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Massive container ship #EVERFORWARD has run aground in the Chesapeake Bay.

Yes, same operator as #EVERGIVEN.

Yes, almost exactly a year later. 1/
2/ Looking at charts, #EVERFORWARD may have slightly deviated from dredged navigation channel into shallower waters after departing Baltimore.

And got stuck.

She's apparently not blocking the navigation channel, but is quite close to it.
3/ The #EverForward's AIS track is... interesting.

People may read it as: she missed a waypoint (didn't make a turn) heading from Craighill Angle into Craighill Channel.

Caveat: accidents = complicated & AIS tracks can be *imprecise* so take all guesses w/big grain of salt!
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Today's episode of #WhatTheShip on @YouTube:

1️⃣ Update on #UkraineRussiaWar & impact on Global Trade
2️⃣ @FMC_gov @TheJusticeDept & @POTUS on Container Lines
3️⃣ Update #FelicityAce & #EuroferryOlympia
4️⃣ #SuezCanal Rate Hikes
5️⃣ #Mariners caught in a War

2⃣ Supply Chains: Shipping Lines in the Cross Hairs of U.S. Authorities

#SupplyChains #Container #alliances #POTUS @FMC_gov @TheJusticeDept…
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نہر سوئیز (Suez Canal, #Egypt)
یہ نہریورپ کو ایشیاءسےملاتی ھےاسی لئے نہرسوئیز کی تاریخ بھی جھگڑوں، قبضوں اورحملوں سے پر ھے۔
چونکہ برطانیہ فرانس ایک دوسرےکے حریف تھے اس لیے یہ نہر انا کےجھگڑوں میں گھری رھی۔
نہرسوئیز کی کھدائی صدی پہلے کاقصہ نہیں بلکہ اسکی ابتداءزمانہ قدیم
#History ImageImageImageImage
میں پیوستہ ھے۔
اس نہر کو کھدوانے کا سب سے اولین منصوبہ 1890 ق م میں 12th فرعون کے دور میں شروع ھوا۔
بادشاہ دارا اول (Darius 1) اور بطلیموس (Ptolemy) نے بھی اسکی توثیق کی۔
مصری حکمران نخاوہ الثانی نے بھی اس کی توثیق کی۔
خلیفہ اسلام (ثانی) فاروق اعظم حضرت عمر نے بھی اسکی توثیق کی۔ Image
جدید نہر سوئیز کا منصوبہ مصری خدیو سعید پاشا نے بھی کینال کو کھودنے کی منظوری دی۔ 
جدید نہر سوئیز کی کھدائی کاآغاز سعید پاشا کے ہاتھوں ھوا اور اسمعیل پاشا کے ہاتھوں مکمل ھوا۔
اس کی کھدائی کاسلسلہ دس سال جاری رھا۔
16 نومبر 1869 کو دخانی جہازوں کے گزرنے کیلئے کھول دیا گیا۔
نہر کو
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Thread: For those who stopped following once the ship was floating again, the troubles of the giant container ship Ever Given did not end on March 29. Here's a rundown of what has happened since. #SuezCanal
Once the behemoth ship was dug free from the banks of the #SuezCanal, Egypt's Suez Canal Authority impounded the ship and detained it in the Great Bitter Lake that lies between the northern and southern stretches of Canal. It has been there ever since.…
Initially, the Suez Canal Authority claimed $916 million in damages against Shoei Kisin, the Japanese company that owns the Ever Given. The company and the ship's insurer, UK Club, have been negotiating with the SCA over this compensation claim for weeks.…
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📺 C.W., M.K., D.N.R., & S.P (4/22/21) on
🔥Ghislaine Maxwell, 10,000 hrs of Epstein footage and underground bases.🔥
📺 C.W., M.K., D.N.R., & S.P (4/22/21) on
🔥#SuezCanal, white hat operation using 💫 Starlink/Space Force to hack & turn #EverGiven ship sideways to inspect 30,000 #Evergreen shipping containers🔥
📺 C.W., M.K., D.N.R., & S.P., (4/22/21) on
🔥#SuezCanal, 30 yrs of CCP material, climate chg, nuc & bio ^WMDs, h. trafficking intercepted on #EverGiven in 30,000 #EverGreen container ships🔥
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Though the Ever Given made it out of the #SuezCanal, we could soon see the effects of the logjam. Toilet paper and coffee could be in short supply in a few weeks as shipping resumes.…
About 12% of global trade moves through the Suez Canal, and the Ever Given, one of the largest vessels, blocked hundreds of cargo ships from passing through for six days.…
With an impending toilet paper shortage, now may be as good a time as ever to invest in a bidet. While the rest of the world is familiar with bidets, the US still hasn't caught on.
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"Welcome Andrews Bates, our new deputy press secretary," begins @PressSec at daily briefing.
Offshore wind plan announced today will "create tens of thousands of good-paying union jobs," says @PressSec, adding it'll power millions of US homes and "avoid 78 million metric tons of carbon emissions."
"We are in very close touch" with governors and other leaders across the country amid a rise in #COVID19 cases in some states, says @PressSec.
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Imagery from this morning at 0811UTC shows the movement of the #EverGiven in the #SuezCanal compared to yesterday via @planetlabs, efforts are still on going to completely free her but the rotation of her facing more northerly is easily observed.
High winds have reportedly swung her back to the "original" position (bow doesn't appear to be over "the line") before another tug attempt to move her is conducted. Back and forth she goes, but it's progress, right?
Side note, having the frequency of @planetlabs imagery is really great in bringing a new horizon (yes, I went there) to viewing global events like this.
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#BREAKING Egypt canal chief says 3.5 days to clear Suez tailback once ship refloated
The massive container ship blocking the Suez Canal for almost a week has been turned 80 percent in the right direction, officials say, raising hopes the vital trade route could soon be clear
VIDEO: The MV Ever Given, a massive container ship blocking the Suez Canal for almost a week, has been turned 80% in the right direction, but its owner said that while the giant ship "has turned", it was still not yet afloat
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I received this animated illustration from a friend who lives in Singapore. He is an accountant & has a few maritime clients

