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Economic freedom is the only guarantee of environmental protection. #ClimateStrikes

(Yale & Columbia Environment Protection Index, Frasier Institute Economic Freedom Index)

Open Thread:
Interventionism and socialism have never protected the environment. They always subsidize the most polluting sectors and raise taxes on citizens with the excuse of the weather.


The most polluting industries are state or semi-state owned or managing state resources in countries where economic openness and freedom is minimal. #ClimateStrikes

(Climate accountability report)
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I keep thinking about two kinds of momentum during this #ClimateWeek2019. On the one hand there's the momentum of climate change. One the other, the momentum of the climate movement that is responding to it.
Each of us, individuals trying to act effectively, are being pushed around by both of these cresting waves and it is intense. It is emotionally challenging to keep up with the changes.
It is strategically challenging. The carbon budget fills up and that inexorably limits some possibilities for the future, while, AT THE SAME TIME....
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Dimms are hypocrites.

Didn’t he want to add emission tax on meat to address #ClimateChange ?
GFY @AndrewYang !

#ClimateStrike #YangGang #YangCult
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Someone said my idea for a "restrictions against use for modern slavery and [or] oil extraction" open source license was a great idea.

Has nobody done it?

“Tech, Ethics, #ClimateStrikes and ‘it’s not my decision how you use my software’” by Paul Johnston
Because it's obvious to me that if software was released under this kind of license, most of us would be fine in the tech world, but it would put some big companies and governments in legal problems.

And that could be interesting.

Because licenses are our superpower.
It's how we as an industry started to fight back in the 90s against big tech.

Maybe we can take that fight to big oil.

Maybe it's naive but maybe, just maybe it's also a plan that might work.
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Now what common goal could unite so diverse and often antagonistic human beings all around the world?
Yep, I’d say survival will do -it’s in our genes after all.
Side note: Get ready for an extensive, global trashing propaganda about this. But that shouldn’t scare you from joining the million “extremists” who think that the life of so many (including non-human) beings matters more than the profits of a few c****.
Money poured into dividing us &screwing democracies/alliances strong enough to enact regulations that big corps/millionaires can't escape
-Tax dodging ("Let's say welfare, healthcare aso are too expensive instead)
-"Death corps" (tobacco, food)
-This 👇…
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Today's #GlobalClimateStrike - inspired by activist @GretaThunberg - is expected to be the largest yet, taking place in 150 countries 🌎🌍🌏

The protests are calling for action on climate change ahead of the @UN Climate Summit in New York

#FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrikes #UNGA
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Since the federal election, I've been overwhelmed by feelings of dread, grief, and terror of what a heating planet will mean for my life, the ones I love, and our collective future. #ClimateStrike
For months, getting out of bed has been atrociously difficult. Any thought of the future's terrifying implications, and what they will mean for the later years of my life, has sent me spiraling.
I quit a good job. I took months off work. I started on medication. All of which has helped, but none of which has solved the cause of the existential horror I feel when I look the future in the face.
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The #ClimateStrike is starting around the world. Here's the strike in Geelong, Australia

Huge crowd and growing at the #ClimateStrike in Sydney, Australia

Great to see students and staff at big academic institutions like @Sydney_Uni walking out today. Follow their lead rest of the world! #ClimateStrike
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Getting excited about #ClimateStrikes or wondering if it's worth interrupting your day to join one? In either case I have a thread for you. Climate strikes through a #systemsthinking lens....
In systems change, people often focus at the event level. The headlines. We can expect to see a lot of that in the coming week. How many people protested in your city? How many collectively around the world? Who spoke? How many cute toddlers were photographed with their placards?
All of that is great and it will definitely have impact. The numbers will tell political leaders how strong our fear and anger and determination is. The photos of ordinary people showing up will convey how widespread our concern is and how many voters are mobilized.
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This Carbon Markets refauxlution has been planned for years by the World Bank, IMF, NGO's and global corporate interests. Get ready for more shilling and praising the global wartime-style economic plunder and global taxing of all life. Big $ eugenics lurks under the green mask
The "4th industrial Revolution" will be sold as the solution - financialization of all resources and "carbon" in a global market where all resources (including us, who are considered human cattle), movement, and action are tracked by global big tech/date for the World Bank/IMF.
This is the reason behind the #climatecrisis war propaganda that's been blasted into our skulls for decades - the "threat" must be met in a global war effort, the consolidation of all economies into Carbon Markets. Guess who stands to benefit from this massive theft?
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⬇ THREAD: Students are staging a #SchoolStrike4Climate across the globe.

Thousands in Australia and New Zealand called for urgent climate change action #ClimateStrike
"There is no planet B!"

Swedish students chant as they join a global strike demanding action to tackle climate change #ClimateStrike
LOOK: Huge crowds marched in Stockholm, calling for urgent action to tackle climate change #climatestrikes
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Donella Meadows once wrote that you don't cure a fever by taking your temperature...

A thread in honor of the 'milestone' of reaching #415ppm CO2 in the thin layer of gasses that support all life on earth, aka the atmosphere.
415 ppm CO2. It is excellent to know this number, and a testament to scientific excellence and persistence since the 1960s. It's also a measure of our cleverness as a species.
We know we live on a planet (yay for us), we can measure things about that planet with great precision (yay again).
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There's a conspiracy theory circulating about the #ClimateStrikes: the children can't possibly be organising and thinking for themselves. Someone must be controlling them. 1. Not one shred of evidence has been adduced to support it. Why? Because there isn't any. Thread/
2. The strikes took us veterans by surprise - and they fill me with hope of a kind I thought I'd never feel again. If the young people ask for help, we'll provide it. But they are the leaders now, and we are the followers. They have the moral authority.
3. Have you any idea how patronising and condescending this sounds? Children aren't capable of acting in their own right? The young people organising today are the most inspiring, determined group I've ever come across. They should be honoured, not insulted. #YouthStrike4Climate
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Young climate warriors: This Friday, you may be launching the largest coordinated protests of young people and children in history.

The future you're fighting for? That's what I've spent my life working to see.

I'd like to share some truths, from an old warrior to younger ones.
1. First, you're right. You're right to strike; you're right to march; you're right to feel your fear and rage and longing for a better world.

You are the victims of a monstrous intergenerational crime, and you are as right as humans can be to demand justice.
2. You are so right that—even though I'm a tough-skinned veteran of three decades of this fight—your truth brings tears to my eyes.

You should know that there are millions of older people whose hearts are with you.

You should know you are not, in any way, alone.
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