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I’m sensing a pattern here...THREAD

“the atmosphere in which decisions are being made is combative, it is not collaborative and that they are not working towards a common goal”…

#UCPculture #COVID19AB

“the atmosphere in which decisions are being made is combative, it is not collaborative and that they are not working towards a common goal”…

“the atmosphere in which decisions are being made is combative, it is not collaborative and that they are not working towards a common goal”…

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Today was stressful & hard. It was emotional. I broke down in tears along side my volunteers & a young mother of two, who felt like her world was ending. She wanted to save her children from what she's had to endure.
She didn't want to end up a statistic. She chose to leave a volatile living situation & move to a safe place where she began the process of living for herself & living for her children.

She chose life not abuse. She chose her kids over her partner. She chose smiles over tears.
She told all of us that she had been planning for over a year to leave & was on the verge of leaving when #Covid19AB happened.

She was scared/afraid/had panic attacks not knowing how to help herself let alone her children. Then she saw us on @GlobalCalgary with @global_leslie.
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Here is a summary of today’s #COVID19AB update. In the last 24 hours, we identified 1,265 new cases & completed about 15,600 tests. Our prov positivity rate sits at about 8.1%. There are 355 people in hospital w/71 in ICU. (1/9)
Sadly, we have now reached 500 deaths from COVID-19 in Alberta. This is a tragic milestone. My sympathies go out to the loved ones and friends who are mourning these lives lost during what is a very difficult time to grieve. (2/9)
The daily rise in COVID-19 cases, as well as the growing number & extent of outbreaks in acute care facilities, continues to be concerning. We must do all we can to protect patients in our care. AHS has been & continues to take steps to increase capacity in the system. (3/9)
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Here is a summary of today’s #COVID19AB numbers. In the last 24hrs we identified 1,115 new cases & completed about 13,500 tests. Our prov. positivity rate sits at over 8%. There are 348 people in hospital w/66 in ICU. (1/6)
There are active alerts or outbreaks in 318 schools. These schools have 1,135 active cases. 181 schools have outbreaks w/65 on the watch list. (2/6)
Sadly, I must report 16 new deaths from COVID-19. In the last 2 weeks alone, we have lost 103 people to COVID – 62 were in continuing care, 12 were linked to acute care outbreaks & 29 were in the community. (3/6)
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WATCH LIVE AT 4:30 P.M.: Premier Jason Kenney to update on possible new COVID-19 restrictions:…
Still waiting for the provincial presser to start.
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The UCP’s mishandling of the pandemic will make the economic crisis deeper and the recovery longer.

#ableg #covid19ab #cdnhealth
Hundreds of thousands of Albertans have lost their jobs.
Businesses have had to close their doors — many forever.
Even before the pandemic, Jason Kenney’s plan to hand over $4.7 Billion to profitable corporations failed. Investment fell, the economy stalled, and 50,000 jobs were lost.

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Please share this far & wide! Both @ParachutesP & @HarvestHillsYYC are trying to raise funds to help humans & pets this Christmas & beyond.

The amount of people needing a helping hand especially since the start of the #COVID19AB & #COVID19 pandemic has risen as each day goes by.
Earlier this year we began planning this raffle in hopes of being able to garner enough success out of this raffle to sustain both organizations for a month or more.

But we need #Calgary’s #Help. We #need #Canada’s #Help. We need #Alberta’s #Help.
We can’t afford to lose another pet or lose another life to #DomesticViolence, #Mentalhealth, #Homelessness, or anything else for that matter.
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Hey @jkenney, I am not sure if you know this or not, but since the beginning of the pandemic I have had way more money than usual.

Do you know why? Because my wife and I aren't going out for dinner. Because the family is not going to the movies. 1/
Because my daughters are not taking swimming lessons. We aren't going to places like the mall to just kill and afternoon and just blow needless money.

Multiple this by 10,000's of Albertans and it equates to a disaster for small businesses. 2/
Your "do nothing" mantra will and is having a disastrous impact on the economy. While the market will indeed ride this out, in the shirt term, businesses will get, and people will do bankrupt.

Your model of corporate-only socialism is a failure. 3/
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A thread of UCP MLA's encouraging you to hold them accountable for their failed pandemic response:

#ableg #abpoli #covid19ab #yyc #yeg
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**Help IS Desperately NEEDED** **Emergency HELP**

This is very hard for us to write. But we feel we have no other choice due to us seeing the massive amount of requests that we are getting daily for both Humans and Pets.

