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Failure is life’s best teacher & loss is stock market’s best teacher!

I lost 80% of my capital in a #Nifty50 stock in just 1 year!

It is my life's worst investment till date & Covid had no role in it!

Here are my Top 5 lessons from my biggest mistake!

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Lesson 1 – Never average down with deteriorating fundamentals

I bought #YesBank in Sep'18. It was in Nifty since 2015 & reported 4k cr PAT in FY18.

1 week later, RBI declined CEO Rana Kapoor’s extension & stock crashed 50%🔻

I kept averaging looking at past performance
In Jan'19, new CEO announcement led to good recovery in stock price.

I thought market is happy and bank is back on track.

But in April, bank declared shocking Q4FY19 numbers.

A loss of 1500 cr which was the 1st ever in the bank’s history!

Stock crashed 50% again 📉

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[Read Rana Kapoor Statement before ED]

Forced to buy MF Husain painting from Priyanka Gandhi to avoid repercussions on Yes Bank: Rana Kapoor to ED

#RanaKapoor @priyankagandhi #PriyankaGandhi #YesBank…
Deepak Parekh Introduced Rana Kapoor to Deora Dua.
Deoras did this painting business deal in 2010-11. Delivery and Coordination was through the Deoras. Rana Kapoor purchased it for Rs. 2 Crore

#RanaKapoor @priyankagandhi #PriyankaGandhi #YesBank Image
Milind Deora visited Rana Kapoor in mumbai and were persistent regarding the purchase of the painting.

#RanaKapoor @priyankagandhi #PriyankaGandhi #YesBank @milinddeora Image
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1/n Trying a thread on where I will be looking for the next #corporategovernance lapse in India after #ILFS #yesbank #NSE . What exactly to look for is as important as what not to look for
2/n Do not differentiate between promoter driven or professionally run organisation. Remember while #Ranbaxy was promoter driven #ILFS was professionally run
3/n do not get over cautious on real estate , infra - remember India’s major corporate governance lapses happened in ‘clean’ sectors such as IT, Financial services, pharma - the fallen angels came from holier than though segments
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I was about to tweet something similar earlier.

Ask yourself: why are TradFi gurus suddenly so concerned about investor protection and education when it comes to #crypto? If you dive into their history, you’d see many of them have had a fairly muddy past.

Large scams were
unfolded in front of them, many have been privy to insider news etc but they’ve never cared much for the normal retail investor.

Why then, have they become so fatherly all of a sudden? Many of them were privy to what happened at #YesBank, #dhfl etc. They even shilled them!
Here’s one instance. Calling him out because he’s been taking a dig at #crypto investors all over Twitter. Image
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What if stocks could talk to each other? 🤔
- but, only through memes 😉

Comment/retweet to us. We'll go first (1/8)
#investing #stockstowatch #stockmarkets

#SBI to #YesBank - Image
#AdaniGroup to #ITC -
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ULTIMATE GUIDE TO 21 and 200 Moving Average
A trend Following System That will Help You Improve Trading immensely.

@kuttrapali26 @AmitabhJha3
#stocks #StockMarket
Moving averages
1. Exponential Moving Average (EMA) is similar to Simple Moving Average (SMA), measuring trend direction over a period of time.
2. However, whereas SMA simply calculates an average of price data, EMA applies more weight to data that is more current
1. Calculates the Average Price of past 21 days
2. A stock above 21 ema is in strong momentum , which will give pullbacks to 21 ema again and again.
3. Stock above 21 ema should never be shorted so as to stay with the trend
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Important Things to Remember before Entering in #SwingTrading for success....

That I have followed and get succeed...

I will also explain each key notes Important....

Note:All key things apply in swing trading only....

It's my personal views not any suggestions..
Swing Tranding means buy any things at lower Price and sell at higher price and get benefit of difference.

Ex:In retail Market we know the wheat trading ,Rice trading..

Same principle applies in #stockmarkets but here only difference is to check different perameters....
Mainly I have working upon two Categories
1)Large caps
2)Mid caps

I always try to avoid small caps for Swing trading....

