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Are you excited about the future of #AI programming?

Meet Mojo🔥, the new programming language optimized for AI, with a 35,000x performance boost over Python

Created by @Modular_AI , led by the great @clattner_llvm. (Google, Tesla, Apple, Swift)


#Mojo #coding Image
Mojo🔥 is a superset of Python

It provides the usability of one of the world's most popular languages, but with the performance of C & C++.

In fact, Mojo code has demonstrated 30k times speedup over Python!
But Mojo🔥 isn't just about speed.

It's about building a universal platform to tackle the complexity of modern AI & hardware systems.

Mojo's commitment to the Python ecosystem makes it unique among programming languages.
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#Herzl: "It's essential that the sufferinngs of jews become worse." #TaShuVu.
#Brenner: #Nazi-#Zionist economic partnership. ImageImageImage
#Russia's President #Putin: 'Victory in #Ukraine is assured, I have no doubt about it.' | 18 January 2023
- Putin was speaking from his home town of St. #Petersburg in televised remarks.
He is trying to END war that has continued in #Donbas since 2014.… Image
The #HouseBill269 - against #nazi-#zionists.
Bipartisan bill targets anti-Semitic incidents by making them felonies | January 26, 2023
- State lawmakers of both parties are pushing a bill to counter the rising number of anti-Semitic incidents in #Florida.…
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@Juha_Korh2 @oikeusasiamies @RSF_fi @oikeuskansleri @Haavisto @anttikaikkonen @SuomenEduskunta @MarinSanna #ValehtelevatMinisterit.
#WEF -regiimin sepustus sotarikollisjärjestö #NATO'on liittymisestä alkaa törkeällä valheella.
- "Venäjä käynnisti 24. helmikuuta 2022 hyökkäyksen Ukrainaan."
Valehtelu jatkuu ministeriaitiossa @Haavisto… ImageImage
@Juha_Korh2 @oikeusasiamies @RSF_fi @oikeuskansleri @Haavisto @anttikaikkonen @SuomenEduskunta @MarinSanna The conflict in #Ukraine was not opened by #Russia on Feb 24, but by Ukraine a week before.
- The #OSCE #France is a witness to this:
#BULLETINNo27 | MAR 2022
- Il pourrait s’agir de #mercenaires de la #CIA...
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Wich apps can help you produce a documentary on mobile?

Following long used apps + recommendations from @MarcSettle at @MoJoFest + selfsearching, I edit 10 short episodes of #ProyectoSuárez, a documentary series (watch 👇🏻)…

This is how i did it /1
I used at least 17 apps

Most part of the job was made with just two:

@FiLMiCPro for filming on iPhone 7 + iPhone 12pro

#LumaFusion by @LumaTouch to edit 95% of the +30 minutes story Image
I used the other 15 apps for specific purposes

☑️ Effects, transitions
☑️ Intros, outros, posters, graphics

The list 👇🏻

Hype Text
Touch Retouch
Photomyne Image
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I’ve been at @mediaprodshow @mojofest

A handful of ideas pointed:

▶️ By 2030 everyone will wear AR glasses, a real computer

AR is a powerful tool to tell immersive stories

@weareseen_ by @YusufOmarSA and @snap_sumaiya empower people to use it to tell their stories
▶️ A serious story can make a viral video.

TikTok can be a propper platform for important stories.

Don’t address TikTok audience the way journalists tell news in tv

@sophiasgaler @VICEWorldNews
▶️ Working as a one man band, be aware:

🟢 You don’t need to master every role but…
🟢 You need to be ready to wear different hats
🟢Be mindful of your strengths and weakness
🟢keep curious (and keep learning)

