** Q-Thread 4/6 **
Starting off with a bang today. We were sent a signal last night. Did you catch it?

nypost.com/2018/11/28/tru…📁- This is the important line: “If they go down the presidential harassment track, if they want go and harass the president ....
.... and the administration, I think that would be the best thing that would happen to me. I’m a counter-puncher and I will hit them so hard they’d never been hit like that,”
Read carefully knowing what you know now.- What we know now is that @realDonaldTrump tweeted the video from D-2971 (nadler) with the caption "Presidential Harassment". Then deleted that tweet. I have attached it for you to see.
Predictable?- POTUS called out their exact plan back in Nov.
Moves & Countermoves.- It is of great advantage, when you have the intel to know your enemy's plan & where they will countermove.
While we are planning our tactical nuke, they are employing the death blossom.
Death Blossom.- American military slang from the war in Iraq: the tendency of Iraqi security forces, in response to receiving a little fire from the enemy, to either run away or do the "death blossom," spraying fire indiscriminately in all directions. #QAnon

But, they [D's] already know, they just LIE [DISHONEST].- Resist, to protect their black ops.
📁-Dirty Diane making her case for enforcing the border

Welcome to the [D] party CON.- This is ALL about the $$ from trafficking
Anon points out that dirty Diane said this decades ago- hypocrisy.

#QAnon responds:
Why is POTUS pushing for TERM LIMITS?- Keeps the corruption from permeating within the institution.
TIME = CORRUPTION.- Exactly. Time>Power>Corruption
obviously I meant 3/6 not 4/6.
My bud @SniggihNire totally called the #DeathBlossom in his tweet last night. Great job bro. You got YOU'ED. It counts! D-2980

