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#ManchesterUnited’s long-standing relationship with Chevrolet, at £64 million, is the most lucrative shirt sponsorship deal in the Premier League. From the US automotive brand’s perspective, the agreement looks less attractive in view of #MUFC’s brand value declining since 2018
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV #ManUnited is the Premier League club most often perceived as having a rich heritage and history, coming behind only the top Spanish clubs and #Bayern Munich.
These factors are the driving force behind the rewarding partnerships that the brand attracts – at first look Chevrolet
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV seems an unusual sponsor, considering its target markets compared to the markets that Manchester United gives access to – but it is the associations with globally recognised heritage that makes the #sponsorship worthwhile. The role that shirt sponsorships can play for commercial
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV brands is limited, as beyond raising awareness levels the brand positioning cannot be conveyed beyond the choice of club to associate with. The Times cites sources insisting that several leading brands have displayed an interest in replacing Chevrolet, with the club retaining
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV confidence in its global reach. This comes despite a disappointing on-pitch performance for the 20-time English champions in recent years. The value of the #sponsorship agreement can increase up to £70 million per year
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV /SAUDI ARAMCO/ In recent weeks, louder and louder about the potential change of major sponsor and the takeover of the club by the Saudi royal family. The potential acquisition of #ManchesterUnited would help warm up Saudi Arabia's image and acquire new allies (soft power)
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV Long-term good relations with Saudi Arabia can lead to the takeover of the club and the signing of a sponsorship agreement with the world's most profitable enterprise, Saudi Aramco. Saudi Aramco launched its long-awaited initial public offering at the beginning of the month,
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV kicking off the centrepiece of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s ambitious plan to overhaul the kingdom’s oil-addicted economy. A milestone in Prince Mohammed’s aggressive drive to deliver on his pledge to modernise the conservative kingdom, the IPO was tipped to be the world’s
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV largest. Riyadh is hoping to raise as much as $60bn with a sale of up to 3% of the company. Bankers privately believe that $1.2tn to $1.5tn is a more realistic valuation. Saudi Aramco reported $111bn in net income in 2018. Until now, the world’s biggest IPO has been that of
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV Chinese ecommerce company Alibaba in 2014, which raised $25bn. Saudi Aramco produces 10m barrels of oil a day, or 11% of the global total. The partnership with Saudi Telecom (STC the largest telecomm. services provider in the Middle East) is one of the alliances in the club
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV In 2017, United signed a memorandum of understanding with Saudi Arabia’s General Sports Authority to develop the football industry in the Gulf state. The new strategic partnership forms part of Saudi Vision 2030, the plan to diversify the Saudi economy and to develop its public
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV sectors, announced in 2016 by Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV /AMAZON/ A few months ago, unfounded rumors appeared in the context of the takeover of the club by Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. An American company founded in Seattle bought the rights to broadcast PL matches in 2018. Amazon Prime Video (online streaming service) will show
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV 20 Premier League matches a season for three years from 2019, after winning one of the final two broadcast packages. However, Amazon’s 20 live matches only make up a small percentage of the 180 live matches per season shared between itself and Sky Sports and BT. Amazon maintains
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV the title of World’s Most Valuable Global Retail Brand increasing its brand value +91% to $315.5bn. Alibaba, the Chinese online retailer and the largest non-US retailer in the world, grows its brand value +48% to $131.2bn according to Millward Brown BrandZ
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV /ALIBABA GROUP/ The Chinese Internet trade giant Alibaba enters foreign markets much faster than Amazon's western competitor. At the same time, the Chinese company creates new products and even companies for specific markets. A huge number of Alibaba users could allow further
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV expansion of Chinese Manchester fans, which is confirmed by recent Kantar research. The number of fans and followers following MUFC’s side grew from 108 million in 2012 to 253 million today. Alibaba Group and the International Olympic Committee signed a 12-year sponsorship deal
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV to provide cloud computing services, with plans to incorporate facial recognition technology, as well as e-commerce platform services. The contract is believed to be worth $800m or $66.7m a year. The agreement, the biggest in the Olympic movement’s history, will help the Chinese
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV e-commerce giant gain exposure across the world, putting it on the same footing as a dozen or so “TOP” Olympic partners, like Coca Cola Co. and Samsung Electronics Co. in the highest rung of sponsorship. In 2017, #FIFA announced that Alibaba Cloud (joint venture of Alibaba Group)
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV will be the sponsor of the Club World Cup until 2022
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV /PING AN GROUP/ In 2017, the Sunday Times reported that the Ping An Group (which is a Fortune 500 company) was interested in acquiring a stake in Man United. A year later, Ping An Bank and Manchester United have joined forces to launch the Manchester United platinum credit card.
