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To add to this Andrew McCabe betrayed the office he held and most importantly this Nation #WeThePeople! Trust in this - No one gets fired from the @FBI nor @DOJ without hard credible evidence! This is a fact! People that have a conflict of interest must reveal so. You can not
withhold this kind of information. You can not leak information as well. This will now snowball and people that need to be worried are

1) Loretta Lynch - tarmac meeting/no filing of charges against HRC

2) James Comey - HRC emails/ no charges recommendations
3) Susan Rice - Remember the unusual memo she sent to herself? Everyone wanted to pass this off as normal. Sorry but no this was not normal. By the book? No she was covering tracks for the January 5th meeting with

Loretta Lynch and Barack H. Obama.
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Breaking Lexy Report-

Case Closed!

House Intel finds 'no evidence of collusion' between Trump campaign and Russia!



The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence said Monday it found “no evidence of collusion, coordination or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians,” as its Russia investigation starts to come to a close.
Rep. Mike Conaway, R-Texas, who has led the committee’s bipartisan investigation into Russian meddling and potential collusion with Trump campaign associates during the 2016 presidential election, announced Monday that the panel had completed a more than 150-page draft report
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🔎 (1) #GlennSimpson worked with California Strategies and registered as a foreign lobbyist for Sheikh Khalid bin Saqr al-Qasimi of the UAE. While this isn’t new info to all they’re very curious details, this report claims $40,000 with his then company SNS Global #FusionGPS
(2) FARA documents by California Strategies show a payment of $55k to #GlennSimpson’s company. Should be noted CA Strategies is run by former Clinton staff including Chris Lehane (AKA Lewinsky smear)
(3) Here’s where is gets very strange Sheikh Khalid bin Saqr al-Qasimi allegedly hired all of these people to create better relationships with the U.S which obviously means paying #ClintonFoundation $50k while HRC is at the @StateDept 🙄
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The same corporate media outlets, "journalists" and "pundits" that were all in for Hillary, are now trying to convince the country that a poorly run, hardly seen troll campaign is grounds for reversing the election, and launching war with a nuclear power. Insanely irresponsible.
Campaign finance watchdogs say "Correct The Record is “creating new ways to undermine campaign regulation.”' FEC, split between Democrats and Republicans, was deadlocked on taking action against Brock and his troll farm.
In FEC filings, Hillary's "Correct the Record" trolls were listed, including their pay.
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🚨This was & still is President Barack Obama's Shadow Government /Deep State known publicly if you look hard enough as the Senior Executive Service (SES)
Thread w details follows!🚨
What or Who is the Senior Executive Service You Ask? The SES is a Deep State is group of over 9,000 appointed 'Mangers' in 75 Federal agencies that control the executive bureaucracy & tell new political appointees what they can and cannot do.…
American Intelligence Media has done a great piece on the ins & outs of the organization and I have included it below. They are rarely talked about but known amongst themselves by this lapel pin. If you see this pin, they are most likely bad news!…
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1) This started either before Trump announced his run for President, or soon thereafter. Someone who knew what happened told him.
2) SOMEONE in the IC, likely military intel, sat Trump down & laid out the entire #UraniumOne bribery scheme.
3) How all across the breadth of the Obama Administration people in high offices took massive bribes to facilitate sell of uranium to Russia
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1/ Whenever I ask for evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, I get this circular-reasoning response:
How do you know that there was no collusion?
My answer: I'm NOT claiming there was no collusion, but I see #ZEROEvidence that Trump colluded. SHOW me your EVIDENCE!
2/ If I were to claim that you murdered someone, I would need to provide evidence of this. My claim does not make it have some sort of merit. If you insist you did not do this and want me to stop pushing such as accusation in public b/c it really did not happen, that makes sense.
3/ Would an innocent person remain silent in the face of a massive campaign by those who don't like that person making unsubstantiated claims? Would they not want to put an end to it? If I were #Trump, I would want this thing shut down too as it looks to be a witch hunt.
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The Strzok/Page emails confirm yet again the DOJ/FBI clique's tactic of strategic leaking to media allies to gin up calls for investigations.
They did this with Michael Flynn. They did it with Carter Page. Strategically placed media leaks that gin up public cries of "Gee somebody really oughta investigate that/him/her!"

Having artificially created the demand, the FBI then moves to 'investigate'.

See how it works?
They want to place @GenFlynn under suspicion so they could begin 'investigating' him.

How'd they do that? 🤔
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1) #GrassleyMemo Declassified! (see what's new)👇
2) #GrassleyMemo Declassified portions. (page one)
3) #GrassleyMemo Declassified portions (page two)
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That #SteeleDossier was so weak & unverified, in Oct. 2016, the FBI proffered a NEWS STORY written by Michael Isikoff of Yahoo News to 'corroborate' the dossier.

