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#FCBarcelona are facing a financial crisis, due to a combination of mismanagement and the COVID-19 pandemic, which means that they need to make significant savings to meet La Liga’s regulations. This thread will look at how the club reached this point and the implications.
La Liga will not allow #FCBarcelona to register its new signings unless the club makes savings of over €200m. These signings include Sergio Aguero, Eric Garcia, Memphis Depay and Emerson Royal. These are mainly free transfers, but Barca still cannot complete the transactions.
#FCBarcelona’s financial issues even endanger Lionel Messi’s proposed new 5-year contract, though the club is looking to get creative here, e.g. huge pay cut (reportedly 50%) in the first year, compensated by a longer agreement and potential “ambassadorial work” in the future.
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No sooner had a European Super League (ESL) been announced than the plans were shelved, at least for the time being, but what were the factors that drove the 12 breakaway clubs to this deeply unpopular move? As usual, it was all about money, a combination of fear and greed.
Whether football is broken is debatable, but there is little doubt that many of the 12 Super League clubs are facing serious financial problems. To some extent, this helps explain why the “dirty dozen” would seek more revenue, but does not excuse this horribly ill-conceived plan.
You don’t have to look too far to see the seriousness of the financial predicament with pre-tax losses of the 12 ESL clubs adding up to a worrying £667m, even before #LFC announce their results. Three of them lost more than £100m: #Milan £169m, #MCFC £125m and #FCBarcelona £112m.
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After news of the European Super League broke, the estimated earnings of clubs from the Big Five leagues in the 2020/21 Champions League might seem a little bit “after the Lord Mayor’s show”, but here’s an analysis up to the semi-finals in any case.
I should emphasise that these figures can only be considered as indicative. They are based on UEFA’s revenue distribution guidelines, but also include estimates for the TV pool and rebates to broadcasters following losses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Based on my assumptions, the top 10 TV earnings from the Champions League up to the semi-finals are: #PSG €109m, #RealMadrid €109m, #MCFC €104m, #CFC €101m, #FCBayern €92m, #LFC €88m, #FCBarcelona €84m, #Juventus €82m, #BVB €78m and #Atleti €74m.
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Deloitte have published the 24th edition of their annual Football Money League, which ranks the world’s leading football clubs by revenue, this time covering the 2019/20 season. Some thoughts in the following thread.
The 2019/20 season was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to a £1.0 bln (12%) fall in revenue of the top 20 Money League clubs from £8.2 bln to £7.2 bln. Broadcast and match day fell £822m (23%) and £227m (17%) respectively, though commercial rose £87m (3%).
In terms of Euros, match day fell €257m (17%) from €1.5 bln to €1.2 bln, driven by matches either being cancelled or played behind closed doors without fans. Match day revenue is largely derived from gate receipts (including ticket and corporate hospitality sales).
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#FCBarcelona recent accounts revealed major debt challenges, but they also highlighted some issues around different definitions of debt, so this thread will take a look at these using 2019/20 accounts from selected clubs and explain why Barca might have more problems than others.
Note: the clubs covered in this review are just a few of those that have already published accounts for the 2019/20 season, so it is not a ranking table as such, but there is enough detail here to illustrate the points made.
At the narrowest extreme, we have just bank debt, but the broadest definition covers total liabilities, which includes all financial obligations, including transfer debt, staff payables, tax liabilities, trade creditors, provisions, accrued expenses and even deferred income.
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After yesterday’s review of #FCBarcelona financials, I was asked to provide some more detail on their transfer debt, which increased from €261m to €323m in 2020. Amounts owed to Barca by other clubs fell from €178m €168m, so net payables nearly doubled from €83m to €155m.
#FCBarcelona largest transfer debts are with #LFC €69m (Coutinho), Juventus €65m (Miralem Pjanic €58m and Matheus Pereira €8m), Ajax €64m (Frenkie De Jong), Gremio €21m (Arthur), Bordeaux) €20m (Malcolm), Valencia €20m (Neto) and Sporting €19m (Trincao).
However, it is important to note that some clubs have sold their debt to financial institutions (for a fee), so no risk of default/delayed payment in the cases of #LFC, Ajax, Gremio, Bordeaux, Valencia and Atletico Mineiro. Juventus payable is offset by their purchase of Arthur.
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#FCBarcelona 2019/20 accounts cover a season when they finished second in La Liga and reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League and the Copa del Rey. Their finances were significantly impacted by COVID-19 in the last 3 months. Some thoughts in the following thread.
#FCBarcelona swung from €4m pre-tax profit to €128m loss (€97m after tax, due to €31m tax credit). Revenue dropped €135m (14%) from record €990m to €855m, including €21m reduction in gain on player sales. This was only slightly offset by expenses falling €7m.
As a technical note, the #FCBarcelona definition of €855m revenue is different from the standard Deloitte Money League figure of €729m operating income, as it includes €80m gain on player sales, €45m impairment reversal and €2m for work performed and capitalised.
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[A Thread]

