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A few points to share with you now #Syria #Idlib #Russia #Turkey
The Russian-Turkish deal is valid for six months. Turkey will have to present all maps where its proxies are deployed and where jihadists and foreign figgers are deployed in the entire area of Idlib and surrounding+
#Syria and #Russia have the freedom to bomb all jihadists positions as included in the non-announced deal. Therefore there is no violation of the ceasefire unless, along the M4, Turkey fail to clear the Saraqeb-Latakia road and the Syrian army becomes under fire.
#Turkey asked until the 15th of March to clear jihadists or dislodge them (perhaps to other parts of Syria at the moment. That is not Russia/Damascus's problem) from the main axis agreed in #Moscow. Turkey said if Jihadists won't leave, Ankara shall not intervene in their favour.
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Lage in #Idlib Abend 04.03.20:
Wenn auch weiter schwer gekämpft wird, zeigt sich die Frontlinie weitgehend stabil. Die syrische Armee konnte den Ort Afes befreien und damit die Grenze weiter von #Saraqeb schieben.
Zudem konnten die Syrer eine weitere türk.Drohne abschießen
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Im türkischen Parlament hat es derweil schwere Tumulte gegeben.
Nachdem die Opposition Erdogan wegen seines Syrien-Abenteuers kritisierte, brach die Massenschlägerei aus.
Soweit zur "Einigkeit" der türkischen Gesellschaft über die #Idlib-Offensive von Erdogan.
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Im Allgemeinen wartet jetzt aber alles auf die morgigen Putin-Erdogan-Verhandlungen.
Ankara signalisierte erneut, dass sie einen Waffenstillstand anstrebt.
Über die Vertreibung der syrischen Armee hinter türkische "Beobachtungsposten" wird erstmal nicht mehr gesprochen.
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#AssadPutin forces recaptured the strategic town of #Afes and by this secured the highways M4 and M5.
And Turkish-backed rebels recaptured Shayk Aqil N-E of Aleppo.
#Syria ImageImage
"National Liberation Front" fighters this morning prepared to retake #Saraqeb in Qmenas.
They failed though and the city remains under #AssadPutin forces before the "ceasefire" meeting of Erdogan und Putin in Moscow tomorrow.
#Syria ImageImage
Afes was not recaptured by the regime and is still under the control of Turkish-led Syrian troops.
#Idlib #Syria Image
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Same scenario as in Hasaka.
Game over for Turkey and its allies. Image
Seems like Russia alleged the deployment before it actually happened (propaganda).
So there is still a chance, #Saraqeb will be recaptured by rebels.
Rebels report, Turkish close air support in and around Saraqeb stopped.
Also no Turkish artillery and MLRS fire to help them ...
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In a major embarrassment for #Turkey and its proxies in #Idlib province, #AssadPutin forces recaptured at least half of #Saraqib.
#Syria Image
Also there seems to be no fighting nearby with regime troops calm and shelling only further N-W.
As I said before: Air strikes and fire support from the distance will not be enough for Turkey to reach its goals.
Rebels are too weak. Only Turkish soldiers can achieve real gains. ImageImage
Most recent regime TV footage sows most of the M5 in #Saraqib back under #AssadPutin control.
This might have changed by now as Turkish drones reportedly intervened on the side of the rebels.
#Idlib #Syria Image
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@zamanalwsl recordings reveal direct confrontations between #Hezbollah & #TSK in S. #Idlib and #Saraqeb. Hezb fighters talk about 10+ KIA and inflicting heavy damage vs #Turkish forces (90+) when they pinned down their convoy. #TSK artillery managed to break Hezbollah's attacks.
On the #Saraqeb front, #Hezbollah fighters are suffering from #TSK artillery and drone attacks, according to the recordings. The fighter says #Russia has 'sat this fight out'. The death toll, initially set at 10, isn't final as many of their men 'are still under the rubble'.
The recordings are likely to be true. On 14 Feb, a Beirut contact mentioned that #Hezbollah will deploy 1000+ men of its Special #Radwan Forces with armour to the fighting in N. #Syria. (not including the ones already fighting since the beginning of the W. #Aleppo offensive)
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How #Syrians see #Erdogan's escalation in #Idlib. "The army units are carrying out fierce clashes with Jabhat al #Nusra terrorists and #Turkish -supported groups on #Saraqeb axis in Idleb countryside."
SANA: "terrorist groups involved tens of suicidal terrorists and car bombs on the western axis of Saraqib city with intensified firing support by the Turkish regime forces where army units confronted them, killed and injured dozens of them."
#Erdogan's occupation forces make more direct attacks on the #Syrian military, advancing in #Idlib, as their allied #AlQaeda groups are driven back. From R&U videos, 28 February 2020:
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Information about the killing of more than 30 Turkish soldiers from an air strike by Russian warplanes on their location in the vicinity of #Saraqeb in the #Idlib countryside of northern #Syria.
#Turkey #Russia #USA #NATO #Iran
This air strike by Russian warplanes came after a phone call between the Turkish and American defense ministers and during a Turkish security meeting with the presence of President Recep Tayyip #Erdogan.
#Turkey #Russia #USA #NATO #Syria
A video documenting the participation of Turkish soldiers in the battles that have been taking place for days in the eastern Idlib countryside, northern #Syria, in light of the high level of tension between #Turkey and #Russia regarding the future of #Idlib.
#NATO #USA #Iran
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Nine Syrian civilians were killed in Russian Air Force raids on #Idlib’s rural towns that began shortly after sunrise.
#PutinAtWar ImageImage
Terrible video of father and son killed in village, attacked by Putin’s killers this morning.
They tried to run out of their home when they heard the jet coming, but were killed by the power of the explosion in their garden. ImageImage
The Syrian rebel front in #Idlib keeps collapsing in a pace, hard to follow.
At least 5 news towns fell to #AssadPutin forces overnight.
These are the ones, both sides confirmed with more falling ever hour according to regime sources.
Will update ... Image
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Turkish-led rebel forces captured #San near Saraqib while Russian-led regime forces captured #Baruhba near Kafr Nabudah.
#Idlib #Syria ImageImage
Massive #AssadPutin air strikes on #Idlib, #Ariha, #Binish and other larger cities in #Idlib province since the morning.
Deadly revenge for losing the battle against Turkish-led troops east of Saraqib.
#PutinAtWar #BombAssad #Syria ImageImageImageImage
Rebels seized lots of weapons west of #Saraqeb over the past 24 hours, including two BMP-1 and five 9M113 Konkurs ATGM.
(Image via HTS media, which does NOT necessarily mean, HTS will use the weapons itself) Image
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#Syria: after days of relentless bombardments the regime has launched a massive offensive on #Idlib, over a dozen villages have been seized already.