Here is what has happened as of late:
This past weekend alone, we had over 30 emergency requests from individuals & families fleeing domestic violence. Many leaving with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

We were able to help about 17 of these individuals find shelter and lodging via referrals to other groups.
The other 13 individuals are being helped by our awesome volunteers. We are tracking down emergency funding and helping them apply for help through various organizations here in #Calgary.

We will be assisting them and their families in hopes of helping them feel safe once again.
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MEDIA RELEASE: Alberta Health Services swiftly rejects UNA proposal to achieve labour peace and focus on the pandemic:… #abhealth #ableg #covid19ab Image
Alberta Health Services bargaining representatives have rejected in total a Memorandum of Settlement proposed earlier today by United Nurses of Alberta.

#abhealth #ableg
UNA urgently called on employers to quickly negotiate a contract similar to one announced this morning in Saskatchewan in order to achieve labour peace, stabilize the Alberta workforce, and focus on responding to the pandemic.

#abhealth #ableg
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Here is a summary of today’s #COVID19AB update. With significant cases over the past several weeks, despite AHS’ efforts to recruit & train contact tracers & make calls only to contact in high-priority settings, the team has been unable to keep up with demand. (1/8)
Effective Tuesday, if 10 days have passed since an Albertan received their + test result, AHS will not call these individuals to conduct case investigation & contact tracing. Instead they will receive a text w/guidance on if & when their isolation period has ended. (2/8)
We IDd 1,549 new cases yesterday & completed approx 19,500 tests - about 8% positivity rate. 328 ppl are in hospital incl 62 in ICU. There are currently active alerts or outbreaks in 304 schools. In-school transmission has occurred 182 times, 99 had only 1 new case result. (3/8)
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WATCH LIVE NOW: Hinshaw to give COVID-19 update at 2 p.m., as government talks restriction options:…
Effective today, those who test positive will receive a text message rather than a phone call, when their isolation period ends.
Today's #COVID19AB update:
New cases: 1,549
Testing: about 19,500/8% positivity
In hospital: 328
In ICU: 62
Sadly, 5 new deaths are being reported.
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Does anyone want to see how easy it is to hit 15,000 cases of Covid per day in Alberta? How about 36,000?

Follow along to see how easy it is for Alberta to become the North Dakota of Canada for Covid infections.

According to the Washington Post, the 7-day moving average for cases in ND is at 169 per 100,000. This is actually down 6% from last week.…

The 7-day average for Alberta is at 1,069 cases or 24.3 per 100,000. Comparatively we aren’t doing too bad compared to our neighbors to the southeast. But, Kenney, the UCP, and the rest of the covidiots are collectively saying “hold my beer.”

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I'm so sorry, Alberta. 1584 is the equivalent of >5000 cases in ONE day in ON when you take into account the population is 3.3x that of AB.

The lack of action by the govt to protect its people, protect the healthcare system & its healthcare workers is criminal. #COVID19AB
What scares me about this situation in AB and the great strain it's having on my friends & colleagues:
1) no mention of shutting things down = hospital beds will run out soon. People needed to staff beds.
2) breakdown of contact tracing = no control possible.
3/ no prov mask mandate: rural cases ⬆️-don't rural AB'ns deserve layer of protection esp given rural healthcare resource limits?
4/ it's NOT just COVID overrunning system. AB roads are not kind in winter. There are traumas & other issues
5/ what will disability be w #LongCovid?
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At Thursday’s Emergency Advisory Committee meeting we were told that AHS did not have any information about what would trigger either a loosening or tightening of restrictions. We are 8 months into this, the public should have this information. #ableg #abpoli #COVID19AB #yeg
The lack of transparency is troubling. There’s no downside with sharing information like that with the public as it allow us to fully understand the challenges before us. Once we understand the challenges, we can work together to overcome those challenges. #ableg #abpoli
We all want to help by doing what we can to protect the health and well-being of our community. We all want to protect our economy from a collapse. We all want to help those in social isolation. These are common goals and yet we don’t have a plan we can all follow. #ableg #abpoli
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#COVID19AB is not going well. I have been asked repeatedly to comment on the effect of temporary measures on the economy. People seem to be worried about this question: (1) How do we balance economic impact against excess deaths? which I think is a mistake.@AntibioticDoc
The right question is (2) when is the right time to take action to minimize deaths and morbidity *and* to protect the economy? The economy, after all, is just there for people, not people for the economy. What we have seen in other places is that once COVID
has inundated hospitals, politicians recognize that they need to take tough action to reduce infections. This is true because mortality increases once hospitals are overwhelmed, and because people naturally limit their opportunities for infection when risks increase. So,
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A thread: about ICUs and Covid19Ab.

