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The Royal AM tickets recently caused an uproar but just how big is the sports ticket sales market in South Africa?

This is the business of sports event ticket

#SportsBiz Image
The Royal AM tickets would be sold at the Royal AM Hair Salon in Gateway, Premium lifestyle venue Max's Lifestyle in Umlazi as well as well as a BP Garage opposite the venue of the match in Chatsworth.

But why not a national agent platform like Ticketpro?

Ticketpro partners ⬇️ Image
In South African football, clubs retain 100% of the revenue from their league match gate takings while the league gets revenue from matches organised directly under its jurisdiction such as cup games and special events.

📸 The South African Image
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The Friday thread

Question via DM ➡️ How does SuperSport make money?

SS pay R600 million for annual right to broadcast the PSL. In 2016/17 they reportedly paid £168 million for EPL rights.

This is a thread on broadcasters and their revenue

#SportsBiz Image
Our first stop is subscription

Of the R36.6 billion generated in revenue, 81% was made in subscriptions for the year ended 31 March 2022 Image
SuperSport faces some challenges.

Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) is declining as consumers switch to more affordable packages.

Other options such as streaming on Netflix, DSTV compact or getting rid of television altogether are very serious options.

📸MyBroadband Image
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The 2022 World Football Report

Some excellent global data from @nielsen on what makes the business of football tick

PS, Africa is not included here but these types of reports we are looking to produce.

Thread ⬇️
#Qatar2022 #SportsBiz #WorldCup2022 Image
Football remains the world’s most popular
sport, generating powerful interest in 40%
of the global population.

It was one of
the three most popular sports in 10 of the
13 countries analyzed, which include
the world’s top 10 economies.

Australia and Japan 😯 Image
Ignore the female audience at your peril

Currently, 37% of global football fans are women.

If you're a brand and create content only for the boys, you're missing out on a large female audience Image
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The Economics Of The @rugbyworldcup

The 1995 World Cup in South Africa generated R197 million (£30.3 million) in revenues. World Cup revenues have spiked over the years, peaking at £381.4 million in 2019.

This is the money behind the Rugby World Cup

The IRB runs a four year business revenue cycle and relies on the World Cup for 80% of its revenue during that period.

The 1995 World Cup in South Africa generated R197 million (£30.3 million )in total revenue which increased by 131% to £70 million in 1999 when Wales hosted.
Revenues peaked at £381.4 million when Japan hosted the 2019 World Cup with nearly £4.3billion generated in economic output according to The Economic Impact of Rugby World Cup 2019 report published by EY.
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/Thread/ Estimated amounts for #RealMadrid's participation and triumph in the #UCL (starting fees, fixed amounts, coefficient ranking, market pool), and then in the match for the UEFA Super Cup, will boost the club's revenue to a level close to €141 million #SportBusiness Image
@fcbusiness @RMadridInfo @MMajeedSX @InfiniteMadrid @MadridXtra @RMADailyNews @FranceRMCF @RMadridHome @managingmadrid @LosMadridistas_ For making the group stage alone, the 32 clubs involved each took home a minimum of €15.64 million. Each victory in the group stage is worth €2.8 million, which means that #Real in five victorious games earned €14 million.
@fcbusiness @RMadridInfo @MMajeedSX @InfiniteMadrid @MadridXtra @RMADailyNews @FranceRMCF @RMadridHome @managingmadrid @LosMadridistas_ Los Blancos generated €48.5 million in the playoffs, beating PSG, Chelsea and Manchester City along the way. If Real Madrid wins the #ChampionsLeague final, the club will earn an additional €4.5 million. The sum of the prize money won will ultimately increase to €82.64 million
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A Mzansi #F1 GP, What We Need To Bring It Home 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

I took some time to understand and break down the requirements.

1- Getting to Grade 1 status
2- Almost $1 billion in fees
3- Viewers and the growing female support
4- The #DriveToSurvive effect

#F1 #SportsBiz
To begin with, there must be a Grade 1 venue to host the race. This can come in the form of a permanent track like the one we have at Kyalami or a street circuit. In order to host a Grand Prix, tracks have to conform to FIA guidelines

Kyalami is a Grade 2 track Image
FIA guidelines regulations cover everything from track dimensions to the type of medicinal supplies stocked in the medical centre. Mandatory inspections must take place in order to ratify a track’s licence, the higher the grade required, the higher the fee the circuit must pay
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Motsepe's @CAF_Online revolution has been swift and efficient. Despite this, some still eoubt him.

