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OK. It's happening, and I can finally talk openly about it (a thread).

I have decided to transfer from my #PhD into a #Masters degree. I'm currently writing my thesis - I'm due to submit in October.

And I want to talk about it, because we don't talk about this enough.
This isn't a decision I've made lightly, or impulsively. It's due to a plethora of factors, including personal, project and professional reasons. It's something I've been thinking about for a long time, and something I should have thought more about before I even started my PhD.
I like studying. I like learning. I loved university, honours was challenging, but a PhD was the next logical step. I took a little time off (not enough)-but getting a scholarship early pretty much confirmed I'm be moving on to the next part of my academic life.
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I remember this feeling 👇🏻 so distinctly when I started at @NorthwesternU.

Tho not #FirstGen, growing up in an impoverished rural area (WV) with not great schools, attending a highly selective school was a huge culture shock. 🧵
Although I did very well in the end, I had a very rough start. I was convinced my admission was a mistake.

The culture was completely foreign to me & I didn’t begin to know how to navigate it. My parents had attended a very small, not selective LA school - not much help there./
I remember being overwhelmed by the level & speed of my classes and marveled at the other freshman who seemed to learn so much faster than I could - I later learned many had already taken the classes in private HS & but retook then to boost their GPA. 3/
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Thread. I go to a lot of meetings where I have only a modest level of knowledge about the field. Which is great, because then I learn a lot. But I don’t understand the main point of many talks. #DarkConfessions #scicomm
For a long time, I reckoned this was just me, and my ignorance of community-specific jargon. Also, #ImposterSyndrome. Editors have it too.
Anyway, I began to confess my lack of understanding to other audience members, and ask them for an explanation. Turns out, many of them also did not understand the talks. At all.
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@ARRO_org It's a fluke or the tide is turning in #radonc. Hypercompetitive students drawn to the "hot" field may go elsewhere d/t concerns discussed. Hopefully other quality students who may have otherwise been intimidated by match will join us instead. We may be better off. Time will tell
@ARRO_org WHOA😮 Went to bed, then early tumor board, then @ASTRO_org #CHEDI leader call & now 20+ notifications. Want to clarify some points: 1. ~30 open slots of 200 if true is NOT a good look & nothing to be happy about. Period. 2. This is either a fluke or the start of new trend 1/n
@ARRO_org @ASTRO_org 3. Could very well be that concerns mentioned here & SDN (valid or not) are turning folks away from rad onc. These concerns, esp oversupply, should be taken SERIOUSLY and INVESTIGATED with transparent findings that are disseminated to the best we can predict 2/n
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Hey everyone! It’s @blyons619 with the CBR Knowledge Translation team! We’re about to get started in LSC1 for @ValerieYoung ‘s presentation on #ImposterSyndrome. It’s looking like a full house! @UBCGradSchool
We have a range of audience members - grad students, faculty, staff... “The imposter syndrome is known as the Imposter Phenomenon within the field of psychology.”
“The definition of the imposter phenomenon: This secret belief that deep down you are truly not as capable and intelligent as people think you are”..”Despite concrete evidence of your achievements.”
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