**** Q-Thread 3/3 ****
#QAnon got busy today and we are definitely ramping up. Be vigilant & keep your head on a swivel- as the heat gets turned up we all know what the #Demo game plan will be. See something- Say something. Watch @DevinNunes here 1st:

When the original 'insurance' policy expires [MUELLER] and you must attempt to 'protect' those in harms way by re_applying BLOCKADE + maintain leftist hatred & FAKE NEWS narrative you………..
*Create new narrative out of thin air- NO evidence.
At what stage in the game do you play the TRUMP card?
* I think you hold the Trump card until you have the #DeepState FULLY committed. Once they are 'ALL-In' there is no ability to defend and there is no way to walk away without losing everything. We are VERY near.
Why have there been no arrests?-
There have been hundreds already. Watch the DoJ website- the fraud cases are coming fast and furious. The human trafficking cases are almost daily. justice.gov
Why have 'specific' dates been mentioned only to see no action?-
Because #QAnon is does not drop intel intended to be translated on a 1:1 basis. This is one of the reasons that I have transitioned from 'decoding' to taking current events and tying them to previous Q-Drops. FPP
Define 'game theory'.-
A mathematical method of decision-making in which a competitive situation is analyzed to determine the optimal course of action for an interested party, often used in political, economic, and military planning. #QAnon #WWG1WGA
Why must disinformation be provided?-
Pay attention! Dis-information is different from Mis-information. Dis-information is accurate intel that is given on a varying timetable. MIS-information is false intel that is designed to lead someone down a wrong path. #QAnon
To answer the question, Dis-information is given in order to provide us with accurate intel, without giving away the plan and still allow plausible deniability. We are nearing a time when we will get more of a daily, time-line correct, information drop. Hence: We are NOW the news
Define 'open source'.-
-Information available without any special access.
Define 'public purview'.-
-What the public is allowed to see/what is reported.
Do we let our enemies walk through the front door?- By no means. We lure them into our traps.
Define 'plausible deniability'.
-The ability of people to deny knowledge of or responsibility for any damnable actions committed by others in an organizational hierarchy because of a lack of evidence that can confirm their participation, even if they were personally involved.
Why was it important to FIRST clean house within the FBI & DOJ (public info)?- -Because without a justice system free from corruption, everything would have just been covered up. the same way it has been for years. TWO-TIERED Justice system continuation.
Why was it important to FIRST clean house within other ABC agencies (non_public info)?-
-To stop the subversion of the Trump administration. We had to stop the deep state from being able to use the other ABCs to undermine our efforts globally. #QAnon #WWG1WGA
What are the duties of the FBI?- Investigate criminal activity-Federal
What are the duties of the DOJ?- Prosecute criminal activity-Federal and set the enforcement standards nationally.
When does MIL INTEL have jurisdiction?- Under National Emergency/Threat
What vested powers does POTUS have re: MIL INTEL vs. ABC agencies re: matters of NAT SEC (HOMELAND)?- Patriot Act- Almost limitless power vs. enemies- foreign/domestic. FISA cuts both ways.
Think 'umbrella surv'.- NSA is a POWERFUL org. Once this is done, they will be reigned in.
What agency does the FBI report to?- DOJ
What is the role of the AG?- TOP LEO of the Land.
Does the AG oversee the firing of FBI & DOJ senior/mid/lower staff?- YES
How many FBI & DOJ were FIRED/FORCED?- 20+ I do not have an up to date list.
Does 'Russia' recusal prevent/block AG from this responsibility?- Only in that matter.
What time period did this occur?- March 2017
Who appointed and tasked HUBER?- Sessions
Who appointed and tasked the OIG?- [Hussein], but neutered during administration.
Who was AG?- [LL]
[zero leaks - none]- Imperative to avoid obstruction from corruption.
Transfer from AG1 to AG2?- Yes. Sessions>Barr- Whitaker was the key. Sessions COS> AAG> Advisor under Barr.
Why might that be important?- Continuance of investigation W/O loss of information/restart
How do you avoid 'politically motivated/attack - obstruction - attempt to block/obstruct Mueller'?- Appoint [RR], Sessions recuse, [RR] appoint SC- Seems legit right?
Optics are important.- VERY important in order to draw the enemy into your trap. Important for public acceptance.
When are optics not important?- Things that are not in the public purview. Also, when someone is in the 'acting' position- unnecessary.
Think Whitaker.- Acting AG. Specific agenda to transition information.