In this thread I will explain about #largecaps swing trading
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#DelhiHighCourt to hear plea of Avantha Group promoter Gautam Thapar against his arrest in a money laundering case in connection with the Yes Bank fraud scam.

Earlier the Court had issued notice to the Enforcement Directorate seeking reply on the plea.…
ASG SV Raju seeks adjournment for two days.

Adv Vijay Aggarwal for Thapar opposes adjournment, he says his client is under illegal custody.
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Journey of most typical trader.

Before we move forward, kindly like and retweet if you find our content was interesting.
🎯 Swiping TV channels and anchor shouting that investors gained lakhs of crores in a day.
🎯 A friend flaunting that he has earned 5-10K today.
This 5-10K is the monthly salary of many.
🎯Inspiration from Profit screen shot of twitter traders.
After encountering with one among above case, you opened demat account and put 10K as initial capital.
First day of trade, you took very less quantity, say 10 quantity of a share. It came down but you held. at end of the day it went up above the buy price and you booked profit.
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Freak trade - A daylight robbery?

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It was a calm trading day on last trading day of the week and from nowhere price shooted up in some of the contracts disrupting everybody's self esteem!
If we go through past two month's history, this was the fifth/sixth price surge. Past surge were on
🩸On 5th July, Nifty Futures surged 805 points.
🩸On 28th July, Nifty futures made downmove of 530 points.
🩸Bank Nifty 37000 strike price surged 2000 points.🩸Nifty 16450 for August expiry rose by 700 points.
🩸Bank Nifty 37100 PE surged to 1921.
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Against market expectations of 753Cr loss,#YesBank reports profit of Rs 151Cr,with NII growth of solid 31%

Gross NPAs down 8.6% QoQ
Net NPAs down 12.8%

What a brilliant turnaround,thx to timely action by @narendramodi govt

Note:Yes reported Profit despite Provisions up by 85%
#TataMotors reports highest ever PV sales in Dec'20 qtr,in 33 quarters

Ditto with #JSWSteel,which,despite input inflation,recorded highest ever Q3 sales,in its history

#Infosys recently reported Constant Currency growth of 5.3%,in Dec qtr,highest ever in 8 yrs
#JSWSteel numbers are pretty interesting

Profit at 2669Cr in Dec Qtr,up a massive 1327% YoY

Revenue up 21%,with Ebitda/tonne in excess of Rs13000

Ebitda at 5946Cr,up a solid 143%

Margins at 27.2%,up a whopping 1360bps

And all this,despite global headwinds
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Well, doing Video is a lot time consuming, and I wish to add two shares in the #MultiBaggers 👇🏿 as I believe 3-5x over next couple of years in these, if not before ...

1. Yes Bank Ltd.
2. J&K Bank Ltd.

Disclaimer: I am or have been invested in all the shares recommended ⬇️⬆️ Image
Going further than above, ☝️ Bought #VishalFabrics today at the LC @ ₹101.70. Company is back into profit in Q-II 2020 ... 52W High is ₹372 and 3Y High is ₹703 .... And Coy announced 1:2 Bonus on 4/12/2020 with record date of 16/12/2020 😇 #HopeIAmRight 😊 Image
Bought #JumpNetwork today on #LC #LowerCircuit @ ₹16.80 ... Coy showed profits for last two quarters after significant losses last year. Can hope a #Turnaround here ... #HopeIAmRight 😇 (Disclaimer: #InvestAsMuchYouCanAffordToLose in any stock) 😊 Image
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#AxisBank has raised 10000Cr via #QIP,at Rs 420.10,which is 5% discount to lower end of band

15000Cr,recently raised by #YesBank

In last 6 months,52000Cr raised by #Banks--#CapitalAdequacy will be key in dealing with post #Covid stress

Great move by banks to shore up Capital💪
#ICICIBank wanted to raise 15000Cr but got bids worth 62000Cr today at floor price of 351.36/-