FB RETURNING TO THE NEWS.- Shut it down. I can get my wife to do more housework.
LIFELOG (DARPA) ENDS > FB BEGINS- Feb. 4, 2004. Coincidence? Who is InQTel? C_A venture capital company- BIG TECH FINANCIER
Regina Dugan- Building 8. I am still searching for the other 2 that are public.
Sorry guys and gals.
I am full on sick and going to bed.
I will finish this thread tomorrow if I survive.
I believe that I have found another one (2 of 3)- Dr. Anita Jones.
Possible (3 of 3) Gillman Louie.
They were both neck deep in C_A, DARPA, In-Q-Tel, & the tech boom.
Another interesting character to dig on is Admiral Poindexter- DARPA/Proj. Genoa
I also believe that this article will become very consequential:
These DARPA Darlings Just Raised $20M To Build A Super-Powered Google For The Internet Of Things
I believe that I have found another one (2 of 3)- Dr. Anita Jones. Possible (3 of 3) Gillman Louie. They were both neck deep in C_A, DARPA, In-Q-Tel, & the tech boom. Another interesting character to dig on is Admiral Poindexter- DARPA/Proj. Genoa themillenniumreport.com/2014/09/darpa-… #QAnon
I also believe that this article will become very consequential: These DARPA Darlings Just Raised $20M To Build A Super-Powered Google For The Internet Of Things forbes.com/sites/thomasbr…#QAnon
#QAnon called out FB (Building 8) on [4/11/18] & the immediate reaction was swift & measured, just as was when Q dropped intel on the secret comms of the deep state and within a couple of hours X-box experience widespread outages in their network- OOPS.
So this is just another example of how the DS reacts when #QAnon shines light in their direction. It happened in 2018 and guess what.... It happened again 3/6. Q started dropping on FB just short of 6pm yesterday and here is an article from last night: sptnkne.ws/kSJj
Notice the time stamp on the article: 3/7/2019 8:17am. Update or time zone diff?
Because an Anon had this article at 11:46 on 3/6.
Read this part: "I believe we should be working towards a world where people can speak privately and live freely knowing that their information....."
Remember when #QAnon said: "WE ARE THE NEWS NOW."?
Remember when Q opened up D-2984 by saying: "FB RETURNING TO THE NEWS."?
Do you think that those two things are related? Absolutely. Q wanted FB in the news and was able to create the response by bringing FB back to the board.
So when #QAnon wrote 'Think Scramble-MS shutdown imm post drop' then ties it together with the Building 8 'restructuring' release from 12/14/18, Q is saying that they are able to dictate the countermoves of the deeps state because Q knows their playbook for narrative control.
None of the response articles are REAL- they are all #FakeNews just meant to get control of the narrative. In the 12/14/18 article, FB basically said that they are killing the Building 8 project by splitting it into portal groups. FALSE.
They did not kill the project, they just reorganized it so they could compartmentalize the information and control who got to see what. By doing this is allowed FB to allow 'pay for play' access to portions of the project to the buyers of the information. #QAnon
Think in terms of real estate.
Buyers view (CHINA)- If you buy 100 acres the price per acre is lower, but you may only need 10 acres for your needs. You would have a lot of land that you paid for that is useless to you.
Sellers view (FB)- If you break the land into 10 acre plots, you can charge way more per acre and get more buyers at the higher rate, increasing your net profit, while getting use of the ENTIRE land mass.
So by reorganizing Building 8, it allowed FB to sell more of the information (your information) at a higher rate because it was sold to a target buyer instead of en masse. Reading through all of the #QAnon drops from yesterday, I think we have a very interesting picture forming.
The C_A, who are the DS operatives, built the BIG TECH data harvesters through C_A VC company (IN-Q-TEL), & have sold the mass data collections to the highest bidders like CHINA, in a massive pay to play operation in order to fund global cabal expansion. #QAnon
Who are the BIG TECH data harvesters?- See photo.
But how do they compartmentalize all of the data if EVERYTHING is being collected? That is where another IN-Q-TEL company steps in, named Palantir. Who is Palantir? They were founded with IN-Q-TEL money by....... PETER THIEL.
Peter Thiel was the founder of PayPal- AND first investor in FACEBOOK. WOW. Palantir was founded in 2003. Palantir is the organizer of BIG TECH DATA- the compartmentalizer. They had it on lock until 2014 when Qadium was founded by 4 DARPA DARLINGS. Qadium was a game changer.
So where did Qadium get their startup money from? One of the investors was a guy named Scott Sandell. BUT the other BIG investor was a fellow who is no stranger to BIG DATA org: Peter Thiel. So why would Thiel invest in a company that would seemingly be in competition w/Palantir?
Let's read why Peter Thiel would be interested in what Qadium does.
Tim Junio, Founder of Qadium, C_A analyst & DARPA consultant, found a way to find backdoors into most every device on the planet. #QAnon
Qadium is "a company that continuously scans servers, routers, CCTV cameras, power plant control systems - any device connecting to the public internet. They dazzle you with talk of CCTV cameras and Power Plant controls, but pay close attention to the last part- ANY DEVICE
Think about that. ANY DEVICE connected to the public internet is scanned and 'inventoried' by Qadium who is formally known as EXPANSE. Junio claims that he can scan the ENTIRE INTERNET and have an inventory of EVERY DEVICE connected in less than ONE MINUTE. See why Thiel invested
Here is a link to their website: expanse.co
Keep in mind when you read about what they do, you will see many cliche phrases about protecting your data blah blah blah, but this company would not exist if they were not selling that information to somebody. Just sayin
Continuing on with D-2984- #QAnon references [CHINA_BUILDING8] [CHINA_DRAGONFLY], Q is letting us know that CHINA has been the BUYER in the BIG TECH data market- supplied by the C_A. TREASON. The C_A has skirted US laws against spying by using BIG TECH.
Is it considered spying when we willfully provide the information to them? Well they have gone FAR past your profile information at this point so the answer is YES, and that doesn't even begin to touch on them selling your information.
Amazon cloud? Don't they still use the Oracle data base? Interesting. Was Oracle not one of the IN-Q-TEL (C_A) companies? Anyway, Amazon just got HUGE contracts with the DoD, so if we know or suspect that they are dirty, why are we using them? Hey, it's the government....
'C_A tasked with gathering and analyzing info on foreign governments and individuals?' They always have been right? Signal intelligence being used as cover? What #QAnon is telling us all here is the the tasks of the organization are laid out, but it is what they have been.....
..... doing with that information that is key. #QAnon points to when then C_A director Brennan used his authority to spy on US SENATORS- ILLEGAL. He was also spying on Supreme Court Justices and journalists that were rogue. Also Illegal. ALL will be made public soon.
When #QAnon says "think C_A install campaign US HOUSE & SENATE INFILTRATION"- Q is saying both spying and human infiltration. Why do you think the AWANS were there? Did you notice how many [ex]C_A were running for office in 2018? More n 2020? They have lost control & need it back
We have known about DARPA's LifeLog program and FB for a long time. LifeLog ended the same day FB was founded. NOT a coincidence.
#QAnon grabs a tweet abt Sean Hannity saying "My sources are telling me all will be well and that justice is finally coming."
Q then posts a photo that drove 8-Chan into a frenzy. I think they finally settled on it being Nunes.

