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Lets list in my opinion the worst decisions taken or nearly taken by largest navies around the world. #εpsilon Image
The #USNavy #Zumwaltclass destroyers were supposed to have #AGS capable of firing ultra long range 155mm shells, have no shells as they were canceled. Now, to re-add the X-factor the #USN is replacing AGS guns with VLS for upto 12 hypersonic missiles. Costing a lot of $$$$$$$$$s Image
Once the greatest #Navy on Earth, decided it was too great and powerful to have a ship mounted AShM. The #Brits decided #RoyalNavy could retire its #Harpoons without procuring a replacement anytime soon. Luckily , it didnt happen. This is why I feel #UK will cause #AUKUS to fail? Image
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.@BAES_Maritime has cut steel on the UK’s fourth Type 26 frigate HMS Birmingham and made progress on the site of its future shipbuilding hall, filling in a former wet basin. #Shipbuilding #RoyalNavy…
Cutting steel for HMS Birmingham, marks the formal start of production of the second batch of Type 26 frigates, following the award of a £4.2 billion contract for five further ships to BAE Systems in November last year.
To support the programme, BAE Systems is adding a new shipbuilding hall to its site in Govan, Glasgow. The 175m long and 85m wide hall will allow two Type 26 frigates to be worked on under cover simultaneously.
📸: @geoallison / @UKDefJournal (tysm)
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with all the focus of Nicola Bulley being on St Michael's on Wyre, we are forgetting that Nicola Bulley supposedly lived at 9 Meadow Drive Inskip, which is around 3.3 miles away from St Michael's.
The population of Inskip is around 900 people, meaning it's slightly larger than St Michael's, which is around 700 people. But it is in the Inskip village and community that she would have done her regularly daily back and forths, such as shopping, walking, etc etc
So why have we seen not one report from anybody in Inskip, etc, for good old Charlotte Drake. There has not been one image of any concerned residents of Inskip itself as you would expect in a case like this!
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Had to use this hilarious picture!! The #AUKUS program doesnt instill much confidence in me personally. The program was supposed to bring together the #USNavy , #RoyalNavy and the #AustralianNavy to build a #Nuclear sub fleet. What about #IndianNavy? #εpsilon Image
The #UK in post #Brexit is notorious for armed forces cut that make little sense. There were rumors that they might cut the fleet size of #Astutesubmarine and give 2-3 to #Australia in #AUKUS. The current plan hinges a lot on #UK being not #UK . Image
The US is letting go of its 3 #Virginiaclass production slots to sell the boats to #Australia in 2030s. This will be followed by #SSNAUKUS to be built from mid 2030s to 2040s. This program is highly dependent on UK not being UK and funding the new SSN development. Image
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#Firefighters to go on #strike across the #UK after union members vote for action | 1h ago
- More than 80% of members who voted backed strike action across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland when they were balloted last month.…
#UK #Teachers set to #strike after pay #talks with #Tory ministers collapse | Jan 30
- Despite years of falling take-home pay, the government offered most teachers just 5 per cent for 2022-23 — about half the rate of 40-year-high double-digit #inflation.…
Tiny #Britain is sinking.
Who will be on strike on walkout Wednesday? | Jan 30
- 100s of 1000s of workers will go on #strike on Wednesday in separate disputes over pay, jobs and conditions - the biggest day of industrial action in more than a decade.…
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Un petit 🧵 car c'est remarquable :

▪️ 23 novembre 2022 :
Ben Wallace déclarait que décision avait été prise d'acquérir le #NSM.

▪️ 30 janvier 2023 :
le HMS « Somerset » (1996) diffuse une photographie de la pose d'un lanceur quadruple de #NSM.

➡️ Calendrier prévisionnel (2019)
« I-SSGW » (250 M£)

▪️ Déc. 2022 : 1ière livraison
1 sur 5 « sets » pour 3 x Type 23 sur 5 par rotation.

▪️ Déc. 2023 : 1er livraison munitions I-SSGW.

▪️ 2023 : fin RGM-84 Harpoon Block 1C.

