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yet another hit piece against a certain candidate.
"In a rant on MSNBC that went viral on Tuesday evening, the longtime Democratic strategist vented his concerns about the party’s prospects for beating Donald Trump, taking particular aim at the party’s leftward lurch."
"We have candidates on the debate stage talking about open borders and decriminalizing illegal immigration. They’re talking about doing away with nuclear energy and fracking. You’ve got Bernie Sanders talking about letting criminals and terrorists vote from jail cells.
It doesn’t matter what you think about any of that, or if there are good arguments — talking about that is not how you win a national election. It’s not how you become a majoritarian party."
"For fuck’s sake, we’ve got Trump at Davos talking about cutting Medicare and no one in
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I deleted my previous tweet because a friend explained to me that those worksheets were done correctly, even though they look like rounding errors. Under this I'm going to post photos from the official booklet explaining the caucus math. #iacaucus
The issue in these precincts relates to extra delegates. If you have allocated delegates (rounding up) and the precinct still has one or more extra delegates to assign, you go to the candidate with the next largest fraction--even if that fraction is less than 0.5. #iacaucus
Video explaining why the rounding was done correctly, even though it looks like an error. Thanks to precinct chair @TanyaKeith and her husband @dougjotzke: #iacaucus
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There are still 464 SDEs left to award in #IACaucus. 145.51 of those are in Polk County, and the lion's share of those are in Des Moines, where Sanders did very well. I don't think Sanders will beat Buttigieg, but I'd be a bit surprised if the gap doesn't narrow.
Another 118.31 SDE's are left to award in six other large counties where Bernie leads (Linn, Story, Black Hawk, Pottawattamie, Woodbury, and Johnson). Again, I doubt he's gain enough in these places to overturn Buttigieg's lead. But he should narrow the gap some.
Finally, there are 60.27 SDE's left in two large Mississippi River counties, Scott and Dubuque, where Buttigieg leads. The precincts left, however, tend to be in the urban areas (Davenport and inner Dubuque) where Sanders has been winning. Don't be surprised if he gains here too.
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So... I was at the call center for Warren, which means we received the called-in results from precincts as they rolled in. I’m not going to go into any specifics, as it is not my place, but a few clarifying observations. #IACaucus
First of all, those reporting uniformly positive results for their candidate are doing PR. There was a LOT of variability. This includes, as far as I can tell, variability in success at final realignment.
I appreciate that people got a gut feeling on the ground at their specific caucus site, but they weren’t connecting with people at the gazillion other sites.
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Just want to clarify something:

These results are accurate and I believe when we get the results to the #IACaucus they will be *accurate*.

Every person in the room saw every stage, agreed to the accuracy of every count, and there's a paper trail for every person's choices. 1/
The technical difficulties reporting the results of the #IACaucus has just caused a delay, but eventually we will find out the results.

The real problems with the #IACaucus started before we got in the room.

Iowa is a 90% white state. 2/…
The #IACaucus is unrepresentative.

The Democratic Party is over 50% people of color, but to even THINK about running for president you need to make a case you can do well in Iowa, which is 90% white (and then New Hampshire, which is even whiter).

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i once worked @ a dead startup that offered "advanced analytics" for competing biz. i'd bet we played the same game as @ShadowIncHQ & #IowaCaucuses.

if they offer "real data insights" and can't code for shit? it's almost certainly the case.

here's how the grift works! 1/?
1) build a service that SUCKS IN data. in our case, it was website analytics, in an industry where yours and your competition's websites all look the same. elections? two vectors: INTERNAL (official election staff) and EXTERNAL (campaign private access)

2) make customers need you! we had desperate sales chuds begging us to help them pad their quarterly performance. in an election? what candidate is not desperate to win? captive audience with a simple ultimatum: feed us data and we can help you win.

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This headline says it all... “It’s a Total Meltdown...”

#IACaucus the first primary of the 2020 Election has resulted in only one winner:

Donald Trump (R)

As for the Democrats... we may find out tomorrow... or Wednesday ... or next month. Again no one really knows
These two paragraphs sum up the #IowaChaos nicely on the Democrat side of the Caucuses.