The problem with that? Steele was *also* Isikoff's source for that story.
You literally couldn't make it up at this point.…
As Trey @TGowdySC just helpfully explained on Fox News about the Mueller investigation, there are several streams at work here:

1) Russian hacking/attempts to interfere in our 2016 Presidential election.

That's real. That stuff did happen.
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1) Fusion GPS Could Have Been Trying To Buy Access To DOJ With Payments To Official’s Wife…

Fusion GPS, a firm paid by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, was paying the wife of a senior Department of Justice official as part of its efforts to gather opposition
2) research on Trump, and the official then brought that research to the FBI — raising the question of to what extent the firm may have been attempting to pay for heightened access to the criminal justice system, & whether they would have hired her absent her spousal connection.
3) A declassified memo said Bruce “Ohr’s wife was employed by Fusion GPS to ASSIST in the cultivation of opposition research on Trump. Ohr later provided the FBI w/ALL of his WIFE'S opposition research, paid for by the #DNC and #ClintonCampaign via Fusion GPS.
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1. #FISAMemo released:

Demand for this information/transparency is so high that the server is overwhelmed.…
2. #FISAMemo

Key points:
- Fake Russian Steele dossier was used for FISA warrant, w/o disclosing #HRC/#Dem provenance.
- #FBI also PAID for dossier.
3. FISAMemo

- Another "source" extensively cited in the #FISA warrant application was a Sept 2016 #Yahoo article...which itself cycled back to the fake dossier as its source! That is, this means the FAKE #RussianDossier was essentially the sole source for the #FISA warrant.
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#MemoDay Read THE MEMO here👇

FBI HAD 4 opportunities in #FISA Court to provide relevant facts
Dossier "essential part"of Carter Page FISA application was paid for by DNC & Clinton Campaign

1a)Application OR RENEWALS disclose DNC-Clinton Funded dossier…
1b) Initial FISA application notes Steele, but NOT #FusionGPS or Glenn Simpson who paid Perkins Coie represented by DNC-even though DOJ knew at time political actors involved with Steele dossier.

Application did NOT mention Steele working for/paid by DNC & Clinton campaign
2) Page FISA application "cited extensively" a Sept 13 2016 Michael Isikoff Yahoo News article👉Steel LEAKED dossier information TO Yahoo News THEN circularly reported BACK INTO the FISA application! Article therefore does NOT corroborate dossier…
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1. #FISAMemo released:

Demand for this information/transparency is so high that the server is overwhelmed.…

Key points:
1. Fake Russian Steele dossier was used for FISA warrant, w/o disclosing #HRC/#Dem provenance.
2. #FBI also PAID for dossier.
3. FISAMemo

3. Another "source" extensively cited in the #FISA warrant application was a Sept 2016 #Yahoo article...which itself cycled back to the fake dossier as its source!
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Will the Nunes memo include key facts?

2013: Carter Page met with a Russian spy named Victor Podobnyy.

The FBI busted a Russian spy ring that was seeking information on US sanctions & energy.

Jan 2015: Charges were filed against Podobnyy & 2 others.…
Page’s connection to Russian intelligence "occurred more than three years before his association with Trump." The FBI was aware of this connection well before #FusionGPS was hired to look into Trump, initially by a conservative supporter of an opponent…
Nunes & GOP members on the House Intelligence Committee who voted to release the memo also know that Page testified that he was invited to speak in Russia soon after joining the Trump campaign and that he sought permission for his trip ahead of time.…
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THREAD: As members of the House Intelligence Committee consider their next steps in #ReleaseTheMemo, here is a closer look at Intel Committee Chairman @DevinNunes and the steps he has taken in the Russia investigation......
Rep. Nunes (R-CA):
•Became chairman of House Intel Cmte
•Nov: Named to #Trump transition 3 days after election
•Jan: House Intel announced Russia probe
•Mar: Denied physical wiretap of Trump Tower, but raised possibility of #surveillance on Trump team
Rep. Nunes (R-CA):
•Mar: Revealed “incidental collection” of #Trump transition members, “#unmasking” of their identities
•Mar: Visited White House, said he felt “duty & obligation” to brief @POTUS on findings
•Mar: Reports reveal WH officials were source of Nunes’s intel
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1) Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley's Oversight Investigation into the political corruption of the FBI and Department of Justice is coming to a head.
#ReleaseTheMemos #ReleaseTheReferral
2) As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Chuck Grassley has primary oversight of the FBI and Justice Department . This thread will detail Senator Grassley's determined and methodical 2+ year oversight investigation into the DOJ and FBI, from late December 2015 - Present.
3) December 15th, 2015 Floor Statement on Inspector General Access
A fired up Senator Grassley takes to the floor to protest the Obama Admins July 2015 legal opinion that neutered the Inspectors General.

