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@richardursomd not had time to look through this thoroughly but it doesn't pass the sniff test.


Immediately publication in the corrupted @NEJM raises red flags.

A previously hardly published (first) author suddenly has a 55 hospital collaboration? Unlikely
The author is an intensivist in Brazil, so is seeing patients on ICU. Hardly "mild" cases.

Yes, perhaps he managed to get the 55 hospitals to recruit to his study in the mild phase but they are still hospitalised patients. In Brazil.

This is a public hospital in Brazil.
Now, don't get me wrong. Brazil has some great doctors and hospitals, but it requires a lot of organisation to get 55 hospitals to collaborate to a high quality study. A lot.

Anyway, back to the study.
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David Boulware's @NEJM dataset has been released and it's an interesting read.

All the criticisms that were made of the paper remain valid, and confirm that the study was intended not to see a benefit of #hydroxychloroquine

As noted by commentators, #hydroxychloroquine showed a reduction in symptom rate from 18% to 10% (p=0.1) when used early (1-2 days of exposure), but the study is underpowered to show anything of statistical significance.

It was stopped early and should never....
...have been published in its current form in a supposedly reputable journal such as the @NEJM

Only 20 respondents claimed to have tested positive during the study period which should be celebrated as an unbelievably low rate of transmission BUT...
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#LancetGate @jpkiekens @niro60487270

The NIH has just shut down its multicenter RCT of HCQ/AZM in early stage COVID-19 outpatients, due to anemic enrollment. After over a month, only 20 subjects had enrolled, whereas the target enrollment was 2,000.…
2/A poor effort at patient outreach may have contributed to this outcome, as well as US incompetence with respect to rapid testing of symptomatic subjects. But the likely main factor: Our media and "medical experts" have convinced most Americans that HCQ is toxic and useless.
3/Case series in Marseilles, New York, and Sao Paolo reported only 29 deaths in 3,871 patients given this regimen - a case-fatality rate of only 0.7%. (Zelenko in NY, who added zinc, had a CFR under 0.2%.) By comparison, CFR is 4% in Germany, which tests extensively.
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👨‍⚕️ Bonjour, vous faites erreur, La Science marche par la preuve, la science c’est la méthode !

🧑🏻...euh oui bien sûr mais vous voulez dire quelles méthodes exactement ? Et avec quelles limites ? C’est vraiment tout le temps la panacée, les doubles aveu-...
👨‍⚕️ La science c’est la méthode, sinon c’est l’opinion, regardez Raoult, c’est juste une intuition haha

🧑🏻Mais il ne l’a jamais présentée ainsi ! En fait, il...
👨‍⚕️La science c’est la preuve, peut-être qu’il ne revendique pas l’intuition mais ça revient au même, c’est de l’intuition, pas de preuve, pas de science, pas de méthode, pas de palais
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15/06 > #Coronavirus : le #LancetGate révèle des failles de l’édition scientifique via @lemondefr #LaMethSci
.@PierreCorvol > #LancetGate : il s'agit d'une étude rétrospective à partir de données massives en fait. On a des données issues d'hôpitaux dont on a aucune indication sur l’acceptation des malades sur l'utilisation de ses données et c'est intolérable #LaMethSci
3/06 > #Chloroquine : la revue #TheLancet met en doute le sérieux de l'étude qu'elle a publiée via @franceinfo #LaMethSci
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[#BercoffSudRadio12h14h ] @andrebercoff
- #Farida: La dictature de l'image et de l'Ă©motion
- #CovidPapers: enquĂŞte de @france_soir, avec @xazalbert
-Invité: François Artog, Historien, a préfacé le livre de Livre de Georges DUBY “Sur les traces de nos peurs”@EditionsTextuel
[#BercoffSudRadio12h14h ] "#LancetGate: Une enquête de 87 000 personnes est apparue de nulle part: aucune annonce n'avait été faite à l'avance"@xazalbert de @france_soir @andrebercoff #CovidPapers
[#BercoffSudRadio12h14h ] "Les termes ont changé, mais pendant la peste, on se confinait déjà "François ARTOG Historien, a préfacé “An 1000, An 2000, sur les traces de nos peurs” de G Duby, @editionTextuel @andrebercoff
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The @NEJM Boulware paper that came out just after #lancetgate was raising red flags everywhere.

