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Earlier today, we posted a thread of what happened after Michael Gove announced plans to open up the National Pupil Database for commercial re-use ten years ago on November 6th, 2012
But let’s also remember what happened before then, starting in 2002. 1/10
Twenty years ago the then Lab. government decided to add names to create pupil-level records for the first time in the formerly aggregated school-level census (as still mostly done in private schools).… Terri Dowty was on the ball from the start. 2/10
Many could foresee the surveillance it would become, while (2002) DfE staff said, “The data would be stored securely, no data would be copied to other organisations without a clear need and data would not be used for marketing purposes or sold to private companies”. 3/10
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Week 2 Alex Jones Sandy Hook trial about to start watch here:

Alex is my ex & fraudulently sued me for almost a decade.

Unlawfully imposed court seal & Alex & his attorneys' defamation on infowars continues to cause me to be defamed, insulted & harassed
As we wait for today's Sandy Hook Alex Jones hearing to commence, I ask you to contemplate this tweet and to research the pervasive injustices that infect our nation's family court:

3/Today I woke to targeted "bitter ex" harassment (by who??) for speaking out about the fraud, crimes, & injustices that denied my kids a mom to protect Alex Jones' sketch control of Infowars, while taking my kids for my Free Speech/coercing my silence.

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so no one is going to like my take on this,
& I hope to share more officially with an article

But people are being a little misled here… #chronicpain #opioids #westvirginia #drugs #opioidcrisis
reason we're seeing opioids lawsuits being overturned is not about the validity of what the companies have done but how they've been sought after by AG's & litigators

TDLR: Public Nuisance lawsuits are IMO garbage that works by intimidation & not merit…
Public Nuisance lawsuits mean plaintiffs don't have to prove intent or specific ways that the defendants' actions led to damages

good scare tactics for an issue w/ lots of public feeling & can push judges & juries to do things they might otherwise not
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As the Bill of Rights is due to be published, a piece I wrote when the latest #HRA review was announced.

“The championing of parliamentary control sits uncomfortably alongside this government’s consistent attempts to bypass scrutiny and accountability…”…
A reminder that the govt effectively ignored the IHRAR, the previously commissioned independent review of the #HumanRightsAct, which made clear there was no proper basis for the narrative that judges are out of control, nor that groundless human rights claims are proliferating.
Govt didn’t much like those conclusions & commissioned a new consultation for a Bill of Rights last December.

Some 12,483 individual responses were received in response to the consultation which ended on 7 March. They have not been published by the MoJ. h/t @BIHRhumanrights.
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Here's my latest for the Happy Warrior:

The Dark Age of YouTube. Youtuber Act Man Has Channel Nuked for Embarrassing YouTube and Defending Creators… @TheActMan_YT #JusticeForActMan #youtube @TheQuartering @YellowFlashGuy @BleedingFool @BoundingComics #nerd
I swan dive #JusticeForActMan story,
covering from April til now,

Interviewed @TheActMan_YT & researched,
Going through as much material as I could @nickgillespie @CathyYoung63 @emzanotti @ZubyMusic @libbyemmons @LibertarianBlue
YouTuber Act Man made a video about Quantum TV ne'er-do-well & copyright infringement troll that had among other things threatened his mom

& instead of acting,
YouTube nuked @TheActMan_YT channel instead
@Nerdrotics @neontaster @BlueBoxDave @stillgray
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1/ Alex Jones is my ex-husband. For almost a decade, I have begged Federal & State law enforcement to investigate the white collar crime, fraud, civil rights violations & official oppression that irreparably injured my kids’ live in void, hidden divorce litigation…
2/This week I’ll be posting legal filings in fraudulent, unlawfully sealed hearings in Travis Co. D-1-15-FM-15-005030: TX Judges hid Alex Jones’ behavior from America, & I defrauded of assets I would’ve shut down, incl infowars. The Court took my kids for opposing infowars
3/Make no mistake: Alex Jones was assisted by unethical lawyers who engaged in true, evident, serious crimes, Texas judges assisted by letting him sue me endlessly, rendering true, unconstitutional, void Color of law rulings. Falsified & fabricated evidence, expert kickbacks
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Record Numbers of Americans Dying of Overdoses. Instead of Justice, We Get Theater👨‍⚖️

"Whole thing is kabuki theater, It ought to be about money" said Ausness. "About who pays what & instead they want to make Sacklers listen to people complain about them"…
Guggenheim joined several other museums last week w/an announcement they are removing the Sackler nameplate from their arts center,

Once again victims are being offered busy work as though it were meaningful reform.
#opioids #medtwitter #sacklers #HarmReduction @praddenkeefe
We are in the midst of the opioid crisis, an addiction & overdose crisis fed by the ubiquity of illicit & deadly fentanyl in the black market,

over 108k people died from an opioid overdose in 2021,… #opioids #addiction #news #twitter #CrimesAgainstHumanity
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The Satanic Temple is dipping back into the well by doing abortion fundraising off of Texas again.