Define 'stage set'.- All the pieces are in place & the timing is right.
Who recently walked 'on stage' to take command?- AG BARR
What 'stage' experience did this person have?- Previous run as AG
Think Bill Clinton impeachment.- Experience, knowledge from the inside of the swamp. #QAnon
Has the 'stage' been cleaned & cleared for the next performance?- Yes. Barr is in place and the transition is complete.
If the 'stage' is clean, can the performance begin?- This week will be INTERESTING!
How might 'transparency' [DECLAS] fit into the dialogue?- Once the Mueller report comes, the DECLAS (transparency) will be released to bolster the evidence of the Mueller report.
Define 'thesis' statement.- A dissertation embodying results of original research and especially substantiating a specific view. a proposition to be proved or one advanced without proof : hypothesis
What benefit(s) does this provide BARR?- Mueller report>BARR>Final report>public release>#Demo backlash>DECLAS to prove the findings of the 'Thesis Statement' of BARR's synopsis of the Mueller Report. BUCKLE UP- the Big reveal is on the horizon.
"This is not simply another four-year election. This is a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not we, the people, reclaim control over our government." - POTUS
Logical thinking.-
Complete DESTRUCTION of the SWAMP system. #QAnon
Ask yourself a very simple, logical, question.
What is a FISA warrant/application?- Defined below.
Is it a highly confidential [safeguarded] product of the UNITED STATES GOV?-YES
If a product of the US GOV _ how did UK/AUS know what was listed inside of the package?- Because [Hussein] had outsourced the surveillance to our FVEY (Five Eyes) allies in order to hide the corruption.
Think call to POTUS to prevent DECLAS [sources & methods].- Allies Panic
If the US GOV requests UK/AUS [+2] to spy [+ campaign insertion] on an AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL PRE_NOMINEE + POTUS ELECT, is there a CHAIN OF COMMAND to APPROVE such AUTH?- YES, this order had to come straight from the TOP. [Hussein] PDB. #QAnon
Paper trail of the CHAIN OF COMMAND & umbrella spy metadata?- We have it all- hidden in private comms, HRC server, Discord, Gaming chat platforms, etc.
If not tasked & targeted under FVEY - what legal authority existed to engage the targeting?- NO OFFICIAL program- ROGUE.
Think Nunes' statement "not through normal collection, gathering, and reporting/oversight re: (FVEY)."
Did the dossier provide the 'bulk data' anchor for the spy campaign?- YES, but under fraudulent pretense to the FISC.
What entity paid for the 'research' dossier?- [HRC]/DNC
Opposition candidate?- YES
What US Ally completed the collection of false data?- UK
Why was it important to use sources within the UK vs. US?- Cover/Plausible Deniability.
How do you circumvent US LAW?- Go outside the US.
What other 'anchors' were provided to FISC in order to gain the warrant?- Plants inside the Trump Campaign. Human intel package.
[DECLAS will show].- They (deep state) devised, planned, implemented and executed the 'INSURANCE POLICY'. #QAnon
Was the 'other' data (collection/process) worse than the dossier?- Human plants- Manafort, Papo, Page, Halper........
Why didn't FISC require 'in room' presentations of the data prior to 'sign off'?- Relationships between the judges and the presenters. #QAnon
Who signed apps 1-4?- Comey, Trisha Anderson, Rosenstein, Buente. BUT there is much more here than meets the eye. There were 4 separate FISA warrants, not just the Page FISA + 3 renewals. 4 DIFFERENT FISA warrants. Page/Dragon/?/?.
Who traveled to UK/AUS post election of POTUS?- [Hussein] and [HRC] were the main ones. We also know that Clapper, little john brennan and others went as well.
Why were SECURITY PRIV removed from select 'formerly active' individuals?- To avoid their ability to subvert/circumvent current investigations/pass information.
Treason-Sedition-Corruption at the highest levels of GOV (WW).- Many allies will be caught in the net. Merkel, Macron, Trudeau, May, Turnbull (gone)
How do you repair a bridge without closing it down?- Prop it up while building a new bridge. #QAnon
abc4.com/news/local-new…📁- Informative article concerning the new Attorneys working for Huber- and their specialty. PAIN is coming.
Sometimes reading between the lines provides…
"Huber says every one of the prosecutors is already handling about twenty cases."- So how many attorneys does he have? 470+
"They range from domestic terrorism to court-authorized wiretaps of criminal organizations to child pedophiles and those who would exploit our children. Criminal aliens. Big fraud schemes." - We have seen the fraud cases/trafficking being announced left and right. #QAnon
Anon posts the SEALED indictments- 82,324 currently.
Thank you, Anon.
Note: Not all are USA v. [ ]
Nothing to see here.- Obviously NOTHING is HAPPENING. NOTHING!
📁- HOW does he know? Lol. Ted LieuSER.