Shared the video with my brother, who was a mariner, & asked him to provide his analysis of what happened with the #EverGiven in the #SuezCanal 1/n
Chetan’s comments:

“Many a times transiting the Suez Canal, it is the Master's and all involved wish that the ordeal is swift and safe for the 100km journey.” 2/n
“The clip shown and the author's view is true. Evidently MV Ever Given was racing to catch up with the ship ahead and she is apparently not leading the convoy. In the haste, with her massive LOA, banking effect is pronounced, her SOG was evident to suggest such.” 3/n
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The stranded container ship blocking the #SuezCanal was re-floated and is currently being secured, Inch Cape Shipping Services says in a tweet.…
Watch: Ships blow their horns moments after #EverGiven is re-floated, almost one week after it had blocked the #SuezCanal.…
Update: The massive container ship that blocked the #SuezCanal for almost a week “has turned” but is not yet afloat, a spokesman for the vessel's owner tells AFP.…
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#Breaking: According to Updated Satellite AIS tracking, #EVERGIVEN has been refloated successfully. #suezcanel
Update: photos confirming the refloating of #EVERGIVEN, the #SuezCanal lane is expected to be opened in front of navigation traffic within the next few hours.
Inchape Shipping Services Group is confirming the refloating of #EVERGIVEN successfully. #suezcanel
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/27/2021…
Reconsidering Monetary Policy: An Empirical Examination of the Relationship Between Interest Rates and Nominal GDP Growth in the U.S., U.K., Germany and Japan…

