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1.În momentul ăsta în timp ce scriu, majoritatea influencerilor din mediu românesc îți râd în nas că oameni precum #Burry și #Kiyosaki vorbesc de cea mai gravă recesiune urmează, iar tu ești un prost că te iei după ei și ratezi bullrun-uri la greu și n-ai acumulat și tu un #EGLD
2Uite cum e cu bullrunu de acum, majoritatea cripto monedelor sunt la low-ul din decembrie, știai? Nu știai, dar pui botul și îți faci sânge rău că n-ai cumpărat. #BTC și câteva proiecte mici AI stau mai bine, curând si ele. în rest gaură #matic #ftm #qnt #icp #shibainu #dogecoin
3. Toți cei care au cumpărat la sfârșit de ianuarie 2023, februarie 2023, toți sunt în minus 30%-60%, adică au rămas agățați și speră, au cumpărat topul cum s-ar spune. Adică fix toți cei care au crezut influencerii în perioada aia că urmează mega bullrun.
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🚨 BREAKING: Shocking Revelation 😱

Is Elon Musk REALLY the secret #DOGECOIN WHALE? 😳

Find out the truth here 🔥

A thread 🧵 Image
1️⃣ Explosive allegations have emerged regarding Elon Musk and his alleged secret #Dogecoin fortune!
2️⃣ A $258 billion lawsuit claims Musk was part of a massive #DOGE pyramid scheme! Image
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Have you heard of the WSB Token Rugpull?

It’s one of the biggest scams in the #crypto space, and it involves a meme coin, a Reddit community, and a rogue mod. Here’s what happened and what it means for DeFi. 🧵👇 Image
WSB Token was a #cryptocurrency that claimed to be the official meme coin of the Wall Street Bets community, a popular online forum for stock trading enthusiasts.
The coin used the same logo and imagery as the subreddit, and promised to reward holders with dividends and governance rights.
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The Rise and Fall of #Memecoins: A Brief History of #Crypto’s Most Hilarious and Controversial Trend Image
Memecoins are cryptocurrencies that are based on



🔹Cultural Phenomenon
They are usually created as a parody or critique of the cryptocurrency market

But some of them have gained popularity and value due to

🔸Online Communities

🔸Celebrity Endorsements

🔸Media Attention
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1/n 🧵

#Trump will be arrested tomorrow, an event that will get start the Great #American #MAGA #bankrun.

This is a thread of memes related to this topic. Image
2/n 🧵 Image
3/n 🧵 Image
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@CuriousCowCap @agnostoxxx I’ve been in the distress/restructuring space for over twenty years, including Leucadia (best restructuring investor of all time) and so on. The mistake seen today is a new generation who thinks that everything is due to sentiment rather than absolute debt levels.
@CuriousCowCap @agnostoxxx In REITs, debt levels don’t seem remotely the same as they were pre-2008. (See 666 Fifth Avenue, with less than 3% equity.) Much restructuring has already occurred, out of court, which is more the $RIG analog. Giving back individual problem buildings is the restructuring…
@CuriousCowCap @agnostoxxx With mortgages financing individual assets, at sober ratios, there is essentially not a concept of clean or cheap structures. What would be an expensive structure?
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Списання вийшло з-під контролю: Росія зняла зі зберігання Т-54
Команда CIT отримала фотографії потяга, який везе військову техніку з Далекого Сходу. Ми ідентифікували їх як радянські середні танки сімейства Т-54/55: в одному ешелоні були і Т-54, і танки, які могли бути пізніми Т-54 або Т-55 (див. ілюстрацію).
Як стало відомо, нещодавно цей ешелон вирушив з Арсеньєва Приморського краю, де розташована 1295-та центральна база резерву і зберігання танків.
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🚀🌕 5 Hilarious Ways #Crypto and @Twitter are Intertwined! #CryptoTwitter @elonmusk #RichQUACK $QUACK

A Thread 👇
@Twitter @elonmusk 1/ 🤖 AI-powered Crypto: Did you know crypto trading bots are now programmed to invest based on @elonmusk's tweets? Just kidding (or am I?)! It seems like the crypto market dances to the tune of the Technoking's tweets. 💃 #Cryptonomicon $QUACK
@Twitter @elonmusk 2/ 💬 Meme Magic: Remember when #DogeCoin went to the moon? 🌕 One tweet from @elonmusk and it skyrocketed! The power of memes and Twitter's undying love for them keeps the crypto world laughing and trading. 🚀🐶 #DogeToTheMoon $QUACK
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🚨 Halborn discovered massive #ZeroDay impacting Dogecoin and 280+ networks including Litecoin and Zcash, putting over $25 Billion of digital assets at risk!