Read the comments.- BOTS-set to resist.
Those still asleep buying the 'narrow' scope 'new narrative' shift.- Doubtful. I think that they cause more people to #walkaway because they realize it's all BS. #QAnon
If the scope memo was never unclassified (v2) how do D's make this statement?- They know there is nothing. They just need an insurance renewal plan. House Judiciary is just a posse in search of a crime. #QAnon
foxnews.com/politics/hilla…📁- FEAR- Desperation.

Full-scale attack.- They are calling in every favor to attempt to blitz the media, censor the conservatives, prolong the narrative and RALLY their troops.
March Madness.- This is a major information war.
Prepare.- Vigilance

More statements made (evidence) without presenting facts.- When there are no facts, you must create.....
If 'evidence' exists(ed), under 'broad' scope #1, would Mueller have the auth to pursue?- 100%
justice.gov/opa/press-rele…📁- "If the Special Counsel believes it is necessary and appropriate, the Special Counsel is authorized to prosecute federal crimes arising from the investigation of these matters" #QAnon
The Special Counsel is authorized to conduct the investigation confinned by then-FBI Director James 8. Corney in testimony before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on March 20, 2017, including:
James 8 ehh. I will find more on this later.
(i) any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump; and
(ii) any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation; and
(iii) any other matters within the scope of 28 C.F.R. § 600.4(a).
Because no evidence exists(ed) and/or was found by SC/Mueller, was scope #2 enacted in an attempt to go outside of the 'intended engagement'?-
-I think Scope #2 was allowing investigation into who REALLY colluded.

Why is scope #2 classified only to AG/DAG and a select few others (read at terminal only)?- Avoid leaks.
If 'evidence' exists(ed), why did R+D members of the Senate conclude NO DIRECT EVIDENCE EXISTS …………..?- It doesn't exist. #QAnon

If 'evidence' exists(ed), as per your statement released today, again, why did the SENATE (R's + D's) JUST CONCLUDE NO EVIDENCE EXISTS?- It doesn't exist. Rest easy. lol
When will Americans wake up to the [D] party con that is continually pushed without facts, without support, and supported and further pushed by the media arm of the [D] party [FAKE NEWS MEDIA]?-
-They are waking up everyday, but when Mueller drops, there will be a mass exodus.
Reading the comments on these Tweets further demonstrates the seriousness of media brainwashing in our Country whereby statements are considered fact w/o the need to provide proof.-
They have gotten less and less though. I have noticed a huge difference. Many are BOT accts now.