#MonetaryPolicy #InterestRates #GDP #NominalGrowth
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The chairman of the #SuezCanal Authority says 321 ships are currently waiting to transit the canal that has been blocked for days by a huge cargo ship.…
The chairman of the #SuezCanal Authority says 9,000 tonnes of ballast water were removed from the stranded ship.…
The chairman of the #SuezCanal Authority says wind speed was not the main reason for the stranding of the cargo ship.…
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Global trade suffered yet another setback after a giant container ship ‘Ever Given’ got stuck in the #SuezCanal thus blocking the way for other ships. Here’s everything you need to know about this enormous sea traffic jam. (1/n)
Ever Given, operated by the Taiwanese company Evergreen Marine, is a 400m-long (approx.1,300 ft), 200,000-tonne vessel. It ran aground on Tuesday morning (March 23) amid high winds and a sandstorm that affected visibility. (2/n)
The Ever Given can carry more than 20,100 steel boxes, making it one of the largest container ships. These ships are longer than the Eiffel tower and bigger than three soccer fields. (3/n)
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What can open source imagery and ship tracking data tell us about the stricken #EverGiven container ship that is currently blocking the #SuezCanal?…
Given the canal’s immense strategic importance, the ship’s predicament has attracted the attention of the world’s media.
Satellite imagery from the likes of @sentinel_hub shows the MV Ever Given lodged firmly in the canal. The ship is so big that it can be seen by simply typing “Suez Canal” into the platform's search field
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The latest shows that the #EVERGIVEN sistership #evergreet has diverted from the Suez Canal, it is in transit from Asia to the Cape of Good Hope.
Shipping makes alternate Suez plans with removal of Evergreen boxship not a given via @splash_247
Suez Canal traffic pre & post the Ever Given incident
This visual, created by our Data Team using #marinetraffic AIS data, shows all traffic in the area from 17 March until earlier this morning, highlighting the slow down following the Ever Given incident.
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Vamos a ver, unas cuantas cositas sobre el #suezgate, el #evergiven, el #suezcanal y demás que es importante tanto si eres periodista como si eres un ciudadano opinador.
El responsable de esto no es el capitán. El canal de suez se transita (como en cualquier zona portuaria) con un PILOTO de la autoridad portuaria. El capitan estaba sentado en el puente de brazos cruzados cuando esto sucedió.
El canal de Suez NO ES demasiado pequeño para un barco así. Medio centenenar de barcos como éste e incluso más grandes (no es "El bArCo mÁs GrAnDe") cruzan a diario sin problemas.
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With the Ever Given wedged in place, bad histories of the #SuezCanal are piling up about as quickly as the container ships in that giant maritime traffic jam. I'm hoping to do some writing on the Canal's history soon, but in the mean time, here are some reading recommendations:
On the Canal as an exemplar of the pattern of predatory international lending that was crucial to the workings of European imperialism in the late nineteenth century and that led directly to British occupation of Egypt, read Ch. 30 of Rosa Luxemburgs "The Accumulation of Capital"
For a carefully researched challenge to the silly and still-ubiquitous notion that globalization--aided by infrastructures like the Canal--entails a uniform acceleration in the movement of goods and people, see Valeska Huber's "Channelling Mobilities"
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#SuezCanal: a 'mega ship' (longer than the Eiffel Tower) is blocking a major trade route after being blown off course by a gust of wind.

Every day it blocks around 50 cargo ships.

It has also affected oil prices.

A thread ⤵️

It points to the absurdities of our current trade system.

We are sending these monster ships, filled with either too much or nothing at all, around the world.…

#SuezCanal (2/7)
If you think about environmental costs and how much we consume it's clear we need to be trading on a more local scale.

#SuezCanal (3/7)…
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The biggest story the news seems to be trivializing is the #SuezCanal being blocked by one of the largest container ships in the world Evergreen shipping’s #EverGiven carrying 20,000+ shipping containers from China to the Netherlands.

Golden class ultra large container ship. 1/
During transit north through the #SuezCanal in Egypt as part of a 20 ship convoy, Ever Given lost power and steering during a wind/sand storm and was blown into the eastern bank of the canal by the bow, with momentum grounding the stern on the west side as well. 2/
I cant stress enough how massive this ship is. Twice the displacement of the US nuclear aircraft carriers. When it hit wet sand it doesnt just stop, it plowed along the bank and clearly wedged itself deep in and on both sides of the bow. 3/
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#BREAKING Suez Canal Authority working to free grounded ship Image
Map of the Suez Canal locating a grounded container ship that is causing a traffic jam of vessels in both directions
#AFPgraphics Image
#UPDATE A giant container ship ran aground in the Suez Canal after a gust of wind blew it off course, the vessel's operator said Wednesday, bringing marine traffic to a halt along one of the world's busiest trade routes
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Satellite Imagery courtesy of @planetlabs yesterday at 0835UTC appears to show the #EVERGIVEN in situ blocking the #SuezCanal.
More imagery from space courtesy of @sentinel_hub, waiting for the high res.
Add this to the satellite imagery thread
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