1/ In March 2022, Halborn started to evaluate #dogecoin under a contract and found several vulnerabilities which were fixed by the Dogecoin team.
2/ During the assessment, it was found that the same vulns affected over 280 other networks including #litecoin and #zcash, which have since then been addressed and patched.
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Breaking news! Elon Musk has announced that he's making #Floki the #ShibaInu the CEO of Twitter. That's right, a dog is now in charge of one of the biggest social media platforms in the world.

It's a bold move, but Elon has always been a bit of a maverick. And with #Floki's popularity, he could be onto something big.

Of course, this raises some questions. Can a dog really run a company? And what does this mean for the future of Twitter?

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Israeli political and economic columnist Doron Peskin said that according to the data he received, 14 facilities in Iran had been attacked.
These are UAV factories, IRGC headquarters, Qods Force headquarters and other industrial facilities that possibly serve Iran's defense industry. The attacks were carried out using UAVs.


The IDF's special operation in the cities of Judea and Samaria (West Bank) against Iranian terror infrastructure continues.
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#BULLMARKET is here guys, we are finally getting that #BULLRUN we've been waiting for! #Capo was wrong, so let's go crazy #bullish

Waiiit a minute, is it true? What about #FOMO?

Here is what every #crypto trader/ investor should know about FOMO 👇
In this thread you'll learn:

• What is FOMO?
• How do you know that you got FOMO?
• What causes FOMO & what's the psychology behind it?
• Is FOMO always bad?
• What's happening now?
What is FOMO in #cryptomarket?

It's a fear of missing out on a good investment opportunity.


•The rapid fluctuation of #Bitcoin prices in 2017.

• Elon Musk's tweets about #Dogecoin causing a false bull market, it pumped then decreased by 30% in 24 hours.
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🧵1/49 How I went from -$25k in debt, making 415$ per 15 days to $1M2 in 1 year at 25 years old while being in the army. 🫡

A story of pain, resilience, commitment and hard work. 👇
2/49 In this thread, you will find my story and the 6 revenue streams that got me to where I am right now:

👉Analyst side job
👉NFT project
👉B2B Lead Generation
3/49 First of all, I’ll give some brief context about me that’s relevant to this thread but won’t go into all the details to avoid making this thread too long (it already is).
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A reminder to withdraw your #Dogecoin from crypto exchanges, shibes - a good way to end the year.

Take the time to learn to use a non-custodial wallet, make tests with small amounts, create backups, then withdraw.

Your crypto is not safe on any exchange.

1/n Art by @italia_dogecoin! Mishaboar holding a wonderful shiba
What we saw happening during the past year is just a confirmation of what we already knew.

Remember, #Dogecoin: exchanges are businesses, and they are not bound to act in your best interests.

Their focus: attract as many customers and hold onto their liquidity.

Many of us wrote dozens of threads warning users against holding their crypto on exchanges like Voyager, FTX, Gemini, Binance, Coinbase - these threads were never that popular, and many users of these exchanges acted as staunch defenders of their platform choice.

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More info for ya. Influencers, even if they have millions of views and followers, even if they speak with authority, do not actually have the inside scoop on what's going on with #dogecoin. Just because one says a validation method is changing, doesn't mean it is.
Because someone is famous and influential doesn't actually give them more insight. Furthermore, people need to understand how changes work in a blockchain like #dogecoin, which is closer to older Bitcoin technology than say, modern ERC20 tokens...
It is not possible for, nor is it planned for, an individual, organization, or body to "move" or "shift" or "change" #dogecoin to PoS. All that can be done is: it can be outlined, perhaps coded, and given to the community (and validators) to decide to take up or not...
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In 2023, however, while MGM focuses on integrating Cosmopolitan and Caesars relaunches the former Bally's under the Horseshoe name, two very different billionaires may be stepping up as rivals to the Las Vegas Strip status quo. #SongJoongKi #DiedSuddendly #Dogecoin… The first has already declared his intentions, while the second may actually have the biggest ace in the hole. Billionaire Tilman Fertitta has purchased a piece of land in the heart of the area dominated by Caesars and MGM. And while he owns the… Golden Nugget on Fremont Street downtown, the billionaire owner of the Houston Rockets plans a higher-end brand for his Strip property,

Fertitta spent $270 million on a piece of land located between Caesars' Planet Hollywood and the
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It's crypto winter - don't get left out in the cold without your hat on!... #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Dogecoin #BitcoinCash
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La Turquie 🇹🇷 est obsédée par le #bitcoin, la #crypto et en particulier le #dogecoin.