▪️ 2024 : fin transition ?
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#avgeek #aviation #RoyalNavy #aviationlovers – The remarkable Westland Wyvern naval strike airplane featured contra-rotating propellers and a mighty, behind-the-cockpit 3,200-hp Rolls Royce Eagle engine. This configuration allowed a cut down nose... 1/ ImageImageImageImage
2/ optimized for aircraft carrier naval aviation. 127 built, 1946–1951. Six W.34 prototypes↖️. 7 x TF.1 pre-production planes↗️ built in 1946. 9 x TF.2 ↙️↘️built in 1949. These used either a Rolls-Royce Clyde or 3,560 hp Armstrong Siddeley Python turbo-prop. ImageImageImageImage
3/ There was a single Westland Wyvern TF.3 two-seat trainer converted in 1950 from one of the previous aircraft. By the way, Wyvern was a legendary dragon. The definitive model was the TF.4, which was later renamed S.4. So what are TF and S (torpedo fighter? Strike?)? Image
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#CASD - #RoyalNavy🇬🇧⚓️

📸 Royal Navy

Nouveau 🧶 car Nukewatch et le site d’investigation The Ferret proposent des éléments affirmant que la composante océanique 🇬🇧 est tombée à seulement 2 #SNLE / #SSBN opérationnels en 2022 :

▪️ record des patrouilles les plus longues ?
📚 Ashish Dangwal, « British Nuke-Armed Submarine Operates For ‘Record Breaking’ Period; UK Navy Veteran Highlights ‘Threat To Nuclear Weapon Safety’ », The EurAsian Times, 7 décembre 2022,….
➡️ Format #CASD

▪️ 4 #SNLE / #SSBN classe Vanguard.

▪️ 3 injectés dans le « cycle opérationnel » :

- 1 en entretien et réparation,
- 1 à l'entraînement,
- 1 en patrouille.

▪️ 1 hors cycle opérationnel : LOP/LOP(R).
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ORBAT of British Land Forces TF during the Falklands War. The sudden invasion of the Falkland Islands by Argentinian Troops on the 2nd of April 1982 sparked an undeclared war with the United Kingdom. A 🧵
@EngageStrategy1 @LawDavF @battle_order @WarDiaryF82 #RoyalNavy Image
1. The British Government quickly created a Taskforce to retake the Falklands by force if diplomatic methods failed. The TF needed to travel 13,000 km and transport enough men, equipment, and supplies for an amphibious landing Image
2. The Land Forces were made up of two non-mechanised infantry brigades: 3 Commando Brigade and 5 Infantry Brigade. 3 Commando was constituted of x3 Royal Marine Commando battalions and x2 Parachute battalions. Together they made up the bulk of the infantry force of the brigade Image
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#RFA - #RoyalNavy🇬🇧⚓️
Programme Fleet Solid Support Ship (#FSS)

➡️ La Royal Navy (CP :…) déclare vainqueur la « Team Resolute » (BMT, Harland & Wolff, Navantia UK) de la procédure par appel d'offres du programme #FSS. Contrat de 1826,63 M€.
➡️ Historique du
programme Fleet Solid Support Ship (2007 - 2022) :

➡️ #FSS : long de 216 mètres (longueur hors-tout ?), maître-bau de 34,5 mètres. Vitesse maximale sera de 19 nœuds. La superficie des magasins et zones de stockage seront de 9 000 m². Équipage de 101 marins, capacités en logements permettant d'accueillir 80 pax supplémentaires.
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#SurfaceFleet - #RoyalNavy🇬🇧⚓️

📸 @MaritimePhotos.

➡️ Le Prime minister, M. Rishi Sunak (25 octobre 2022), a annoncé en marge du sommet du G20 (15 - 16 novembre 2022) à Bali (Indonésie), l’affermissement du « Batch 2 » du programme Type 26 (3 + 5). Image
📚 « Putin’s regime will hear the chorus of global opposition to its actions », Gouvernement UK, 14 novembre 2022,….
📣 « It will work to protect the UK’s continuous at-sea nuclear deterrent and Carrier Strike Group.

Maritime security is crucial for defending our island nation, enabling global trade, and for the ongoing operation of seabed energy and communications infrastructure.
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Never thought I'd see one of those there.
OK, so what is it? How 'laden' is this with explosives?
Will it explode and damage the pipelines?
Very short thread.
Well, this is a SeaFox mine clearance one shot underwater vehicle.
There are 2 variants, an 'I' round and a 'C' round. The I round is for inspection only and carries no explosives. It is a reusable vehicle used to identify before prosecuting a target with a C round.
The C round is the one shot system. Slight differences to the I round, the main one being 'laden' with explosives. This comes as a 1.5kg high explosive shaped charge.
Initial thoughts from those images is that this is the C round, based purely on the colour. Clarification needed
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We are supporting @ArmySportASCB @armyboxingteam at the IS Development Champs. Test image from @windandsurfphot of a couple of early arrivees from @navyfit @RNRMBoxing and you just know there has to be a story behind the happy 'threesome'!

Sure to be a great night of boxing.
Looks like the action is about to get underway @ArmySportASCB @armyboxingteam Inter Services Development Championship from Aldershot.

📸🥊 @windandsurfphot
!st bout and @armyboxingteam looking to take the fight to the Royal Air Force.

