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Law Minister moves motion to introduce Election Laws Amendment Bill 2021 in #LokSabha amid protests.

Then Manish Tewari is called to speak on his motion to oppose introduction, he says that it is beyond Parliament's legislative competence, will be detrimental to democracy.
Adhir Ranjan choudhary opposes introduction of Bill
- demands its been sent to Standing Committee
- will lead to mass disenfranchisement
- is legally not sound
- refers to Puttaswamy judgment
- data security concerns, we still dont have #dataprotection law

Manish Tewari opposes introduction of Bill:
- #Aadhaar act doesn't allow Aadhaar & Voter ID linking
- voting is a legal right
- #Aadhaar can be used only for welfare services
- beyond legislative competency of voters

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#RajyaSabha starts with Chairperson making a statement condemning y'day incident of some MPs climbing on table.
While making the statement, the Chairperson also got emotional and cried.

However, protests resume and he quickly adjourned the House till 12pm!

#LokSabha started at 11am & adjourned sine die within 7 mins.

In valedictory speech, Speaker said that House couldn't function as expected due to disruptions.
And yet, he claimed that 20 Bills were cleared in LS!

PM finally shows up on last day!

Today, on last day, during playing of Vande Matram, an MP (possibly Harsimrat Badal) making a final point by carrying a placard.

Despite intense protests by Opposition demanding a discussion on #FarmLaws & #FarmersProtest since beginning of #MonsoonSession, it didn't happen.
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#LokSabha begins discussion on #Constitution (127th Amendment) Bill.
Protests have subsided for the time being.

Dr. Virender Kumar, Minister of Social Justice speaks on the Bill, claims that states will have the right to notify OBC lists for their states.

Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary, INC on #Constitution (127th) Amendment Bill:
- We had warned Govt in 2018 that states rights were being taken away, but Govt didn't listen. Wasted its time and money in Supreme Court petition
- Govt has majority, so doesn't listen

Chowdhary continues on Constitution #OBCreservation Bill:
- When states started protesting, people started protesting and with an eye on election, you brought this Bill now
- But we also demand that 50% ceiling be removed, approach SC, let states decide

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In #LokSabha, Minister moves to introduce the National Commission for Homeopathy (Amendment) Bill, 2021 and then the National Commission for Indian System of Medicine (Amendment) Bill, 2021

Manish Tewari, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary, Prof. Saugata Roy oppose introduction.
Mostly opposition is with respect to manner in which Bills are being introduced, which some MPs argue are in violation of rules and constitution provisions.

But, Bills are introduced.

Then #Constitution Amendment (127th Amendment) Bill is moved to be introduced.

Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary states that when the original Constitution amendment was brought in 2018, Opposition had warned Govt that it will take away rights of state but Govt didn't listen

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Chairperson announced in #RajyaSabha today morning that he has admitted notice for discussion on #FarmersProtests
[even though he mentioned that he received notices on other issues also]

But as soon as MPs demanded, '#Pegasus, Pegasus', the House was adjourned till 12pm.
#RajyaSabha resumes at 12pm, only to be adjourned again immediately till 2pm.
Doesn't work for even a minute.

#RajyaSabha resumes
Minister for Parliamentary Affairs announces that Supplementary List of Business is issued, Taxation amendment Bill listed

Derek O'Brien objects, states that 30 Bills passed at 10 minutes per Bill, only 11% of Bill scrutinized by Committees, PM answered 0 Qs
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Yesterday, tweets were shared regarding how Govt has kept no records of migrant citizens during the lockdown.

I looked at answers in Lok Sabha and, turns out, that claim is incorrect.

They HAVE given information on workers who returned to their home state.

#SansadWatch Image
Link to complete answer:

(You'll have to copy paste the link, it's not clickable)
Although, have to point out that the data of DEATHS is not available.

@sardesairajdeep has shared an answer about the same below this tweet.
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Health Minister is giving statement on COVID-19 situation and what the govt is doing about it.

Speaker interrupts him, tells him not to give a long statement and just give main points. Says that the statement can be circulated to members instead.