Although we had planned for an article on our website on this topic in near future but we are making a thread as a Tribute to the legend #DiegoMaradona and his impact on @sscnapoli and #Naples (even though words may not be enough to explain his impact) (1/n)
#DiegoMaradona joined @sscnapoli for a then world record fee from @FCBarcelona in 1984. Swapping the glamour of Barcelona with one of the poorest cities, not only in Italy but in Europe was a decision lamented by many (2/n)
#Maradona's arrival at the San Paolo in 1984 from #FCBarcelona can be seen as the catalyst for Napoli's ultimate success, but it took the club 3 years to win laurels. Diego was the the most important piece of that puzzle (3/n)
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Although it’s early days in the reporting period for football club accounts from the extended 2019/20 season, we can already see the significant impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in a few selected announcements from some European clubs, which this thread will examine.
We have published accounts for #Juventus, #BVB, #TeamOL, #SSLazio and #Benfica, while #FCBarcelona have given an investor presentation and press releases have been issued by #RealMadrid, #Milan and #ASRoma (so we don’t have all figures from these 3 clubs).
Although a large part of the 2019/20 season was completed before the lockdown, there has been a major adverse impact on these clubs’ accounts with massive losses being announced at #ASRoma €204m, #Milan €195m, #FCBarcelona €97m, #Juventus €90m, #BVB €44m and #TeamOL €37m.
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This thread will look at debt at football clubs, focusing on the Premier League Big Six. The fundamental question is whether this debt is too high, but the answer is complicated by the numerous definitions of debt, all of which can be valid #AFC #CFC #LFC #MCFC #MUFC #THFC
At the narrowest extreme, we have just bank debt, but the broadest extreme covers total liabilities, which includes all financial obligations, including transfer debt, tax liabilities, trade creditors, provisions for future losses, accrued expenses and even deferred income.
The net debt reported in an English club’s financial statement is in line with IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) and essentially covers purely financial obligations, such as overdrafts, bank loans, bonds, shareholder loans and finance leases less cash.
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Μερικές παρατηρήσεις για το Barcelona-CSKA.

1. Ήταν τρομακτική η ευκολία με την οποία ήλεγχε και άλλαζε η Barca τον ρυθμό απέναντι σε έναν τέτοιο αντίπαλο.
Απόλυτος έλεγχος.


#FCBarcelona #EuroLeague
2. Πολύ εμφανές πως ο Σάρας θα δουλέψει για να πάρει τα σωστά και ορθολογικά σουτ χωρίς κατάχρηση και βροχή τούβλων από τα 9 μέτρα.

Τουτέστιν μόνο 1/4 των σουτ της FCB ήταν 3FG και κει σούταρε με >40%


#FCBarcelona #EuroLeague
Αρνητική εντύπωση το πόσο κομμένη είναι η CSKA για ομάδα που είχε ουσιαστικά μόνο έναν νέο παίκτη (Toko) στο παρκέ.

Δεν είναι πως έχασαν, είναι σαν να είναι μια τελείως νέα ομάδα και δεν είχαν καμία απολύτως σύνδεση μεταξύ τους.



#FCBarcelona #EuroLeague
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O mercado desta época mostra que o futebol lusitano faliu e está na mão de um negreiro chamado Jorge Mendes.

Mendes aplica os métodos do colonialismo: incentivas que os locais se endividem e depois, por mais que trabalhes e entregues dinheiro...
... a tua dívida será sempre maior amanhã, atingindo valores que nunca conseguirás pagar.

E jornalismo desportivo português - salvo raríssimas excepções - é vulgar e prostitui-se por - literalmente - um prato de arroz, é completamente subserviente perante Mendes.
Aliás, todo o jornalismo. Quando foram notícias lá fora os esquema de branqueamento e desvio de capitais que tinham como elo de ligação Mendes, ninguém em Portugal ousou dar eco desses factos.

