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1/ Let's shine a big fat bright light on a very disturbed, dangerous female Secret Society known as Crown Agent Sisters AKA Matrix 5. They are highly skilled/trained Pedophile Extortionists/Entrapment experts (Allegedly) and they run what is referred to as Snuff film patent
2/ pools (Allegedly) I first heard about this group on the Abel Danger YouTube channel which belongs to a great Patriot named Field McConnell who happens to have a sister who is part of this "Secret Society" Kristine Marcy (nee McConnell)
For years I had been seeing this
3/ (nee) in front of a lot of high profile politicians and higher ups on Wikipedia right after the woman's name in parentheses & always wondered what it meant. Here is an example…
Kristine Marcy (nee
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Follow HUMA.
Who connects HRC/CF to SA?
Why is this relevant?
Who is the Muslim Brotherhood?
Who has ties to the MB?
Who is Awan?
What is the Awan Group?
Where do they have offices?
Why is this relevant?
Define cash laundering.
post 77b
How much $ provided to CF by SA during 15/16?
HRC lost.
Loss of access/power/control.
Does repayment of funds to SA occur? If so, how?
Why did BO send billions in cash to Iran?
Why wasn't Congress notified?
Why was this classified undr 'State Secrets'?
Access to Secrets
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Q POSTS 71-75
Anons Please add information, solves, pics, & memes that apply
#ItsTime #TheGreatAwakening #DarkToLight
#GoodVSEvil #WeAreQ #QArmy #Truth #FactsMatter
#CitizenJournalist #DigitalSoldier @GenFlynn

Follow HUMA.
Who connects HRC/CF to SA?
Why is this relevant?
Who is the Muslim Brotherhood?
Who has ties to the MB
Even though these are Q's early posts I noticed numbers and timestamp diff from post 70-71 so I am including what I feel may be relevant
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#Q 1 year Delta POSTS
Anons Please add information, solves, pics, & memes that apply
#ItsTime #TheGreatAwakening #DarkToLight
#GoodVSEvil #WeAreQ #QArmy #Truth #FactsMatter
#CitizenJournalist #DigitalSoldier @GenFlynn
Post 1464 a later version of boom boom boom boom post we studied a week ago. This post is dealing more with Dark to Light.
1:07 [Marker] in Link Below 👇
1:07 [Marker]
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The pilot was identified as Tim McCormack, of Clinton Corners, NY, by Paul Dudley, Linden Airport manager. Linden was the home base of the helicopter.

The pilot was believed to be the only one aboard and there were no other injuries, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said during a
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#Q 1 year delta posts
Anons Please add info, deltas, solves, memes that apply
#ItsTime #TheGreatAwakening #DarkToLight
#GoodVSEvil #WeAreQ #QArmy #Truth #FactsMatter
#CitizenJournalist #DigitalSoldier @GenFlynn
No. 72
Where was Kim tonight?
How was this known?
You are watching a 'plan' being set in motion.
Enjoy the show.
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#Q 1 year delta posts
Anons Please add information, deltas, solves, memes that apply
#ItsTime #TheGreatAwakening #DarkToLight
#GoodVSEvil #WeAreQ #QArmy #Truth #FactsMatter
#CitizenJournalist #DigitalSoldier @GenFlynn
post 1441 we begin with photos-singapore.
enlarged 👇
Start the Clock.
A Week to [Remember].
Think Logically.
First private [CLAS-5(6)]
Second public.
Blackwater on GUARD.
Evidence KILLS.
These people are STUPID.
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A string of suspicious deaths have been happening recently…

First one is a Republican Senator who was shot dead in her home, Linda Collins-Smith

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #MEGA #GreatAwakening #DarkToLight #LindaCollinsSmith
Linda Collins appeared on a QAnon youtube show earlier on: Patriots Soapbox…

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #MEGA #GreatAwakening #DarkToLight #LindaCollinsSmith
Another suspicious death days apart…

NYPD Deputy commits suicide days before retirement

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #MEGA #GreatAwakening #DarkToLight
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Podesta's plane has military escort (i.e. tag) and is being diverted (forced down).
Short delay.
This will be leaked.
Watch the news.
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Thread 6.5.2019!!
Good Morning Family!!
Hope in God - He’s in Control!!
Psalm 39:7 And now, Lord, for what do I wait? My hope is in You.