Within few hours of opening,due to huge oversubscription,#QIP was closed

Clearly,there is no dearth of liquidity in the markets

90000Cr raked in by #DebtFunds in July'20
Lot has been written about #BoB's loss of 864Cr in June qtr,from 710Cr profit,YoY

Like i have been saying,most Banks now focus on #AssetQuality&not just Profits

BoB hiked #Provisions by 54% on standard loans,to cover for future losses

In 2013,Banks were doing the opposite😑
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An event that slipped by quietly is,
#Moody’s upgrading #YesBank's long-term foreign&local currency deposit ratings,from Caa1 to B3

Foreign currency senior unsecured #MTN rating of #Yes,raised from (P)Caa1 to (P)B3

Rating upgrade,follows successful #FPO,where Yes raised 15000Cr
Surprising,how mainstream media that went hammer&tong at the @narendramodi govt,in March 2020,when #YesBank collapsed,thx to a fraudulent #RanaKapoor&his ilk,is silent today,post the brilliant recovery of #Yes,coming back on track

PSB,#SBI,is doing a good job in resurrecting Yes
A significantly improved #Solvency ratio,#Moodys said, "strengthens #YesBank’s resilience to potential asset quality risks from impact of economic slowdown& #coronavirus related disruptions"

Moody's also lauded Yes Bank’s funding&liquidity that moderately improved in June'20 qtr
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🟢 Interest Income: ₹1908 Cr

🟢 Total Income: ₹2529 Cr

🟢 Net Profit: ₹45 Cr

🟢 Interest Margin: 3%

🔴 Advances: ₹1,64,510 Cr

🟢 Deposits: ₹1,17,360

🔴 Balance Sheet: ₹2,55,485

🔴 CASA: 25.80%


🔴 Gross NPA (%): 17.30%

🟢 Net NPA (%): 4.96%

🟢 Provisions (%): 75.10%

🟢 CET-1: 13.40%

🟢 CAR: 20%

🔴 Book Value: ₹14.60

🟢 EPS: ₹0.04

🟢 ROE: 0.8%


🔸 The bank has reported fair result as a starting point post the management reshuffle and moratorium saga of last quarter.

🔸 Biggest issue of capital adequacy is now sorted. The bank is now well capitalized.
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Left liberals went berserk,citing #ParleG sales,last yr

Now that #Britannia reported phenomenal 117% jump in profit,on back of solid 22% volume growth &82% rise in #Ebitda,biscuit sales don't matter,huh?

Britannia's 27% revenue growth, clearly shows,#Greenshoots are for real💪
#HdfcBank reported yet another stellar qtr,with #Profit up 20% in June qtr at 6658.62Cr,despite #Provisions rising 49%

NII up 17.8%,Advances up 20.9%&
Deposits up 24.6%

#CapialAdequacy went up from 16.9% to 18.9% YoY,though regulatory requirement is only 11.075%💪

#BharatBondETF raised 10000Cr, oversubscribed 3x

#YesBank raised 95%,14270Cr@ lower end of band of Rs12-13

In less than 5 months,from being run aground by #RanaKapoor&Co,to being rescued by #SBI,under aegis of @narendramodi gov&raising capital,is a great turnaroun
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#Godrej Group has increased its stake in #Sobha to 9.99% in the June 2020 quarter, from 1.08% in the March 2019 quarter.

Privately-held Godrej family arm Anamudi Real Estates has acquired the stake in Sobha, which is valued at Rs 223 crore based on CMP. #MVP_BulkDeals
Get comfortable with discomfort:
⛳️ Every great investment begins in discomfort, If everyone else didn’t hate the investments, they wouldn't be cheap.

⛳️ Many times, it doesn’t work for months, or maybe years.

-- @HowardMarksBook
⛳️ My Discomfort Idea: #Sobha
At CMP of ₹ 235, Sobha is trading at 8 times P/E and 3% dividend yield.

❓ What's your one #discomfort idea?