@AndyMBurgess @mediaprodshow @mojofestival
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0/Fui a las 🏝#Islas #Galápagos🐢 para una semana

me quede 1️⃣5️⃣ días

Y ahí seguiría, si pudiera 🤿

▶️Esto es lo que vi/viví/escuché y aprendí

Relato ilustrado (con el 📲#mojo) de un #viaje que te mete en una

burbuja de🦎#naturaleza #conservación #sostenibilidad #animales🦈
1/La burbuja crece mientras asciende

estalla al contacto con su objetivo

Desde el fondo del #mar, quien la ha lanzado desafía al bañista

Sube, gira sobre si mismo y vuelve a la carga

Sonríe para la foto. Amaga con tragarse la camara

Después, se va. Ágil y veloz. Como llegó
2/Es la rutina bajo el agua

Te sumerges y aparecen

Te meten en su burbuja. Te sacan de la realidad

Se está bien ahí. El mundo no pesa Image
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#9settembre #Afghanistan ieri in tarda serata il neo-ministro agli interni Serajuddin Haqqani (taglia di 5mil usd sulla sua testa) con la sua prima decisione pubblica ha vietato, di fatto, le manifestazioni di piazza sottoponendole ad una serie di irrealizzabili condizioni.
Tutte le manifestazioni dovranno essere autorizzate dal Ministero alla Giustizia; slogan, tempi e modi dovranno essere comunicati alle autorità di sicurezza (quali? visto che la polizia non esiste più)
con 24 ore di preavviso
Intanto le misteriose identità di personaggi rimasti in clandestinità per 20 anni cominciano, lentamente, a rivelarsi. Questa è la prima foto a circolare del figlio del Mullah Omar, fondatore dei talebani. Il mullah Yaqoob è ora ministro alla Difesa
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Anyone who tells you Mobile Journalism, or Mojo, is a trend hasn’t been paying attention. Today, the majority of technical and financial barriers between you becoming a professional journalist have been largely swept away. What you need is dedication and knowledge. @GlenBMulcahy
Glen Mulcahy, sometimes referred to as the father of Mojo, is ready to share his years of knowledge with you.

Glen is the founder of Mojofest and the former head of innovation with RTÉ, Ireland’s national public broadcaster.

Glen’s been at the forefront of Mojo before it was even called Mojo. If you have a passion for Mobile Journalism, then the LumaFusion for Mobile Journalists course will set you on a path to success.

#LumaFusion #Mojo
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Biden says he agrees Putin is "killer" (Video) | 17.03.21
Biden said Putin would "pay a price" for interfering in U.S. elections.…
Joe Biden says Russian President Vladimir Putin will 'pay a price' for meddling in US election | 1h ago
- Mr Biden said he does not think the Russian leader has a soul, and when asked if he thought Mr Putin was a killer, he told the broadcaster, "I do."…
Biden: Putin will ‘pay a price’ for interfering in 2020 election | 03/17/2021
- Biden declined to elaborate on the consequences Putin would face, saying that “you’ll see shortly.”
- U.S. could “walk and chew gum at the same time”...
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Great to hear @joonlau kicking off 3 days of the @WANIFRA_Asia Digital Media Leaders conference. Huge line-up, about innovation, product development, revenue diversification and more. #journbiz Image
1st #DigitalMediaAsia session: - Joe Kahn (@nycscribe), Managing Editor of @nytimes, in conversation with @garyliu of @SCMPNews - two giants of digital innovation and revenue diversification. As Liu says, online events supports global knowledge sharing like this. #journbiz
.@nycscribe says 2020 upheavals have driven engagement "beyond what we had witnessed in the past. And we were in a good position to harvest some of this because we've had some years of focusing on digital engagement." (See more:…) #DigitalMediaAsia)
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During #lockdown I used @lumatouch to edit on my #iPad 15 to 25 minutes stories each week for @asturiassemanal, a @RTPAOficial #TV show

This was the workflow we designed overnight to work from home.

A workflow we partly keep in case we need it again in the second #covid19 wave
At work, I used to edit on a PC with @Adobe Premier: an average of a 35’ to 40’ minutes story each 3-4 weeks.

We changed to focus on #covid19

At home I had an iPad Pro 9’7’’ 256 Gg with @lumatouch

I use it 6 weeks until I updated to an iPad Pro 12,9’’ 1 Th to gain capacity
The raw material changed also.

Apart from .MXF files filmed by my colleague with a #Sony FS7M2, we received files shot by our audience (as seen on the pic) with our guidance or by ourselves with the phone (.mp4 and .mov), GOPRO or whatever.
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Imam Ahmed/Gragn

This is a very short biography of Imam Ahmed bin Ibrahim Algazi /Ahmed Gragn by the well known history professor Lapiso G Delebo.

