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The $5 million federal government agency in search of a reason to exist.

Or as Scott Morrison's tourism team would say: what the bloody hell are you?

(with @jommy_tee)
#collaborativeimpact #nowedontknowwhatitmeanseither
This month has been a busy one for the government, what with forged travel expenses & $675,000 of drought texts going astray, so you'd be forgiven for missing an incredibly important event:

the release of the glossy annual report of the Infrastructure Project Finance Agency.
Some of you may remember the IPFA from a few months back when we accidentally discovered their existence and wondered what it was they did.

Which must have been a similar thought process to the staff employed at the agency itself.…
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I just had the call the my application for the #NDIS has been rejected. Their reasons: it’s not permanent (my doctors explicitly stated it was) and it’s not fully treated (my doctors explicitly stated it was). Good to know the access department think they know better than docs 😒
I will be applying for a review of the decision, obviously. But anyone who thinks this system is working correctly, I am law graduate with a (pre-NDIS govt funded) wheelchair and an assistance dog. If I’m not getting access, there are many far more vulnerable people missing out.
The NDIS also doesn't backdate funding, ever, which makes this one of the many "cost saving" mechanisms that contribute to the NDIS underspend. This is the reason for that "lack of demand" that @ScottMorrisonMP likes to talk about.
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#NDIS is failing to understand what #bedridden or #homebound means on a really fundamental level. I can't sit in a wheelchair. I can't travel in a car. Going by stretcher ambulance causes increased disability for up to 6 weeks
(Strap in folks, this is going to be a long thread. Please bear with me - it's important ...)
I can't attend ANY mainstream service- I can't go to get splints fitted, I can't go to a medical specialist unless it's so urgent/life threatening that it's worth 6 weeks of extremely severe symptoms and significantly diminished functioning
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The #NDIS underspend. The magic bucket of ‘savings’ that created a surplus right before an election. A Thread.
2/ I was told that there’s a research project pending about this to find out why we aren’t accessing ndis funding. Let me save you the phone calls and tell you, because we see and hear about this every day.
3/ There are a number of reasons and let me break them down into neat little coded categories for you like an autistic. Here you go. 1. The Impossible System. 2. You Only Know What You Know. 3. Built by Others For Their Friends 4. Bipartisan is a Funny Word
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Time to take some ownership of #disability organisations to ensure they do have disabled people at the top.

Here's a few thoughts:
1. ask your service provider if they have #disabled people on their board.
If they do have #disabled people on the board, do we make up half of the board?

If not, why not?

#disability #leadership
Are there #disabled people on the executive / management team?

If not why not?

#disability #leadership
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Here is my message to @billshortenmp odds are that you will be the next PM of Australia 🇦🇺 post the next Federal Election. I ask you to focus on the following concerns:
1. #ClimateChangeIsReal we need to treat this as a national emergency. If strategies are not put in place ...
... now then what kind of environment will be the “norm” for your children and grandchildren?
2. Stagnating wage and poor employment conditions for those not earning the “average” wage in Australia. Restoration of penalty rates. We need wage growth. Fairness surrounding .......
... taxation of the rich. I agree with your #FrankingCredits policy and ask you to investigate the #negativegearing corporate welfare provided to those that have multiple investment properties. I am not saying get rid of it altogether but there again needs to be fairness.........
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Medcalf vs NDIA, big decision exploring the health/NDIS boundary, this time in assistive technology context. A secondary portable suction pump is found to have fostering the applicant's independence, not preserving health, as its predominant purpose. #NDIS fundable
A heavy duty nebuliser is however, found to belong in the health system - delivers what the tribunal terms "basic health" outcome only with little relationship to independence - applicant had one on loan from NSW health, who want it back... #NDIS
A backup generator was not funded, as the Tribunal required a more direct relationship with social participation than a hypothetical outage - and the tribunal found that given a generator's broader benefit to the family as a whole - reasonable for family itself to pay
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This is a thread for those who don't know about how the NDIA is rationing or capping funding for disabled people and I suggest you folks in policy follow along closely. Because we people on the ground do. Tagging @NDIS for transparency, @NDISDeane, @DarrenODonovan, @rhondagalb
2/ Let's talk about SIL. That's Supported Independent Living, for those who do not know this.