Particularly paragraph 2. This bungle seems to help Biden who was polling badly having trouble getting 15% and now has potentially derailed Bernie Sanders chances somehow. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Biden’s campaign legal team sent a scathing letter demanding answers from the Iowa Democratic Committee, essentially declaring the whole thing a travesty of justice (or something similar... it’s Joe, so, ya know...)
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Okay I feel the need to tweet this thread out to document what happened at my caucus site in case of "inconsistencies" and why the Iowa Caucus is so terrible. #IACaucus
First, my caucus location was at Lincoln High School "Roundhouse B" - I showed up at 5:30pm with my partner and entered the HS at the south side of the building. I saw a poster with "What's your caucus location?" and the url to find out.
They were not signing people in yet. "Not until 6pm." We stood to the side and waited. There was no sign about what precinct this was, but I assumed there were multiple sites at Lincoln and this was kind of a funnel to the different precincts.
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The Iowa Democrat party admitted there was a delay because of “quality control.” Earlier in the day, precinct chairs reported some issues with downloading the new result reporting app ahead of the caucuses #dumpsterfire…
Iowa Democratic caucus results are plunged into crisis as party says it has found 'INCONSISTENCIES' and will have to use paper ballots in panicked statement saying it has NOT been hacked

“Something is clearly off from the plan that the Iowa Democratic Party had at the start of the night. They did not expect to have no vote reporting at 10:30 Eastern at night. That is dramatically later than we’ve seen the past”…
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1- Six months ago the Democrats were scoring points on healthcare, immigration, & income disparity.

Then Adam Schiff & the “Whistleblower” cake along.

2- Since August, there has been no unified Democrat message beyond “Ukraine!” + some flavor of “Orange Man Bad”.
3- A rigged Impeachment never fooled a majority of the country, & Trump surged as result.

Trump’s surge in turn caused the Democrats to obsess over “electability” of their POTUS candidates.
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So the operative word of the night for #IACaucus is "disaster." Will wait to see if it turns into full-blown "unmitigated disaster." Popping popcorn. /1
3/ #IowaCaucusDisaster - or something stronger than that. Your mileage may vary.
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The problem isn't that the Iowa caucus is non-diverse, and has a bizarre format, and tells us little about who will be the nominee.

The problem is the media tries to convince us that the random results of this Iowa gymnasium food fight are important.

The real reason the South Carolina primary tells us who’s really going to be the Democratic nominee…
Nancy Pelosi and the House reveal how they’re going to fight back against the sham acquittal vote…
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I am the caucus secretary for Story County Precinct 1-1. I've been on hold for over an hour to report the results. We have 6 delegates

First Alignment
@BernieSanders - 111
@ewarren - 82
@PeteButtigieg - 47

Sanders - 2
Warren - 2
Buttigieg 2

Here's how it happened 1/
@BernieSanders @ewarren @PeteButtigieg We had 285 total people in our caucus and a 15% viability threshold, which meant you needed at least 43 people to be viable after the first round.
@BernieSanders @ewarren @PeteButtigieg People were already gathered in their assigned areas, and it was pretty clear who was viable and who wasn't. Biden had fewer than 30 people and Pete had right around the 45 or so. Even before we got a count on the first alignment, the Biden people bailed and went to Pete or Amy.
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The Iowa caucus is the equivalent of asking presidential candidates to run through a cornfield while blindfolded, then deciding the winner based on which candidate's maze-running style is the most appealing to a handful of rural white people.

#IowaCaucuses #IACaucus
Nancy Pelosi and the House reveal how they’re going to fight back against the sham acquittal vote…
Donald Trump’s sham acquittal is already blowing up in Senate Republicans’ faces…
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As polls show that @BernieSanders may have a strong win in actual IA votes, the move is on to water it down with "new" ideas to count results such as looking at delegate count. BTW, Biden is now at 25% in the latest SC poll. He was never this low there in all of 2019.
If Bernie holds or outperforms in IA, he will have a strong win in NH (Feb 11) where he has now a strong lead. At that point, he increases his share in NV (Feb 22) to catch or pass Biden who will likely also continue to deflate in SC (Feb 29) from his once-strong position in the
polls. Latest (Courier) poll has gotten little attention but Biden's lead in SC is down to 5 points (but it's just one poll). I am not making predictions at this point about the Dem race. I am only summarizing where things stand per the polls now 20 hours before the #IACaucus.
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@BethLynch2020 @bourgeoisalien
@SilERabbit @jvgraz
If you were looking for the @politico
hit piece against #BernieSanders today, here it is. In their standard journalistic malpractice, they fail to mention that Brenda Kole is former Hillary for America.…
Brenda Kole worked for Hillary Clinton, but no mention of it in that article. Other quotes come from Biden's campaign, which is noted, but there is a quite from some campaign that request anonymity. 🤔 Sounds like 2016 planted stories, but who could it be?
This thread 👇👇👇 suggests what campaign might be the one behind this shite article of conjecture to paint Sanders as divisive for even caucus results.

