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🚨 USA Shale 🚨
My latest math & model
Like & share please #OOTT #COM #oilprice #GasPrice
This model is via EIA DPR.
It's based on averages and therefor is an estimate.
Let's dive in! The EIA has the Drilling Productivity Report at 9 million barrels oil per day ...continued 1/8 Image
Shale wells decline AVERAGE 60% per year with 40% of production remaining in the following year. I can get more precise but for simple example this is very close.
So 9M oil .6 declines so .4 remains.
9M ×.6 = 5.4M bbl/d needs replacement per year. (2/8) Image
On the 2022 dark blue line I have 160k bbl year 1 average across USA. ÷365= 438.3bbl/d per well.
5.4M decline ÷ 438.3= 12,320 wells to offset. More granular data lowers this to 5.0M + less decline is more conservative. Simply put wells older than 3yrs have lower decline (3/8) Image
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#US #senators started the #EnergyWar against #EU and #Russia'n #NordStream2, after their #LNG production exceeded the demand, the production costs were too high and #GasPrice collapsed in 2019.
#EnergyCrisis and #sanctions halts the #EU countries?
- Russia Exports to #US was US$17.75 Billion during 2021, according to the #COMTRADE database on international trade.
- data, historical chart and statistics - was last updated on September of 2022.…
#US planned the #war and the #EnergyCrisis in #Europe | Sep 13
- In what appears to be an exceptional internal leak from the close-to-gov think tank #RAND Co., known among other things to have been behind American strategy for foreign and defense policy…
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"Avrupa'nın Enerji Krizi Cam Üretimini Tehdit Ediyor."

1) #Cam konusuna özel ilgi duyduğumdan #WSJ haberini ilgiyle okudum ve aklımdan geçen onlarca fikri paylaşamasam da bir kahve eşliğinde sizlere yazıyı özetleyeyim.

#Glass #Energy #GasPrice…
2) Rusya'dan gelen doğal gaz akışının tamamen durması ya da sekteye uğraması Avrupa'da birçok şirketin korkulu rüyası. Bir süredir yönetimlerin alternatifler üzerinde düşündüğünü daha önce aktarmıştım.

Bu yazı da biraz bu endişeler üzerine.

3) Makalede otomotivden şişe üretimine, inşaattan sağlık sektörüne ve hatta sanatsal cam üretimine birçok üretimin maliyet artışı nedeniyle sıkıntıda olduğu ve alternatif arayışları örneklerle aktarılıyor.

Bu kapsamda şirketlere de yer vereceğim ancak burada bir parantez açalım.
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Domestic LPG rates have been increased by Rs.50 🤯

Year Price
2013 Rs 1031
2014 Rs 1080
2015 Rs 610
2016 Rs 514
2017 Rs 738
2018 Rs 689
2019 Rs 702
2020 Rs 806
2021 Rs 819
2022 Rs 999.50

Let's see the price calculation⤵️

LPG pricing in India is done on the basis of a formula: Import Parity Price (IPP)

The IPP is determined based on gas prices in the international market, as a major portion of India's consumption is satisfied through imports.

But, how is IPP calculated? 🤔
IPP is calculated as per Saudi Aramco’s LPG price, which is the world’s largest producer.

The price includes costs like:
- Free on board (FOB) price,
- Ocean freight,
- Custom duties,
- Port charges and Insurance cost

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The high price of gas is distressing to all of us. We need to understand why this is happening before we can expect to combat it. (Thread)

#ONEV1 #DemCast #DemVoice #Dems4USA #GasPrice

Russia is a major producer of gas and oil in the world. What happens in Russia affects the price of oil.

#ONEV1 #DemCast #DemVoice #Dems4USA #PutinsWar

No president can control prices in a free market. It just doesn't happen, and wouldn't be good if it did.
#ONEV1 #DemCast #DemVoice #Dems4USA #gaspump

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Get ready for explosively higher oil. 7 years of dramatic underinvestment in hydrocarbons fueled by ignorance like this will inevitably generate $100+ crude oil and $5+ prices at the pump for years to come.We all would love to see an overnight transition to alternative energy 1/3
But it’s this kind of childish thinking that will compromise US National Security and harm the poor and underserved. A coordinated SPR release is a quick shot of morphine for a major infection. It fixes nothing and is evidence of a panic 😱 in DC. Prepare for $100 now..#GasPrice
If anyone took the time to review US SPR data, the administration has been selling many millions of barrels each month for the last 90 days. And for context, the globe consumes 100 million PER DAY. A coordinated release of 50 million is nothing at all. Rounding error.#panic
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[THREAD]: The #EnergyCrisis and #gasprice 📈is a consequence of deliberate choices by a dominant gas supplier to Europe not to use the existing gas transmission infrastructure
Russia talks of increased gas "supplies" to Europe but not “exports”
The difference seems subtle🤔 the consequences are not 🚨
To boost “supplies,” Gazprom is emptying its EU storage facilities (stoking fears ➠ pushing up prices 📈) and hides behind "delivering on obligations"
Gazprom increased production by 18% this year, which allowed Russia to triple its exports to China and Turkey, but not Europe 🤔
#gascrisis #energycrunch
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The 5-year contract which was signed in 2019 foresees the transit volumes of 40 bcm in 2021, which amounts to 109 mcm/day.
It is deeply alarming 🚨 and quite informative to note that Gazprom is now paying for capacity and not using it!
Since the beginning of the month, Gazprom is shipping 86 mcm/day which is ~25% less than what it's paying for. There is a great disconnect between the words and the actions when it comes to the role of the Russian Federation in the European gas crunch.
#EnergyCrisis #GasPrice
Ukraine stands ready to transport as much gas as Europe needs and our spare capacity, available at this very time, is nearly twice that of #NordStream2

#energyprices #energycrunch
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EU #CoalPhaseOut action plan: 16 EU Members States will be #coal free by 2025, remaining states must follow by 2030 for a cost-efficient #netzero pathway. 6 countries not yet committed to 2030. We identified a policy mix without new fuel lock-ins & minimum costs. Findings 👇1/9 Phasing out coal in the EU’s power system by 2030
Key Finding 1: The EU's 2030 climate target of -55 % requires a complete #coal phase-out in the power system by 2030. An EU-wide #CoalPhaseOut2030 saves 1 billion tons of CO2 compared to 40 % emissions reduction at little additional costs to consumers. 2/9
How will the EU coal phase-out by 2030 affect the price of #electricity? Consumers can expect a price increase of only 0.5 ct/kWh with a policy mix scenario - a figure that is dwarfed by the current increase in #powerprices driven by more costly #fossilgas. 3/9 Phasing out coal in the EU’s power system by 2030
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You will all be reading about the great gas price spike, fertiliser companies stopping production, and energy companies going bust. A quick THREAD on #GasPrice
First, what's going on? 4 UK nukes are unexpectedly off, we've had one of the least windy summers in 60 years, and the UK's biggest interconnector (to France) caught fire last week. That means scarcity in clean electricity, and more demand for gas power. Events, dear boy!
Meanwhile, higher than anticipated demand in Asia means gas that's shipped in (LNG) isn't coming to the UK, and Gazprom isn't supplying as much gas to Europe as normal, so storage which could buffer bills is low.

Not a good situation, but as Douglas Adams would say, DON'T PANIC!
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