Hello 👋 new followers. Feel free to introduce yourself.

Me: A top strength of mine is “input” Others in pics.

I tweet A LOT. I tweet long threads with links to articles, with highlighted screenshots, links to others’ tweets. I hold onto info & reference past yet “futuristic”
You have to know the past to understand patterns and see possibilities as well as navigate past barriers for the future.

If you like control or boundaries, run now as I promise you I will be 🤯 for you.

If you like creativity, expression, innovation, equity, ethics, welcome.
I am going to constantly run around the world finding interesting concepts & facts, be passionate & outspoken on justice/equity, re-use old tweets to explore new facet in new thread.

I’ll shape shift & if you try to pin me down or box me in, you will be frustrated.

All me:
At heart I am an activist. My patients can’t speak or vote. When I was still a resident I helped overturn a policy change in SCHIP under mentorship of Dr. Feigin. I will disrupt status quo to advance equity and I will speak early and often on harm, even if means being “Cassandra”
I am staunchly feminist, educated/raised by strong, American & Pakistani women & recently #blackqueens

BUT no matter how tough we have it, we MUST be #ethical & canNOT play victim to evade #accountability

especially in #healthcare where the patient is always the most vulnerable
I come from a long line of public servants who navigated privilege with willingness to “fall on your sword” to protect the less empowered, challenging the white master in Colonial times (at risk of death). Look at #antiAsianhate: that risk remains. I navigate spaces similarly.
“Model minority” & #impostersyndrome: not my shtick. I haven’t had it easy but I recognize light-skinned privilege in America (& the world)

so have educated myself
to not be “not racist”
but become actively #antiracist.
I get along fine w/ white men who appreciate frankness
I am
-a frequent visitor to the White House and government buildings
-work on refugee health
an activist
-lived in Pakistan & Saudi Arabia

I know I am under surveillance

Twitter invites cyberstalking too
#MedTwitter stalks too

C’est la vie 🤷🏻‍♀️

I have been stalked & threatened by the armed militia types as well as Taliban-esque types

I bother/am labeled a “threat” by
all the bullies
who use threats, violence, intimidation to gain control

When I need to leave this earth, I’ll go
In the meantime, am SUPER busy
I was also “stalked” by multiple potential cancers - all now cleared after biopsies & surgeries - with my own body potentially trying to kill me, one possibly putting my light out within 3 months

I’ve learned to live with threat of disease or death with acceptance, not fear
Yes, I have many ADHD traits, no diagnosis after I got myself tested. They had no term for my brain 🤷🏻‍♀️

Yet again, I’m unique
A unicorn 🦄

I mean, why not?
Gotta keep my cyberstalkers going down a new rabbit hole LOL
I pity those who stalk/track me: 🤯

I lost my mom to #COVID19 ~1 month ago. Losing your mother forever changes you

I had no patience for drama/excuses to cover/justify harm before my Mom died ..more intensely so now

Her (WOC) death was unnecessary
= #healthcare #publichealth #leadership failure

Stop harming POC
Am still in acute grief at this point, using art, writing, friends, family, prayer, mentoring, sunshine, grief quilt project to manage thru. I have not yet started to unpack certain traumas

Deciding how to handle certain wrong things (report?)- If you harmed, I am coming for you
I still have to think about Daddy - stress on him and if his future care would suffer

so my hands are tied on reporting certain things as I normally might do for system improvement and for individual level accountability.

Many clinicians were awesome
A couple were NOT
I get my ethics, values, backbone, written skills from my mom. She was an introvert to my extroversion. I wear her ring & bangles, mostly to remind myself she is gone so I don’t think to look for her or call her. Once your mom passes, there just are no safe spaces in the world.
Her death does anchor me. If there is no safe space in this world, the only place to find it is within me, where she lives as a memory and where I can still love her even if she is no longer in this world. She would want me to still climb every mountain.
Security is an illusion. Those who seek to achieve it via control live in constant fear/paranoia. What an awful way to live. If they only harmed themselves, would be bad enuf. We need to keep living courageously & pushing the boundaries of status quo to take care of marginalized.
One reason I defy labels: was raised withOUT self loathing most girls & minorities are taught by society. I enter/leave spaces on my own terms. I negotiate from a position my unique value. I do not rely on “female” passive aggressive, “victim” manipulation
“Killing Us Softly” describes how Western female ideal/marketing makes women hate selves & bodies (to point to starving selves to death), glorifying violence vs women, & punishes the strong female voice. Mislabeling women is a common tactic of control. Defining self is essential.
Run, FAR from (point out falsehood):
-talk about “control”
-spread fear/anxiety
-manipulate your insecurity
-“lead” with a victim identity
-play victim when held accountable, -seek to be gatekeepers of access
-use words like “optics”

Be a phenomenal 👩🏽
To be clear:
we MUST “believe women”
while recognizing:
-structures of inequity
-“Karen” vs WOC
-uniquely vulnerable role black women in America occupy
-the “strong black woman” persona
invokes both “mammy” & “threat”

America kills too many black women

So that’s a mini tour of my values, brain, life. Am always trying to advance my understanding so will revisit topics. Whether it is case-based learning or b-school “define the persona”, when I find a public figure who is a good example of an issue, I reference often.
Am at @MIT to democratize data access & disrupt status quo. Yes, have a consulting practice. (Ppl who shame independent WOC look that up right away) Have 15 years as a practicing licensed clinician & medical affairs leadership. My @acgme compliant curricula are free - no paywall.
Yes, I am on a mission to prevent and reduce harm. “First do no harm” is core of being a physician. Harm to children of color, girls, neurodiverse, etc, is, unfortunately, embedded in the system by design and by who is in leadership. #education must be a safe space for growth.
My past approach: service/free..