"We hear his source(s) are 'very' credible."
Nunes was on Hannity last night and I have noticed that he has gotten a LOT more direct with what he is saying about the #Demos. He seems very calm and matter of fact when he is speaking about what is going on within the HPSCI.
#QAnon drops us the YT trailer from the movie "White Squall" again. But then there is this statement: "Never, in our history, has a communications project such as this taken place." I can't find it, but a verified acct the other day posted a very similar statement on twit.
#QAnon links a twit that identifies the easy DARPA>FB conn. When you look at the 'mission' of LifeLog v FB- they serve the same gods. Even though only [3 of 9] DARPA>FB senior employees are public, I think you can be safe in assuming that all LifeLog employees migrated.
DARPA wrote the programming for LifeLog but thought that the general public would not participate if it was a known gov't project, so they looked at what MySpace was doing and basically launched LifeLog under that premise. People jumped on board like wildfire.
When FB first launched it was an exclusive platform. You had to be a collegiate from an Ivy League school. That made is desirable to those who were NOT in the Ivy league. in a Grass is greener- want what we can't have kind of way.
When the LifeLog project was announced as terminated to congressional oversight, they still needed the money to operate. So what they did is use 'Black Budget' money- this is where Peter Thiel and In-Q-Tel came to the rescue.
Then you get the hollywood stars on board to push participation and voila, you have a recipe for success. Your C_A data collection platform is now 'COOL' and everybody wants to be a part of 'the program'.
Because of FB's [Secret]- the last thing 'they' want is for government to begin looking into their operations. This is why regulation of BIG TECH will be catastrophic for the C_A, Deep State, and Cabal.
So #QAnon asks the Question: Why was Cuckerberg chosen to be the face of FB? Well, that is a great question. You could think that it is because Cuck's grandfather is David Rockefeller- longtime, old-money, globalist. Or you could look at Cuck's wife- Priscilla Chan.
Priscilla Chan is of Chinese descent and also a Harvard alum. I am not sure about her family tree, I have not had time to dig on it. As far as why CHINA won't allow FB, that seems pretty simple. They have been in bed with the C_A-Cabal-BIG DATA harvesters for a long time- BUYER
If you know what FB is selling on America, why would you let them into your country? Would they not do the same against your country? LOGICAL THINKING. CHINA knows that by allowing FB in, they would essentially be inviting the C_A into their country to spy on them too.
At the end of D-2984, #QAnon said "[Part 1 of 9]"
In D-2991 Q confirms that we now have [Part 2 of 9]. All of this is a LOT to process, so if you are new to the movement or even if it is just this information that is new to you- just google any part of it and start reading
As we roll through the BIG TECH revelations, next up on the list is GOOGle. There are tons of documents that I could share with you on GOOG. I have done a couple of deep dives on them in the past. If you want to have your eyes opened, just read 'When Google met Wikileaks'
You can also read this thread that I did a while back : threadreaderapp.com/thread/1068245…
I would not advise you going forward until you have read that thread. GOOG is NOT who you think they are. They are EXTREMELY powerful. They have started wars and diffused conflicts globally. #QAnon
No let's see what some other folks have to say about GOOG.
"The CIA-NSA-MDDS program was not only partly funding Brin throughout his work with Larry Page developing Google, but that senior US intelligence representatives including a CIA official oversaw the evolution of Google in this pre-launch phase, all the way until the company ....
....was ready to be officially founded. Google, then, had been enabled with a “significant” amount of seed-funding and oversight from the Pentagon: namely, the CIA, NSA, and DARPA."
Did you get all of that? Funding & oversight from the Pentagon?
Well if you read my thread above you know that the Pentagon had stated that GOOG was so integrated into the Military Industrial Complex that the DoD would fail to function without GOOG. Let that sink in a bit.
I mentioned Admiral John Poindexter earlier in this thread and told you to dig in on him. He was prosecuted out the the Iran-Contra affair in during the Reagan years, but came out of that and went right back into the mix. Did you know he headed up Project_Genoa?
Project_Genoa was just one of the spying projects by the Pentagon, but it was the precursor to the current evolution of what we are seeing now. Genoa was conceived in late 1995 by retired Rear Admiral John Poindexter. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_G…
At the time, Poindexter was working at Syntek, a company often contracted to do work for the Department of Defense. He proposed a computer system that would help humans crunch large amounts of data in order to more effectively predict potential national security threats.
Genoa was commissioned in 1996 for development overseen by DARPA & completed in the 2002, before becoming a component of the Total Information Awareness program (TIAP). Guess what TIAP turned into... GOOGLE!
It was concluded that while Genoa helped officials better understand complex situations, it moved too slow. The research initiated by the project was continued in its immediate follow-on program, Genoa II. One of the goals of this successor was to increase the speed of analyses.
If you would like to read more about the BIG DATA programs locate the box on the right of the wikipedia page linked above and just start reading about the evolution of domestic spying by the Pentagon.