My husband and I were talking about why people aren’t really getting the message about how taxed the hospital system is right now and we are trying to understand why that is.
He thinks it’s because most people (fortunately) will never have to experience being hospitalized for anything serious, let alone end up in and ICU. They just don’t get it. #Covid19AB
So the whole concept of people that sick feels very removed for them. And no amount of Grey’s Anatomy watching will ever get people to really understand the gravity of things in a real ICU.
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Here is a summary of today’s #COVID19AB update. We have identified 1,336 new cases with 11,274 active cases across AB. There are currently 320 ppl in hospital with 56 ppl in ICU. (1/4)
On Nov. 20, 19,239 tests were completed bringing the total # of tests to 2,088,614. 1,403,302 people have been tested. (2/4)
Sadly, we have also learned of 9 new deaths, bringing the provincial total to 471. My thoughts go out to the families of these individuals and anyone mourning a loved one today. (3/4)
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- a record 1336 new COVID cases on a 19239 tests (7.0% +)
- 9 new deaths, up to 471
- 320 in hospital (+10), 56 in ICU (-2)
- 11274 active cases (+619)

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
New cases by region:

Edmonton zone: +718
Calgary zone: +435
Central: +68
South: +41
North: +53

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
Active cases by region:

Edmonton zone: 4941 (+421)
Calgary zone: 4394 (+122)
Central: 605 (+41)
South: 592 (+23)
North: 661 (+10)

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
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Public servants are a humble lot, serving the community without asking for credit.

But the time will come when we'll need to tell their stories of sacrifice & selflessness during this pandemic.

My DMs are open. Tell me stories so I can share anonymously. #ableg #COVID19AB
"Was moved back into office in July so that GOA can lead by example on showing it’s safe with proper PPE, etc. We have Skype meetings now with people from other cubicles on the same floor but still have to go in when everyone on my floor can work from home. Pointless!"
"Have been working 6 days per week, 3 weeks out of each month for 8 months. No overtime pay. Forced to come into the office, even though I could work from home. Been denied vacation 3 times. And being told my boss wants my pay cut by 4%."
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Here is a summary of today’s #COVID19AB update. Over the past 24hrs we’ve identified 1,155 new cases & completed 17K+ tests. Our positivity rate sits at about 6.5% & we have 10,655 active cases. There are 310 in hospital including 58 in ICU. (1/12)
I must report 11 new deaths over the past 24 hrs. 11 Albertans are gone & their friends & families are mourning. Severe outcomes are not limited to those at the end of their lives & it is a mistake to think so. This week, 2 indv in their 30s died as a result of COVID-19. (2/12)
The avg age of COVID-19 hospitalization is dropping. About 1/4 hospitalized & 1/6 in ICU have 0 pre-existing conditions. Having a chronic condition is common, incl high blood pressure & diabetes. Almost 1/4 of Albertans 20+ have a chronic condition, 10% have 2, 8% have 3+. (3/12)
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"Our current situation is grim," says Dr. Deena Hinshaw, to start the presser on a dark note.
Hinshaw points to two men in their 30s who died this week as a result of COVID.

She adds while they had underlying issues, they weren't life threatening.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
1/4 in hospital, and 1/6 in ICU have *NO* pre-existing medical conditions.

Hinshaw adds that 1/4 of all adults over 20 years of age have a chronic condition.

10% have 2, and 8% have three or more.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
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- a record 1155 new COVID cases in Alberta
- 11 new deaths, now up to 462
- 310 in hospital (+26), 58 in ICU (-3)
- 10,655 active cases

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
new cases by region:

Edmonton zone: +499
Calgary zone: +401
Central: +94
South: +93
North: +57

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
Active cases by region:

Edmonton zone: 4520 (+132)
Calgary zone: 4272 (+53)
Central: 564 (+56)
South: 569 (+29)
North: 651 (+7)

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
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