Enjoy #Ethiopia #Islam #Muslim

What’s his name and why do people call him Gragn?
Who Imam Ahmed really is? Where’s he from? Was he #Ethiopian ?
#Shewa #Harla #Somali #Ottoman #ShowaSultanate #IfatSultanate #WalashmaDynasty #AdalSultanate
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Online learning cannot replace the social aspects of going to university. But creative TV production techniques can bring learning to life and to many more people.… Image
As @viewmagazine demonstrates here, some care with "dressing the set" can make a live or recorded lecture much more visually rich and appealing:
Simple audio and editing can tidy up a recorded webinar, sharpen up the graphics and deliver the content in appropriate, consumable chunks:…
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@INCIndia, #Communists, Liberals, Intellectuals, Church groups and Islamists are trending National Unemployment Day on PM @narendramodi's birthday. The media aligned with the Ecosystem is playing it up. But we cannot fault them.
(1/N) Image
Unemployment definitely has hit the Ecosystem hard, real hard.

The Bollywood Intellectuals aren't getting whopping subsidies for their Anti-India movies anymore. How can they produce more such movies ?
@ndtv, @IndiaToday, @aajtak have been dethroned from top of BARC ratings by @republic and @TimesNow. With BARCing rights gone, what will those people do ?

From fixing Ministerial berths to #MoJo, the Radia-ting journalists have come closer to eradication. Won't it hurt ?
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[THREAD] Here is a tech breakdown of how I made this piece for BBC News as a digital reporter on a solo deployment, for those interested, using mainly smartphone and some gadgets... #mojo #tech
[2] I cycled in to central #London to record this piece, all the kit fitted in one pannier
[3] Who says you can't do a bokeh effect filming on a smartphone? I shot this bit using an app called Focos Live, flagged up to me by BBC trainer @MarcSettle - it works for dual lens phones - I have iPhone 8 Plus
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New thread on daily #mojo tips to report from home during #coronavirus crisis

📱You need someone to film him/herself at home?

(1) 👫Ask if there are more people at home and if they have two phones 📱📱

Tell them to use the best and more modern phone to film

⬇️⬇️ go to (2) Image
(2) Make a whatsapp videocall (or similar) to the second phone 📲

👁 Ask them to show you the place 🏠

🎥 Help them choosing the background for the interview taking into account light, framing 💡🪑🖼

🧍‍♀️Show (and try) the kind of shot you need for the interview

⬇️⬇️ go to (3) Image
(3) Once they know the kind of shot you need, ask them to grab the best phone & hold it exactly the same way, at the same distance and framing 📲 to record the interview🎥

☎️ keep the first phone call active and tell them to place the phone close to the other

⬇️⬇️ go to (4) Image
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5 tips to produce a story at home to keep safe from #coronavirus

#1 Speak on the phone with the person the story is about.
*Identify key parts of the speech
*Ask him/her to film the soundbites with the phone following instructions (below) or record the interview on the laptop
Ask him/her to follow these basic #mojo instructions:

*Film landscape (#TV)
*If he/she is with someone, ask the other person to film him/her
*Keep the phone still or place it somewhere to avoid shaking
*Clean the lense before filming
*FILM LANDSCAPE Telling once is not enough
Ask to film around 4 to 6 clips in 2 sequences, including at least:

