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This thread focuses on the Marc Dutroux child trafficking network and cover-up in Belgium. All content collected between 2014 - Present via @GeorgieBC, @OpDeathEaters. #OpDeathEaters
@GeorgieBC Marc #Dutroux, is a convicted paedosadist, murderer, and supposed leader of an international child abuse media and trafficking network, terrorized the city of Charleroi, between the mid-1980s and late 1990s. #OpDeathEaters web.archive.org/web/2015020923…
@GeorgieBC The Dutroux case gained worldwide attention, not only because of the horrific nature of his crimes, but also the gross negligence and apparent "incompetence" by police and government officials involved in the investigation. #OpDeathEaters
@GeorgieBC Dutroux was unemployed earning welfare from the state, he managed financially by trading stolen cars in Poland & Slovakia, and selling children throughout Europe. He owned seven houses in Belgium, most of which stood vacant, used for the transport of victims. #OpDeathEaters
Dutroux was convicted earlier in 1989 for the rape of five children. During the time Dutroux was serving his sentence, Justice Minister Wathelet released of many of Belgium's paedosadists. Dutroux served only 3 years before being released for good behavior in 1992. #OpDeathEaters
Following his release, Dutroux began constructing a dungeon under his house. His ex-wife, Michelle Martin, painted the walls. Shortly after children began to disappear around some of the neighborhoods where Dutroux owned houses. #OpDeathEaters whale.to/c/marc_dutroux…
Meanwhile, the man who had returned Dutroux to society, Justice Minister Melchior Wathelet, was “rewarded with a prestigious appointment to serve as a judge at the European Court of Justice at The Hague”. #OpDeathEaters en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melchior_…
Two years prior to the first disappearance, between 1993 and 1996, investigators were told by a former tenant of one of Dutroux's properties. He had driven around with Dutroux who, upon noticing a girl walking down a street, had said: “There’s a fresh one.” #OpDeathEaters
Dutroux talked of the money to be made selling children into slavery and offered the man money if he assisted him in the project. He stated that Dutroux offered him between $3,000 and $5,000 to kidnap young girls. #OpDeathEaters
The man filed a complaint to the Belgium gendarmerie within an hour that Dutroux had revealed he was planning to kidnap children, his complaint was ignored and police "failed to share" that information with other investigators. #OpDeathEaters web.archive.org/web/2007081305…
In 1995 months before the disappearances, the tenant filed another complaint to the police with information that Dutroux had a dungeon under his house. Police also ignored this and didn't even call Dutroux for questioning in June when children began to go missing. #OpDeathEaters
By autumn of 1995, Police, during two different occasions, searched the Charleroi house owned by Dutroux. However, the police "failed" to search the house thoroughly. Hidden in a "secret" dungeon in the basement were two teenage girls hoping to be found. #OpDeathEaters
17-year-old An Marchal & 19-year-old Eefie Lambreckk, went missing during a vacation to Ostende. Police treated the worried parents with scorn after they registered their disappearance and mockingly said the girls were probably out somewhere on an “adventure”. #OpDeathEaters
In 1995, Dutroux's own mother wrote to prosecutors reporting that she had knowledge that her son had been keeping two girls age 17 and 19 in a dungeon under one of his unoccupied houses. Police ignored her. #OpDeathEaters
In December 1995, Dutroux was arrested for stealing a car. While in custody, plans were made to search his house. Hearing about this search, the police agency (which ignored the informants) gatecrashed the new investigation and took over the plans for the search. #OpDeathEaters
Charleroi police went to Dutroux's house to arrest him for car theft. While there, they heard the screaming of children - most likely Julie and Melissa - but accepted Dutroux's assurances that they were the voices of his own girls playing. #OpDeathEaters independent.co.uk/life-style/cry…
After months of inexplicable hibernation by the police agency that ignored previous informants and complaints against Dutroux, the agency chose to get "directly involved" and "intervened" when other investigators began looking at Dutroux. #OpDeathEaters
It claimed to have been watching Dutroux’s house for months in a project called “Operation Othello”. The chief investigative officer demanded to conduct the search by himself, saying in motivation that he had been watching Dutroux and “knew” him. #OpDeathEaters
Permission was granted and the chief inspected the house accompanied only by a locksmith. The locksmith later gave detailed testimony about what they found and heard during the search. #Dutroux #OpDeathEaters lawandcourtsblog.wordpress.com/2016/02/18/the…
The men found the secret entrance to the basement dungeon, chains, and vaginal cream. According to the locksmith, they clearly heard the audible cries of two young girls which were impossible to miss. #Dutroux #OpDeathEaters
The chief’s immediate and strange reaction was to hiss: “Silence,” after which the cries died down. The locksmith alerted the chief to the fact that they had just heard crying. The chief responded: “Who’s doing the investigation here?” Did not report it. #Dutroux #OpDeathEaters
The girls were left behind by the investigator, they were later revealed to have been Melissa Russo & Julie Lejeune. They were held captive in a cell that wouldn’t allow further width than open elbows and went only as high as one’s navel — for four months. #Dutroux #OpDeathEaters
With Dutroux temporarily in custody, the 8-year-old girls stopped being fed. Dutroux’s ex-wife, Michelle Martin, dumped the food near the door, claiming she was afraid the children would attack her. The two were unable to reach the food and slowly starved to death. #OpDeathEaters
In April 1996, Dutroux ended his four-month sentence for car theft and carried on where he had left off. Operation Othello, was called off by Rene Michaux, the investigator who "searched" the dungeon & heard the screams of the two then-alive girls which he hushed. #OpDeathEaters
In August, 1996, while conducting a neighborhood search near the area where police thought that one of the girls had been kidnapped, they came across a person who remembered a suspicious vehicle close to the victim's house. #OpDeathEaters
Eyewitnesses recalled some of the numbers on the vehicle's license plate, which eventually led the police to Marc Dutroux. On August 15, 1996 police raided Dutroux's house where they discovered a soundproof concrete dungeon in the basement. #OpDeathEaters
Within the dungeon (the same witnesses warned police about for over a year) they discovered two young girls, who were alive but had been sexually abused. The two children were Laetitia Delhez (left), aged 14, and Sabine Dardenne (right), aged 12. #OpDeathEaters
Both children testified to being raped, tortured and filmed by Dutroux. Police found further evidence including at least 300 child rape videos. #OpDeathEaters
The youngest girl, Delhez, had been kidnapped on August 9, 1996, after being grabbed off the street, thrown into Dutroux's car and drugged. The older of the two, Dardenne, had been raped for a total of two and a half months. #OpDeathEaters
A few days after the discovery of Dardenne and Delhez, police exhumed the bodies of Julie Lejeune and Melissa Russo, both eight-years-old, were found buried in Dutroux's backyard at another of his houses, in Sars-La-Bouissiere. #OpDeathEaters
Dutroux claimed the two girls had starved to death between February and March, during the time he was imprisoned; he insisted that it was a former accomplice of his named Bernard Weinstein who was at fault for the girls' deaths, stating that he failed to feed them. #OpDeathEaters
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