But TST's latest cash-grab email points to two big problems: the Temple's continued legal incompetence and their lack of financial transparency
🧵 on the offensive fundraiser but it has three arrows logos ov
First of all, wow, The Satanic Temple has a lot of active legal cases, and it is very difficult to keep track of the ones they don't announce and don't do in federal court.

This was the *third* case TST filed in just February 2022, making 8.5 going on currently.

Which is a lot.
To review, on Feb. 16, 2022, The Satanic Temple filed their bonkers lawsuit against @Newsweek and reporter @JuliaDuin claiming—for once—not to be famous but rather a "private figure" (also that stating our legal costs defamed TST)…

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Louisa Westropp (born 1858), following a marriage characterised by constant domestic violence, sued her husband for divorce on the grounds of cruelty. Before Irish independence, cruelty was, in theory, legal grounds for divorce.....
#IrishWomenInHistory #NollaigNamBan
..... but men were considered to have the right to physically 'chastise' their wives, as women at that time had few rights (including the right to custody of their own children) cruelty was almost never cited in #divorce proceedings.
#IrishWomenInHistory #NollaigNamBan
It was the first time an #Irish #woman sued her husband for divorce on grounds of cruelty, and it set a legal precedent. Terrible as things were for Louisa, they were much worse for women from less wealthy backgrounds.
#IrishWomenInHistory #NollaigNamBan #LegalTwitter
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Ohio Supreme Court is underway - arguments are remote and not in the courtroom. The Congressional map case is the only one on the docket today.
Lawsuits have been filed over the map, which takes Ohio from 16 districts to 15, by the League of Women Voters of Ohio and the National Redistricting Action Fund.
Ben Stafford from the election law firm set up by @marceelias is presenting first. Says Ohio General Assembly "thumbed its nose" at reforms voters approved overwhelmingly in 2018 in passing a map that dramatically favors Republicans when 46% of Ohioans voted for Democrats.
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@RonToye @vicmignogna Hi @rontoye & @Lupinfan83 & whoever else might be interested,

Considering most of this is like 2 or 3 years ago my memory isn't perfect, but as far as i can recall & look at what stories are still around on the topic...

@RonToye @vicmignogna @Lupinfan83 It is true many of the original stories, especially those carried by the media like @AnimeNewsNet have been deleted or were asked to be taken down

This is a reference to such:…
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A court if law has ordered me not to post anything on social media that would “embarrass” Alex Jones.

Might this unconstitutional content-based prior restraint injunction against me also infringe on Twitter’s 1st Amendment/ protections/privileges?

#legaltwitter? 👇
Question simplified:

Can the court of impose terms of service (“TOS”) on a private corporation that has its own TOS?


1)Twitter’s terms TOS do not incl the vague, unconstitutional bars on my #FreeSpeech imposed by the court.

2) Corporations’ protections seem to apply.
Another Question:

Does alerting the public that Alex Jones has unconstitutionally infringed on my #FreeSpeech by having non-considered orders entered in secrecy & under seal “embarrass” him?
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Hey #legaltwitter, discovery question I need help with for some disturbing things I’m researching:

1) if a defendant (criminal case) represents himself, can he disclose discovery to other parties?

2) do discovery disclosure rules differ in criminal appeals?
Discovery question is related to something I across recently:

[Redacted], white supremacists serving as their own criminal defense attorneys, turned over boxes of photocopied discovery from their trials to Tom Metzger.
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#LegalTwitter seems... unimpressed at the appointment of the new Lord Chancellor:

And those with an appreciation of the complex moving parts are raising eyebrows at this particular 'change of horses mid-stream':

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Had a GOOD conversation with @AskGregory and its lead me to believe that there is opportunity for a service may not like that of @khayadlanga who did have good intentions but one that accomplishes the following:

1. Provides info on court rules & processes
2. Provides legal templates for court pleadings, applications & notices

3. Creates a platform for debate of cases between qualified attorneys, professors & students/citizens

4. Provides sponsoring of printing& sheriffs fees for those who cannot afford it.
5. Offers basic info on the insurmountable amount of legal entities, ombudsman & legal associations in South Africa as well as their purpose & jurisdiction

6. Provide a service to check the registration of suspected fraudulent attorneys.
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Conspiracy theory circles have floated a new claim, under which a whistleblower has provided data of lots of deaths from #covid19 #vaccines. I have the complaint and the affidavit. It's Kraken-level. Both unconvincing and misleading. 1/n
As might be of interest to #legaltwitter, the alleged information is an affidavit filed as part of the request for preliminary injunction in a lawsuit in which the conspiracy theory organization, America's Frontline Doctors, filed a TRO request before making any claim. 2/n
The data appears to be a speculative calculation based on VAERS reports by an anonymous Jane Doe that describes herself as a "computer programmer with subject matter expertise in the healthcare data analytics field.." with access to Medicaid data. 3/n
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I need to find a lawsuit filed by Gregory Withrow vs. ADL, SPLC, and a host of other [unknown to me] parties in either 2000 or 2001 - related to CA hate crimes laws.

Those are all the details I have, I'm clueless, and I can't find it anywhere. Can anyone help?