#OurHopeIsInHim #DarkToLight #GodWins
President Trump and General Flynn’s current Twitter banners!!
#QAnon #TwitterBanners
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
New Banner for POTUS!!
😂 Macron!!
In case you wondered, as time permits I add Q drops tha match the deltas (time between tweets) & timestamps on President Trump’s Tweets as a way to re_read drops & to see if they are deliberate on POTUS part, possibly pointing to a specific drop. Sometimes they seem to be! 😊
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Why is this relevant?
Who took an undisclosed trip to SA?
What was the purpose of a f2f v phone call?
Alice & Wonderland.
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Boom 💥💥💥
Man Arrested At JFK For Transporting Child Porn
George Nader Was Witness In Mueller Probe And Had Trump Transition Ties

"The charges were unsealed after his arrest this morning."…
(grain of salt, only such news so far)

Former key Mueller witness George Nader arrested on child pornography charges…
Clarification: dude on the left got arrested George Nader (Middle East, Lebanon), not dude on the right George Nader (Dominican Republic)
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1) Alaska-The Cabal Playground

On May 30, 2019, AG Barr aka “The Honey Badger” made a visit to Alaska. The Best Part of Waking Q in your cup 😎 🎼🎼🎼
#QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #DarktoLight #DigitalSoldiers
2) 2 Also significant-Senator Lisa Murkowski, of Alaska-the one and the same Senator who was bullied by Senator Feinstein (likely her handler) during the Kavanaugh hearings, takes AG Barr on a little tour of her state.
3) “Attorney General Barr visits Alaska to discuss public safety and law enforcement.  During the trip, the Attorney General participated in an Alaska Native Justice Roundtable in Anchorage; and met with Alaska Native youth and elders in Galena, Alaska.”…
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Are you awake?

Pay close attention.

What does @POTUS say. America first.

If DS cries out against Trump and he's a WH what does them crying out RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA mean?

Think logically.

Q do we have the gold?

Gold will end the fed. -Q

If we have the gold then America will be cared for through transition....
By that very same gold.

Who is in charge during martial law.

What responsibilities are they charged with during ML?

What if ML was used for good.

What resources are freed up to be used to serve the public?

Trains of supplies?

Road n rail?


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I wonder if Omar will be in line for teaching sweating to the oldies at Guantanamo Bay.

Wouldn't that be hysterically ironic.

Rock on Omar! You've got no skill! No talent! NO GAME!
and if anyone wants to see a dance from you, I'm thinking they need to have their head examined!
Hey poser👇
This is America!!!
Don't quit your day job!
did you heard the one about Omar dancing?
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Hey @9NewsAUS. You're a bit slow, probably because you're Mockingbird #FakeNews Media.

@AlexanderDowner has me blocked on twitter because I, a citizen journalist, digital soldier have been reporting this and exposing this. Take note.

He doesn't want it to get out.

#Spygate is MASSIVE and Alexander Downer is a TRAITOR who deserves to face Military Tribunal in USA for acting as an enemy combatant to an allied country.

Wait for DECLAS.

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Q POSTS 41-45
Anons Please add information, solves, pics, & memes that apply
#ItsTime #TheGreatAwakening #DarkToLight
#GoodVSEvil #WeAreQ #QArmy #Truth #FactsMatter
#CitizenJournalist #DigitalSoldier @GenFlynn
Post 41
Shocking no global news agency suspects we had nothing to do with it. Enjoy the crumbs
We serve at the pleasure of the President. DJT
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Q POSTS 36-40
Anons Please add information, solves, pics, & memes that apply
#ItsTime #TheGreatAwakening #DarkToLight
#GoodVSEvil #WeAreQ #QArmy #Truth #FactsMatter
#CitizenJournalist #DigitalSoldier @GenFlynn
Post 36A
Post 36b
There is simply no other way than to use the military. It’s that corrupt and dirty.
Please be safe and pray for those in harms way as they continually protect and serve our great country.
shout out to @AnonCassi
General Flynn is a Hero
Others Before Self! 🙏💖
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Thread 6.1.2019!!
Good Morning Family!!
Are we in the Eye of the Storm?
Psalm 107:29 He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed.

#EyeOfTheStorm #GodIsInControl #TrustHisPlan
President Trump and General Flynn’s current Twitter banners!!
#QAnon #TwitterBanners
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
New banner yesterday for President Trump!
Anon notable posts will be added throughout this thread!! Notables are not endorsements!!
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MK Ultra thread:
Research. Understand. Shine Light.

People in the C!A & FBI have been mind controlling and trafficking people for over 50 years! All in secrecy.

Finally people are Awakening!

Good video:
Good overview video on how MK Ultra /
C!A mind control program started in US:
This MKUltra survivor story is amazing. Everyone should watch. Kristy Allen is so well spoken. This one linked to Mormon church and the US military:
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