Re-review past drops.
Major steps underway to challenge these control pockets.- I certainly hope that we are about to take control of these spy machines and convert them to the intended purpose.
"IQT was established in 1999 to ensure that our country’s intelligence agencies had access to innovative technologies from the startup community to help protect and preserve our nation’s security." Sounds Patriotic doesn't it. #QAnon
Snowden was C_A, all of you should know this by now. He went 'undercover' into the NSA in order to infiltrate and expose what the NSA was doing in the surveillance world. After 9/11, the IC basically got a blank check to build their domestic spying network.
Because of this, the NSA now had the resources and mandate to do mass surveillance in the US. Who didn't like this? The Clowns. They had been doing it for years with no oversight and the NSA posed a GRAVE THREAT to exposing them. So what did they do?
They set out to destroy them publicly- Enter Snowden. A couple of things that you have to keep in mind here:
-C_A was under the control of the global cabal.
-Global cabal used the C_A BIG DATA projects to fund operations.
-Selling that BIG DATA to our enemies- CHINA/Russia
The clowns needed to get the NSA off their tail, lest they be exposed, so they sent in Snowden and under the guise of being a 'whistleblower' he exposed all of the domestic surveillance tools that the NSA was using. READ Vault 7 in Wikileaks. You will learn more than you want.
So Snowden the 'whistleblower' was deemed a hero by the deep state and they sold that idea to the public through #FakeNews articles and Hollywood. Snowden knew of the C_A programs that were doing the same things, but he did not expose those. So what does that tell you? CLOWN.
Snowden did not release this information to the public to be a hero, and once he disclosed the HIGHLY CLASSIFIED information, he fled to...... CHINA. So what does that tell you? Remember the bedfellows above? Clowns>Cabal>China/Russia. TREASON! #QAnon
Imagine what information he has given to CHINA/Russia in the past 5+ years. China did not hold him for the US- Were we really looking for him? CHINA should not have been able to let him leave, so WHO allowed the flight? Deep State High Level US Official? YES!
I can sum up this drop with a simple video that I have shared with you a number of times:
#QAnon #QMePlease #QThisThread
Not beggin, just sayin- it is about time.
Anon links the article from Sputnik that I shared with you earlier.

