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If people are just seeing news re: Beckett/Grieve ams tabled to so-called '#estimates', we flagged this summer's estimates process in a recent piece - see below. (Short thread) 1/
The Beckett/Grieve ams are tabled to the motions to authorise the 2019-20 spending of depts whose estimates have been chosen by the Backbench Business C'tee for separate debate & vote (this yr, 4 depts - DFID, DoE, DWP, HCLG). Motions & ams are here: 2/…
The Beckett/Grieve ams seek to make parliamentary authorisation for these 4 depts' 2019-20 spending conditional on either the UK leaving the EU only with a Withdrawal Agreement, or approval by the Commons of a motion giving explicit approval for a #nodeal Brexit. 3/
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Within all the huffing and puffing by @ScottMorrisonMP on electric 🚙 , some inconvenient facts, starting with:

The Morrison Government has the exact same policy and the exact same target as Labor when it comes to electric vehicles. Here’s a thread that explains: 👇
The @ScottMorrisonMP Government announced a suite of measures in February to meet its emissions targets (that is, the targets they signed up to under the Paris Agreement) The Govt labelled this its “Climate Solutions Package”. The full package is here:…
Some members of the @ScottMorrisonMP Government are very proud of the Climate Solutions Package. @JoshFrydenberg even wrote to his entire electorate about it last week, complete with brochures and everything:
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Revealed in #estimates - the Dept of Environment has not modelled the economic impacts of Morrison Government’s Climate Solutions Policy. The Treasury Secretary couldn’t say if any part of Treasury has. @MathiasCormann couldn’t identify any such modelling. #chaos #dysfunction
In fact, @MathiasCormann independenly & off his own bat pointed me to modelling done by Brian Fisher at BAEconomics. So I asked him what Fisher said about the economic impact of the Morrison Government’s Climate Solutions Package. He refused to answer. Helpfully, I can:
Fisher says that the Australian carbon price in 2030 under the Morrison Government’s policy, including their use of Kyoto carryover credits, is $92/tonne.
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The amazing tale of @ChrisCrewtherMP, @Melissa4Durack & the grants to Dunkley community groups under the Community Environment Program. #chaos #dysfunction #estimates 👇
.@Melissa4Durack announced the Community Environment Program in March as a pre-budget announcement. The Department confirmed in #estimates today that the funds haven’t been appropriated yet, and the program won’t be open for applications until the second half of the year.
Liberal & National MPs have been advertising expressions of interest for almost a month now.
The @smh reported on 19 March that non-government MPs weren’t able to get information from @Melissa4Durack ‘s office to give advice to their electorates.…
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It's Home Affairs #estimates today. Here are some states care of Michael Pezzullo's opening statement:
The number of appeal cases awaiting review in the migration and refugee division of the administrative appeals tribunal has grown from 21,404 to 55,500 in the two years to February
“higher risk” detainees are now 74% of onshore detention population ("higher risk" is contested by those who note that some people facing deportation under character test clauses have served sentences and been deemed fit to return to the community by the justice system)
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Antoinette Braybrook says #ParentsNext is another attempt to "income manage" for First Nations people. Data shows ATSI people have been disproportionately impacted by payment suspensions #auspol
Human Rights Commission president Rosalind Croucher says the AHRC is “gravely concerned” about compulsory and punitive approach of #ParentsNext. She says program is not compliant with Australia’s human rights obligations and has not been shown to meet its stated goals. #auspol
deleted and reposted tweet about Croucher's comments as I misstated her title
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DSS estimates confirm government dropped measure that would have cut disability support pension off after 13 weeks if they are in prison. There were issues with people on remand that "were taken into account," estimates hears.
"I think it is fair to say there were many views put forward by stakeholders about the impact of the measure and they were certainly taken into account," DSS tells the hearing.
This was a very small saving in last year's budget ($5.2 million over five years) which makes you wonder why they bother. The technical application alone would have been incredibly difficult, not to mention fairness.
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Aged care #estimates are up right now, starting off with questions about this report I wrote on Feb 7 with FoI documents that showed department did an analysis of aged care cuts as "winners and losers."…
Department of Health secretary says this was an "internal working document" of the department and it was "absolutely inappropriate" to split aged care cuts into winners and losers.
"It was referring to the amount of subsidies provided to providers," Ms Beauchamp says. Then a fight breaks out between Helen Polley and Senator Scullion. Polley: "I would be embarrassed if I were you... no wonder you had to call a Royal Commission into your own policies."
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Michaelia Cash is fronting court today in civil trial over the AWU raids. I will be there covering for @guardianaus - and here’s our story from yesterday: the first link drawn between the leaks and Cash’s office/the Roc…
@GuardianAus Asked if Shorten's role as head of the AWU at the time of the GetUp donations was of interest to her politically, Cash says: "I am politician. By nature I am political." But she says the referral to ROC was a discharge of ministerial duties #auspol
@GuardianAus Asked if she expected anything to flow from the referral letters, Cash says she did not. It was a matter for the Roc to decide what to do next, she says .#auspol
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“Dutton’s Secret Drug Cartel Connection: The William Betham Case” by ForLovenFreedom
My Dear Australians, Thank you for your kind messages of Support.
As you may know I write this from Detention, & i have taken a serious risk to my own safety by publishing this.
I write all these facts under oath,& will be happy to give evidence to any Court or Senate Committee.
& I know for a fact that now Dutton will come for me & target me real hard, a risk I'm willing to take to expose what Dutton doesn't want you to know & the Truth.

