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@bimbola_01 @EBONGIE @Clinton_Vice_B @Osekita @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @Efficacy12 If you don’t have clarity you ask reasonable questions not as though you know better. The then IGP & his yes men spent months cooking up propaganda & denying until they were overwhelmed with the empirical evidence made public.
@bimbola_01 @EBONGIE @Clinton_Vice_B @Osekita @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @Efficacy12 It must be clear however that the advocacy was for the IGP to do anything as the police can not reform itself or be a judge in their own case. It was for the authorities to legislate and repeal and replace the outdated Police Act of 75years ago (Constabulary).
@bimbola_01 @EBONGIE @Clinton_Vice_B @Osekita @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @Efficacy12 The Presidency knows this but there is no political will to pull it through as the Legislative (NASS) was at logger heads with the Executive (Presidency) then. My engagement reveals that the Executive will sign the Bill if we can get it passed at NASS.
@bimbola_01 @EBONGIE @Clinton_Vice_B @Osekita @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @Efficacy12 The Executive knowing what it takes to get the needed political will to make NASS pass such laws believed this was a fool’s errand and that we will fail and be frustrated since we had no Ghana must Go to give to effect the needful. But they were wrong.
@bimbola_01 @EBONGIE @Clinton_Vice_B @Osekita @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @Efficacy12 We met the leaders of @HouseNGR & @NGRSenate and ran them through the petition and implication should the situation persists. They bought into the vision and decided to pull their weights as representatives of the people. An Adhoc committee was set up at Senate.
@bimbola_01 @EBONGIE @Clinton_Vice_B @Osekita @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @Efficacy12 @HouseNGR @NGRSenate While these were ongoing we have engaged the Judiciary as well via @citizen_gavel on the national implementation of the Administartion of Criminal Justice Act (ACJA) 2015 which was only operational in a few states then.
@bimbola_01 @EBONGIE @Clinton_Vice_B @Osekita @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @Efficacy12 @HouseNGR @NGRSenate @citizen_gavel We also ensure the Socialmedia campaign continued with daily updates on all engagement and resolution of cases and intervention. So it was deeper than just the Socialmedia noise. When international media started covering the matter, the police became jittery.
@bimbola_01 @EBONGIE @Clinton_Vice_B @Osekita @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @Efficacy12 @HouseNGR @NGRSenate @citizen_gavel The Presidency also for the fear of National Embarrassment started looking for a way to drown the mess where the sponsorship of desperate illiterate housewives carrying misspelt placards failed in Abuja. The reform SARS propaganda also was spent on by the police which also failed
@bimbola_01 @EBONGIE @Clinton_Vice_B @Osekita @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @Efficacy12 @HouseNGR @NGRSenate @citizen_gavel I was pronounced to be under investigation on National TV by Jimoh Moshood (then Force PRO) with the hope of intimidating my resolve but that too failed as we gathered more momentum even with their attempt at blackmail. Eventually, a meeting was called in Lagos...
@bimbola_01 @EBONGIE @Clinton_Vice_B @Osekita @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @Efficacy12 @HouseNGR @NGRSenate @citizen_gavel ...this coincided with the International Youth Day with a theme of Creating Safe Spaces for our youth. Our dialogue with the youth ambassador @koredebello for the Police made practical sense to indeed probe the gap further. It was at this meeting that we met the Police leadership
@bimbola_01 @EBONGIE @Clinton_Vice_B @Osekita @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @Efficacy12 @HouseNGR @NGRSenate @citizen_gavel @koredebello This was the first ever peacetalk or roundtable that clearly put the police hierarchy on our page. We resolved that Sunday on all issues and police admitted culpability with a decision to work with our organization to create a stop gap to stem the crisis.
@bimbola_01 @EBONGIE @Clinton_Vice_B @Osekita @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @Efficacy12 @HouseNGR @NGRSenate @citizen_gavel @koredebello It was at this meeting that we agreed to drop the #EndSARS (Objective) hashtag in good faith and retain the #ReformPoliceNG (EndGoal). In return we demanded that they make public the new operating procedures of SARS in preparation for Reform after the Bill Passes.
