A number of TV channels and websites close to #Iran published a statement attributed to the so-called "Syria's Allies Operations Room" confirming that the #IDF targeted two of their sites in the vicinity of the Syrian city of #Palmyra.1/6
#Syria #Israel #IRGC #USA #Russia
The statement indicated that the attack was carried out from over the Al-Tanf area and confirmed the deaths and injuries among the fighters of these militias. It also explicitly referred to an American role in this attack, and vowed to respond "very strong".2/6
This is not the first time that the so-called "Syria's Allies Operations Room" makes a statement. It has issued a number of previous statements, including the attacks of the #IDF on #Syria, and the battles of the city of #Aleppo against the Syrian rebels.3/6
Α source confirmed to me that yesterday's attack targeted two Iranian Quds Force bases in the vicinity of Palmyra, which included Iranian-made unmanned aircraft and advanced equipment for the manufacture of these aircraft.4/6
#Iran #IRGC #Syria #IDF
In fact, there is no actual presence of a gathering of fighters under the name "Syria's Allies Operations Room", but it is a name used by the Iranian Failaq al-Quds to direct regional messages without having an official status.5/6
The "Syria's Allies Operations Room" vowed to respond in the past, but nothing happened. However, the regional and American atmosphere today is different, and the idea of deterrence, which succeeded in #Lebanon and in the file of ships, might be applied in #Syria as well.6/6

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11 Oct
Based on the complications and the Turkish officials high tone statements, the main question will be what are #Turkey's options in responding to what happened in southern Mari'? 1/6
#Russia #USA #Syria #Biden #Erdogan #Putin #Iran Image
The first option, #Turkey may move towards exploiting what happened to carry out a media attack on the #YPG militia preparing for a military operation in another area less sensitive to #Russia (Ein al-Arab - Kobane city for example).2/6 Image
This operation more likely will be coordinated with #Moscow in order to push the Kurdish militias in eastern #Syria to get closer to the #Assad regime and #Russia, as they are able to protect them from #Turkey.3/6 Image
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11 Oct
A Turkish convoy near the city of Mari', north of #Syria, was attacked by two anti-armour missiles from the Tal Rifat area, which led to the destruction of two cars, the death of two Turkish policemen, and injuring a number of others.1/7
#Russia #USA #YPG #SDF #Erdogan ImageImage
The Turkish Interior Ministry confirmed that the Kurdish #YPG militia was behind this attack, as it controls the Tal Rifat area, while a number of Turkish officials confirmed that #Turkey will not remain silent this time.2/7
At the outset, some important points should be highlighted to understand what happened and can take place in light of this tension as the information that confirms #Ankara's intention to start a new military operation in #Syria.3/7
#USA #Russia #Turkey ImageImage
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22 Jun
In the United Nations upcoming vote on the decision of the of flow humanitarian aid, whether food or medical, through the liberated northern Syrian crossings, if #Moscow places its veto again, the scene will become horrific.1/10
#Syria #USA #EU #المعابر_شريان_الحياة
At the outset, it must be clarified that this ban will mean, in one way or another, the cessation of the flow of aid from most of international organizations, whether governmental or non-governmental, which work under the cover of the United Nations in general.2/10
Consequently, the population and displaced persons in the liberated north of #Syria, estimated at 4.5 million, will be deprived of about 90% of the volume of food and medical aid without the possibility to replace it from any organization or country.3/10
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16 May 20
The Islamic State published a new video a few days ago, entitled "Smite at the necks", through which it documented the organization's attacks within the Iraqi geography in the so-called battle of attrition which began two and a half years ago.1/15
#ISIS #USA #Iraq
This video carried many messages to us as researchers in the affairs of jihadist groups, which I will present in the form of points that may clarify the scene further to the reader on what is going on in #Iraq in particular and what may happen later.2/15
#ISIS #USA #Trump #PMU
First, the organization, through this video, tried to confirm the strength of its network, the strength of its institutions, and its ability to rise once, twice, three times, which was presented by recalling the period between 2009 and 2013.3/15
#ISIS #USA #PMU #Iraq #Syria
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7 Mar 20
Reuters, and a number of American newspapers, have published reports confirming the arrest Princes of the Saudi royal family, the most important of whom is Ahmed bin Abdulaziz,brother of King Salman and former Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef.1/8
Behind this dangerous move is likely to be standing the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, as he is responsible for removing Mohammed bin Nayef from his position as Crown Prince and has precedents of detaining princes under the anti-corruption cover.2/8
With a careful reading of the atmosphere in the Kingdom of #Saudi Arabia during the past four years, three scenarios can be developed for the reasons for this arrest, as follows:
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27 Feb 20
Information about the killing of more than 30 Turkish soldiers from an air strike by Russian warplanes on their location in the vicinity of #Saraqeb in the #Idlib countryside of northern #Syria.
#Turkey #Russia #USA #NATO #Iran
This air strike by Russian warplanes came after a phone call between the Turkish and American defense ministers and during a Turkish security meeting with the presence of President Recep Tayyip #Erdogan.
#Turkey #Russia #USA #NATO #Syria
A video documenting the participation of Turkish soldiers in the battles that have been taking place for days in the eastern Idlib countryside, northern #Syria, in light of the high level of tension between #Turkey and #Russia regarding the future of #Idlib.
#NATO #USA #Iran
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