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#Anons connecting many dots PLEASE dig further

This brings in many aspects & has been happening for many decades!

#ObamaGate #FISA #FISAGate #fiveeyes #CoronaVirus #ClintonFoundation #ClintonCrimeFamily #AussieQ #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #JuliaGillard #Crown #TheQueen #Royals
Let's START here....


This will give you the names of the COUNTRIES involved plus a bit of back ground

REMEMBER the countries!
To start it seems we have some countries now finally standing up to #BillGate #BillGatesVirus as we are well aware that Him & his WIFE are fully involved!…
We know they own a HUGE investment into the Virus!
I don't need to go into that as most are aware.
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#QDrop3900 is very interesting...

Lets take a closer look at

Are #HabeasCorpus suspensions “by design?” 🤔

Has the 16th President of The United States of America been portrayed correctly in the History Books? 🧐


#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
2/ HABEAS CORPUS: “the writ has been temporarily or permanently suspended “under the pretext of war or state of emergency”

Your legal right to report unlawful detention or imprisonment becomes non existant during these times?…

#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
3/ David Straight on #HonestAbe

Full Video: 👀 18 min Mark

ABRAHAM LINCOLN WAS A FOLLOWER OF #KARLMARX, who wrote the #Communist Manifesto of 1848? 😳

#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
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@Inevitable_ET No surprise at all!! It’s so long over due. He’s a special kind of pos!! I just d#found out about these
@Inevitable_ET @tomhanks #corona = crown (chakra/brain)
#crown = location of pineal
#pineal = 3rd eye (of Horus/Ra)
#Pinealgland = #adrenalizes blood during victim terrorization which is “sacrificially extracted” then consumed/sold for consumption! [discreet crypto site]
@Inevitable_ET @tomhanks THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK!!!
“discreet crypto site” [] screenshots (1).
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Underground Tunnels Between France And Britain In Usage From 1994 The Crown (Queen Elizabeth) funded the underground bases as well. Linked to Child trafficking as well Connect the Damn Dots It’s all Global #FEMACAMPS #DUMBS #SatanicChildritualabusers #Globalfascism #Babylon
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Steven D. Kelley Underground City at the Getty Museum Shill Whistleblower Steven D. Kelley talks about the depth of the underground base Steven also mentions Prince Andrew & Queen Elizabeth transferred paintings to the Museum.This is def linked To child trafficking in the tunnels
Steven also mentions lizards & Steven Spielberg with Prince Andrew Connect the dots #NoCoincidences There is underground bases all around the world linked to the global child/organ trafficking network. All serving the same master.
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1/ Why would @realDonaldTrump kiss an American Flag @cpac that has represents No Nation & No Constitution?


💥You will be subject to the law of the flag of that ship, enforceable by the "MASTER OF THE SHIP”💥…
2/ Listen Very Closely to this...
Clip from 1947 “Kiss of Death”

“Good Evening Mr. & Mrs. North and South America and all

#AdmiraltyLaw / #MaritimeLaw?


@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
3/ Quick Lesson on the Worlds “Shipping Wars”
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1/Disappointing day on the front lines yesterday. Two sides to every story. This is ours. A Kokum, an #Indigenous Grandmother reached out to me for help. She was asked to sign what she thought was a “support” agreement in regards to her grandchild. #abpoli
2/We met the social worker at Kokum’s place along with friends and family supports. The SW did not have a support agreement but a Custody Agreement, a very important and intrusive document. Kokum wanted to defer signing for a short time and consult a lawyer first. #abpoli
3/The social worker implied that Kokum sign now or an “Apprehension” could take place. Kokum asked if I could at least review the document, the worker refused. #abpoli
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In #Saudi Arabia, land of the “emancipator of women,” you are jailed, tortured and put on trial if you are a women’s rights activists. And you get arrested if you are related to those activists or if you support them.…
-Khadijah al-Harbi,feminist writer who is pregnant & husband Thumar al-Marzouqi,writer
-Salah al-Haidar,whose mother women’s rights activist Aziza al-Yousef is on trial
-Badr al-Ibrahim,writer & physician
-Mohammed al-Sadiq & Abdullah al-Dehailan,writers
-Fahad Abalkhail,activist
The arrests are the latest reminder that de facto leader #Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman does not give a fuck about international condemnation of his brutality.
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