald Trump Jr. would delete a Flynn/True Pundit tweet about illegal FBI and NYPD leaks just 96 hours before the '16 presidential election—as the tweet risked exposing that connection, whereas Prince was (allegedly) "not part of the Trump campaign."
25/ Mueller has Flynn in his pocket—which means *Inspector General Horowitz* has Flynn in his pocket. That means if Flynn was working with others (Kallstrom, Giuliani, Prince, and others) to spread illegal NYPD and FBI leaks to the media pre-election, Horowitz will find out. /end
PS/ Please don't mistake just how much is at issue here: if the Trump campaign was part of a conspiracy to illegally leak confidential investigatory intelligence to blackmail James Comey into reopening the Clinton case pre-election, not only is it a crime, it's a stolen election.
PS2/ I know—as I'm involved—that major media is trying to find out who "True Pundit" ("Thomas Paine") is, so they can work backward to find out who his FBI sources are (and any Trump campaign intermediaries). One of my contributions to this effort was to discover the Flynn links.
PS3/ I can say this much: George Webb Sweigert says he was hanging out with True Pundit ("Thomas Paine") near Kallstrom's house, and Paine has acknowledged that—as well as his friendship with and prior employment for Kallstrom. And Sweigert introduced "Paine" to Flynn pal Gritz.
PS4/ Gritz said in an interview that she was in touch with Flynn during the campaign and transition—and that current FBI agents have talked to her about the Mueller probe. Meanwhile, Paine has said—bizarrely—that Gritz promised to investigate his death if the FBI had him killed.
PS5/ What this establishes is that Gritz and Sweigert are tied enough to "Thomas Paine"—and the former to Flynn, the latter to Kallstrom—that *everyone in media* should be trying to interview them if they want to uncover more evidence about what could be the crime of the century.
NOTE/ The only info I'm holding back in this thread (that is mine to release, that is) is the identity of a former Gritz coworker at the FBI who appears to either have intimate ties to "Thomas Paine" or even *be* the man going by "Thomas Paine" ("True Pundit"). But that will out.
SOURCE/ Here's Robyn Gritz being interviewed alongside "Thomas Paine" ("True Pundit"), and talking about her conversations with current FBI agents on Andrew McCabe and other topics. Gritz spent the 2016 campaign waging a battle to destroy McCabe's career.
NOTE2/ In this thread I have given the *kindest* interpretation of what happened here—surmising that Trump Jr. deleted a retweet that Flynn himself may have been fine with. But Flynn's Twitter archive shows that at some point *he* deleted his *own* tweet, which is *more* damning.
NOTE3/ When you click on Flynn's November 2, 2016 True Pundit tweet (seen in the Trump Twitter Archive in the previous tweet), you get this:
NOTE4/ So one of these 2 things seems to have happened:

1. Flynn tweets about True Pundit, Jr. retweets, Jr. deletes retweet, Flynn deletes tweet.
2. Flynn tweets about True Pundit, Jr. retweets, Flynn deletes tweet, Jr. has his retweet automatically deleted by Flynn's deletion.
NOTE5/ One of the questions this raises is whether Jr. and Flynn *discussed* the tweeting and retweeting I've summarized in my preceding tweets. Another question is whether Flynn and Trump Jr. *both* deleted on/before November 5 so a "clean" Prince/Breitbart retweet could go out.
NOTE6/ True Pundit says Prince stole his content. So between the True Pundit story (11/2) and Breitbart's story (11/4), Bannon, Prince, Trump Jr., and Flynn may well have spoken to coordinate who *should* release the story and how it should be tweeted out.…
NOTE7/ No investigator would fail to be suspicious here. In a 48-hour period just days before the election, Bannon's Breitbart sets Prince up with an interview in which he *steals wholesale* a True Pundit story—rather than have the campaign simply tweet out the True Pundit story.
NOTE8/ During that 2-day period, Flynn is at first willing to advertise the True Pundit story (11/2), as is Jr. (11/4), then—presumably because they were told Prince and Bannon were stealing the story for Breitbart—Flynn and Trump Jr. end up with their True Pundit tweets deleted.
NOTE9/ But the effect of these otherwise bizarre and purposeless shenanigans is to "launder" FBI and NYPD leaks so that no one publicly associated with the campaign—i.e. Flynn or Trump Jr.—is associating themselves with True Pundit, the entity McCabe and Comey were worried about.
NOTE10/ If the media or FBI wants to investigate, here's an interview list:

Goodman, Jason (Sweigert co-host)
Osgood, Michael *
Paine **
Trump Jr.

* Led Weiner probe at NYPD *while donating to Donald Trump*.
** Identity TBA.
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