Case located thanks to @Puntchy - it turns out that the case file, however, was destroyed May 11, 2007.

Quick note below on why that news is supeeeeer unfortunate for those concerned about white supremacist infiltration and political violence.
@Puntchy Withrow joined the KKK at 14, founded the White Student Union in 1979, and later became a Tom Metzger acolyte & W.A.R. associate.

He suddenly renounced racism in 1987, after which Sacramento skinheads supposedly 'crucified' him in a revenge attack.

[Yes, there's more.]
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*That* Gove article shows exactly what has been wrong with the Brexit project since 2016.

It doesn’t offer truths or even perspective. It only offers dishonesty or misrepresentation. Coming as it does from the heart of this govt, the damage is more fatal than “ugly politics”.
For all the breathless reporting of the #BrexitDeal in Britain, as ever with this sorry saga, outside eyes are often the clearest.

This analysis in the @nytimes is a better starting point than so much of what passes for reporting here.…
For example:

“Britain’s services sector — encompassing not only London’s powerful financial industry, but also lawyers, architects, consultants and others — was largely left out of the 1,246-page deal, despite the sector accounting for 80 percent of British economic activity.”
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Problem ze Zbigniewem Ziobrą polega na jego niepohamowanej żądzy czynienia dobra. Oraz na tym, że zamiast jak Zoltan Chivay, ograniczyć ją do siebie i swego bezpośredniego otoczenia, dąży on do tego, aby uszczęśliwić wszystkich. Za wszelką cenę. Zapraszam na wąteczek 👇
2gą ważną obok Sapkowskiego książką, której nie przeczytał Zizou jest Summa Theologiae św. Tomasza. Dowiedziałby się z niej, że dobro jest bytem i może być pomnażane, zło zaś - jest jedynie brakiem dobra. Tymczasem Zbigniew tkwi w fundamentalnym błędzie, wierząc że jest odwrotnie
... że to zło jest bytem, a dobro polega po prostu na tym, aby zwalczać zło; gdy usuniemy całe zło, pozostanie tylko dobro. To typowy sposób myślenia rewolucjonistów, którzy jak wiadomo do niczego dobrego w ten sposób nie doprowadzili.
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@TravisSowards @OpenAcademics Hi, I've been a writing instructor at university and graduate level (that's my credential for "good writer", take it with a grain of salt). Here are my suggestions:

1. Don't read academic papers for "good writing". Academic papers are often crap in terms of writing quality. 1/n
@TravisSowards @OpenAcademics A lot of scientists are lazy in the sense that they think good science can overcome bad writing. It does not.

2. Read GOOD writing everyday. There's a certain cadence to good prose. Stuff like @TheNewYorker, which is vetted for writing quality. 2/n
@TravisSowards @OpenAcademics @thenewyorker 3. Understand that an academic paper is NOT EXPOSITORY. It's argumentative. You are trying to convince the readers that your theory is correct.

4. From #3, realise that argumentative writing requires certain components which academic papers often miss. 3/n
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I’ve been sitting on this for a while now, wondering whether to bring it up, concerned that it might open up a hostile debate around family court proceedings that, frankly, nobody needs.

I really hope that any unhelpful comments can be avoided. Here goes.....
Lawyers, could I ask that if you are contacted by a LiP needing advice about child contact arrangements and they are talking about #domesticabuse, that you do not:

a) sigh
b) eye roll
c) tell that person to use their common sense.

Here’s why:
The chances are that person will be scared, distressed, confused & struggling with navigating terrain not designed for lay people

It doesn’t matter if it’s a woman or man
Whether you believe there was #domesticabuse or not.

The reactions are demeaning,dismissive & not necessary
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Help please, #TaxTwitter and #LegalTwitter. Deeply technical question on Job Retention Scheme (JRS) and State Aid coming up.
Employers with NIC bills of less than £100,000 (ie most small companies) can claim Employment Allowance (EA) . This gives a £4000 reduction in their NIC bill…
From 6 April 2020, EA is classified as de minimis State Aid. There are limits on the amount of de minimis State Aid which can be claimed…
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I'm following #legaltwitter discussion on whether police have overstepped the mark of civil liberty viz ppl walking in national parks in this extraordinary time ... I'm struck by lack of similar discussion over past few years on "Stonewall Law" vs what the GRA & EqA really say
GRA S 22 says you must not disclose information about the sex of a GRC-holder, if you have received it in official capacity (apart from in specific circumstances eg preventing crime)
This does not apply to info about the sex of someone "without* a GRC, nor information obtained outside of these official capacity channels (including by the ordinary means of 👀 and memory).

This is what Lady Hale said in a SC judgment in 2017
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"Allegedly transphobic tweets" thread.

People have been tweeting about my "transphobic tweets" but none have been linking to them. Presumably because those who searched my actual timeline thought 'meh'.

Here are all the tweets that are mentioned in the judgement.
First off, a thread about the government's consultation on the Gender Recognition Act.
Then there was this question, which sparked off quite a big discussion with #developmenttwitter on sex and gender. (about 150 tweets in several threaded conversations)

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