I think the data is real, but the study was designed to fail and everything possible done to ensure it did.…
The first red flag on this paper is the conflict of interests of @boulware_dr

Declared and undeclared.

He declared chinese community association affiliations. That's bizarre, he doesn't seem to be Chinese

Why Chinese business associations in a medical paper?
Then the *undeclared* affiliations. Why weren't these disclosed David?

Surely having associations with Gilead (makers of remdesivir) and Revive - another pharma company - would be worth declaring, no?…
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The #Recovery trial, financed by the BILL GATES FOUNDATION, shortcuts its results (planned in June) to say #hydroxychloroquine does not work. It compares Ritonavir, Tocilizumab, corticosteroids, plasma but they ONLY communicate about HCQ, the day after the #LancetGate. Read on..
Link of the protocol below (NOT the full study) The dose of #hydroxychloroquine is HUGE: 1860mg on 1st day, this way more than #Raoult / #Zelenko protocol.
Good news: this time, NO claims that HCQ kills people. (we see you, fake #Lancet study) #COVID19…
The #Recovery trial protocol does not give full numbers, nor does it explain the stage of illness of the patients. But since they announce a percentage of deaths in the control group of 25%, the patients must have been in a severe stage. Another study on patients almost dying?
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presuming you are correct (and i dispute this sentiment), then what's the point of peer review & how are we to take it seriously?

how are we to trust the studies published in journals when not even the authors, much less the reviewers, have seen the data?

shall we not even try?
i think venk is mistaking what is done with what ought to be done.

to be sure, current peer review makes almost no effort to find fraud. hell, much of it might legitimately be called fraud itself.

but this hardly means that it should not seek to identify such things
and what are we to make of journals who allege to be the presenters "good" science if they make no effort to even determine if this science is based on real facts and not a biotechnological piltdown man?

what good are they? what is the point?

is "the lancet" a medical tabloid?
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Both the #Lancetgate paper and the NEJM paper retracted. So what are the consequences for those who perpetrated and propagated what seems to be major scientific fraud in the midst of the worst global health crisis of the last century? Unfortunately, probably nothing 1/8
That’s an indication from @richardhorton1 about the approach the Lancet will be taking, and my Twitter feed is full of threads suggesting that the retractions are an indication of a functional system, or even that the authors should be “commended” on their retraction 2/8
I agree fully with @richardhorton1 that lessons need to be learnt, and look forward to seeing a transparent explanation from @TheLancet and @NEJM about why their editorial and peer review process failed so profoundly in this instance (and a bit of contrition would be nice) 3/8
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WHO halted hydroxychloroquine trials after a Lancet study proved it dangerous. Turns out the authors falsified data to smear the drug. (Thread) 1/7…
The data was provided by Surgisphere, a company founded by Sapan Desai, one of the study's authors. Surgisphere employs only 2 other people: a sci-fi writer & an adult entertainer. 2/7
Two of the authors, Mandeep Mehra & Frank Ruschitzka, have prior relationships w Gilead Sciences, creator of Remdesivir. A third author, Amit Patel, is working w Merck to promote ivermectin as a COVID-19 treatment. 3/7…
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Se armĂł un lindo quilombo titulado #LancetGate en torno al tratamiento de la hidroxicloroquina en pacientes con coronavirus, que involucra a diferentes gobiernos, la @WHO, @US_FDA, @TheLancet, @NEJM y otros reconocidos divulgadores de la medicina.

Paso a explicar.