@bimbola_01 @EBONGIE @Clinton_Vice_B @Osekita @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @Efficacy12 @HouseNGR @NGRSenate @citizen_gavel @koredebello That protocol was what birthed the F-SARS. It wasn’t much of a centralization if SARS as believed by the current IGP but a stop gap protocol that restrained the elit squad from aimless rigmarole that opens them up to the temptations of abusing the rights of innocent citizens.
@bimbola_01 @EBONGIE @Clinton_Vice_B @Osekita @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @Efficacy12 @HouseNGR @NGRSenate @citizen_gavel @koredebello A man of war in a peaceful society can only make war to be relevant. This was the idea that necessitated the need to isolate them and restrict them all to respond only to distress calls and return once the threat is neutralized. Each state then had a SARS/SACS/SAKS commander.
@bimbola_01 @EBONGIE @Clinton_Vice_B @Osekita @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @Efficacy12 @HouseNGR @NGRSenate @citizen_gavel @koredebello Answerable only to the Commisisoner of the Elite Squads at the FHQ not the Commissioner Of Police if their state which were mostly found cupable of abusing these elite squad for generating money by extortion and incrimination of innocent citizens.
@bimbola_01 @EBONGIE @Clinton_Vice_B @Osekita @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @Efficacy12 @HouseNGR @NGRSenate @citizen_gavel @koredebello When the meeting was done, we all shook hands and while waiting for the publication on Monday all we heard was an announcement of an order by the acting President (VP) for an immediate overhaul of the SARS (all elite squad units actually). Did I mention that we wrote also...
@bimbola_01 @EBONGIE @Clinton_Vice_B @Osekita @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @Efficacy12 @HouseNGR @NGRSenate @citizen_gavel @koredebello ...directly to the President to this effect to EndSARS and Begin a holistic Reform of the entire police system before we were asked to go through NASS? I did but I just didn’t mention we wrote a letter which was responsible for the presidential order.
@bimbola_01 @EBONGIE @Clinton_Vice_B @Osekita @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @Efficacy12 @HouseNGR @NGRSenate @citizen_gavel @koredebello The Police couldn’t do anything else than create an addendum to the initial documents as agreed with us at our Sunday meeting by adding the paragraph, In compliance to the order of the President of the federal Republic on the Overhaul of SARS etc...every other thing was same.
@bimbola_01 @EBONGIE @Clinton_Vice_B @Osekita @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @Efficacy12 @HouseNGR @NGRSenate @citizen_gavel @koredebello So to answer the question if we influenced the overhaul and the commencement of the Reformation of the Police, the answer is 90% in the affirmative after many years of the Government irresponsibly living in denial. A lot has happened that we are yet to talk about.
@bimbola_01 @EBONGIE @Clinton_Vice_B @Osekita @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @Efficacy12 @HouseNGR @NGRSenate @citizen_gavel @koredebello I just have to thank Nigerians for their trust and cooperation. Also speacial thanks to listening leaders and the best team in the world that I was blessed to work with. @AbdulMahmud01 @yemusan1 @zeal_a @NwangumaOkey @julietkego @DrJoeAbah @2weta @citizen_gavel etc
@bimbola_01 @EBONGIE @Clinton_Vice_B @Osekita @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @Efficacy12 @HouseNGR @NGRSenate @citizen_gavel @koredebello @AbdulMahmud01 @yemusan1 @zeal_a @NwangumaOkey @julietkego @DrJoeAbah @2weta So when anyone tells you #EndSARS was a Socialmedia event, just note that it is deep ignorance that is killing such character slowly. It took blood and sacrifice to make this happen & now it is about to be sabotaged again. But we are not giving up. No relapse if we work hard.
@bimbola_01 @EBONGIE @Clinton_Vice_B @Osekita @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @Efficacy12 @HouseNGR @NGRSenate @citizen_gavel @koredebello @AbdulMahmud01 @yemusan1 @zeal_a @NwangumaOkey @julietkego @DrJoeAbah @2weta Read up more on how we made a joint statement on the need for a stop gap and why we ran the advocacy void of hate. This was the birth of F-SARS pending the Legislation that signifies the beginning of the Reform. It worked until the new IGP’s order.
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