Mark Zuckerberg outlines new plan to build 'privacy-focused' Facebook sptnkne.ws/kSJj
#QAnon responds:
Trying to get ahead of something?
What a coincidence.
Anons are making fun of Cuckerberg for panicking and putting out the narrative piece in D-2995.
#QAnon reminds us of their constant drive to dictate the narrative that they want everyone to believe. 'We are working to protect your data...blah blah blah.'
We have heard it all before and it is ALL just an attempt to squelch the public outcry over their surveillance abuse. Narrative control. We heard it all when FB, Cuck, GOOG, and others have testified before congress. LIES LIES LIES = TREASON TREASON TREASON. #QAnon
What makes it that much worse is that you cannot turn off their surveillance. It will not delete, you do not even have to have ever signed up. They can activate your mic/camera without your knowledge etc. What about ALL of the other devices you have connected in your home? #QAnon
Remember Qadium/Expanse? They got that covered for you. They can tell when your WiFi garage door opener is activated, & even control it. Alarm systems, cameras, TV's, think about all of the WiFi connected devices you have in your home- Qadium has them inventoried for you. #QAnon
I forgot to mention earlier. Remember the 'INTERNET OF THINGS'? That is who Qadium is. They are GOOGLE for ALL public internet connected devices WORLDWIDE! Who do you think would use that information? What do you think they would do with that information? DON'T BE EVIL! #QAnon
The global surveillance grid includes embedded chips (QRS-11) in planes, devices, equipment and people to remotely send signals and control every element of The Internet of Things network. That's right- that QRS-11 chip allows control of EVERY ELEMENT OF THE INTERNET OF THINGS.
Whoever holds the patent on that chip would be a pretty powerful person, wouldn't you say? Who could it be? [HRC] Mittens Romney? Look for yourself.
#QAnon finishes by dropping a link to a chive article from 2012. I have researched this a bit and can tell you that there is some really evil stuff there. There has been a LARGE public outcry about it and most of the 'paintings' have been removed. thechive.com/2012/03/08/som…
It is widely rumored that the paintings are still onsite though. In the alleged underground facility that is operated beneath the airport. If you decide to dig in on this, make sure you are prayed up- it is a bunch of evil crap.
As you may have noticed, I wrote this decode thread completely different than I usually do. I am going to start making my threads a bit more of a narrative than just re-posting what Q says and adding comments. It will make it MUCH easier for readers to get the info w/o clutter.
I welcome your feedback always, so please drop comments when you have them and if you like my work, all I ask is that you like and RETWEET. Thank you guys and gals for all that you do in helping get the information in front of as many eyes as possible.
Don't forget about #NinjaNews tonight at Midnight Central on @PatriotsSoapbox live stream. I will drop you a link and a reminder later tonight. It will be the fastest hour on the internet tonight for sure. A LOT to cover. #QAnon
This is noteworthy,however Bill Smith did a video on this months ago and I dug further on his research in Vault 7 at that time before my Twit days. Of course the C_A was using the FB embed and the Good guys weaponized 'their' tools in boomerang fashion.
Something you should explore further.
Impressive, most impressive.

Looks like Da Nang Dick is a little concerned about dossiers. Interesting that it takes DS #Demos being the target for his concern to rise to the surface.
#QAnon is letting us know that we are tracking those involved in the battle on the side of the deep state. We have had undercover LEO's & Ex-Military doing DNA collection on Antifa for months. We are tracking all who are aiding/supporting the caravans, We are cornering the enemy
Twit marking another line off of the checklist from D-2681- Barr meeting w/Huber/IG.
#QAnon responds:
Keep the calendar up-to-date, Patriot.
Check off and log.
Future proves past.
#QAnon reminds us of the importance of holding the Senate & Supreme Court by re-posting D-2444. The link supplied contains the letter from today (3/7/19) to AG Barr written by @LindseyGrahamSC. Requests were made for documents with a 3/21/19 deadline.
The laundry list requested by Graham is with the intent to expose the corruption, lies and the insurance policy. Timing is everything- These are the same things that Meadows and Jordan were requesting from [RR] for months.
BUT if the docs would have been provided then, Schiff would be in control of that investigation now and the spin narrative would have already been leaked. This is why they were held back- House > Senate
Photo of an Israeli holding a sign that says MIGA.
We stand TOGETHER in this FIGHT.
This may be an attempt by #QAnon to squelch some of the Jew hating that has been consuming the bread on 8-Chan the last few days. It has been crazy in there.
#QAnon drops us a Bing FB search and the news is on spin cycle for the clowns of FB- Desperate narrative control attempt. [Parts 3-9 coming soon]. We are giving the spiders a chance to spin so that their ammo is exhausted. The Mueller report will speak on BIG TECH-SOON.
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