All I ask of u is call your local MP & @ShayneNeumannMP & DEMAND that they Question Dutton about this 'William' Case
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I believe the PM @ScottMorrisonMP has misled parliament during #qt on a number of occasions over the past week about the Australian Embassy in Israel.

Here is how I've come to that conclusion, stick with me on this

Let's start with the timeline of events so far:
Y'day, Thurs 25th Oct 2018, it was established in #Estimates that @ScottMorrisonMP made the decision to move the Embassy on Sunday 14th Oct 2018 without consulting DFAT or his Cabinet.
Later, in Hansard, PM says it was bcuz @DaveSharma wrote a 'persuasive' article in back in May.

Transcripts further down in thread.
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Extraordinary testimony from Mitch Fifield at #estimates on #yourabc
1. Denies $millions budget cuts impact the ABC’s ability to deliver
2. Denies the Secretary’s inquiry was unable to ascertain all the facts
3. Denies the Secretary’s report points to an insidious level of government pressure
4. Denies pressure by himself or former PM Turnbull into ABC’s affairs despite the testimony from the former Chair and former MD.

5. Claims to have never sought to link the ABC’s independent editorial decisions with his funding decisions as Minister...
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David Anderson, the acting managing director of the ABC, is up at #estimates now
Anderson says 20 per cent of the ABC's budget goes to fixed costs, like broadcasting fees. He says the efficiency dividend cuts limit the organisation's effectiveness and there's no certainty about funding for some regional bureax #estimates
Asked how the ABC staff are managing after Michelle Guthrie's sacking, Anderson says they're focused on their work and were surprised by recent events. He says positive messages are coming back about future focused activities #estimates
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Farcical scenes in #estimates as @AnthonyChisholm questions officials about the Government’s $30m grant to Foxtel.
Dept of Communication officials say the $30m to Foxtel allows for women’s sport to be broadcast on TV.

Senator Chisholm counters that women’s sport WAS broadcast on TV, free-to-air, on the ABC. Then the Liberal Govt cut ABC funding in 2014, and women’s sport was cut.
‘But’, say Dept officials, ‘Foxtel can show more hours!’

But what’s the point if 2/3 of Australians can’t watch?
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Twitter thread about the Government’s appointment process of the next ABC Chair, and the selection of the recruitment firm, Korn Ferry, that will recruit the next ABC Chair 👇 #estimates
The Department of Communications confirms in #Estimates that it did not run an open tender to select the recruitment firm that will run the recruitment process of the next ABC Chair.
Previously, the tenders for recruitment firms for SBS and ABC Board members have been open.
Instead, the Department said in #estimates that they ran a closed, “select” tender process where they approached 4 firms to put in a tender. They say it was because of the urgency to select the ABC Chair, and the relatively low value of the contract.
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AFP now reveals they spoke with Dutton's chief of staff via WhatsApp about planned raids on Home Affairs over the au pairs saga. #estimates
"it's encrypted though, Senator, we wouldn't be able to look at it" they joke.
Dutton said on the day of the raids he wasn't aware of it. AFP commissioner Colvin suggests he may not have because Dutton's CoS may not have informed him about it.
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Today we heard in #estimates that Minister Fifield has lodged 1 complaint/month so far this year:
January: Date of the Hottest 100
February: Alberici Corporate tax articles
March: Tonightly sketch
April: Black Comedy sketch ABC Indigenous FB
May: Alberici Innovation story.
We also heard in #estimates that Minister Fifield has been the first Communications Minister since Richard Alston to complain to ACMA (or its predecessor) about the ABC.

Alston complained about war coverage.

Fifield complained about a comedy sketch, and a comedy FB video.
Furthermore, Fifield complaint to ACMA about a FB video was rather pointless. ACMA has no jurisdiction over video content on Facebook. #estimates

Nonetheless Fifield says he complained ‘to make a point’ that ACMA has no jurisdiction over FB.
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This story’s got it all – a $2.4M govt grant, Warren Entsch’s campaign manager, Entsch’s son, the campaign manager’s wife & his business partner. I’m asking about it in RRAT #Estimates now.
Barry O’Sullivan now disputing that this may amount to a conflict of interest #Estimates
To recap, $2.4M grant goes to Cairns pharmacy company. The company is owned by wife and business partner of Warren Entsch's campaign manager, who also happens to be Chair of local committee that decided which industries could get grants. #Estimates
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Dr Reichelt just told #estimates that he first heard about the Turnbull Govt’s decision to grant funding to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation in his role as head of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority - before the Govt approached the Foundation to discuss the funding.
Dr Reichelt subsequently absented himself from a Great Barrier Reef Foundation Board meeting that was called to discuss the Government’s approach to the Foundation to offer the $444m grant.
Dr Reichelt told #estimates that he doesn’t see a conflict of interest between his role as CEO of GBRMPA and as a Board member of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.
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The Turnbull government gave $444m in this financial year to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation - “The biggest single grant to the Reef in Australian history” an official said at #estimates
There was no grant application, no tender, no transparent process to allocate this money.
Minister Birmingham can’t - or wont’ - tell #estimates how the government came to decide to give nearly half a billion dollars of taxpayer funding to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.
The Great Barrier Reef Foundation has a Chairman’s Panel that includes BHP, Orica, Rio Tinto, AGL, as well as NAB, ANZ, and Commonwealth Bank. Also, Grant King from the BCA. #Estimates…
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