Control of the Narrative.- MIS-information.
If enough people state the same thing w/o providing evidence and/or support does it become FACTUAL to those caught in the loop?- YES
#QAnon confirms the typo in D-2943- Confinned v Confirmed.
twitter.com/tedlieu📁-#QAnon drops the photo from @realDonaldTrump's inaugration. Lieuser has a 'fake' photo as his twit banner. Called out.
You should update your T-banner pic to properly reflect the crowd size when the event actually started.- #FakeNews - many forms
Have you ever witnessed a public all-out attack by the opposition party against the President of the United States?- Not a public one. They have assassinated/attempted against others though. Media has been vicious with Nixon, and Reagan too. #QAnon
Those who would normally hide in the shadows are forced into the LIGHT.- Watch Tom Steyer. Watch Hollywood. Watch the #Demos run to embrace socialism in opposition of @POTUS. Dark>LIGHT.
P-A-N-I-C - Resist, fight, desperation, loss of control.
Patriots in Control.- WTP
📁- Attached. Link is dead- inundated w/ Q-responses & had to delete the tweet to avoid red-pilling their followers. This is why we need to be posting our memes on their tweets instead of just posting for our followers.

"Enormous evidence."- Riiight
Anon posts a graphic showing the [00:07 Delta] between the Trump Tweet and D-2946.
At what point is it statistically impossible?- Way past statistical analysis now.
#QAnon links to an Anon graphic post on the 7 second delta.
>>5489614 (/pb)
[7] seconds?
We are getting closer to 0:00:00.
How is that possible?
Close proximity?- Same person operating the devices? Legit!
Anon posts about the 'Meet the press' tweet being deleted- #QAnon links and says:
The power of the People.- Red-Pills galore- must kill the source- our own tweet..lol
Tweet deleted.
Anon posts a GREAT graphic for the BAKERS PATCH. Kudos Galore.

#QAnon responds: You are the news now.
- I know the graphic is a little small, but it is very well done. Crazy Crooked {HRC] is struggling with the reality that it's ALL over. #QAnon
video.foxnews.com/v/600953545900… - I told all of you at the beginning of this thread that @DevinNunes interview with @MariaBartiromo on @SundayFutures was a MUST WATCH. Check the timestamps- ahead of the game #NinjaNews @Qanon.
📁- Levin did an entire hour with the founder of the #WalkAway movement, @usminority Brandon Straka. Excellent interview Brandon, and thank you @marklevinshow for presenting this information.
#QAnon simply says: On the schedule.
#QAnon links us to the #WalkAway Documonial. This video allows multiple former #Demos to share their #WalkAway story. Laying out the REAL EVIDENCE in what @realDonaldTrump has done for the minority voice within our Country.
Do you think it is a coincidence that the word #WalkAway has been used a MILLION times in relation to the @realDonaldTrump / North Korea summit? This is a YUGE red-pill.
#QAnon responds in D-2954: 📁

The Great Awakening.- Sheep NO MORE!
Just saw @SteveHiltonx ask a VERY important Q during his Swamp Watch segment on The @NextRevFNC.
Q: Why would China and other countries need to hire lobbyists to influence our Gov't?
A: We should require all House/Senate to disclose the $$ they have taken from foreign lobbyists
Excellent work as usual @SteveHiltonx. This would sure upset the apple cart now wouldn't it. Who within the Legislative Branch is acting on behalf of a foreign government? We know the #Demos LOVE to project their corruption onto others- Collusion? Who really colluded? Anons KNOW.
Excellent graphic in Re: D-2945
As for James '8' Comey, here is one theory: independent.co.uk/news/world/ame…
Here is Comey's 8th most-recent tweet:
“And there are times when you must take a stand that is neither safe nor politic nor popular, but you must do it because it is right.” — MLK, Atlanta 1967
Here is Comey's 8th tweet ever:
We are in an “inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”
What jumps out at you?
MLK correlation?
Perhaps the 'coded message' that seems to be a continuance?
That he is saying in the 10/18/17 tweet: 'We must stick together, or we're all going down?
Or that in the 1/21/19 tweet he seems to be saying: 'We need to do what we HAVE to do'?
Re: D-2948 [Zero Delta]
Excellent analytics from an Anon-
36 times
36 times
36 times
36 times
36 times
36 times

Trump and #QAnon have posted on a [Zero Delta].
Let that sink in......
Here is HOW the Anon compiled the data contained in the graphic.
Re: D-2938- Who traveled to UK/AUS post election of POTUS?
Anon compiled the graphic for [Hussein] trips v @POTUS.
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