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Late October 2016: Comey sent the letter to Republicans in Congress. Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz immediately rushed to leak it to press & falsely claimed that the case had been “reopened.”
This was after the FBI had been alerted to #TrumpRussia by Steele/FusionGPS:
April 2017: Jason Chaffetz was criticized "for not investigating Trump's alleged Russian ties the same way he went after the Democratic presidential nominee, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton." To put it mildly.
He resigned in June.…
In August 2017, NBC noted that the last 12 days before the election, flipped it upside down, and changed the future of our country.…

The key events: Comey's letter, Chaffetz's leak & false claim & "flawed" reporting by the NYT, all favorable to Trump.
"[T]he real tale of 2016 is how the final 12 days of the election turned a race that seemed out of reach on Oct. 27 into an upset decided by a total of 80,000 votes in three states."…

Think about that.
Only 80,000 votes. Only 3 states.
Mid-October 2016: Clinton was well ahead in state & national polls.
"Even the data team doing analytics for the Trump campaign was telling reporters that, as of Oct. 27, they had just a 15 percent chance of winning."…

Even the exit polls indicated that.
In fact, an under-reported story, is that Trump campaign insiders, Lewandowski & Bossie wrote that Chris Vlasto of ABC (improperly) called Bossie at 5:01 p.m. on election night with exit polling results, which showed Trump was losing, badly.…
“The consortium followed eleven battleground states, including Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Trump was down in eight of the eleven states by five to eight points. The news was devastating. A kill shot.”…
So just to summarize, and I'll get back to this later, both state and national polling showed Trump was losing, his own data analytic team said he was losing, and exit polling on the eve of the election indicated that he was losing.
We know Russia interfered in our election. Congress should be investigating that. Instead, Republicans are obstructing &/or diverting it to attack Comey, the FBI, Mueller, Clinton, Obama, Steele, FusionGPS, etc. Some ideas why, here:
But maybe its more.
So, back to Jason Chaffetz, he didn't just throw a monkey wrench into the election by leaking the Comey letter to the press in the last 12th days. He used his position on the House Oversight Committee to "investigate" Clinton for months & months & months.... He found nothing.
Remember back when Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif) said:

"Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today?"

Jason Chaffetz was very "upset" by that. 😒…
Remember, that Republican controlled special committee, chaired by Trey Gowdy, was also accused of selectively leaking information to the press to hurt Hillary Clinton, then a prospective candidate for president.… GOP selective leaking is a regular pattern.
Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) was also accused of selectively leaking cherry-picked information about Hillary Clinton’s email server, "in an effort to mislead the public."…
Looking at media reports on the so-called "Clinton scandals" from early 2015 through the election, and even now, I noticed that many of the "sources", if identified, were leaks by Republicans, their aides & staffers, RW media & a "watchdog" group known to be anti-Clinton. Hmm.
With their pattern of selectively leaking cherry-picked information and secretly sourcing it to the press, I find it ironic that they are trying to imply that Steele &/or Fusion GPS did something "improper" by talking to the press or reporting what they discovered to the FBI.
One of the key sources behind the so-called "Clinton scandals" is a group called Judicial Watch, which has a far right bias and a "mixed" record for accuracy.
This article provides quite a bit of the history on JW and its long-standing vendetta against Clinton.…

Whenever reporters use JW as a source, perhaps they should make note of their bias, record & history, & not just write "watchdog group," no?
If you Google them, you'll find they are behind many of the stories & accusations being made against folks in the FBI & DOJ for being involved in earlier investigations and not finding anything, &/or for not continuing to investigating Clinton. For another few decades, I guess.
So, back to the top of this thread, is it fair or reasonable to blame Comey for Trump's win? No. Not alone. Republicans, RW groups & RW media outlets all worked hard throughout 2015 to 2016 to push her approval numbers down low enough to even be vulnerable.
What about the New York Times and its reporting in October of 2016? Again. Not alone. MSM had became noticeably, increasingly anti-Clinton during the campaign. Compare this report from Nov. 2015 about how her favorability ratings had soared (Gallup poll):…
With this one, which focuses on her "unfavorable numbers".…
Most articles throughout 2015 focused on her "falling" ratings, even when they were much higher than other candidates. In 2016, they literally began using the word "hate." No kidding. Google it.
People noticed & complained. It was noted, charted and reported in very credible studies. Journalists wrote articles about it.…
After GOP "hearings" & selective leaking, a strangely hostile media, a drawn-out & bruising primary, Russian hacking, active measures & stolen email posting, the polls were closer than they arguably would have been, but Trump was still well behind.…
Heading into the election, all the polling said Clinton was ahead. State, national, internal, Trump team, the RNC.
According to Lewindowski & Bossie's book, the exit polling Bossie got from an ABC producer on election night showed that Trump was losing. They also wrote that Trump told Melania, that “Jared says we’re going to lose.”…
After Comey announced that she'd been cleared (again), most people thought it would help Clinton. Indeed, in the final few days, it appeared her numbers were raising.…
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