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Extended session
Day 36

#RajyaSabha starts
Papers being tabled right now

Amit Shah can be seen
As per reports he is set to make a statement on situation in #JammuAndKashmir

Chair makes an announcement
Surendra Singh Nagar, Sanjay Seth, Bhubaneshwar Kalita resigned

Chair accepted their resignation as he found those voluntary and they were not willing to reconsider

Chair then reads out hours allotted for discussion of pending Bills

Chair then announces that #Parliament Building has completed 92 years, calls it temple of #democracy

Appeals to PM to expand and modernize #Parliament House in run up to India's celebration of 75th year in 2022
Chair states that he has waived Rule regarding advanced notice and circulation of Bill before introduction as matter is very imp.

Then Amit Shah is called to introduce #JammuAndKashmir #Reservation Bill

Ghuam Nabi Azad intervenes and asks for discussion on what's happening in #KashmirIssue

Amt Shah states that he is ready for a debate on what's happening in #JammuAndKashmir and will answer all Qs

Derek O'Brien raises point of order under Rule 69 to allow Chair to waive requirement of advance notice, circulation but appeals that MPs feel deprived of opportunity to read Bill & make suggestions
Chair states that MPs will be given opportunity to submit amendments uptil 12.30
Opposition states that #JammuAndKashmir #Reservation Bill (extending 10% EWS Reservation to J&K) is good Bill but answers needed on what's happening in J&K
Amit Shah talks abt some revised list of business but this is nt available on #RajyaSabha website so far
AMit Shah presents a resolution to abrogate #Article370

Please note - the text of this Resolution is not available on #RajyaSabha website !!!

As AMit Shah speaks on #Article370 Opposition starts creating noise, nothing much can be heard

Then Amit Shah states something about #JammuAndKashmir Reorganization Bill

Utter mayhem in House

Then Amit Shah introduces the #JammuAndKashmir Reservation (Second Amendment) Bill

There is intense chaos inside House

Chair allows Bill to be taken up on a voice vote even as nothing could be heard among the noise

As MPs protest, first sound is muted, then proceedings are stopped from being displayed live

There is BLACKOUT!

Proceedings are live again

Chair appeals to MPs to take up the #JammuAndKashmir Reservation Bill, tries to persuade MPs by saying that only this Bill will be taken up

Parl Affairs Minister and Law Minister start reading out past incidents in which Constitution Amendment Bills or other Bills which have effects on States were introduced and passed on same day

Ravi Shankar Prasad appeals to MPs to start discussion

Then AMit Shah is asked to start speaking on Bills, even as there is intense chaos inside House

Amit Shah can only be heard intermittently, talks about how #Reservation for EWS will be extended to J&K in education and employment

Amit Shah continues to speak on #JammuAndKashmir Reservation Bill

Then Chair asks other MPs to start speaking on Reservation Bill, which he claims

Tiruch Siva claims that 2 Bills were introduced and only after that Supplementary List of Business was circulated!!!!
The Resolution on #Article370 and #JammuAndKashmir Reorganization Bill is up on #RajyaSabha website

See pics
There is so much chaos

It is difficult to believe that Chair who would adjourn proceedings if an MP as much as rose from his seat is letting proceedings go on, on issues of wide ramifications, amidst utter disorder and chaos

Amit Shah continues to speak, not clear on what!
Chair clarifies that #JammuAndKashmir #Reservation Bill was circulated on Friday, so it has been introduced

Since other Bills which were moved earlier hadn't been circulated before being moved, they will be moved again
There is BLACKOUT again

Just before that, Chair asked Marshals to come in as he claimed that some MPs were tearing the Constitution which he couldnt tolerate

#RajyaSabha reconvenes

Ghulam Nabi Azad speaks on #Article370

States that something historic and extraordinary has happened, this is not ordinarily how Bills are passed

As some MPs from treasury benches intervene, he asks them to 'Shut Up'!!

Azad continues

Strongly condemns the act of some MPs who tore Constitution, but stands by #Constitution of India, and alleges that BJP murdered #Constitution and #Democracy

Amit Shah speaks - I dont know if #Article370 was historic but my Bill is historic
AMit Shah speaks
Maharaja Hari Sngh signed on 27th October 1947, Article 370 came in 1959
Article 370 didn't join J&K with India, it is temporary
And again asks Opposition to debate on it

Chair announces that debate open on all 4 issues but voting will be separate

Satish Chandra Mishra, BSP - doesn't oppose Article 370 resolution, reorganization Bill, reservation Bill

Chair again clarifies that discussion on all issues will be together, voting will be separate