📸🥊 @windandsurfphot

@ArmySportASCB #boxing #sport #army
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#SurfaceFleet - #RoyalNavy 🇬🇧⚓️
Programmes Type 31 + Type 32

➡️ Le Scottish Affairs Committee de la House of Commons (…) a auditionné (12 septembre 2022) MM. Simon Lister (@BAES_Maritime) & John Howie (Babcock) : notamment au sujet des Type 31 et Type 32. ImageImageImage
➡️ M. John Howie (Babcock) a déclaré que les cinq frégates Type 31 auront été « delivered to the Navy by 2028 ». Contrairement au programme Type 26, le calendrier serait tenu. Et cinq bateaux seraient livrés entre 2025 et fin 2028 :
conformément au calendrier actuellement arrêté. Tous les bateaux seraient opérationnels fin 2030.

➡️ 1ière livraison en 2025 - avec deux années de retard vis-à-vis du calendrier initial de la « National Shipbuilding Strategy » (2017) - selon une réponse écrite de Babcock au
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EXCLUSIVE UPDATE - 251501Z - 261500Z JULY 22
Following thread will be a breakdown of all Russian Naval Combatants in the following seas


#OSINT #RussiaUkraineWar #RussiaUkraine #russiannavy
#ViceAdmiralZecharin908 and #ValentinPikul770 alongside the port

Single #PJ23040G class AGCR and #RFNYunarmeetsKryma remain in the port

#RFNKasimov remains in the Kerch strait.
#RFNTsikolon missing from IMINT

#AdmiralMakarov494 operating to the west of Crimea. Has line of sight on Odessa from her position.
#RFNGrayvoron operating south of Sevastopol.
#Bykov class vessel operating off Sevastopol.
#SB45 class seagoing tug at anchor off Sevastopol
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🌟 #MaritimeMonday Announcement 🌟

HMS Victory, Nelson’s flagship and one of the main attractions at the National Museum of the Royal Navy, will be featured as part of the upcoming Naval Dockyards Society 26th Annual Conference. Image
Hosted at the National Museum of the Royal Navy between 9th – 11th June, this 3-day hybrid international conference promises to be an outstanding event. 🛳️
#maritimemonday #HMSVictory #Nelson #maritime #maritimehistory #maritimearchaeology #NationalMuseumoftheRoyalNavy #RoyalNavy Image
Keynote speeches will include Dr Antony Firth’s ‘Placing Warships: Reconnecting vessels and dockyards’ and Clare Hunt’s presentation, ‘HMS Trincomalee: Design, Construction and Modification, 1812 – 1900’.
#maritimemonday #HMSVictory #Nelson #maritime #maritimehistory Image
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The India-Pakistan War of 1971 turned the INS Vikrant into one of India’s shining #war heroes but #didyouknow that this legendary aircraft carrier started life as the HMS Hercules in the Royal Navy? That didn’t stop her from winning glory for the #IndianNavy! 1/10
It seemed as if the Vikrant - India’s first aircraft carrier - would never see action. She was 28 years old when she played a pivotal role in the ‘Bangladesh War’ of 1971; she was in poor shape; and her speed was just 25 kmph, almost half her designed speed. 2/10
But this didn’t stop the old #warship from undergoing sea trials and the rigorous training of her crew, air squadrons and their pilots, in preparation for the impending #war that pitted #India against #Pakistan for the liberation of East Pakistan, or #Bangladesh. 3/10
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#SubmarineService - #RoyalNavy 🇬🇧⚓️

➡️ Ministry of Defence🇬🇧 annonce (…) le financement partiel de la « Delivery Phase 3 » (#DP3) : +2 000 M£ (2 345,12 M€ (2022). L'enveloppe prévue de la #DP3 est de +10 000 M£ (11 725,6 M€ (2022).
➡️ La « Delivery Phase 3 » (#DP3) : phase du programme verra le premier des quatre sous-marins, le HMS Dreadnought, quitter le chantier naval de BAE Systems pour commencer les essais en mer et permettra également d'appliquer
l'apprentissage de cette phase à la construction et aux essais des trois autres bateaux.

➡️ Chantier naval Barrow-in-Furness (BAE Systems) : +1 000 M£ (1 173,11 M€) d'ores et déjà investis dans les infrastructures et outillage du site industriel. Investissements
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Warning: this is going to be rather controversial.

I've decided to talk a bit about common misconceptions about the "Taranto night", at least in the wider public.

Just a quick, general talk, nothing more.

#RegiaMarina #RoyalNavy #Tarantonight #FaireySwordfish
1st: As it served as an 'inspiration' for Pearl Harbour, people often exaggerate the losses the RM took, taking it as a mini-PH that pretty much knocked out the RM out of the war for a while.