Broadcast rights ✅
New sponsors ✅
Afcon revenues ✅
Viewership ✅

This is a thread on Motsepe's Revolution ⬇️

The Sky's The Limit 👆

📸 CAF I #SportsBiz
When Patrice Motsepe ascended to power as the President of CAF on 12 March 2021, he could hardly have gone into the position at a worse time.

The federation was described as a holy mess bereft with corruption, infighting and in financial disarray
His biggest task was the state of broadcasting of football games and tournaments on the continent.

An Egyptian court scrapped a billion dollar deal that CAF had with exclusive agent for marketing and media rights, Lagardère as the deal had been concluded without any open tender
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Economic snapshot. A new study by EY highlights how the #PremierLeague and its clubs have continued to generate widespread benefits for the economy, society and the entire football pyramid, despite the significant challenges presented by COVID-19 #SportBusiness
@fcbusiness @utdarena @DailyAFC @SportByFort @MUnitedFR @iemadAFC @OsmanZtheGooner @AFC4AR @PrestwichBlue @InsiderCity_Ar The analysis reveals that Premier League football contributed £7.6bn to the UK economy during the 2019/20 season, which was suspended for more than three months due to the pandemic. Clubs' economic activity has grown by 840 per cent since the 1998/99 season.
@fcbusiness @utdarena @DailyAFC @SportByFort @MUnitedFR @iemadAFC @OsmanZtheGooner @AFC4AR @PrestwichBlue @InsiderCity_Ar The League and its clubs generated a total tax contribution of £3.6bn to the UK Exchequer in 2019/20, £1.4bn of which was accounted for by Premier League players. The total tax contribution underpinned by clubs has increased by £3.1bn since 1998/99.
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/Thread/ #PremierLeague clubs have smashed their own record for combined shirt #sponsorship deals, with the 20 clubs generating £358.75m for the 21-22 season, an increase of £14.25m from last yr. Sleeve sponsors are paying a further £83.75m to the 19 clubs combined (without EFC)
@fcbusiness @utdarena @ChrisWheatley_ @martynziegler @mjshrimper @iemadAFC @DailyAFC @MUnitedFR @TheCitizensBR @PrestwichBlue This growth underlines the league's commercial strength also during the COVID-19 epidemic. The combined total in 2010-11, when @sportingintel first performed this exercise, was £100.45m. Main shirt and sleeve sponsorship deals have become a stable source of income for clubs
@fcbusiness @utdarena @ChrisWheatley_ @martynziegler @mjshrimper @iemadAFC @DailyAFC @MUnitedFR @TheCitizensBR @PrestwichBlue @sportingintel and have become an integral part of their marketing strategies. The international appeal of the Premier League is demonstrated with 14 clubs having sponsors with overseas headquarters based in countries as diverse as the USA, China, Germany, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates,
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🧵#ThisIsWhyIFOI Remember Dr. Bonnie Henry at the @Canucks home opener? I asked @bcndp #bcgov under #FOI about who paid for the jersey and other expenses. Many readers wonder about the PHO attending such commercial events. #bcpoli #cdnfoi #FOIAFriday #SportsBiz #covid19 ImageImage
This morning, @bcndp #bcgov tells me it has rejected my #FOI request about Dr. Bonnie Henry at the @Canucks game, because she was allegedly there as a private citizen, not because she is the provincial health officer. Where have I seen that lame excuse before? 🤔#bcpoli #cdnfoi Image
Last year, Dr. Bonnie Henry co-authored a book with her sister. When I wanted to know about the contract and other details, I was told I couldn’t see them. The “private citizen” excuse was invoked. #bcpoli #cdnfoi #FOIAFriday…
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Robert Lewandowski.
Best Striker? Yes.
Sports business unicorn? Yes.

And to celebrate @lewy_official on breaking the single-season Bundesliga goal record, let's break down how he got here.

Congrats Lewy you magnificent man!