Bhupendra Yadav, BJP - asks MPs to participate in debate, argues that it is not the first time that supplementary lists of business are brought, Opposition cant say that this was not discussed in Business Advisory Committee
Art 370 is temporary, as situation was such at that time
Bhupendra Yadav continues:
In past also resolutions have been passed to add territories to India, like how Goa, Daman and Diu, Sikkim was added when Opposition and Govt came together
Brings up fact that when decision against Indira Gandhi had come, Constitution amended overnight
Bhupendra Yadav congratulates BSP for supporting them, then claims that other parties will also support
Claims that its a day of pride, for unity and integrity of India and it amounts to fulfilling the aspirations of people of Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh, will held in development
Bhupendra Yadav continues- eliminating Art 370 is correct
We have accepted #Constitution as a flexible constitution, which can be amended time to time, we belong to party which protects fundamental rights of people
Integration of J&K with India a dream of many
Prof. Ram Gopal Yadav, SP asks for a ruling from the Dy Chair on whether Art.370 can be repealed without amending Constitution

Amit Shah intervenes, argues that within Art 370, there is a provision 370(3), reads out 370(3) and its proviso
Art 370(3) + Proviso means - President has power to bring out public notification to cease Art 370 but only on recommendation of Constitution Assembly

In the notification that Prez issued today morning, he clarified that Constituent Assembly means Assembly of State
Shah continues-
Since State under Prez Rule, all powers of State Assembly vests in #Parliament, so Parliament can pass this resolution to abrogate Art 370
Claims that Art 370 is harming J&K

Bhupender Yadav continues on his speech:
Paints Art 370 as the ultimate devil blocking all development of #JammuAndKashmir
And then congratulates his Govt for taking a historic step, also congratulates on this being the most productive session of #Parliament
Navneethakrishnan, AIADMK - support statutory resolution, reorganization, reservation
Further claims - There is nothing to worry!

AIADMK is one of the parties which is most vocal whenever any right of state govt is being curtailed!

Prasanna Acharya, BJD - calls it a shameful day coz #Constitution was torn
Then, claims that today, in the right manner, J&K has become part of India, thanks Home Minister
Claims that we want to redeem people of #Kashmir from torture bt what happened to Kashmiri pandits in 70yrs!
Prasanna Acharya, BJD - supports resolution, and states that though they are a regional party, but nation comes first, Bharat Mata is first!!
Asks everyone to stay away from petty politics.

INterestingly, Ram Nath Thakur, JD(U) - opposes the resolution, claims that his party has always stood for judicial resolution of Art 370 or through dialogue

Swapan Dasgupta, Nom. - proud day for country and Kolkata as movt. to integrate J&K started by Shyama Prasad Mukherjee
Swapan Dasgupta - asks for an assurance that the provision to make J&K a UT shud be transitional in nature and soon it shud become a full state and become a full state

Sanjay Raut, SHiv Sena - Art 370 a Bhasmasur, a shaitan, good that abrogated
The Dy Chair announces that Chair has extended the time for MPs to submit amendments till 2.30pm, and there will be no lunch
Satish Chandra Mishra, BSP- supports Bill, now Muslims, Dalits etc. from other parts of country will have right to buy property, called as residents of J&K
V. Vijaysai Reddy, YSRCP - supports resolution, Bill, claims that had Nehru entitled job to Sardar Patel, icon of unity of India, or succumbed to dictates of #Kashmir ruler, we wud not have been discussing this issue, Art 370 shud have been dispensed many yrs ago
Biswajit Daimary, BPF, Assam - supports resolution and Bill, condition in Jammu and Kashmir worsened in last 5 yrs, needed to bring situation in control, this Bill is need of hour, amending this provision not illegal, in next 15-20 yrs once normalcy restored, can be made a state
Vaiko, MDMK- Opposition being given very little time to speak, why have I been given only 3 mins?
States that Instrument of Accession ws signed on condition that individuality of state of Jammu and Kashmir will be maintained, plebiscite was supposed to happen, but promise nt kept
Vaiko: I supported those MPs who tore the Constitution in floor of House, I myself burnt Constitution on reason of Hindi imposition
Rams down Congress- Sheikh Abdullah said that there is no word for friendship and gratitude in GoI
We have given our lives for protection of J&K
Vaiko: #Kashmir shud not become a Kossovo, shud nt become a South Sudan, the issue will become international, interference will come from UN, #JammuKashmir has been made a powder keg, I worry what will happen, I shed tears of blood, the Bill shud be thrown out, day of shame!!!
TK Rangarajan, CPI(M) - creating another Palestine, tomorrow will be done with any state, by dissolving the state, RSS-BJP will destroy Indian constitution and unity, without the knowledge of #Kashmiris this is being done, some Opposition MPs supported, they will realize later
Prof. Manoj Jha, RJD - political communication was murdered during BJP-PDP rule
There is narrative that Opposition opposing development, bt they are opposing killing of Constitution
Leave your ego aside, embrace #Kashmiris
We have opened gate for Kashmir to become Palestine
Tiruchi Siva, DMK- opposes
States that President cannot repeal unless on recommendation of State Assembly and SC has given judgment that Art 370 is permanent, not temporary
Even if such a decision was to be taken, were people consulted, will the Govt stop with this?
Siva continues: Shud have held elections first and then consulted State legislature, what was the urgency? This is totally unacceptable. Can you give assurance that tomorrow this will not happen with any other state?