Health Minister fought back a bit saying this is important and asked him to give him 10-15 minutes. Continues with his statement.

Congratulates PM Modi for "monitoring situation and providing leadership".

Follow @_maadhyam_ and this thread as well for detailed updates!

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#LokSabha resumes with social distancing norms in place. Speaker has a glass in front of him and MPs are seated at a distance with masks all 'round.

Obituary References being made by the speaker.

#SansadWatch ImageImageImageImage
Right up on the priority list is a statement by the Health Minister on the COVID-19 situation in India and the steps taken by the government.

#SansadWatch Image
Lok Sabha adjourned, will reassemble after an hour.

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Day 18 of #ParliamentWinterSession

The #CitizenshipAmendmentBill listed for discussion, passage in #RajyaSabha today

But RS has had a stormy start of the day and is currently adjourned till 12pm due to protests by MPs- on states not being paid #GST compensation!

#RajyaSabha starts debate on #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019

Sukhendu Shekhar Roy, TMC raises objection to discussion and wants it to be adjourned as intent of Bill is to provide protection to those fleeing from religious persecution, but same not mentioned in Bill at all.
But Chair states that he has perused the Bill and it is order and discussion starts

Amit Shah, Home Minister starts his speech on #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019

It was expected that minorities in Pakistan and India will be protected, but same didnt happen

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Tomorrow, #RajyaSabha is scheduled to have a discussion on reported use of spyware #Pegasus to
compromise phone data of some persons through WhatsApp
Calling attention initiated by Digvijay Singh, INC
We will bring live updates
Stay Tuned!
#RajyaSabha starts discussion on #NSO #Pegasus spyware attack

Ravi Shankar Prasad, IT MINISTER makes his statement-
Ministry took cognizance of the vulnerability
#NSO #Pegasus exploited vulnerability by not just reading messages but sending malwares with phishing

Prasad continues:

On may 2019, #Whatsapp sent out notification informing that there was breach, taken care of.
Whastapp believed that software may have breached 121 users in India
Further clarifications have been sought from whatsapp in Nov 2019 with impact on Indian users
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This is what is happening AFAIK:

- A revised list was added and the J&K reorganization Bill was added to it.
- The bill was NOT circulated, is NOT available to the public, and has been introduced.
- A separate order has been given by President to dismiss 370.
In Rajya Sabha:

- Amit Shah gave a statement about the president's order and introduced the Reorganization Bill.

- Chairman has allowed MPs to file amendments to it ONLY till 12.30. (they've to read it AND understand it in an hour.)

- Chairman wants to allow discussions only on the J&K reservation bill, which was circulated earlier.


(Yes it's confusing. I know. But as far as I can tell, that's what's happening.)
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Rajya Sabha Chairman waives rules of advance notice for speaking on the issue of J&K Reservation Bill. He says the bill and the situation in Kashmir will be discussed together.

Amit Shah: "I am ready to discuss the situation in Kashmir and answer questions of every member that are raised."

.@derekobrienmp raised point of order.

He objects to bill being introduced and proposed for passing without circulating it. No amendments were possible since there was a sudden rush.

Chairman clarifies that members can give amendments till 12.30 today.
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Extended session
Day 36

#RajyaSabha starts
Papers being tabled right now

Amit Shah can be seen
As per reports he is set to make a statement on situation in #JammuAndKashmir

Chair makes an announcement
Surendra Singh Nagar, Sanjay Seth, Bhubaneshwar Kalita resigned

Chair accepted their resignation as he found those voluntary and they were not willing to reconsider

Chair then reads out hours allotted for discussion of pending Bills

Chair then announces that #Parliament Building has completed 92 years, calls it temple of #democracy

Appeals to PM to expand and modernize #Parliament House in run up to India's celebration of 75th year in 2022
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Extended Session
Day 31

Agenda in #LokSabha

-1 Bill for introduction
Dam Safety Bill

-2 Bills for consideration and passing
Nat'l Medical Commission Bill
Repealing and Amending Bill

#LokSabha starts
Azam Khan apologizes for his comments made to the female MP Chairing during debate on #TripleTalaq Bill

Minister Prahlad Joshi asks him to apologize properly

Akhilesh Yadav intervenes brings up #Unnao, argues BJP always say 'Jai Shri Ram', not 'Jai Siya Ram'
Rama Devi, BJP MP, who was chairing the session at the time when Azam Khan had made the controversial remark blamed Azam Khan for habitually saying such things and demanded a strong apology

Finally, #Speaker intervenes and settles the matter

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Supplementary List of Business in Lok Sabha is out.