@remindmetweets 3 years
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#NSE - Interesting #Statistics - #TweetStorm - •% of Shares Deliverable to Total Shares Traded now at 15.05%. Lowest since 2001. % of Delivery to Value of Shares Traded at 16.44% below 2009 !! #Daytrading increasing or #HFT , #colocation and #marketmaking? ImageImage
Value of Shares Traded ( Cr ) at the Highest Ever. A peak in this generally an Inflection Point for the long term. For example January 08 value got hit in June 09. What is it now ? Image
The Top Traded Counter in 2019-2020 was #RelianceInds which is expected that its the top weight. But 3.24% of total Turnover was #YesBank !! Marginally lesser than 3.61% of #RelianceInds Image
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YesBank's 15000Cr #FPO opens on 15thJuly,with 200Cr for employees

#SBI holds 48%+ stake &will invest 1760Cr in FPO

15000Cr will boost #CET-1 of Yes

Brilliant execution by @narendramodi govt--in just 5 months since it exploded, turnaround of #YesBank,tells you how it is done💪
Govt to invest Rs12450Cr in National,United&Oriental Insurance, with their merger being called off for now

23 #CPSEs of govt to invest Rs1.65 lakhCr in FY21

6195.08Cr given as #RevenueDeficit grant by Union,to States

@narendramodi govt working on multiple fronts,despite #Covid
This week #HdfcBank&Bank of Maharashtra cut #MCLR by 20bps, across tenors

SBI cut MCLR by 5-10bps for 3mth tenor,to 6.65%

#SBI's 1yr MCLR is also low@7%

#Repo cut of 135bps in 2019& 115bps in 2020,to 4%,has lowered lending rates& #EMIs,helping middle class&businesses

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This thread is intended to explain the reasons why we need PSBs & why these banks were nationalised in the first place.

& We would like to know why the current government feels that privatization of PSBs will be beneficial and for whom!

#StopPrivatization #StopBechendraModi
There was an idea behind nationalisation:
📌 Social welfare
📌 Controlling Private Monopolies
📌 Expansion of Banking
📌 Reducing regional imbalance
📌Priority Sector lending
Etc to name a few.
This is how the nationalization of banks was implemented!

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People who are advising regarding insurance needs to take term plan and invest the rest in mutual funds via SIP should also make it clear that,
1. Choice of fund is extremely important.
2. There are chances that fund house may restrict redemption if markets are in risky position
3. In case if your redemption time coincidences with sharp market movements, then seeing your wealth eroding in front of you even after religiously doing SIP's for years is a very difficult task to digest.
4. Liquidity factor of Mutual Funds work in both ways, no doubt you can withdraw early if your investment goal reaches early BUT the same liquidity solution can hamper your portfolio growth if in case one takes out substantial amount from it thinking it will reinvest afterwards &
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IndusInd Bank CMP 380
✍ Stock fell frm 2038 high to 235
✍ Decreasing deposits
✍ Rising bad loans
✍ High exposure to telecom companies & NBFCs
✍ Exit of a long-time CEO
✍ Crisis at #yesbank has put question mark on rest of the private lenders
✍ Stock corrected 68% in March
Journey from 2035 to 235
✍ Dec 2017 - RBI imposes INR 3 Crs penalty for under-reporting of FY16 NPAs

✍ Apr 2018 - Reports divergence in FY17 NPAs of INR 1350 Crs frm RBI's estimates

✍ Sep 2018 - Discloses exposure of INR 3000 Crs to IL&FS, a crisis-ridden NBFC
✍ July 2019 - Completes merger with Bharat Financial Inclusion

✍ Jan 2020 - Posts disappointing Q3, provisions up by 72%, gross NPAs more than double YoY, asset quality worsens, Mr Sobti set to retire in Mar'20

✍ Feb 2020 - Moody's downgrades Outlook to Negative from Stable
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Avoid #YesBank

I do not know if it can go further up on the basis of news.

But if my Analysis is correct, it can retest 30 levels.
Already touched 36.
Its trading at 22 right now.
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