..after a tour of Medicaid budgets & #FQHC c-suite

..I’m getting wiser
“no margin, no mission”
also true
for serving the marginalized

We need wealthy, resourced WOC
to create & FUND *sustainable* impact

This is one of my idea pitches. Did not practice it before (not smooth). Submitted *just* before deadline. Got feedback: what is your #businessmodel?

Hence @MITSloan & @MITSloanFellows Build team. Get funded. Launch. #socialenterprise #Entrepreneurship

My threads never have a natural end - just keep going & going. So I’ll end with a key @bcmhouston @TexasChildrens mentor who taught me I could do ANYTHING - we led #datadriven #advocacy to repeal bad #healthpolicy law in #Texas #SCHIP that harmed kids
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7 Apr
When you want to know why
-women & minorities leave medicine
-why research lacks data to serve needs of anyone not white & male
-why different mortality rates in patients by gender, race, SES

this is why

This is #MedBikini#professionalism” again

Is insidious
but highly effective
-different access

As women, LGBTQ, minorities, disabled enter or advance in medicine, this professor’s public stance will be cited to mislabel having #ethics as “lacking #professionalism

bioethics.net/2020/07/medbik… ImageImageImage
#medbikini is not one article
=attitude of many physicians
=drives this

We saw this happen with @ayshakhoury and @uche_blackstock and so many others. It especially happens at midcareer to WOC, especially black. Also if Muslim, LGBTQ, disabled, #mentalhealth

#MedTwitter Image
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7 Apr
@adamcifu - the idea that doctors should not be political is why the entire field of #pediatrics walked out on the rest of #medicine. Children don't have the luxury of "every man for himself" mindset. Also, Muslim patients' or atheist patients' autonomy at #endoflife : political
All of us are trained, in residency, on "political" dollars from #Medicare and much of our #EBM is funded by tax dollars from #NIH and elsewhere. Tax dollars are public money, managed by elected officials, who are put in place and held accountable by the political process.
Then there are seemingly extreme examples, but are they so extreme given how often horrific things happen in history & even uptick of violence in the U.S.? Should doctors opt out of protecting vs this? These camps, if formed, may utilize doctors/nurses

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6 Apr
#MedTwitter showed me the dark side of this, of all times, during a #pandemic. Turns out some who are employed in supposed #SciComm actually stalk patients on behalf of doctors & administrators. Sadly, #bullying patients has gone from "just" in hospitals to dark web.
There is a type of doctor, not all, who believes self a "victim" of patients.. "I am a victim" is used to do mental gymnastics to "justify" #bullying patients who seek answers, report error or harm, initiate lawsuits.

Yes, there is too much litigation. But this is America.
#Tweetiatrician training is for #advocacy on #vaccines #VaccinesWork #VaccinesSaveLives

This has been our lane for well over a decade. As long as I've been a pediatrician we've been using every form of #communication and #SciComm, the sillier the better

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6 Apr
Further, suboxone has required special training and certification, adding an administrative barrier and creating an added fear barrier among risk-averse clinicians whereas oxycodone can be prescribed easily with the DEA certificate we all have.
Because doctors/prescribers are definitely lacking in administrative burden and CME obligations, we're just twiddling our thumbs eager for someone to ask us to get MORE educated, taking time off from patient care to get this:

The law enforcement side sees doctors through this lens. So doctors seek to limit their risk and liability. I'm all for taking down those who harm patients. I've testified in cases like the ones below for the AG's office as a medical expert.

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6 Apr
This happens not uncommonly. Sadly, it means being Muslim-American means that you never know who has been targeted, "converted", especially via #mentalhealth targeting

Need to fulfill metrics of "terrorists caught" to report to superiors... meanwhile, Jan 6th happened....
If you work in refugee health, are an activist, seek to empower the marginalized or targeted, this has either happened to you directly or happens to people you know

The person you are supposed to pick up from the airport arrives hours or days later with no info where they are
"Go back to your country then" does not work if you are
1-born in the U.S. thus are in "own country"
2-drones kill grandmothers in their own homes across the world too

#Safety for whom?
Look at #CapitolRiot, etc
How's that #security going, America?

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6 Apr
This is where a "culture of civility" enables abusers & predators. If you do not say something to inappropriate behavior in a professional context, maybe you feel it will draw negative attention to yourself oor associate you with the harm

you are complicit
you teach "this is ok"
What I find with "civility" culture

is it will punish action - like even smiling too much, identity (natural hair) or things of a non-European culture

while rewarding suppression, silencing, & inaction as "not making people uncomfortable" called #professionalism.
A prime example is how "comfortable" Dr. Birx made us on ongoing harm. Per her recent interviews, she knew was going to happen, she carefully documented (like the bureaucrat expecting later accountability and protects self) but did not speak

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