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV It consists of a set of China Union Pay card plus VISA cards. As part of the deal, PingAn Bank cooperates with 253m Chinese club supporters, with events and performances of Manchester United legends and former players in cities in China; Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV Ping An Insurance Group is a Chinese holding conglomerate whose subsidiaries mainly deal with insurance, banking and financial services. Across the insurance sector, Ping An (up a massive 77% to $57.6 bn) is leading, growing comfortably against competition.
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV It is now the 4th most valuable Chinese brand, up from 9th rank last year, according to Brand Finance. Ping An, a diversifed fnancial services brand, rose 21% to $27 bn in 2019, according to BrandZ Millward Brown. The positive result resulted from an increase in the number of
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV retail customers, reflecting the success of Ping An’s strategic shift from corporate to retail business. By comparison, the AIA Group brand, the main sponsor of #Tottenham, is valued at only $15.5 bn (increase of 51% y-o-y). AIA continues as the most valuable brand in Hong Kong,
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV aided by its successful expansion in the Asian Pacifc market. A few months ago, #PSG expanded its sponsors portfolio with Ping An, which received the status of regional partner. Ping An Insurance as the long-time titular sponsor of the Chinese Super League spends $29m a year
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV /TOYOTA/ Toyota's entry into the front of ManUnited's shirts could intensify rivalry with #ManCity off the pitch, where Nissan remains one of the main sponsors. The potential change from Chevrolet to Toyota would strengthen the Japanese brand as the biggest car manufacturer
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV in the world. Globally, Toyota sold around 9.6 million vehicles in the fiscal year that ended in March 19. Outside Japan, North America is positioned as the largest source market for Toyota vehicles. Between April 18 and March 19, the assembly of Toyota vehicles in North America
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV came to almost 2 million units. Toyota will plan further expansion in China. Toyota Motor is in discussions to provide hybrid technology to China's Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, a sign that it is intent on solidifying its strategic position in a market it believes will enjoy
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV strong demand for hybrids for some time before autos go all-electric. Toyota has experience in world sport. In 2015, Toyota Motor Corp. signed on as a global Olympic sponsor in a landmark 8 years deal reportedly worth nearly $1bn, becoming the first car company to join the IOC's
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV /UNITED AIRLINES/ The last potential sponsor comes from the US, Glazer's homeland. Both brands would be great used in an obvious word game – United. Man United and United Airlines could use the partnership in many sponsorship activities. It could be a masterful marketing.
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV After all, it's another global air carrier in the Premier League. United can join the giants of the Arabian Peninsula in the formula of the main sponsors of #Arsenal and #MCFC on the front of shirts and naming rights, respectively Emirates (£42.8m a year) and Etihad (£65m a year)
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV The competitive US brand - Delta Airlines ended sponsorship of #Chelsea two years ago, being the club's official airlines. United is the world’s thirdlargest airline by revenue and a founding member of the Star Alliance, one of the largest such partnerships in the world.
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV It distinguishes itself among American airlines primarily due to its wide global reach that enables its customers to travel to 356 destinations in 48 countries. With 4,900 daily departures, it carried 158 million passengers in 2018 and has one of the more robust frequent flyer
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV programs in the industry. Both United Continental Holdings Inc. (began trading on September 7, 2018) and #ManchesterUnited Ltd. are listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market #SportBusiness #SportsBiz
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