This happens rather often, with people claiming three BB sunk and more ships damaged.
Yeah... not quite. Only one battleship ended up sunk (mostly because it wasn't beached in time), and the others returned to service in a matter of months; hardly the years it took for the USN battlewagons.

The halving of the Italian battle squadron thus was rather temporary. The battleship Littorio, struck by three torpedoes, she was The battleship Duilio, struck by one torpedo; she was beacheThe battleship Conte di Cavour; struck by one torpedo. Becau
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#RoyalNavy 🇬🇧⚓️
#USNavy 🇺🇸⚓️
Diplomatie sous-marine

➡️ Le SSGN-729 USS « Georgia » (1984) et le HMS « Audacious » (2021) ont été photographiés alors qu'ils effectuaient simultanément une escale à la HMNB Gibraltar. Image
➡️ Le SSGN-729 USS « Georgia » (1984) - ancien SSBN classe Ohio (18) refondu SSGN (mars 2005 - février 2008) - était en escale à Gibraltar à partir de l'après-midi du 13 avril 2022 (1). Il appareillait le 22 avril 2022 (2). ImageImage
Il avait été aperçu dans une vidéo (), 29 mars, à l'entraînement avec des Marines du Task Group 62/2.4 dans la baie de Souda (Crète, Grèce).
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#MarineNationale 🇫🇷⚓️🇬🇧 #RoyalNavy

Un 🧶 sur la volonté britannique d'obtenir une munition hypersonique et de ses conséquences actuelles sur FMAN-FMC ou FCASW :
➡️ Pierre Tran me semble - cela n'engage que moi - être la première plume 🇫🇷 à relever (…) :

« We haven’t (got them [missiles hypersoniques]) and we should »

Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, Chief of the Defence Staff
➡️ En marge du programme Futur Missile Ant-Navire (#FMAN) / Futur Missile de Croisière (#FMC) ou Future Cruise and Anti-Ship Weapon (#FCASW), relancé le 17 février 2022 (Blog (17 février 2022) :…)
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#OTD 1987 – Alistair MacLean, 64, (Stroke), Scottish author, screenwriter (b. 1922)

Served 1943 two Arctic Russian convoys and operations against Tirpitz. Convoy PQ 17, and Mediterranean as part of the invasion of southern France. After WW2 he gained an MA (Hons) English, 1950.
#OTD 1987 – Alistair MacLean, 64, Scottish author, screenwriter (b. 1922)

His first novel was HMS Ulysses (1955), Guns of Navarone (1957) Last Frontier (1959) Fear Is Key (1961) Satan Bug (1962) Ice Station Zebra (1963) He bought 'Jamaica Inn', Bodmin Moor #Cornwall to 'retire'.
#OTD 1987 – Alistair MacLean, 64, Scottish author, screenwriter (b. 1922)

Film adaptations: Guns of Navarone (1961) * Satan Bug * Ice Station Zebra * Fear Is Key * Force 10 from Navarone * Bear Island (1979) Author/Screenwriter: Where Eagles Dare (1968) Breakheart Pass (1975)
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The #RoyalNavy worked with engineers from industry and academia to design an autonomous fleet of the future. First up, a carrier vessel that uses biofuel and wind power to run and houses both uncrewed boats and crewed submarines. #futurenavy
Another concept of the future fleet included an autonomous combatant boat that can work both on the surface and below the waves. It has interchangeable modules so it can be adapted for any mission. #futurenavy #RNInnovation
It’s not just boats the future concepts looked at. One of the designs sees drones launch from a base station in the stratosphere. With the ability to freefall, glide and then submerge underwater, they could be used in operations all over the world.
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#BREAKING: This footage released by #Russia MOD shows Tu-22M3 heavy bombers, MiG-31K missile carriers, Su-34 striker bombers and Su-35S fighters as well as an A-50U participating in an exercise for simulation of airstrike at #RoyalNavy's HMS Queen Elizabeth in #MediterraneanSea!
The #Russia Air Force's MiG-31K missile carriers are 90 (RF-95215) & 96 RED from 929th V.P. Chkalova State Flight Test Centre (929 GLITs). Each one had a single Kh-47M2 Kinzhal anti-ship air-launched ballistic missile. Both were flown from #Hmeimim Air Base, #Latakia in #Syria. Image
An A-50U AEW&C aircraft of #Russia Air Force flew from #Hmeimim over #MediterraneanSea & provided situational awareness for the Tu-22M3, MiG-31K, Su-34 and Su-35S pilots against F-35Bs of Fleet Air Arms/ #RoyalAirForce flown from HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier of #RoyalNavy Image
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