*General view of the place with the action taking place
*Close-up of activity
*Clope-up of object of person important to the story
*Repeat (if possible) doing with another activity
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Ahora que el teléfono móvil se ha convertido para muchos en la única herramienta que les permite seguir informando, es momento de asumir esto: #mojo Image
Grabar, editar, transmitir con un móvil no es una solución para situaciones de emergencia. Lleva haciéndose una década para aprovechar las inmensas posibilidades que ofrece la cámara del móvil. Alrededor del periodismo móvil hay una comunidad de más de 6.000 profesionales. #mojo Image
Hay congresos #mojo en Europa, América, Asia y África. Hay libros, tesis doctorales, universidades que lo han incorporado a su oferta educativa y profesionales que forman a redacciones de todo el mundo. Hay accesorios y apps que lo convierten en una herramienta profesional. ImageImageImageImage
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5 apps que te permitirán informar con un móvil durante la crisis del #coronavirus #covid19 #mojo
#1 Con @FiLMiCPro puedes grabar con los criterios necesarios para emitir en #televisión. Es la más profesional de las apps existentes. Disponible en IOS y algunos #Android Image
Puedes editar tus videos en el #móvil o el #ipad usando @LumaTouch (IOS) o @KineMaster. Ambas permiten editar múltiples pistas, añadir rótulos, música, transiciones y efectos básicos y dejar la pieza lista para emisión. #mojo ImageImage
Envía el vídeo como archivo adjunto utilizando Telegram Messenger. Puedes utilizar también Wetransfer, Dropbox o subirlo a Drive u otro servicio de almacenamiento en la nube y compartir el link. No lo envíes por Whatsapp porque comprime mucho la imagen. #mojo Image
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5 apps that’ll save you, #mojo #tv #journalist, during this #coronavirus #covid19 crisis
#1 You need to film yourself reporting from home or ask people to do themselves?
@FiLMiCPro allows filming with settings requiered for broadcasting & pro features. For #IOS & some #Android Image
You can edit your stories on the phone or the #ipad with @LumaTouch (IOS) or @KineMaster (Android & IOS). Both allows you to add titles, music, transitions and effects. With these pro apps I leave my stories ready for broadcasting #mojo ImageImage
Crowdsourcing contents from your audience? Emulsio can help you stabilizing shaky clips so the apperance will improve. It’s an emergency, easy to use app, available for IOS. It has a free version with watermark that can be removed paying 8,99 euros for the pro Image
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Omince déjà 10h00 ? L'heure des "threads récapitulatifs du dimanche" pour le #journocord , premier serveur Discord pour journalistes et professionnels des médias à l'heure numérique. Un looong fil de news classées par thèmes, à dérouler ici 👇
#journocord 📰 L’ex-gloire de France Inter retrouve voix au chapitre avec «Mute», récit d’un double deuil. Via @dekinkelinanne…
#journocord 📰 La chaîne franco-allemande, qui a su prendre le virage de la télévision du visionnage à la demande et du replay, voit ses audiences progresser. Via @agathe_rnrd…
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.@LaVideoMobile #videomovile Voilà mes raison pour filmer longes reportages avec un #mobile. #1 C'est le pont pour croisser vite dès longue format à resaux sociaux. On peut produire des videos à la volée pour different platforms pendant la production du documentaire #mojo Image
Profitez de la polyvalence des réseaux pour innover dans les formats. Assurez-vous d'avoir une stratégie multiplateforme qui multiplie son impact. Et porquoi ne pas réaliser un docu conçu d’avant pour des réseaux? Pic:… Image
Raison #2 Enregistrer un documentaire avec un mobile nécessite de la créativité pour compenser ses limites: zoomer avec l'imagination. Si l'approche ne s'adapte pas, imaginez à nouveau l'histoire à travers le mobile pour profiter de ses atouts #videomobile
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📲🚀Envie de vous lancer ds le journalisme mobile, de produire du contenu avec votre smartphone, en mode #mojo ? Voici une série de liens : conseils, matériel, tutos, formats...
De débutant à expert, il suffit de dérouler👇
#videomobile #compublique #compol #socialmedia
1️⃣ Introduction au journalisme mobile en 7 questions:
🔸 Le #mojo, qu'est-ce que c'est?
🔸 Pour qui et quels usages?
🔸 Qualité pro ou lowcost?
🔸 iOS ou Android?
🔸 Où trouver le matériel?
🔸 Quel smartphone choisir?…
#videomobile #compublique #compol
@couve @_gkuster @Stephrabut @LaurentClause @npcheynel @aviers @laurenceallard @LaVideoMobile @vmpfm 2️⃣🚀📲 Autonomie, narration multimédia et multi-plateformes, souci des publics, flexibilité technique… Le journalisme mobile contribue à la transformation numérique des rédactions. Une excellente raison de s’intéresser au #mojo.
—>… @ejo_fr #journalisme
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