The information in the thread below is from disabled people, families and people working in the sector every day - @SquigglyRick, you should also play along.
3/ There is a massive push by the NDIA to negotiate with service providers to the exclusion of participants. Huge discrepancies between the way SIL is handled, from state to state & office to office & planner to planner.
None of the issues are in the op guidelines/legislation.
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AAT just smacked the Agency's approach to the health boundary. The need for the support was rooted in the disability not the health condition. I think we might see a JR on this one.…
Deputy President Constance gets the heart of the soft law nature of a lot of the NDIS approaches. The Agency does have a very clear policy on clinical versus function boundary. It just doesn't (in his view) reflect the language of paragraph 7.4 of the rules. Ouch.
Interesting the Agency didn't table any actuarial evidence about the cost of diabetic support for PwD who cannot self-administer injections. It is likely a pretty high figure - one they'll have to plan around. They tabled it financial projects in other cases, but not here.
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Big win for #NDIS participants as AAT confirms applicability of s25(5) of the AAT Act to internal review decisions. Decisions not taken "as soon as reasonably practicable" can be deemed non-decisions, progress to AAT (we discussed this on here last week)…
This is the circuit breaker and the backstop. Locks in urgent implementation of the Ombudsman findings. Deputy President Bean has rejected the NDIA's arguments as depriving the applicant of the appeal rights given to them by the #NDIS Act (para 54) ping @knausc @SquigglyRick
If you're a family who has been stuck with #ndis delays, paragraph 59 is for you: Parliament could not have intended 9 month delays for supports in a 12 month plan - a situation which cannot constitute a "meaningful opportunity" for tribunal appeal.
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Ombudsman report on #NDIS complaint handling just out. I'd firstly note the strange phrasing of the NDIA's acceptance of the recommendations, which seems to delink the findings from their legislative obligations. Signals a progressive rather than immediate realisation of them?
Ombudsman makes self-evident finding that reasoning by drop down box template (!!!!) is unacceptable. Needless to say this is a computer system (tail) wagging the legislation (dog). Boilerplate #NDIS 1st instance decisions are having to be unpicked, reresourced on appeal...
Recommendations 5 and 6 underline that ultimately, the Agency is going to have adapt to a more individualised form of reasoning in its template. I'd admit that this makes the harvesting of "categorical" data much harder (sorry scheme actuaries!) but it's what the law requires.
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The #GST Should Never have Been Applied To ANYTHING, it only exists bc over 30 years of #Privatization of Public Assets that produced Revenue, the Revenue has Disappeared,on top of TaxCuts for Corporations & the removal of tariffs which had the
double wammy of sending manufacturing,textile industry,car manufacturing either offshore,broke or closed
#GST need to be removed From Everything
Corporations DONT Pay GST only Consumers pay GST
Introduce a #SugarTax on ALL Processed Food/Drink 20% per teaspoon(5g)of price,source of revenue &Healthier Population,long term Lower Health Budget
Raise Corporations Tax,Any #ProfitShifting
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Let's talk about the F word.

The NDIS had a proposed Medicare levy increase, which the original proponents of the levy welcomed.

I understand that some dis org may not understand this issue. However, it is not the job of activists to spend time ploughing through reports.
2/ You need to read the Productivity Commission's Oct 17 report (screenshot above, blind folks, too long 2 describe… ) And you also need to pay more attention. The way they are limiting & capping the scheme is well known and it is at the directive of govt
3/ This has been released, read, understood. And it DIRECTLY affects your membership, so you need to listen to those members (I know you do already, but we hear it every day on the ground.)I will reinforce some of the issues here which outline WHY you need to harmonise messages.
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