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It appears @ThomasWictor has had his account limited by Twitter for - get this! - quoting an antisemitic troll he was arguing with back in....2015.
: "My account is limited for 12 hours.

What happened is that I QUOTED a Jew-hater who used the word that rhymes with "pike" to describe Jews.

So as a result of quoting a Jew-hater, my account gets a strike."


So about 46 hours ago a Twitter engineer wrote a gay slur tweet for Thomas and posted it in his timeline, he gets his account limited for quoting a Jew-hating troll 2 years ago.

Raising your profile has consequences.

You become a target of smaller minds.
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The Steele Dossier was a hastily cobbled together justification for two things:

1) to justify the spying on Trump's campaign team PRIOR to Mike Rogers shutting down NSA SIGINT database mining for Trump Team comms up to April, 2016.
2) to justify RESTARTING intelligence community intercepts of Trump campaign/transition team comms by proffering the dossier to the FISA Court by claiming Trump team members were foreign agents serving Russia.
We don't know exactly when FBI subcontractors began to be used by the DOJ/FBI Hillary/Obama/DNC nexus to mine the NSA SIGINT database for Trump campaign team comms & then to submit Sec. 702 unmasking requests to reveal the names of Trump team members in the intel incercepts.
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What a fun 2-3 years this is going to be watching all this get hashed out as the prosecutions unfold. #FusionGPS #unmasking #Subcontractor

When #FusionGPS's bank records reveal it was actually being PAID as a subcontractor by the FBI to run Section 702 queries to unmask names of Trump team members from raw SIGINT provided to it by the FBI, my God the FUN we're all going to have, eh?
Goddamn, the stories are practically going to write themselves, aren't they?…
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It’s not enough to simply release the transcript from the co-founder of #FusionGPS Glenn Simpson.

I want the entire story regarding Fusion GPS, the Dossier, and the Department of Justice to be revealed.
I’ve been clear that we need a Special Counsel to investigate the Trump campaign and Russia.

It’s equally clear we need to investigate how #DOJ conducted themselves regarding the Clinton e-mail investigation and the Trump campaign investigation.
I want to find out – and believe the American people deserve – the entire story regarding #FusionGPS, the Dossier, and #DOJ – not just one portion of it.
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Con artist Glenn Simpson says he discussed a biography abt Simon Bolivar during dinner attended by Veselnitskaya, June 10th 2016. I’m sure he’s very knowledgeable abt Venezuelan affairs given #FusionGPS biz association with #Derwick...
Simpson says Steele’s memos smearing @realDonaldTrump had to be shared with @FBI due to “professional obligations”. What would the professional obligations of a former spook be? #youcantmakethisstuffup
#goldenshower is a crime, according to Glenn Simpson...😮
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1) @nytpolitics entered into an "arrangement with the author, with Peter Schweizer, to pursue the material included in his book, in advance" of the release of Clinton Cash as noted by @maddow in April, 2015.…
2) @Salon noted in early 2016 that the @nytimes continued to publicize Clinton Cash even though "Scores of news organizations... promptly found a multitude of mistakes in the book and reported them out."…
3) On Halloween, 2016, the @nytimes ran a story "Investigating Donald Trump, F.B.I. Sees No Clear Link to Russia."

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#GlennSimpson Testimony from August 22, 2017. #FusionGPS #TrumpRussia
Thank you, @SenFeinstein for serving the people.…
I'm going to thread my impressions here and try to highlight similarities between how Russia operates in the age of Putin (corruption, authoritarianism, narcissism, mafia activity, how defunct USSR was sold to oligarchs, etc). Let's start here: How Putin's lackeys act. Familiar?
Here a #CHECKMATE piece of information. Trump learned everything from Russia (Putin) over the past 2 decades, at least. This American coup has been in motion since before the GOP figured out how to steal an election without the pop vote in 2000. #GOPCOMPLICIT
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#FusionGPS Transcript contradicts GOP argument #SteeleDossier was a political document. First, Steele went to FBI himself concerned Trump being blackmailed, fearing “national security threat” said Simpson 1/
2/When Steele met with FBI in Sept 2016, @FBI told him they had similar intelligence from “an internal Trump campaign source”, that is a “whistle-blower” inside Trump organization.
3/ #FusionGPS’s Simpson told Senate Judiciary that Steele reached out to FBI on his own and he alone selected content of the dossier, not DNC or Fusion
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Now that @Oprah may be running for President, imagine how the Left would react if this were to occur:

1. A agent of @realDonaldTrump hires #FusionGPS (or another company) to dig up dirt on Ms. Winfrey by contacting her associates in S. Africa (or any other country) #Oprah2020 /1
2. #FusionGPS (or whatever company doing the investigation) trumps up (pun intended) a #FakeDossier that ties #Oprah and HARPO to organized crime in Johannesburg, as well as to leaders in the South African government. #Oprah2020 /2
3. The agent of @realDonaldTrump takes this #FakeDossier to the FBI and says to Dir. Wray, “Unsavory agents of the South African government are trying to turn @Oprah into one of their agents.” So Wray asks for a FISA court to authorize the FBI to surveil #Oprah. #Oprah2020 /3
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👁‍🗨(1) “When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions” -Shakespeare
You’ve heard the name a lot lately it’s “MI6” and one of its former spies compiled the #TrumpDossier but perhaps we’ve forgotten our history with them? Hint: WMD’s
(2) In 2003 an American whistleblower from the U.N named Scott Ritter came forward and claimed that MI6 had a campaign to exaggerate the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. it was called #OperationMassAppeal and it’s intent was to “shake up public opinion”
(3) #OperationMassAppeal depended on using non-actionable intelligence and spoon feeding it to the media. It was a disinformation campaign run by MI6 against Iraq. In 1998 it was leaked to press in Washington and then suddenly vanished.
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Members of Congress controlling the committees investigating Russian interference & #TrumpRussia collusion have selectively leaked information intended to damage the credibility of key witnesses.

We deserve to hear the full context.

#ReleaseTheTranscripts Call members of the House Intel, Senate Intel & Senate Judiciary Committees. Ask them to release the transcripts of Fusion GPS' testimony.
Call your Senator/Representative only if they sit on one of the relevant committees. (See lists below)

Telephone numbers can be found here:

View the full set of talking points on our website:… Talking points for calling your members of Congress about releasing the Fusion GPS transcripts.A list of members on the Senate Judiciary Committee.A list of members on the Senate Intelligence Committee.A list of members on the House Intelligence Committee.
The founders of #FusionGPS, which commissioned the #SteeleDossier, testified last year for 21 hours before the Senate Judiciary Committee, the Senate Intelligence Committee and the House Intelligence Committee.…
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#SundayMorning 👉In order 4 #Mueller 2 prove #Russia interfered in election & colluded w/ #Trump, he'd have 2 prove #Russia hacked #DNC & weaponized emails by giving them 2 #wikileaks. He CANT. While every1 focuses on #Dossier, @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse should stress this FACT
The entire investigation into Russia interference & influence stemmed from Crowdstrikes flawed intel report which Perkins Coie solicited & was paid for by DNC & Clinton campaign. Same people who hired & paid #FusionGPS to concoct the fake dossier
Crowdstrike (Shawn Henry, former FBI w/ ties to McCabe, Comey, Mueller & Dmitri Alperovitch, an Atlantic Council fellow w/ shady past) refused to cooperate w/ Congressional hearings. They never showed up.
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