Quando um clube, #SportingCP, afrontou esse todo poderoso, muitos vaticinaram...
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Deloitte’s annual Football Money League has become essential reading, but it only ranks the world’s leading football clubs by revenue. The following thread adds details for expenses, profits and balance sheet for an “enhanced” version of the money league.
First, we will include some handy one-pagers that include the details for the Top 20 Money League clubs, both in Sterling and Euros. Then, we will drill into each of these in turn to highlight how each club has performed in various categories (only in Sterling).
The revenue overview includes details for each revenue stream (match day, broadcasting and commercial) with broadcasting further split between domestic and UEFA competitions. Other revenue is mainly player loans that are not always included in the Deloitte definition of revenue.
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This #Messi story is massive news for all footy followers ⚽️

Will English fans get the pleasure of seeing the genius grace the #EPL ?
Will #ManCity replace 'El Mago' with 'El Dios'?

As amazing as his on-pitch story is, the background with Barca is juicy to say the least 💸🔁🤯
Recently I read #FootballsSecretTrade (brilliant!) & started watching #Gomorrah (also brilliant)!!
Then started doing a bit of digging into the history of Messi and Barca...

Now, I know the angle I'm looking at this from is heavily influenced by those 📕📽️ BUT wow!

Messy 🦹💸
Barca is an incredible football club #MesQueUnClub & Messi has given us fans some of the most magical moments ever seen on a pitch #MesQueUnJugador BUT the club has a really 'interesting' past which hangs over this current situation.

Let's start with how the club is run...
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Voy a hacer un hilo de cómo está la situación #Messi #City #Barcelona.
La clave está en que #Barça esté dispuesto a negociar.
#Messi ha llamado a Pep Guardiola y le ha dicho: “El dinero no será una traba. Quiero jugar en el City”. #ManchesterCity.
#Messi se va de #FCBarcelona no por dinero. #City no puede pagarle el contrato que le paga #Barcelona sino porque equivale a lo que ganan 5 de sus figuras. #Aguero #DeBruyne#Sterling #Laporte #GabrielJesus.
Antes de enviar el Burofax, intentaron hablar con Bartomeu, pero no lo consiguieron, por eso tomaron una determinación tan drástica: se encontraron sin interlocutor.
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Following yesterday’s UEFA Champions League final, I can update the estimate for the 2019/20 revenue distributions. We will also explain how #PSG are likely to receive more money than #FCBayern, even though they were defeated on the night.
Based on my assumptions, the top 10 TV earnings from the Champions League will be as follows: #PSG €134m, #FCBayern €130m, #FCBarcelona €104m, #MCFC €99m, #Atleti €95m, #TeamOL €89m, #Juventus €87m, #RealMadrid €84m, #CFC €81m and #LFC €80m.
Looking at how Champions League revenue is distributed in the current cycle, the importance of the UEFA coefficient is evident. TV pool is much less important than it was before. This rewards historically successful clubs rather than those with larger national TV rights deals.
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Following a few requests, I’ve prepared financial fact sheets for some international football clubs. This is not new information as such, but a summary of previous data. This thread covers #FCBarcelona, #RealMadrid, #Juventus, #Milan, #Inter, #ASRoma, #FCBayern, #BVB & #PSG
#FCBarcelona 2019 revenue surged 23% to €852m, the highest in the world, due to taking merchandising in-house and new Champions League deal. First club with wage bill over €500m. Profits 8 years in a row, but increasingly reliant on player sales. Debt & transfer spend shot up.
#RealMadrid revenue flat in 2019, but lower wages and €99m profit from player sales resulted in €53m pre-tax profit, the highest in Spain (though posted €44m operating loss). Financial debt down to €83m. Revenue will be boosted in 2019/20 after taking merchandising in-house.
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Reports that #FCBarcelona are selling 23-year-old Brazilian midfielder Arthur to #Juventus for €80m, while 30-year-old Bosnian playmaker Miralem Pjanic will move the other way for €70m, have left supporters of both clubs somewhat perplexed.
From a financial perspective, it would appear that #Juventus are effectively paying #FCBarcelona €10m to exchange Pjanic for the younger Arthur, but the accounting treatment means that both clubs will report around €60m profit from this transaction. Let’s explain how.
At this stage we have to get a bit technical to understand how football clubs account for player trading. The fundamental point is that when a player is purchased costs are spread over a few years, but any profit made from selling players is immediately booked to the accounts.
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@srijancse turns a tad older today, it seemed like the perfect time to celebrate him :)
So we did a little thing and donated to his favourite internet cause @internetfreedom & turned his fav logo to this :)
#morethanaclub #morethanabirthday #FCSrijan #FCBarcelona ImageImage
I have know @srijancse for less than a year now, but the impact he has created in my life I will be really grateful for. He found me on twitter when I barely was active. I am so glad he thought I was worth a conversation.
A simple email in my inbox, would change everything for me. I got the chance to interact with this amazing human, a chance to work with him & to my honor I found a really great friend.
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1) Qui és Josep Maria Bartomeu?