Here is a little player profile🧵
Firstly, I want to touch on the business side of #Lewy.
-He is the owner of a marketing agency, Stor9
-He makes ~10m EUR yearly through advertising
-He earns 19.5m EUR via his Bayern Munich salary
-Net worth estimated to be 45-70m EUR
-An absolute advertising giant in Poland
Married to Anna Lewandowska who is a superstar in her own right and makes them a legit Polish power couple.
-She was a karate world champion
-She has 6 companies with more than 100 employees and endorses Nike and Calzedonia
-Owns and sells her own products
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It has been a year unlike any other, for sports media and the wider world. Covid19’s impact on the industry has been massive, forcing rights-holders almost everywhere into rebates and renegotiations. As a result, the global value of sports media rights - $44.6bn by @SportBusiness
in 2020 – has fallen by just over 12% from 2019. And the 10 most valuable sports generated a combined $41.3bn from media rights in 2020, down from $46.8bn in 2019. Among the top 10, the sports to feel the biggest impact of Covid-19 were baseball (39.1% down on expected revenues
for 2020), US college sports (28.4%), golf (23.7%) and motorsport (20.2%). The impact on golf and motorsport #SportsBiz
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After the most unpredictable year of all, get set for another one. Here, in handy A-Z form, are a few pointers and things to keep an eye on across the global sports industry in 2021. #sportsbiz.
A - Action: With global movements gaining real momentum, this has to be the year for more tangible organisational action - staff training, recruitment practices, coaching, mentoring schemes and leadership education - across the industry to make sport a more inclusive place.
B - Bundesliga and the big 5: Across European football, getting fans back into stadiums remains the top priority, but there are challenges everywhere as clubs flex their muscles, the @Bundesliga_EN searches for its new CEO and Ligue 1 tries to sort out its TV and financial mess.
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So you want to work in sports? My advice on your search to break into the #sportsbiz: If you can, BE FLEXIBLE.

Be flexible with...

Where you are willing to live.

Which organization you are willing to work for.

What your responsibilities are.

What the compensation is.

Be flexible with where you are willing to live:

The #sportsbiz is super competitive, w/ thousands of grads each year looking to get in. If you take locations off the table, you are making it even more challenging to find an opportunity...

Great jobs are open all over the country, in some areas that you might never have imagined living. If you are able, don’t limit yourself. And there might not be a better time to move around the country than right after you graduate.

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2020 in the business of sport? Consider this A to Z thread of things to keep an eye on as your cheat sheet for a new year. #sportsbiz
A - ATP Cup: Men’s #tennis has yet another team event joining its cluttered calendar to sit alongside the Davis Cup and Laver Cup, as the politics of the sport play out in public. The ATP’s new management have lots to do - hopefully it includes developing a mixed team tournament.
B - Budapest: Quietly and confidently emerging as Europe’s latest major events host, with a trio of @EURO2020 games, the expanded @FedCup finals in April and the start of May’s @giroditalia making this a big year. An Olympic host in the 2030s?
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The feature for #IPSERIES this week is the case of Dolce & Gabbana v Diego Maradona. This case talks about the relationship between Sports and Intellectual Property. For football fans, sports lovers and athletes this case should be of interest to us all.
Summary :
In 2016 at the fashion show held in Naples, Dolce & Gabanna sent a model as shown in the picture wearing a blue and white jersey with Maradona’s name and famous number 10 on a runway. Diego Maradona sued Dolce & Gabanna for €1 million 😱
for using his name and number during a fashion show without his permission. Such act may mislead fans into purchasing the jersey and believing Maradona endorsed & gave his permission to Dolce & Gabanna.
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#ManchesterUnited’s long-standing relationship with Chevrolet, at £64 million, is the most lucrative shirt sponsorship deal in the Premier League. From the US automotive brand’s perspective, the agreement looks less attractive in view of #MUFC’s brand value declining since 2018
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV #ManUnited is the Premier League club most often perceived as having a rich heritage and history, coming behind only the top Spanish clubs and #Bayern Munich.
These factors are the driving force behind the rewarding partnerships that the brand attracts – at first look Chevrolet
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV seems an unusual sponsor, considering its target markets compared to the markets that Manchester United gives access to – but it is the associations with globally recognised heritage that makes the #sponsorship worthwhile. The role that shirt sponsorships can play for commercial
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#RealMadrid are the most valuable football club in Europe according to The European Elite 19 report, prepared by KPMG. The Whites have a value of €3,224 million, ahead of #ManchesterUnited (€3,207m), #Bayern (€2,696m), #FCBarcelona (€2,767m) and #ManCity (€2,460m) #SportsBiz
The Premier League has confirmed its absolute dominance, having nine clubs on the full list (32 clubs) and accounting for 43% of the total aggregate value. The overall EV of the 32 most prominent European football clubs has increased by 9% (an impressive 35% over the past 3 yrs)
Los Blancos jumped above €3bn EV level for the first time, the only club to do this alongside the Red Devils, however, the Spanish giants' current EV is still lower than the #MUFC's was last year. Similarly, the Bavarians' current value is lower than the Blaugrana's in 2018
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