El 22 de mayo @TheLancet sacĂł a la luz un artĂ­culo que indicaba que las personas que tomaban hidroxicloroquina supuestamente tenĂ­an un mayor riesgo de muerte y problemas cardĂ­acos que los que no lo hacĂ­an.…
Esto llevó a que la semana pasada, el director de la OMS, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, decidiera detener los ensayos del tan controvertido fármaco en institutos de investigación de todo el mundo.…
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Reminder that the Lancet published the sole study that claimed glyphosate (Roundup) causes cancer. The paper was produced by anti-glyphosate activists at IARC, WHOs cancer agency.
“Two of the world’s leading medical journals-the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine-published studies based on Surgisphere data. The Lancet released an expression of concern about its published study. New England Journal of Medicine has also issued a similar notice.”
It’s legitimately impossible to track the lies and deception related to coronavirus crisis.…
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What does "science-based" mean to you?

Ethical conduct of research requires "equipoise", which means there is genuine uncertainty between the options studied. There is simply no good data on #hydroxychloroquine and its use as prevention or treatment of mild #COVID19.
The exisiting observational studies of hospitalized patients not only tell us nothing about prevention/mild disease, but now are plagued w/ allegations of data fabrication #LancetGate. A well-designed, randomized controlled trial IS the most "science-based" option right now.
Myself & my co-investigators @TulaneMedicine @TulaneSPHTM @UW have been trying to answer these unknowns about hydroxychloroquine #HCQ in a scientifically sound, safe, ethical way, but have been receiving online abuse for our efforts, and this needs to STOP.
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Thread about #HCQ & #COVID19, highlighting biases in medicine & media. @niro60487270 @JamesTodaroMD

This 65 year-old drug, which has been prescribed safely hundreds of millions of times, has been reduced to media villain over the span of a few short weeks. Here's how:👇
To say that this drug has been politicized has been an understatement. It's been an embarrassment. A permanent stain to whatever last remnants of objectivity had remained in medical science and media. Let's look at the hypocrisies: 👇…
A trove of data supporting the efficacy & safety of #HCQ for #COVID19 has been curated by @JamesTodaroMD, but that hasn't stopped the media from running with "results" from two poorly designed retrospective data reviews. Problems are summarized here:👇
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Looks like #lancetgate has just turned into #nejm_lancet gate. The @NEJM publication is linked here.…
Supplementary appendix is here:…

Key to this is this supplementary table, which is not included in the @TheLancet publication. There is greater granularity included here, which is very important. Image
Here is a table of cases on March 15th and Deaths on March 20th. I estimated a 25% hospitalization rate, which is what NYC reports (It doesn't really matter). As you can see this is not compatible with any reality. Image
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The more I read the #Lancetgate #hydroxychloroquine study the more implausible any of it seems ~40% of ALL African #COVID19 deaths captured in a comprehensive electronic hospital database and cared for in beds with cardiac monitoring. No ethical approvals needed. Really? 1/15
I know there has been extensive comment on the paper, but as someone who has worked with a lot of routine hospital data in African settings I wanted to make a few specific comments. Link to the paper here…
Here is Table S3; 4402 hospitalised patients from Africa and 437 deaths. They say they censored cases on 14th April and deaths on 21st, at which points there had been a TOTAL of 15291 #COVID19 cases (in- and out-patients) and 1155 deaths on the entire continent 3/15
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Signori, noi non ci dobbiamo far mancare nulla!
Abbiamo un #LancetGate!

La SURGISPHERE Corporation, che dice di aver ottenuto i dati sulla rischiosità dell'Idrossiclorochina dagli ospedali COVID, è stata POSTA IN LIQUIDAZIONE nel settembre del 2015
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To understand this tweet and the stories you will read in the coming weeks, understand that a big pharma company stands to gain billions of dollars from showing that its patented drug is better at treating coronavirus.
"The data relied upon by researchers to draw their conclusions in the Lancet is not readily available in Australian clinical databases, leading many to ask where it came from."
You can't even begin to unravel the threads

(h/t @ramprasad_c )
First - dig into undeclared conflicts of interest.
"The experts who wrote The Lancet also criticized the study’s methodology and the authors’ refusal to identify any of the hospitals that contributed patient data, or to name the countries"
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