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ICYMI: here's my thread from yesterday morning in which I lay out -based on currently available public info from known sources - how bad guys inside the DOJ hatched a plot to frame @GenFlynn:…
More evidence is surfacing that the 'secret society' inside the DOJ that wanted to obstruct/impeach the incoming Trump administration focused their efforts on turning Flynn's phone calls with Russian ambassador Kislyak into a major crime to be investigated by THEM.
As I explain in the unrolled tweet thread linked above, to do this, the plotters used allies in the media to launch a false narrative that an intel report had caught Flynn doing something shady & corrupt.
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What we know:
-There was no Russian collusion.
-Russia didn't "hack" the election.
-Russian "bots" didn't have an effect.
-Obama IC oversold Russian narrative intentionally.
-Pre-election Trump-Russia "investigation" was a cover for illegality.
-Post-election it became sedition.
-Hillary's server was smoking gun evidence of massive pay-for-play corruption
-Obama was at least implicated in the email scandal
-Obama DOJ/FBI rigged the investigation to cover it up
-Lynch, Comey and McCabe were involved
-Clinton bribed McCabe DURING the rigged investigation
-Peter Strzok is a Clinton partisan who was the deputy directly overseeing ALL the investigations involved
-FISA WAS abused and illegal use discovered by Adm Rogers
-IG Horowitz discovered criminal abuses
-Sally Yates obstructed IG investigation
-Bruce Ohr was directly connected
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Mueller's probe is entering it's 'critical phase' according to the media.

They still haven't figured out what's going on.

Dan Coats, Mike Pompeo, Mike Rogers....these guys aren't being interviewed by Mueller in regards to nailing Trump.
Trump actually IS looking forward to being interviewed by Mueller.

What do you think Coats, Pompeo, Rogers &Trump told/will tell Mueller in these interviews?

When they became aware of the 'secret society' making it's moves to spy on/entrap Trump & his people.
It's all coming together. The plotters spent the time from the election to early Jan. setting up a plan to use Flynn's phone calls about Russian sanctions as a pretext to launch an investigation they could turn into an impeachment.
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Glenn Simpson & his Fusion GPS team suddenly changed the narrative a few weeks ago, began using their media allies to desperately begin selling a new story that the #SteeleDossier was *NOT* used in any way shape or form for any FISA warrant/s.
We got the comical claim that the actual trigger for the FBI's investigation into Trump/Russia collusion was....Papadopolous having a drunk chat in a bar. They've been pushing that relentlessly for several weeks now.
Earlier, 1 of the Reps. that's read the memo made the statement it will absolutely destroy the new 'Papadopoulos narrative' that Fusion has been using it's media allies to pimp.
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1) Here is a story of why we think #WeHaveTheMemo

See Q post below.

#DOJ, one is the investigation of the DNC breach and the #SteeleDossier. The #DNC was breached by #SethRich who sent the data to #Wikileaks. Highest levels made aware. Think big.

@POTUS #ReleaseTheMemo
2) #Google funded Crowdstrike w $100m. Brennan/Clapper used Crowdstrike thru Google to find leaker. #DNC finds out it's #SethRich. Q wrote: (SR 187)(MS 13 (2) 187). Example made of Seth, murdered by 2 #MS13 members, which were themselves killed a few blocks away. #WeHaveTheMemo
3) #DebbieWassermanSchultz shuts down #SethRich investigation. "Failed robbery attempt". Q says: F-I/D-J ASSIST - the #FBI and #DOJ assist in cleaning it up. Q then says "INSURANCE" - referring to Strzok texts.
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Quick thread on something gleaned from #FusionGPS testimony released yesterday. /1
So, if you recall a few months ago, Democrats selectively leaked that #FusionGPS was hired in early 2016 by the Washington Free Beacon. The leakers wanted people to think that the Steele Dossier was a bipartisan hit. /2
But the timeline never made sense, and WFB denied that they'd hired #FusionGPS to go after Trump. Their Rubio-supporing sponsor, Paul Singer insisted he was not paying for the now-discredited dossier. /3
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#ReleaseTheMemo #ObamaGate #FISAGate

I think I figured out the remaining key questions I had. #Treason by the #Cabal was obvious. I have laid it out earlier in this thread:…

...but knowing something = proving something
...especially when dealing with
2. ...#Corruption and #Treason on both sides of the aisle
#LSM #LyingSycophantMedia that will actively hide #Truth and invent/support #FakeNews, such as #RussiaCollusionLie
#CognitiveDissonance & #Tribalism that affect ability of "other side" to accept uncomfortable #TRUTH
3. So #POTUS needed to generate bullet-proof evidence of involvement by #DOJ/#FBI in the #Treason of the #Cabal/ part b/c they themselves could block/prevent the #TRUTH
...and in part b/c they had tried to destroy much of the evidence.
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