Millions of civilians are stuck now that the borders are closed.
#Syria: thousands of civilians are fleeing towards the border as the regime is rapidly advancing in southern #Idlib ImageImageImageImage
#Syria: regime warplanes targeted the local market in #Saraqeb, killing several people.

All over #Idlib bombs are falling on innocent civilians.
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Gut wrenching.

This young girl was killed today in #Assad regime shelling of Khan Sheikhoun, #Idlib. Her father could only hold her feet as she was carried away.

#Idlib might as well be Mars for 99.9% of the world these days.

The world is a cruel place. #Syria
Very important data from @ACLEDINFO, detailing the "disproportionate" scale of pro-#Assad violations of the demilitarized/de-escalation zone in #Syria's #Idlib/NW.

Moreover, regime shelling in Feb 2019 was x4 the previous monthly average.
@ACLEDINFO In a meeting with opposition fighters, #Turkey ordered #NLF factions to retaliate to #Assad regime shelling in #Idlib.

#Ankara also warned #Moscow & #Tehran that it'd withdraw from #Astana if attacks continued.…
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NEW - #Ahrar al-Sham & Nour al-Din al-Zinki have merged, creating Jabhat Tahrir Souriya, branded with “green” revolutionary flag.

- Ahrar leader Hassan Soufan = leader
- #Zinki leader Tawfiq Shahbuddin = deputy

“JTS” calls on other groups to join for greater unity.
#pt: What does “JTS’s” formation mean?

- Unlikely to be a full merger, but closer Ahrar-Zinki coordinating ties have been clear for months.

- Northern #Syria’s two biggest non-#HTS factions are compiling (with Syrian Islamic Council backing) pressure on #Jolani & HTS.
I’m told that x4 sub-factions of #HTS have agreed to join the newly formed Jabhat Tahrir Souriya (#JTS) and at least x5 others are negotiating possible terms.

#Syria #Idlib
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Definitely an #RuAF SU25 over #Saraqeb Image
Contacts near #Saraqeb hearing '#RuAF pilot is 'KIA'.
Footage allegedly showing the downed #RuAF pilot, #KIA, near #Saraqeb
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In case you forgot - the #Assad regime continues to use chemical munitions on civilian areas.

This morning, a chemical gas attack hit the besieged #Douma suburb of #Damascus - mostly women & children affected.

A similar attack hit Douma 9 days ago. #Syria
Civilian vehicles, packed with furniture & personal belongings, were targeted by regime strikes today, as civilians fled bombing in SE #Idlib.

This is #Assad’s “war on terrorism.” See for yourself. #Syria
#Russia & #Assad launched a huge escalation in bombing in #Idlib over the weekend - 150+ airstrikes reported yesterday alone.

Multiple hospitals destroyed and this Neo-natal unit evacuated.

Heartless, criminal violence.

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