Aquí comença un fil de tuits perquè no se'ns oblidi en mans de qui està la presidència del #Barça #BartomeuDimissió #BartomeuOUT #BartoDimissió
2) Bartomeu s'estrena com a directiu del Barça l'any 2003 formant part de la candidatura Laporta que va guanyar les eleccions del 15/6/2003 #BartomeuOUT
3) L'únic mèrit conegut de #Bartomeu era tenir diners, ser amic de Sandro Rosell i company seu d'estudis a Esade #EsadeBoys #Bartosellisme #Sandrusku
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Se insiste mucho en aquello de suplir a #LuisSuárez en el mercado de fichajes.

Precisamente me parece un error plantear que se pueda hacer un movimiento “ambicioso” de cara a esa posición en el #FCBarcelona por varios motivos... (HILO)
#LuisSuárez deberá pasar por el quirófano tras una lesión en el menisco que le mantendrá apartado de los terrenos de juego, al menos cuatro meses.

En el #Barça, como es comprensible, saltan las alarmas. El uruguayo promedia entre 30/32 goles por temporada. Una baja sensible.
No obstante, aparecen nombres por prensa y medios que, al menos a mí, no corresponden a un análisis sosegado de la realidad y que, de darse, no me parecerían certeros atendiendo al momento en el que se producirían.
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UEFA have now published the final payments to clubs for 2018/19 European competitions. In the following thread, I will first look at the Champions League distribution, then the Europa League and finally payments by country (with a focus on the Big Five leagues).
In 2018/19 each of 32 clubs qualified for Champions League group stage got €14.5m plus €2.7m for a win and €900k for a draw. Additional prize money for each further stage reached: last 16 €9.5m, quarter-final €10.5m, semi-final €12m, final €15m and winners €19m.
#FCBarcelona had the highest 2018/19 Champions League payment of €118m, but English clubs received four of the top six distributions: winners #LFC €111m, runners-up #THFC €102m, #MUFC €93m and #MCFC €93m. #Juventus were 4th with €96m and #PSG 7th with €86m.
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#FCBarcelona 2018/19 accounts cover a season when they won La Liga (for the fourth time in five years), were runners-up in the Copa del Rey and reached the Champions League semi-finals. Some thoughts in the following thread.
#FCBarcelona profit before tax fell €17m to €4m (profit after tax €5m, due to €1m tax credit). Revenue rose €76m (8%) from €914m to a record high of €990m, even though gain on player sales was down €108m. Offset by significant growth in expenses, which were up €69m.
As a technical note, the #FCBarcelona definition of €990m revenue is higher than the standard Deloitte Money League figure of €852m, as it includes €101m gain on player sales, €29m impairment reversal, €7m utilisation of provisions and €1m work performed and capitalised.
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#RealMadrid are the most valuable football club in Europe according to The European Elite 19 report, prepared by KPMG. The Whites have a value of €3,224 million, ahead of #ManchesterUnited (€3,207m), #Bayern (€2,696m), #FCBarcelona (€2,767m) and #ManCity (€2,460m) #SportsBiz
The Premier League has confirmed its absolute dominance, having nine clubs on the full list (32 clubs) and accounting for 43% of the total aggregate value. The overall EV of the 32 most prominent European football clubs has increased by 9% (an impressive 35% over the past 3 yrs)
Los Blancos jumped above €3bn EV level for the first time, the only club to do this alongside the Red Devils, however, the Spanish giants' current EV is still lower than the #MUFC's was last year. Similarly, the Bavarians' current value is lower than the Blaugrana's in 2018
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