Une étude de CryptoManiaks révèle que la Turquie occupe la 2 ème place pour les recherches liées à la crypto dans le monde et la 1 ère place pour les recherches liées à Dogecoin.
L'analyse révèle que les deux principaux pays pour la recherche de phrases liées à la crypto sont les Pays-Bas 🇳🇱 et la Turquie 🇹🇷, avec respectivement 8,2 % et 5,5 % de la population.
"La popularité de Dogecoin a dépassé celle d'Ethereum dans un nombre important de pays, avec près de 2 millions de recherches mensuelles supplémentaires dans le monde pour la pièce."

Les USA se classent au 15e rang avec 1,9 % de la population recherchant ces termes.
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After weeks of research, I finally published my deep dive report on @dogecoin

I think Dogecoin is the most misunderstood blockchain in crypto, and deserved an objective analysis.

Please ❤️ and 🔁 for visibility

#dogecoin #doge $DOGE…
To reiterate, my goal is not to pump DOGE price or try to become a dogecoin influencer.

I felt it was important to research Dogecoin because it has a massive cultural & economic footprint in crypto.

Whether you are for or against it, you need to be educated on it.
If this article piqued your interest, I would recommend following these accounts as well 👇

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Share 10 SmartMoneys of $DOGE with you.

A thread about how they made money on $DOGE.👇

#DOGE #dogecoin #DogecoinToTheMoon #DogecoinRise

SmartMoney: DPEzPFx1YAg2AndcYXD9ouPiNT5izSgeHL

He bought 5B $DOGE on January 11, 2019 when the price was $0.002141.

Then he sold a total of 4.03B $DOGE at an average price of $0.0685.

He holds 969M $DOGE($138M) now, made a profit of $399M, and the ROI is 3729%.

SmartMoney: A8c3xNz2mqsDLFwv5KL5fpH12QEwDaoTXo

He bought 7.27B $DOGE at an average price of $0.002795 and sold 6.87B $DOGE at an average price of $0.01492.

He holds 401M $DOGE($55.4M) now, made a profit of $137.6M, and the ROI is 677%.
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Dogecoin prices rallied 145% in the last week. Here are seven fun facts about Doge Coin!

#dogecoin #DogelonMars #Cryptocurency
⚙️Dogecoin was created in about 2 hours.

Dogecoin is an open-source cryptocurrency established in 2013 by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus. Dogecoin marketed itself as a "fun" version of Bitcoin.
⚙️Dogecoin has its own blockchain

It rewards miners with 10,000 DOGE for every block, It is based on Litecoin and uses the same proof-of-work technology
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Who is the owner of the largest holder of #DogeCoin?

Maybe @elonmusk.

Even though @bitinfocharts tagged $DOGE's largest holding address as “Robinhood”, I still think it's Elon Musk's address.

Here is some evidence. Image

Where does the $DOGE of the largest holder comes from?

The largest holder mainly received $DOGE between July 19th and July 21st, and received a total of 41B $DOGE ($6.4B). Image

The largest holder‘s DOGE came from 5 addresses.

And these 5 addresses’ DOGE mainly came from DH5yaieqoZN36fDVciNyRueRGvGLR3mr7L.… Image
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We did an analysis of the top 50 holders of $DOGE.

Here are some of our findings.

#dogecoin #DOGEUSDT #DogecoinRise #DOGE #DogecoinToTheMoon

The top 50 holders hold a total of 87.1B $DOGE ($12.6B), accounting for 63.71% of the total supply.

The top 50 holders have reduced their holdings by 21M $DOGE($3M) compared to a month ago;

reduced their holdings by 761M $DOGE($110M) compared to a week ago;

and increased their holdings by 484M $DOGE($70M) compared to yesterday.
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