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If Dems nominate Bernie, which definition will you argue for 9 months?
1) “Avocating government ownership of the means of production & distribution of goods”
2) Marx; “The stage following capitalism in the transition of society to communism”
#IACaucus #NeverBernie
Why would Dems nominate a candidate dumb enough to embrace a negative label?? Does Trump say ”Yes, I’m Fascist?”

NBC/WSJ poll, 2/2/2020:
Capitalism: 52% positive, 18% negative (+34)
Socialism: 19% positive, 53% negative (-34)…
.#IACaucus #NeverBernie
Notice how the GOP is not showing you these (yet). Instead they attack Biden. Why??

“As a Socialist, I want to see a radical redistribution of wealth & power in this country.”
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Hey #TeamPete! I went to IA and I'd like to share my thoughts w/ you. First, you should know I've NEVER volunteered for a campaign before. I've never texted complete strangers, called complete strangers, and knocking on complete strangers' doors is possibly my worst nightmare 1/
...until now. I'm so inspired by @PeteButtigieg and #TeamPete that I went to #IA on the spur of the moment with a near stranger I'd only just met! @melissagrizzle! And she's awesome! Turns out my husband and her brother were colleague friends in KC! 😂 2/
Time out to let you know that @Lis_Smith retweeted this. And I am dead 3/
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!!! Only Buttigieg and Warren are viable. Supporters are being peeled away from the other groups.
Warren supporters attempt to convince Sanders supporters. Almost none have budged. As an unviable group - if they don’t realign, they’re effectively going home.
The Sanders group held out and I don’t think they got any additional supporters. Some Klobuchar folks went to Buttigieg and Warren. I spy one Sanders sign in the Buttigieg corner. Some Yang signs inside Warren camp.
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On the road again. #IACaucus
Spending a little time this evening in southwest Iowa. I love a good town square. #IACaucus
Hearing tonight in Red Oak from @DrBiden on behalf of @JoeBiden.
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Y'all, I'm beyond excited to announce that @NiskanenCenter is sending me to the #IACaucus where I'll bring you live reports from the stump & where I'll join veteran stump reporter @MrWalterShapiro in Des Moines to witness 1st hand the spectacle that is the Democratic Caucus!!!
I am so excited about this opportunity, which I have dreamed about for two decades (I know, I'm SUCH a nerd) and to be able to join a Caucus-expert like Walter for the Caucus is such an honor. I'll be in IA starting Sunday night, and will cross the state during that time
via a series of campaign events. If you will also be there and can offer to help facilitate any interviews, or meetings, w organizers, party dignitaries, candidates, key staffers, or anything you think I should check out or you'd be willing to assist me w I would be SO grateful.
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A #TeamPeteThread: I first heard of @PeteButtigieg as I was sitting on my sofa on a cold Arch night in MN and tuned into @CNN. I was immediately intrigued on the idea of restoring the values of freedom, security & democracy. So I donated! #PeteForAmerica #WinTheEra
I sat on that same couch in April to watch @PeteButtigieg officially announce his candidacy for the @TheDemocrats nomination for POTUS. #TeamPete #PeteForAmerica #PeteForPresident #WinTheEra
Then in May I got the privilege of hearing @PeteButtigieg speak @FineLineMPLS about waking up the next day to see 2 men on the cover of @TIME w/ the title “First Family”. We even chatted for a couple minutes. BTW, all of this was in thanks to two generous #TeamPete folks.
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Nice to be back at @DrakeUniversity even just for the evening for this Julián Castro event. Four years ago I spent my 6 months in Iowa at Drake and really enjoyed my time here. #iacaucus
Setup for the Castro forum tonight at Drake in Des Moines. About 45 minutes until listed 6pm start time. #iacaucus
Just under 100 chairs set up here for Julian Castro. People drifting in. #IACaucus
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