Two bills listed for introduction, including the Constitutional Amendment Bill for 10% Quota. What's more, it is also listed for consideration and passing TODAY!
They seem to be in the mood to bulldoze this bill through. It's a super important Constitutional Amendment, mind you.

No time will be given to MPs for filing amendments. The Bill was circulated TODAY! Parliamentary practice is being thrown out the window.
In his interview to @smitaprakash, PM Modi had said that there should be deep discussions in Parliament on every aspect. But when his Government introduces and pushes through bills at such short notice, what they heck is he even talking about?

Whattay farce.
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Lok Sabha resumes with hearty Happy New Year cheers.

Slowly and steadily they get replaced by random JUSTICE JUSTICE chants.
Can't quite figure out which party is screaming in Lok Sabha. INC MPs are asking supplementary questions & you can see their MPs sitting quietly in the background.
House adjourned to meet at 12 pm.
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Aadhaar Amendment Bill to be introduced in Lok Sabha today. This will probably be cleared and certified as a money bill.

Because, you know, who gives a damn.
Reports indicate this Bill circumvents the SC Judgment. It will again allow private companies to use and exploit Aadhaar.

Thread. ๐Ÿ‘‡
This bill has not been introduced yet. A draft should be available to the public but... well, it isn't. After introduction today, sufficient time needs to be given to MPs for filing amendments.

If it is bulldozed through shamelessly, it's fraud.
Pure and simple.
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Parliament might be adjourned (both houses) today on Day 1 because of the death of Ananth Kumar. No vital bill has been listed in either house.

Adjournment was expected because of the #results2018 anyway.
(On a personal note: Won't be able to do #SansadWatch streams this session till January. Not in Dilli-land rn. Will try to do the cover week though!)
*last week

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Met so many people who follow #SansadWatch during the @themediarumble.

Realised that this experiment has the potential to become a platform for non-policy background folk who are interested in the field to just gain a further understanding of public policy! What fun!
And in all seriousness I want to thank these enthu cutlet bunch of people (much like me) for being so upfront with feedback and give suggestions about what direction #SansadWatch should take.

Please keep the feedback coming! We have a lot of work to do!
Probably the best way forward is to turn this into a sort of an open-source project and hand it over the the community. The idea would be to provide a platform for policy enthusiasts to just mess around with everything Parliament.

Sort of a fun place to discuss Parliament!
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What could be the reason when 2 Parliamentary Questions asked in #RajyaSabha on โ€˜Deposit of #DemonetisedNotes in Cooperative Banksโ€™ go missing from Rajya Sabha website?
Unstarred Q.668 and Q.714, both asked on 24/07/2018 cannot be found on Rajya Sabha website.
Q.668 asked details of PSBs, District Coop Banks where highest amt of #DemonetisedNotes were deposited along with amt deposited
It also specifically asked about Ahmedabad District Coop Bank & money deposited there & any Govt inquiry into alleged huge deposits.
Q.714 asked state-wise details of amt deposited in Coop societies, District Coop Banks, Urban Banks, State Coop Banks after demonetization till 31st March 2017. It also asked whether these societies and banks were allowed to change demonetized currency.
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Watch Lok Sabha right now!!
Speaker is passing Ministry budgets one after the other while other members are going crazy!

ZERO discussion on the Budget. ZERO!
Demands for grants PASSED!
ALL Ministries!
In under 13 minutes!

Now she's passing the Appropriation Bill. Finance Minister just moved an amendment and I don't have any clue what that is.

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