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#Erdogan has won the elections in #Turkey.

#Indian #liberals are dismayed because Erdogan is trying to #Islamize Turkey.

But this is a decision of the people of Turkey.

Erdogan has won through a democratic, free and fair election.

This is what the people of Turkey want.

If you claim to love #Democracy, that is, the will of the people, then you should be happy with this result.

Erdogan is a #Democrat. He is not #Liberal. He converted the #HagiaSophia into a mosque.

But #Democracy has NOTHING TO DO with #Liberalism, and vice versa.

#Ataturk was a #Liberal in every sense of the word. He abolished the #Caliphate, closed down #Madarsa s, changed the language of the country from #Arabic to #Turkish, banned the #Fez cap, banned the #Sufi and #Dervish orders, and promoted scientific thinking.

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How many Assam products are exported to Muslim countries. This statement should be good enough to stop all Assamese exports and Assamese pro BJP job seekers in Gulf. Poverty will teach some morality lessons to those who vote for #Islamophobia #assamese #IslamophobiaDay #Madarsa
The prime importers items from Assam are the Middle East, the UK, South East Asian countries, Bangladesh, etc.

The prime importers of such items from Assam are the Middle East, the UK, South East Asian countries, Bangladesh, etc. #IslamophobiaDay…
Assam Pinnaples being exported to Dubai. Next time you buy pineapple inquire if it’s from Assam. Don’t contribute to #Islamophobia this RAMADAN…
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#Congress n #Hinduism

#Hindus still couldn’t understand Congress even after :

Article 25, 28, 30 (1950)
HRCE Act (1951)
HCB MPL (1956)
Secularism (1975)
Minority act (1992)
POW act (1991)
Waqf act (1995)
Ram setu affidavit (2007)
Saffron terrorism (2009)
They legalised conversion by article 25

They snatched religious education from Hindus through article 28 but allowed religious education to #muslim and #christian in article 30

They snatched all temples n temple money from Hindu by enacting HRCE Act 1951
They destroyed Hindu families by divorce law, dowry law under Hindu Code Bill but didn't touch muslim Personal Laws. Allowed them polygamy so that they cud keep increasing their population.
Brought Special marriage act in 1954 so that muslim boys can easily marry with Hindu girls
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मदरसों को बदनाम करना,उन्हें बंद करना,उन्हें तोड़ना,1857 की ग़दर से पहले अंग्रेजों ने शुरू किया क्यूँकि इस मुल्क में हज़ारों उलेमाओं ने ब्रिटिश शासन को मानने से इनकार कर दिया और अंग्रेज़ी हुकूमत के ख़िलाफ़ फ़तवा दे दिया।(1/n) #Madarsa
अल्लामा फज़ले हक़ ख़ैराबादी उनमे सबसे पहले फ़तवा देने वाले आलिमों में एक थे।जब उन्हें गिरफ़्तार किया गया तो अंग्रेज जज ने कहा आप कह दे ये फ़तवा मैंने नहीं दिया,हम आपको रिहा कर देंगे,उन्होंने जवाब दिया मैंने ही दिया।फिर उन्हें काला पानी की सज़ा सुना दी गयी।(2/n)
1857 में मौ॰कासिम नानौतवी और मौलाना रशीद गंगोही के नेतृत्व में उलेमा के जत्थे ने शामली के मैदान में अंग्रेजो से जंग लड़ी। इस जंग का उद्देश्य अंबाला से मेरठ और दिल्ली जाने वाली अंग्रेजों की रसद के रास्ते को खत्म करना था। इस लड़ाई में उलेमा ने अंग्रेजों को करारी शिकस्त दी।(3/n)
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#Rupee has fallen far lower Vs #Dollar,comparatively👇

Euro,2 days ago,went below $1 for 1st time in 20yrs,reflecting big weakness in #Euro

Rupee,displaying strength,has risen big time against Euro,Pound &Yen💪

So #Madarsa dentists from Congress should stop lecturing on Rupee
@narendramodi govt in a landmark measure has allowed international trade settlement in #Rupees

When countries import&export goods&services,they have to make payments in foreign currency

Since US Dollar is world’s reserve currency,most trades are entered into in USD
Here,both parties involved have to incur conversion expenses&bear risk of foreign exchange rate fluctuations

This is where trade settlement in Rupee comes in-instead of paying &receiving US Dollars,invoice will be made in Indian Rupees if counterparty has #Rupee Vostro account
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