Ghulam Nabi Azad, starts speaking on #JammuKashmir
States that he had come to speak on extension of #Reservation to J&K, but now no point in speaking on that
Claims that he had never thought that, in his lifetime, his state will be treated like this.
Azad continues: Cud have waited for some more months to bring this in consultation with a State assembly
From last 1 week, so many rumours spreading, so much chaos and confusion among people, not just among people of Kashmir, but also among Jammu and Ladakh
Azad continues:
All fears coming true
#Kashmir has been part of international and nat'l discourse since 1947, but no one would have imagined that so many different steps will be taken in one day itself
There is 47 page Bill, we are ending a state, without enough deliberation
Azad continues:
After this Bill, out of 29, 28 states will be left and its an imp state, touches boundaries with China, Pakistan
Govt has succeeded in fight against enemies in Kashmir, as locals would provide necessary info, without their support, forces wud not have succeeded
Azad continues
#Kashmir chose to side with secular India and expected that in return, their rights will be respected
#JammuKashmir was getting mainstreamed, but you put a stop to that process
Integration not done thru law, bt thru heart
Govt has played a bad joke on #Kashmir
Azad continues:
Challenges Govt to bring a law to make Gujarat a UT, if it can
A state's identity is being trampeled by making it a UT
Dont get too intoxicated with power
Its not about Hindu-Muslim, both communities and even Budhists, Jains etc. spread all over state
Azad continues
Expresses 'afsos' on thinking of Govt
Asks that New India cant be formed after 'todo, modo, jodo' old India
This will be black day in history of India
State's delimitation being done without consulting people
You have trampeled the blood of all those who sacrificed
Azad ends by saying that Govt may push this law, but will never be able to make place for it in people's heart

Derek O'Brien - today is a Black Monday, a dark day for Parliamentary democracy, for federalism, for Constitution, for Rajya Sabha and for idea of India

Derek O'Brien continues:
What will happen now
-Apply President's Rule in a state
-Then take recommendation from Governor
-Bring a law to break state/make UT

Mockery of #Parliament - At 11.07 resolution moved by Minister and then later at 11.18 supplementary business brought
Derek O'Brien continues:
-Last night Parl Affairs Minister was sending list of business to leaders to confirm, stop playing these games
-Everyday pressure being exerted, members jumping from here to there
-Why cudnt you take all parties in confidence?
Derek O'Brien continues:
Social Media calling this #KashmirFinalSolution, same to Nazi call for killing all Jews in 1942
Appeals to MPs from @AamAadmiParty - you have fought Lt. Gov in Delhi, how are you supporting formation of another Lt. Gov

@AamAadmiParty Sushil Kumar Gupta, AAP - supports as the party always stands for 'Desh hit'
We expect that now there will be peace in #Kashmir and Govt will work for development there
Then argues that AAP will tolerate injustice by Lt Gov but will stand for unity and against terrorism
@AamAadmiParty Prof. Ram Gopal Yadav, SP - was there a constitutional compulsion to make J&K a UT to remove #Art370?
The way Govt handled last few days, all advisories etc., created fear in mind of otherwise peace loving people, you are feeding separatists agenda, as they want violence
@AamAadmiParty Prof. Ram Gopal Yadav, SP - admits that he didnt even get time to go through the provisions of Bill as brought in such a rush, what was the rush?
There was relative peace in #Kashmir but now situation will deteriorate
But you dont care whether people live or die in #Kashmir
@AamAadmiParty Yadav ends his speech
-Govt only wants to show their voter base that they have managed to abrogate Art 370
-only care about votes no matter what happens to the country

[Also in between mocked how AAP supported it when themselves suffered on hands of Lt. Gov]

Opposes the Bill
@AamAadmiParty Binoy Viswam, CPI-
Oppose Bill
Fear spread among people in #Kashmir
And today morning, thru Bill this conspiracy was made into practice
Political party and nation is different
Thru this Bill, they are imposing a party's politics on people

@AamAadmiParty Vandana Chavan, NCP - manner in which this is being done could have been done in a better way
Hope that it will lead to peace and that Govt will ensure that there will be no bloodshed
Then states that her party will abstain from voting
@AamAadmiParty P.Chidambaram, INC- I have no illusions that there is nothing we can do to convince Govt of our arguments, to make them change their mind, this is an exercise in futility, still speaking fr future generations to remember
Govt is making states their vassals, their municipalities
@AamAadmiParty Chidambaram continues:
How can Govt use Art 370 to modify Art 370, at best they could have used Art 370 to modify other provisions? This is beyond comprehension
By repealing #Art370, unleashing forces they cannot control
There are secessionist elements, but no one supports them
@AamAadmiParty The motion to consider #JammuAndKashmir reorganization Bill was put to vote
Ayes - 125
No - 61
Abstain - 1

Then clauses 2-103, schedules 1-5 were out to vote together.

And Bill was passed

@AamAadmiParty And while we all were busy following #RajyaSabha and the drama which played out there, #LokSabha managed to pass #Surrogacy Regulation Bill

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